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Peanut butter and chocolate swirls

Another yummy and healthy snack! Peanut butter and chocolate swirls. Again very easy to make. What you need:

4 tbs peanut butter (almond butter or any other butter you like)

Dark chocolate 85% cocoa

2 tbs coconut oil

Melt the chocolate.

Then melt the peanut butter and coconut oil together.

Spoon into a muffin tray (don’t forget to use muffin cups). First the chocolate and then the peanut butter mix and swilr with a toothpick. Freeze for a couple hours.

Only 100 calories each! Isn’t that great for a pre-workout snack?


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"Well the website says you still sell peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!" I know, that sucks, there's nothing really I can do about that, nobody in this store controls what goes on the website and I sure as hell cant make peanut butter and jelly appear out of thin air. I really hate my store's website-it even has the wrong hour for Sunday saying we close at 9 when we really close at 8.

Pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at stores is a new concept to me. That’s like the easiest thing to just make at home. Plus you’re guaranteed you get the brands of peanut butter and jelly you like. I am very picky about the brands. Nothing beats JIF or Smuckers. And you can pick between crunchy and creamy instead of whatever the store is making.I imagine it was discontinued because it wasn’t very popular. -Abby


I’ve been eating these Simply Asia bowls a lot lately!! I never realized they were vegan and since my life has been all about convenience for the last few months, I decided to try them. I’ve tried a few different flavors but this Spicy Kung Pao is definitely my favorite; I like the added peanuts that come with them too. But in addition to trying these noodles I tried these Gardein porkless bites with the sweet and sour sauce. I was never a huge fan of pork pre-vegan but vegan ‘pork’ items always seem to delight me. They’re really good, especially with the noodles.

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call it a hunch but i can't help shake the feeling that vulpes has a peanut allergy and none of the legionaries found out until they found a carton of pre-war jif peanut butter jars and they ate it cuz it had protein and caesar wants them to have #gainz so they did unbeknownst to them that vulpes was ch oking on his peanut butter dipped apple

cue lucius performing the heimlich maneuver on vulpes while everyone else cries and panics unsure what tf to do.

Lookalike (Negan fic) - CHAPTER 29

Channel Five

Marilyn tried everything to keep herself occupied and had to consciously remind herself of her promise to Negan. It was the only rationale that she could fathom and was attempting to relax solely for him.

On her own wishes she went down to maintain the gardens for a few hours and felt guilty when she decided to call it quits, noting that her friends were required to stay for the remainder of the shift. To partially make up for it she rounded up some snacks that the young man Negan sent up had given to her earlier and passed them out to the women at work. With most of the alpha males gone none of them feared getting caught, though they started to openly acknowledge that the risk for getting punished was minimal if Marilyn was involved.

“Keep making that man happy,” her friend Patty had said when she handed her a package of pre-made peanut butter crackers.

Marilyn managed a quick laugh but shook her head, prompting her friend to apologize with an accompanied chuckle.

“Sorry for bailing,” Marilyn walked up to Nina who shook her head.

“You have a much bigger job to do,” her friend teased.

Marilyn rolled her eyes with a grin.

I wish I could go for a jog to clear my head, she thought.

The warm, overcast afternoon lingered and like many times Marilyn found herself daydreaming of a normal world where she and Negan could be together. She felt it would have been the perfect type of late afternoon to take a stroll around the block, hand-in-hand while he rattled off dirty jokes and let her speak about her day at work.

The imagery and the daydreams were quickly pushed aside when Marilyn acknowledged the reality of that day. Negan was out attacking Alexandria, who had already done a number on the Sanctuary. They were teamed up with other communities and Marilyn suddenly realized that she had no idea how many people they were actually up against.

She would have let her mind wander further into worry and despair if Negan’s voice hadn’t popped onto the radio on occasion, indicating he was still on two feet. Still, if a half hour went by with nothing Marilyn felt her stomach begin to nod up as she created a world of anticipation that swirled with unhappy endings.

“Hey Nina, want to come up and just relax?” She asked quietly.


“Negan’s room,” she caught herself and shrugged. “My room… our room.”

“Am I allowed since I’m not on duty helping you move?”

She smiled and nodded. “Yeah of course.”

The radio went off that Marilyn had clipped onto her jeans and she quickly picked it up to listen to it. When she heard Negan’s code words for the first time as he stated, “I’m not going to be home for dinner,” she held up a finger to her friend, asking her to wait a moment, before hurrying away from the group for some privacy.

Marilyn couldn’t change the station fast enough to get to their private station and fumbled on the knob until she finally got it situation in her hands. “Negan?”

“Here doll.” His voice was scratchy, tired.

“Are you okay?”

“Heading back.”

“Did you win?” She didn’t sense a hint of victory in his voice.

There was a long pause and then he finally responded. “I’m just keeping my fuckin’ promise to you doll.”

Marilyn felt her chest tighten a bit. “What happened?”

“A lot.”

“Are you hurt?”


She knew she was peppering him with questions. “Where are you?”

“Just leaving-” an interruption of gunshots over cut into the conversation followed by what Marilyn thought sounded like a horn being held down. The last thing she heard was Negan curse before the noise all stopped.

Marilyn stood open-mouth for a second before finally snapping out of the momentary daze. “Negan?” When several seconds went by and she heard nothing her voice grew more shrill as she called for him again. “Negan!”


Marilyn’s foot began to tap in a nervous tick and she took in a deep breath as she tried to come to grips with what to do or feel.

“Negan are you there?”

The silence taunted her and she almost began to cry or scream or throw a tantrum of some sort.

Marilyn quickly flipped back to channel three and immediately heard the collection of anxious voices.

“Negan you there?” Pause. “Negan! Fuck is anyone there?”

“He flipped the bastard, Dwight fuckin’ flipped!” Another male voice ignited the radio but it wasn’t Negan. “He shot up our men! He’s with Alexandria!”

“The driver was picked off!” The first man shouted. “Fuck! We’re fucked!”

“Negan!” Another voice shouted. “Are you alive?”

The statement made Marilyn feel hot and cold all at once. Chills ran down her back but her cheeks filtered with a crimson red. She pressed the button to speak on the main channel but stopped herself and switched back to station five.

“Negan? Are you there?” Marilyn waited, eyes filling with a subtle glisten when each second passed and he didn’t reply.

She didn’t know how many more times she could say his name without completely breaking down.

“Mar, you okay?” Nina put a hand on her shoulder and Marilyn spun around startled as she didn’t hear her approach.

“He’s not responding.” She sunk back against the wall. “He called me and said he was coming home and then there were gun shots…”

“Are you on the right frequency?” Nina wrapped her hand around Marilyn’s that held the radio and glanced at the knobs on top.

“This is our channel,” Marilyn told her. “Channel five.” She brought the radio back to her lips and felt a tear escape one of her eyes. “Negan?” Her voice was more calm but her hand began to shake when he didn’t respond again.

“Are you sure this is the channel?”

“Yes.” She turned the knob back to the main station. “I don’t talk on this one, but-”

“Retreat back!” a female voice came over the radio. “Negan isn’t responding. Get back to the Sanctuary.”

There was a flurry of chatter back and forth, all voices filled with angst and then nothing again.

Marilyn looked up at Nina. “You were right about Dwight.” She wiped a few more tears from her face, “I heard them say he turned on them.”


Marilyn switched back to station five and held the radio to her ear.

“What do you mean he turned on them?” Nina asked.

“He killed some of us… some of the Saviors. That’s what they said on the radio.” Her voice was far away and meek. “God, I need to hear his voice.” Marilyn slumped down with her back against the wall until she was squatted down staring at the radio in her hands.

Nina mirrored her position and stared at her friend. “Let’s go inside,” she waved. “Come on.”

“Nina.” Marilyn felt frozen. She shook her head and couldn’t move. “What if he-”

“Stop,” Nina gently put her hands over Marilyn’s. “Come with me. We’ll attach this to a charger so it doesn’t out.”

The fear of losing battery was the only source of motivation that brought Marilyn back up to her feet.

Nina immediately hugged her and then looked at the radio. “He may be fighting… I’m sure he’s fine.”

Marilyn didn’t say anything and then followed her in through the door that she had gone through with Negan the first time he towed her to his room. Memories of the night of the storm flashed through her mind and standing in that dark hallway without him sent a rush of adrenaline and emotion through her.

“It’s this way right?” Nina asked. She turned around at the same time that Marilyn collapsed onto a bench and began to cry.

“Marilyn.” She rushed to her side and threw an arm around her. “Shh… it’s okay. He’s okay.”

“I don’t think he is,” she sobbed. “He could be dead Nina. We were mid conversation, there were gunshots… he hasn’t come back on the radio.”

“They’re on their way back.”

“Without him.” Marilyn continued to cry. “I want to go find him.” She went to stand but Nina kept her seated.

“Marilyn we can’t.” She swallowed hard and used the radio as a means to keep her in place. “If we don’t get this charged you’ll have no way to talk to him.” Nina tried to sound confident. “He’s alive Mar.”

Marilyn dried her eyes and sniffed in. She looked down at the radio in her trembling hands and nodded. “Okay.” She let out a decompressing sigh. “Okay, but if they come home without him I’m going out there to find him.”


We found ourselves so intrigued by the specificity of Russell Westbrook’s pre-game peanut-butter-and-jelly order that we almost failed to notice that he was dressed like the Fresh Prince.