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FINALLY! After many many years, I’ve finally finished that Ganlink Stand that I doodled way back in the stone age. Here it is guysss *sobs* 

To be honest, I actually completed this … maybe a month or two ago, but I didn’t want to post it until I finished the Bathtime Stand .. BUT I keep getting new ideas and drawing those instead lol >V>’;; Forgive meee 

I’m still contemplating on when to open pre-orders for this so please bear with me! I wanted to open them once I got a couple more designs done. 

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As a person who loves your work, do you have any similar fanfiction or original works that you highly recommend? Ive read sacrifices arc and loved it

I think I had some fic recs up recently, so they might be floating around in my asks tag! as for original stuff:

The Fifth Season is incredible. just amazing. I read the books at the library, then immediately went home and got copies for myself and pre-ordered the third book so I can receive it Instantaneously when it comes out. Ancillary Justice is another series I read recently that I adored, and I wish there was more of it because I want to know what happens after the third book in a way that fanfic can’t quite satisfy. Every Heart a Doorway was also an interesting read, and my only criticism is that it was too short - but according to Amazon there’s another book in the same universe due in June, and I am Ready.

other than that, a few classics: The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray is some of my favorite work from Chris Wooding, but I like a bunch of his stuff, including Poison and Storm Thief. Scott Westerfeld is another good one, with series like the Midnighters (which I need to get my own copies of, since the library apparently weeded them out in my absence :T) and Uglies. Sabriel and the rest of the Abhorsen books are all phenomenal. The first Graceling book is excellent, Fire is almost as good, but I never got around to reading Bitterblue 8( And even after all these years, the Mortal Engines series continues to make me cry with the first book.

also  am so sorry about the delay in zine notifications, the first print run should be done by tomorrow and I’d much prefer seeing the final product and then shipping out as opposed to do doing pre-orders in case something messes up in the print run :(

I can’t believe we are really doing this and being OTT about the leaks yet again. They are literally streaming the full album via the app. There are hundreds of thousands of fans with said app who are hearing/have heard the album since Friday. Additionally, most fans listening now likely have bought or contributed the the band in some way- a concert ticket, a pre-order, even signing up for the mailing list and giving the website traffic, posting updates on social media (creating buzz), SOMETHING. Honestly, I would even call it a leak at this point because the music *technically* out. To see people genuinely trying to guilt other fans for simply listening to the album is beyond ridiculous like, please read up on album leaks or something idk. Listening to a leak in now way causes any significant damage to sales or anything, it’s not worth getting so worked up over christ.

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are flower shop aus a thing? if they are, marliza flower shop au

The shop was still empty, just opened, and Eliza decided to start on pre-orders to pass the time before their typical rush–until a mess of curls, bleary eyes, and a red, floral sundress came tumbling through the door, bell ringing loudly in the quiet shop. 

“I need something that say ‘I’m sorry for breaking your arm and also your window’, and I’m not sure how to communicate through flowers but I figure flowers can only help the situation, right? I mean, he’s pretty pissed–rightly so, I suppose, but I’m not sure how else to apologize and this will at least show that I am sorry, right? I’m putting effort in.” The woman pulled her hair back out of her face, taking in Eliza’s startled expression and sighed. “I’m sorry, that was a lot - uh,” she pulled her wallet out, “what can I get with… $34?” 

Eliza’s shock slowly turned into a soft smile and she put her hand over the other woman’s, comforting. “Don’t worry, it sounds like you’ve had a… rough break, it’s on me - do you know what types of flowers he may like?” 

send me a pairing & an au and i’ll write a three(ish)-sentence fic

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Hey I really love Puls! It's taken the place of a long standing favorite on mine. I would really love to support the Author by buying the Volmue 1! Is there any chance it will be available for preorder again in the near future?

We will ask about vol 1 again when we will open pre-order for vol 2 (so probably end of the year). But it doesn’t mean that vol 1 will be for sure printed. It depends on how many people will order it.

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I hope you guys sell all the zines. Im so excited to get mine. This is such a beautiful looking zine. Will you later share how much you were able to donate too?, Do you plan to make another zine later.

Thank you anon!! I hope we sell all the pre-order zines as well!! Because that will determine how many fanzines we can sell later to add to the donation bin!

In terms of sharing how much was able to be donated, yes I do plan on sharing the amount. As for another fanzine, maybe! I have enjoyed the process so far so who knows. It depends how everything has gone by the end of the project and after all orders have been shipped and received!

If I was to do another, I would find someone who would be willing to do it with me. As I think having another helping hand would be nice, especially with all the organization etc etc.

Hey guys! I’m trying to move out on my own soon and selling some of my old band merch to help save up money. I put my Skeleton Clique flag up for sale on eBay and will probably start listing a lot of my old clothes and band shirts here in the next couple days. Either on eBay or Poshmark. I could really REALLY use the help so even if you’re not interested a reblog would be greatly appreciated. I’d like to move out by June so even just spreading the link will help. Thank you <3


Unholy Night is a fighting game for the SNES available for pre-order now on Amazon. It looks solid, but ultimately nondescript. It’s like one of those many, many, many, generic console-only games we got during the 90′s.

It does look pretty, though.

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I feel stupid for asking, but how what and how do you access your zines? Is it separate from your store? Is there a different link available to get to them, because see mentions of your zine in the ask and I'm really confused on what's going on.

I haven’t posted my zine yet so no worries! But the digital PDF version of my zine will be up on a website called gumroad later~ as for the physical zine pre-orders, that will be up on my store sometime next week definitely!

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Hi there! For those of us who missed the Kickstarter is there any way to still order a pin or such? Thank you!

Yes! I will be taking pre-orders via Backer Kit very soon! Will be posting a link here. 😊