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[NEWS] SM is finally producing more ‘PLAY’ albums!!

Super Junior’s 8th album sales reached over 100K in less than 3 days since its release on Nov 6. But the album went out of stock almost immediately after and has not been produced or re-stocked since then. 

A representative of SM stated that they have sent a production order for more ‘PLAY’ albums due to the audience’s response. There was a great concern that the group’s popularity had fallen after so many “highs and lows” (before their comeback date) but realized Super Junior’s “popularity did not even stagger”. The pre-orders reached 160,000 copies and now they’ve started the second run.


Albums should be re-stocked by Nov 21st. 

Since the boys are appearing on a Home Shopping channel like they joked if they reached 200K album sales, it is most likely they reached 200K on Gaon. However, sales on Hanteo are expected to rise once the album is re-stocked. 

It would have been great to reach 200K+ sales in the first week if SM had produced more and re-stocked on time but its better late than never. :) 

pokemon sun and moon! coming to your 3DS on November 2016. starring:

  • a girl with some blatant anxiety disorder 
  • her edgelord brother who seems to have carpal tunnel from stress
  • their ragyo-inspired mother who almost certainly caused all this
  • a little shit who took their father’s place and wont stay in the bag
  • a good dog
  • an alolan ash ketchum stand-in who loves malasadas and has the awareness of a puppy
  • a professor whose body is ready to play rough with his pokemon
  • ya boi
  • and a child from a faraway land who sold their soul to become the strongest trainer in alola, at the cost of living as an emotionless puppet. it’s YOU! 

Play now, or wait for Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Pokemon: Ultra Moon, featuring:

  • a dark souls boss who possesses your beloved pokemon
  • a giant motherfucking spider
  • interdimensional travel into dangerous apocalyptic worlds on the back of an untameable beast
  • ghetsis threatening to murder another child
  • the joy of watching every evil villain get shot by colress! 
  • and the two most boringly exposition-heavy NPCs you will ever encounter outside of a zelda game!

Pre-order now to get a SPECIAL ROCKRUFF, which you can get anyway if you trade but at least this time it isn’t holding an event exclusive z-crystal which would bar you from resetting your game!

The album that’s really pissing off TERFs in my notes right now releases Dec. 13th and can be pre-ordered right now btw ;D

With tracks like “This Track Kills Fascsits” that TERFs hilariously attribute to themselves (which is correct, anyway)

TERF Grinder, SpaceFuckers, Luxury Genitalia and more!


“Zira and the Little Fire” is my newest short story featured in the upcoming Monster anthology “Wayward Sisters.”

If you’ve backed the Wayward Sisters Kickstarter THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You’ll get this comic in full colour as well as a whole bunch of wonderful short stories by amazing creators.

Thanks for your support! This project was a fun and challenging way to flex my writing muscles. I hope you enjoy it :)

If you missed out on the kickstarter, book pre-orders are now available at the link below: 


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anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you have any photos of your Dan and Phil charms + pins to show us? (my parents think you might scam us and want proof of the pins..)

I will only be able to show the proof of the charms+pins after pre-order period.
Its pre-order because thats when the merchandise is being manufactured.
I am hoping to get everything by the end of the month!
Here is a photo of my previous batch!

the size is different now and same goes for the charm holder!
(the only design available now is the bottom right corner)
here is my storenvy to pre-order charms!