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This little sickie was Typewriter Series #132 a bit ago. Still rings just as true in me heart.

Also, my new book, Wildly Into The Dark, is officially available for preorder! Every pre sold copy I am donating $1 to @twloha And the first 1,500 get a free signed print from the book! Head to to order then to to fill out the form and get your print! This is my most honest and intimate book of the lot, and it would mean the world to me if you would take a chance on it.


Acrylic Standee YOI Couple! Available in 2 choices:

1. Victor Nikiforov x Katsuki Yuuri
2. Otabek Altin x Yuri Plisetsky

15 USD per each

January, 14th - January, 28th 2017

Time of Production:
2-3 weeks after the PO is closed

Material: Clear Acrylic
Note: 2-sided Acrylic Standee
Height: +/-18cm
Width: +/-10cm
Thickness: 3mm
Diameter Base: 8cm

If you want to purchase these standee, please go to here PO Acrylic Standee YOI Couple (Victuuri and Otayuri)


P.S: Forget to tell you that I’ll be using the money to steriize my dogs. I’m planning to sterilize all ofmy male dogs (I have 8 male dogs. 15 in total) because I couldn’t afford their expenses if they keep breeding 8"“"DD I already did that to my 2 oldest boys, but I was using my mom’s money and am planning to return it :”)

Please help me by buying my fangoods. Share/Like/Reblog would be appreciated! ;v;

Thank you so much!

[PRE-ORDER] Yuri!!! on Ice (Fan-made Goods)

Hi, guys!

Me and my friends - @junjoupurelove and @ance-art​ - are opening a Pre-Order for our “Yuri!!! on Ice” goods from 31 December 2016 until 13 January 2017. This is open for both Indonesian and International buyers.

Below are the details of the things we’re selling. Sharing with your followers will be very much appreciated. :)

Please note that the price does not include shipping fee to your address.

“Journey” Fanbook (5 Chapters Fanfic):

  • Price – IDR 55,000 / USD 8
  • Pairing – Viktor x Yuuri
  • Rating – R18, 60+ pages
  • Preview – Here
  • Bonus – Victuuri Pin 5.8 cm

“Victuuri” Standee Keychain:

  • Price – IDR 60,000 / USD 6
  • Size – approx. 8 cm

[SET] Fanbook + Victuuri Stande: IDR 100,000 / USD 12

Mini Standee Keychain:

  • Price (single) – IDR 50,000 / USD 5
  • Price (all 3) – IDR 130,000 / USD 12
  • Size – approx. 6cm
  • Characters – Yuuri, Viktor, Yurio

A3 Poster:

  • Price – IDR 25,000 / USD 5
  • Characters – Eros & Agape

Please fill out this form to place your order:

1.       Indonesia
2.       International

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Folks, this is a big one. My new book, Wildly Into The Dark is available for pre-order! This is by far and away the most intimate, personal, and special collection of my poetry and photography I’ve ever put together and I cannot wait for you to read it. Once again, I am partnering with my friends @twloha and donating $1 for every pre-ordered book to them. In addition, the first 1500 of you to pre-order get a signed mini-print of one of my favorite pages from the book. Poetry is not dead. Here is our chance to prove it once more. Head to: To read more, find where to order, and fill out the form once you have for your signed print.

This book means the whole world to me, I chose every single poem and photograph inside it, and there are some new surprises in the book too. I am sorry in advance if I talk a lot about this in the weeks to come, but this is a massive piece of my heart, spilled out. Here goes…

→       ether

                   [ because there’s always a beginning ]

On the far side of the garden, Kate’s greenhouse is a looming beacon of blistered glass, reflective light, and steam-shadowed windows. Cora’s tongue is stuck to the roof of her mouth. A blush, hot and splotchy and fiercely red, is blossoming across her cheeks. She wishes she’d been born a Seer, suddenly; wishes she could’ve watched this scene play out, before, wishes she could’ve kept watching it, over and over, wishes she could’ve prepared herself, could’ve untangled the knot of anticipation in her lungs and tempered the excitement, the exhilaration, the floaty, fantastical breathlessness of the moment—because this.

This is worth spilling blood for, she thinks, somewhat dimly.

pre-order || 2/28/2017 ]


Pre Order British Landscape Book

Really excited with the continued support for this project from around the world. If you are interested in buying the book, I would really encourage you to pre-order so I can actually get it made. I really really appreciate everyones support!

Preview No.5

Pre order here:

Frederick Ardley Photography


Atmosphere of the British Landscape: Photography Book

Photographs covering several genres, and spanning the last 5 years to reimagine the Great British landscape.

Green and pleasant mountains Preview No.2 - Pre order:

By Frederick Ardley Photography


Kamen Rider Gaim Button and Keychain PRE-Order

Hi :D

I open a pre-order for GAIM button and keychain set (local and international shipping).
The button size will be 44mm size for chara mascot and 32mm for fruit.
The round keychain button will be 2 side keychain (chara mascot and fruit) with 44mm size.
The acrylic keychain is 5cm height with transparent keychain.

If you interested you can fill the form :D

International Pre-order Form
Local Pre-order Form

I will send an email after you fill the form for total price + shipping price. International payment with PayPal
Local payment with BCA account (Indonesia IDR)

Pre-Order open until 30 September.

All item will be ship from Indonesia, Bandung.


Thanks :D