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So here a glimpse of how my acrylic charms will be and the outline cut, and you can pre-order, all you have to do is to send me a message and I will give you more details. (You can also send me a mail here :

⭐Product details:
- Clear Charm
- Single acrylic board
- Double side printing
- 4cm (1.5 inch)

(the purple background is clear/transparent)

1 acrylic charm costs 4$ (3,39€)

Thank you very much 💖

I forgot to tell that the pre-order will end by the end of December, and after that the price will go to 6$!

This little sickie was Typewriter Series #132 a bit ago. Still rings just as true in me heart.

Also, my new book, Wildly Into The Dark, is officially available for preorder! Every pre sold copy I am donating $1 to @twloha And the first 1,500 get a free signed print from the book! Head to to order then to to fill out the form and get your print! This is my most honest and intimate book of the lot, and it would mean the world to me if you would take a chance on it.

Open local pre-order doujin!! [INDONESIAN ORDER ONLY]


A5  |  48P  |  BW  |  IDR 60K  |  SFW

for ordering:…/1FAIpQLSd1XyuWEhWKCK1f1b…/viewform

ask me for more details!

Reblogs are highly appreciated!

Thanks before~

Hori is Helping Splatoon 2 Fans Stay Fresh!

Renowned accessory company Hori has recently listed some new Splatoon 2 themed accessories for Nintendo Switch on! For those hoping to show off your splat-worthy style, these may be the accessories for you!

First up we have plush squid pouches for the Nintendo Switch. These pouches are around 11 inches tall by 9.8 inches wide and will allow for you to carry the Switch Console and will also feature pouches for additional Joycon controllers! This pouch will come with a strap, which can be removed if you prefer a sleek and strapless squid style. This case is available for pre-order now…

 in neon pink,

and neon green.

Additionally, Hori has listed a hard style pouch which will sport the neon green/neon pink color palette, holds up to five Switch cartridges and will keep your system nice and secure in a purse or backpack, perfect for inklings on the move.

Pre-order here!

Finally, the Splat Pack is an accessory set featuring a soft case, Joycon squid trigger grip (which adds mechanical triggers), thumbstick caps and a squid shaped game case for your purchasing pleasure. 

Pre-order the deluxe pack here (with the trigger grip)!

Pre-order here for the standard Splat Pack (without trigger grip)!

All of these accessories will release on July 21st, alongside the hotly anticipated game. If you’re planning to pick up Splatoon 2 for your Switch, carry it out in style using these new, officially licensed accessories! Check these awesome accessories out and as always squid-kids… Stay fresh!


♥️️ CLOSED ♥️️ [Indonesia Only]


♠️Email to with details :
-Desired item & quantity [ also size for prints ] :
-Name :
-Address & postal code :
-Phone number :

♠️ Payment via local bank transfer
♠️ Please pay fully after invoiced max 3 days
♠️ The items will be delivered after the items finished produced (about one week after PO closed / longer depend on printing shop)



Folks, this is a big one. My new book, Wildly Into The Dark is available for pre-order! This is by far and away the most intimate, personal, and special collection of my poetry and photography I’ve ever put together and I cannot wait for you to read it. Once again, I am partnering with my friends @twloha and donating $1 for every pre-ordered book to them. In addition, the first 1500 of you to pre-order get a signed mini-print of one of my favorite pages from the book. Poetry is not dead. Here is our chance to prove it once more. Head to: To read more, find where to order, and fill out the form once you have for your signed print.

This book means the whole world to me, I chose every single poem and photograph inside it, and there are some new surprises in the book too. I am sorry in advance if I talk a lot about this in the weeks to come, but this is a massive piece of my heart, spilled out. Here goes…

Traditional Bronycon Badges

^^examples of traditional works ^^

would anyone be interested in pre ordering badges from me? Pick up at the convention

They are $20 for now without laminate, and more at con (unsure on specifics there) 

Badges will be bust-half body and coloured with pencil crayons (coloured pencils)

can laminate, cut, and hole punch the badges for an extra $5

please let me know upfront if:

  •  you’d like any specific expressions
  • would like a name under them

all normal commissioning rules apply

→       ether

                   [ because there’s always a beginning ]

On the far side of the garden, Kate’s greenhouse is a looming beacon of blistered glass, reflective light, and steam-shadowed windows. Cora’s tongue is stuck to the roof of her mouth. A blush, hot and splotchy and fiercely red, is blossoming across her cheeks. She wishes she’d been born a Seer, suddenly; wishes she could’ve watched this scene play out, before, wishes she could’ve kept watching it, over and over, wishes she could’ve prepared herself, could’ve untangled the knot of anticipation in her lungs and tempered the excitement, the exhilaration, the floaty, fantastical breathlessness of the moment—because this.

This is worth spilling blood for, she thinks, somewhat dimly.

pre-order || 2/28/2017 ]

[PREVIEW] “Dearest” - A Yuri!!! on Ice Fanbook

Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice

Pairing: Viktor Nikiforov / Katsuki Yuuri

Rating: R18

Genre: Romance, Family, Domestic, Hurt/Comfort

This is a preview for my second Yuri!!! on Ice Fanbook, which will be printed for an upcoming event in my city. A Pre-Order is open from 11-24 March 2017. Please see this post for more information.

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last plushies zarc (32 cm x 16 cm), 1 mini doujinshis of Yuya,yuzu and zarc (14 cm x 12 cm), 12 pins (5.5cm) and 17 stickers

I need to tell all the shippings going to be international only for Mexico is different, the Shipping within Mexico is free for pins and doujinshis

you can message me if you have doubts on the chat of tumblr and I will send the shipping after confirm the pay on PayPal

Zarc plushie $25 + one pin free + shipping international

Mini doujinshi $3 + 2 free sticker+ shipping international

Pin $1 + 2 stickers free+ shipping international

4 sticker $1 + shipping international

Zarc puchie + mini comic + 2 pin + 4 free stikers = $30 + international shipping

You can made your package too with more pin just $30 + $ 1 for the pin + free stikers + the international shipping