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Uwaaaah~ Its still Sheith to my dirty little fangirl mind… hahahaha. So I guess the scenario here is kind of just a snippet but the asks already explains what happens so I think its pretty understandable. Also, I did not expect that I could draw such a handsome Shiro, lol whut.

This is for @therebelcaptainnetwork’s Fanfiction Friday prompt,  “it’s a bet” for the fake dating/married monthly theme, because how I do love fake married/dating in all its permutations and for any reason at all.

Full of Surprises

Cassian strode across the bar and slid into the seat next to the pretty brunette human with the sharp eyes. “Sorry I’m late, love,” he said, putting his arm around her shoulders.

She gave him an inscrutable look. “I don’t know who you are, but you need to take your hands off me or I will break them off.”

He lowered his voice, leaning into her ear as if he were whispering loving words. “You see that Rodian over there?”

Her eyes flicked over his shoulder. “What about him?”

“He thinks you’re my girlfriend.”


Because he’s looking for a man alone, and I just told the barman I was meeting you here. Because I’m pretty sure my contact double-crossed me and sent him to pick up the bounty on my head. Because I’m not sure how well my disguise will work if they’ve got a holo and a decent facial recognition prog. Because the last thing I want to is to start a fight in this bar and get picked up for disorderly conduct by the Empire.

He smiled easily. “It’s a bet.”

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lead my life astray

Title: lead my life astray
Author: strangetowns
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 3797
Summary: Mr. Zimmermann raises his eyebrows. “Are you implying, then, that I expect too much?”
“Not as such,” Eric replies. “I am simply asking you to keep an open mind.”
A Pride and Prejudice AU.

Most memorable line: “I am not very, very sad,” Eric protests. “I am, at most, simply sad. This is a gross exaggeration of my character, and I will not stand for it.”

anonymous asked:

interesting how dan howell, whose main shtick for years has been making self-deprecating videos on relatable subjects, has never made a video dedicated to the subject of being single or unlucky in love and has only ever gone into specifics about relationships that occurred pre-meeting phil

dan’s just a lonely guy but he is just too embarrassed to say so

Seeing You for the First Time (Part 01)


by me, Nathalie Michelle L. (AKA Michie) @xxhinaangelxx


Here is more HyLink!! The next page will have a more “manga/comic” look 😆. Hope you all like the first page of this cute HyLink art!

More info: Link (the first hero) is about 15/16 (few years before his imprisonment) when he first meets the beautiful Goddess, Hylia.

World building, characters, and the DA Fandom’s propensity to ignore nuance.

I have borne witness to both some serious Cullen Critical posts and Pro Anders posts in the last twenty-four hours and…ugh. I feel the need to put something out there.

As people who have played the protagonists of the Dragon Age games, we are skewed to be more magic-leaning and forgiving than the normal, average joe of Thedas, and it’s disheartening and irritating that a lot of the fandom seems to have a very basic issue with noticing this and applying that mindset when they look at issues in the game, particularly with certain characters.

Under a Read More for length, and there’s a TL;DR at the bottom.

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georgiagirlagain  asked:

Shieldshock please!

Pairing:  Darcy/Steve

Word Count: 528

Prompt:  Thief

Tags:  No Powers AU, Royalty AU, Thief!Darcy, King!Steve, King/Commoner, Pre-relationship, Meet-Cute

Warnings: None

Darcy meandered through the crowds, her stomach rumbling so loudly, she was certain one of them was going to hear her coming.  

She needed something substantial.  Not just bread this time.  Something fresh.  Fruit.  The kids all really liked fruit.

Of course today there seemed to be tables and tables of melons.  All too big for the likes of Darcy to smuggle out under her dress.     

Grapes would be easy enough.  She could probably just nick one or two off each of the bunches.  The vendors would never miss them.  

She was about a dozen grapes in when she ran smack dab into a solid wall of man.  She was so alarmed, she dropped what she was holding. Grapes rolled everywhere.  

It took him a minute to realize what was happening.  He knelt to pick them up for her on instinct, but then realized that all the vendors were pointing.  Shouting.  

And Darcy was gone.  Running full tilt towards the angrier-by-second throngs of people because there wasn’t any way she was going to stick around for some dope to play white knight.  

Or she would have been gone if said dope didn’t accidentally trip her again.

His hands were on her waist and pulling her up to a standing position.  “She’s with me,” he said loudly, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.  “She’s with me.”  

The angry shouts stopped.  The crowd that had been demanding her blood one second before was suddenly chastised by this tall – albeit – handsome specimen of the male species.  

He plucked an entire bunch of grapes off the end of the table, handing them to her.  “Here.”  

Darcy squinted up at him, trying to place where she’d seen his face before.  

It dawned on her around the time he’d loaded up her arms with bread and fruit and salted fish.  Enough for a week.  Or a day, if she shared with with all the kids she was looking after.  

She dropped down to her knee, wobbling slightly in the process.  “Your majesty….”  

“No…no…don’t do that…”  he reached for her arm, helping her stand once more.  “I haven’t been a king for the past 70 years, I’m not about to start now.”

She knew the legends.  How he’d been asleep for 70 years and woke up just a short while ago.  Right when the kingdom needed him the most.

“I’m sorry about…all of that…” he said, walking alongside her as they left the marketplace.  He’d taken a couple of the items from her to help ease her load.  “I hope I didn’t make things harder for you.”  

She shrugged.  “I’ll manage.”  

He smiled softly.  “How many will this feed?”  

“A dozen.  Children,” she returned.  “And me.”  

“And what will you do tomorrow?” he asked.  

“I’ll manage,” she repeated with a grin.  She hefted the things over onto one side, gesturing with her chin.  “I can take it from here.  Thank you…your majesty.”  

“Steve,” he corrected.  “And what is your name, if I can be so bold?”  


“If I were to come looking for you again, I could find you with just ‘Darcy’?”  

She smirked.  “If you come looking in the right places.”     


Requested by: @jojizzzz
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Steve
Word Count: 1.1K
Warnings: Fluff


“Y/N, I need everything ready to go for tomorrow’s mission by tonight,” Steve instructs you, using his bossy voice,

“Yes sir!” you shout, jumping to attention and saluting him. Steve scowls at you for a second before he softens,

“Sorry babe, I was in full ‘Captain’ mode,” he apologises. He quickly looks around, scanning for any one near by before closing the gap between the two of you,

“S’Okay,” you whisper, your breath fanning across his collarbones, “I like it when you’re in Captain mode,”

Steve’s eyes wash over with lust as your words hit him. He takes another second to quickly check again before leaning down to passionately kiss you. It had been a while since the two of you had been alone. To avoid suspicion, you had both agreed that going on separate missions was the best idea whenever possible. It kept the team’s attention away from the secret relationship you’d been having with Steve for almost three months now, but it also meant that alone time was far and few between.

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This Day in 1D History - May 5


  • Harry goes out on London with Nick, Jordan “Rizzle” Stephens, and Miquita Oliver


  • pre-show meet and greet! 
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Herning, Denmark


  • and catches up w Olly before his show at the O2 
  • Louis is the most smiley out in LA :)))


  • <333 Matt Irwin passes away <333
  • “The sun makes me so happy” (lmao)
  • (feat. this plaque :))