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On Tuesday evening I was contacted by Taylor Nation first on Instagram and then again on twitter about them saying how they saw I was going to the show and how huge a fan I was and that they wanted to meet me. I had to give my info by the following day but like I literally replied on twitter with in a second lol. I was freaking out so much and had like no one to tell. Ali called me on Wednesday while I was at work and said how excited she was to meet me and how they were gonna give me a “special shirt” and just thank me for being an awesome fan and then she said I would just have to email her me and my groups info and like SHE KNEW I WOULD BE GOING WITH A GROUP OF 5!!!! She said she would call me back on Friday because they had to scope out COTA and find a good meeting spot and time, plus they were also going to that swiftie meet up and didn’t want to miss it! So I still didn’t directly know I would be meeting T, just thought we were getting merch but something wasn’t adding up lol anyway so I finally tell my group and I couldn’t even focus my whole shift like all I did was text them the entire time and I like sent my email to TN right away and just the days dragged by until Friday lol, sure I was in Dallas by Thursday but it was agonizing waiting for the call and all the info. On Friday I went to the Taylor Swift Experience at the Texas State Fair and RIGHT before I entered Missy called me!!!! I had been thinking too they would call me around the time I visited it, it was fate honestly. Missy told me how we had a meeting place and what time to be there and how the place was HUGE so we should get there earlier to scope it out but then she goes “we have ANOTHER surprise for you! We’re gonna upgrade your seats!!” And we had regular GA so it was amazing however with Lotte having a wheelchair I wanted to make sure we would be able to and that it would work for her so she said they would find a way or spot to put us! (We ended up having ADA upgrades that then no one at the place could even find so we just went into pit and even though it wasn’t the platform spot where all the others got upgrade it was still an amazing view and better than where we would’ve originally been) Anyway, so then Missy says we would have to take a tram after the meet up for the shirts and then she goes “oh and we’re gonna email you a waiver to sign for this!” And I was like WTF!!!! Like why would I need a waiver for a shirt and an upgrade/tram ride, something doesn’t add up but I was dying and told my group everything after and that we needed to sign it ASAP. So now for the show Saturday, we got there around 1 and ended up skipping the Swiftie meet up after hearing TN was giving those upgrades there and obviously since we already had upgrades it wouldn’t be fair to go plus Missy had said if we saw them there we couldn’t go up to them and say like thank you or acknowledge any of this so we just sat near where we needed to meet up until 5. The time was dragging but also flew by, I honestly thought I was gonna throw up like there was still no direct info we were meeting Taylor but we were all still hoping. 5PM rolls around and we go line up with a group of about 30 others plus the radio contest winners and Ali and Missy show up. Ali is literally my favorite person and she remembered meeting me at Gillette. So then they start going through the line and checking everyone in and you can see they have a print out with everyone’s pictures!!!!! They had a super old picture of me and of my friends from when we posted like a “See You In Texas” post for Taylor right before she left Tumblr, so we get checked in and they give us bracelets and our upgraded seats. After a little while we get brought down this little hill where these tents are set up and the radio station people are already in there waiting so we had to wait outside because Ali and Missy were like “That groups a little different from ours, we aren’t doing what they’re doing” and then we get let inside and get our merch bags and honestly I was beginning to panic after they said we weren’t doing what they were doing like obviously they were meeting Taylor bc they won contest which meant we really were just getting “special shirts”. I felt like my emotions were going everywhere like I was so excited but sad. And then Andrea walks in and she thanked us for being huge fans and said that she AND TAYLOR had another surprise for us and that Taylor REALLY wanted to meet us and literally everyone started screaming and crying like it was really happening we were meeting Taylor. We also all found out we were HANDPICKED to meet Taylor by TAYLOR HERSELF!! How crazy is that!! So we had to leave all our stuff in the first tent and get wanded down but then we’re in line and like my group was the FIRST group from TN’s group in line and we were freaking out so much. We had been like somewhat told we were getting individually photos and we were all trying to figure out our poses it was crazy. When we were walking into the next tent we passed by Andrea, Scott and Scott B and Andrea remembered who I was and smiled so big at me and thanked us for being there. So after that we just played the waiting game inside this room that reminded me of Loft 89 by it was like different furniture but still had the same vibe and had food but it most likely wasn’t for us or for any fan really(think it was for staff to eat and relax tbh) since there wasn’t a loft type thing last night. So we’re talking to everyone around us and we’re all like trying to tell each other not to cry so our makeup wouldn’t get ruined when all of the sudden it’s our groups turn! But then they said it would be the 5 of us going in and we were like we were told singles, and they continued to say it would be the 5 of us so then we wanted to break the group up so it could be more personal but they ushered as all in together and then LIKE THE TAYLOR SWIFT WAS RIGHT THERE STANDING IN THE BACK AND SHE DIDNT LOOK REAL AND SHE SMELLED SO GOOD AND WAS SO TALL AND SHE HUGGED ME SO TIGHT AND TOLD ME HOW HAPPY SHE WAS TO FINALLY MEET ME AND THAT SHE LOVED ME I COULDNT BELIEVE I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS HER!!! There was so much going on like it was 5 of us but we all tried to say things we wanted but honestly no one really remembered what to say so we all just kept saying we loved her and she was smiling so much. Then I remembered to bring up the blog and how she brought us all together and I mentioned 1989costumes and she was like “omg yeah I love you girls, you’re killing it!” And we freaked out! But then it was time for our photo like we were getting rushed by the people running it so we couldn’t really pick a pose so we just made it work for the 5 of us, though I do wish we had a little more time for it all. We took the photo and the camera girl like checks to make sure everyone looks good before letting us go so that was a plus! We hugged Taylor one last time and she was still talking to us and her team was trying to get us to leave but like literally SHE WAS STILL TALKING and then I was the last one to hug her again and we walked out and got our autographs and we started crying and freaking out. Like it didn’t hit me that had just happened so I wasn’t really crying but I was freaking out so much on the inside and felt like throwing up lol plus I kept crying so much before going in for the photo i think I had no more tears lmao so we get out and go back into the other tent and Ali was asking us how it all went and took photos of us and then the people who were recording us the entire time asked us for an interview. We have no idea what they were recording for but they were !!!! They even recorded our actual meet and greet with Taylor!! Once all the groups were out they brought us out into the tram and they basically told us we would be cutting everyone already in the pit so we had to stay together (obviously we had that ADA which then we couldn’t get to lmao) and we get to the concert and we had the greatest time ever and like she didn’t perform as long as it was like estimated but she was sick and it was more of 1989 than GH but HOLY GROUND AND SPARKS FLY WERE PLAYED!!! And that’s kind of my story. I don’t think I’m forgetting everything I mean the day happened so quickly after we got lined up to meet her but it was amazing and I’m so thankful for getting the opportunity to meet her, it’d been a long 10 years and I literally got to meet her during her like anniversaries week at her only show of 2016! @taylorswift

lead my life astray

Title: lead my life astray
Author: strangetowns
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 3797
Summary: Mr. Zimmermann raises his eyebrows. “Are you implying, then, that I expect too much?”
“Not as such,” Eric replies. “I am simply asking you to keep an open mind.”
A Pride and Prejudice AU.

Most memorable line: “I am not very, very sad,” Eric protests. “I am, at most, simply sad. This is a gross exaggeration of my character, and I will not stand for it.”

A Pre-Series 1 Meeting:
  • Mark Gatiss: "So I've called you all to this meeting to discuss some very important things with you all. First off, every character on Sherlock is queer. Every single one of them. Every protagonist, villain, and extra."
  • Benedict: "Got it."
  • Martin: "Heard."
  • Benedict: "...."
  • Martin: "...."
  • Mark Gatiss: "What?"
  • Benedict: "Is there anything else you wanted to go over in this meeting?"
  • Mark Gatiss: "Oh, nope. That's it, that's the gist. You may leave."
a summer sort of girl

or…four times Lena didn’t know and the one time she did.


It feels colder in National City than it ever did in Metropolis. She’s not altogether sure why. It’s almost as if the wind is sharper, as if the sun’s rays only barely manage to reach the skyline of the city, their warmth being snatched away by the girl in the cape. Sometimes, as she walks to L-Corp (her building she reminds herself forcefully), she thinks the trees shiver in the breeze and their leaves chatter in the cold as they fall to the ground, crushed by commuters who remain oblivious to their screech of pain.

Then again, her mother has always said she has quite the imagination (and an unfortunate flair for the dramatics).

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Obviously you imagined a future with her. She thought she was Katherine Pierce, the woman you had been obsessing over for 150 years. I’m sure you imagine all kinds of scenarios. But they sure as hell weren’t with Elena!

Papers, Please!

Title: Papers, Please!
Author: rhysianastoriesfromtheden
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 27139
Summary: Professor Eric Bittle was looking forward to starting his new job at Samwell University. Co-teaching a new interdisciplinary course on the role of women in World War II is an interesting start to his career at the university but working with Jack Zimmermann, the lead professor for the course, may prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, the other members of the faculty seem nice, and no one can hold out against baked goods forever.

Most memorable line: “I really think I should come observe some of your classes. You make me a better teacher.”

GerIta headcanon #1

Italy hosted the nations in Rome, for a pre-Christmas meeting. Needless to say, it ended badly: half of the nations was drunk, the other half was scattered around the room.
Italy had to clean the room, after almost all were gone, with Germany’s help, who could not bring himself to leave him alone with all that mess.
Before leaving, Italy stopped Germany.
“What is it?”
“We’re under mistletoe.”

anonymous asked:

PRE-timeskip: Ace briefly meets Sabo, they don't recognise each other even though they both get this super uncomfortable feeling that they should've.

The tavern was filled to bursting – a good thing, Sabo thought, given the fact that he wanted to blend in as much as possible.

The fake beard itched, and the sunglasses sat awkwardly on his nose. Koala had told him he looked ridiculous, but it was all he’d had at hand, and it was either the ugly, fake beard, or stay behind at the safe house. And he’d been cooped up there two days already – and he’d told her as much when she’d pursed her mouth and put her hands on her hips, but she’d relented after she’d pinched his ear and made him promise not to get caught.

He wasn’t going to get caught. So it wasn’t the best disguise, but it wasn’t like anyone was paying him enough attention to notice.

“Oi. What’s with the getup?”

…damn it.

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Woozi - A Lie (Angst)

“Don’t make me say it again, Y/N.”

“Jihoon, plea-“

“This it for us, I think you should go.”


You caught sight of your tear-stained reflection in the mirror as you began to retrieve what was left of your belongings in the bathroom of the apartment you shared with your long-term boyfriend, Jihoon. Things hadn’t always been like this. In fact, this was the worst they had ever been – Jihoon and yourself were two of the “happiest” people your friends knew, and no one could have expected what was going on behind closed doors when you were both home at the same time, although that rarely happened.

You and Jihoon had been high school sweethearts, everyone’s couple goals, and childhood best friends even before that. Meeting in pre-school, the pair of you got along like two peas in a pod; nothing could come between the two of you, you were like the siblings you never had and always wanted. Although, it wasn’t till your high school years that you realised the feelings you were having for Jihoon weren’t ones of friendship, but feelings of longing and romantic lust for your best friend. So, naturally, when the two of you started dating and moved in together when you both first started university, it was like being in the honeymoon stage minus the wedding. You two just could not get enough of each other and it was absolute and utter pure bliss. However, as time went by, Jihoon became busier with his music studies and you got more and more caught up in your classical art studies and part-time job, resulting in you two rarely seeing each other and, when you did, there would be nothing but tension because of stress.

It wasn’t until recent weeks that things had been getting really bad – exams were coming up for the two of you and what time you had together was spent studying and sleep-deprived. Less and less, Jihoon openly showed affection and only when you ended up in tears did he attempt to kiss and make up, leaving you with some hope that, perhaps, things were going to be okay. Unfortunately, tonight was just the icing on the cake of false hope as Jihoon told you that he couldn’t give you what you wanted anymore and that it was best that you leave and move back in with your parents, a place you had always connected with Jihoon. It hadn’t been a long conversation, and you had found yourself overcome with darkness, a large contrast compared to the sunshine which usually followed you around, despite the fact that rain clouds had been lingering for a while now.

Taking a proper look at yourself in the mirror, you could see how much this past year had taken a toll on you. You looked weak and tired, lips scabbed and slightly bleeding from all the habitual nervous-biting. You had been enduring the pain by yourself for so long, not daring to let Jihoon see how hard everything was hitting you. Lately you had been living every day in the torture and fear of Jihoon finally calling it off with you. Calling off, literally, a lifetime of friendship. Along with the darkness had come a full-on storm and you might as well have been naked in the middle of the street, drowned in rain, for that was how vulnerable and abandoned you felt at this very moment.

“Y/N,” Jihoon’s broken whisper cracked from behind you, disappointed in himself for ever letting you get to this point. For the first time, he was finally seeing you at your lowest, a point you had been hitting every night for the past few days while Jihoon slept in your shared bed that had never been so rejected in its life. He took a cautious step towards you, careful of your fragile state before him. Sloppily lifting an arm, you make a move to wipe away your tears, hiding the embarrassment of finally being caught vulnerable. But, before you cou;d, a pair of warm and familiar hands cup your face, wiping away your still-flowing tears with their thumbs. Jihoon looked straight in to your dead and tired eyes, before a tear fell from his own.

“Y/N… What have I done to you,” his voice cracks. Removing his hands from your face, you weakly push past him, belongings in hand and throw them in your backpack – you would only need the essentials, everything else was just a memory. Slinging your bag over your slumped shoulder, you headed for the front door, your escape into the world you didn’t know without Jihoon, you didn’t even know how to function without him, how to breathe, how to live; your whole life had been around him and for him, and now it was just you.

“What I said was a lie,” a voice hoarsely says from behind you, causing you to stop in your tracks. “Everything was a lie – when I said go, it was a lie. Please, don’t leave. It was all a lie. A cruel, harsh, irrational lie. I’ve noticed, Y/N. I’ve noticed the way your shadows always seem to have less strength and be more tired than you appear. I’ve noticed the way your lips have been bleeding from you biting them, a habit which only I have noticed you do when you are nervous or upset. I’ve noticed you leaving the bedroom at night and countless times have I heard you crying into a towel to try and muffle the sounds and, Y/N, I have noticed that you have been living each day in torture because of me. I’ve noticed. I’ve always noticed the things you do, Y/N, and I love you. All my bad behaviour was just a lie to cover my own misery. I love you. Please, don’t go.”

Jihoon stares into your eyes, the dining room lights reflecting the tear drops on his face, slowly trickling down before they fall to the floor. Beautiful tears that broke your heart even more after every new one that fell from his eyes. You knew Jihoon was being genuine with every word he was saying but, something was finally telling you that being together wasn’t the answer to this problem. Taking a deep breath in, you braved a crooked and faked smile through your own tears, readjusting the bag on your shoulder.

“If the fate between us cannot be cut off easily, then perhaps it will be fate that leads us back to our old times, best friend.”

With that, you softly close the door behind you, sliding down it till your broken body hit the cold, hard ground.

A/N: I had a lot of fun and feels writing this one, and I feel like it could be goodie to write a sequel for. So, if anyone wants a sequel, let me know. 

Hope you enjoyed!! <3 

Requests for imagines, reactions, etc. are always welcome

Let Our Powers Combine!

This Trollhunter!Strickler fic series thing is inspired by @changepherrox‘s art and written scenario of Walter meeting Barbara, pre-show, and becoming part of the Lake family. After finding his place in the human world, he comes upon the Trollhunter amulet and struggles between protecting his family, being a double agent… and secretly defending a Trollmarket that doesn’t particularly want a changeling for a Trollhunter.

-The First (along with @changepherrox’s art that inspired it)
-A Brief Recapitulation of Troll-Changeling Friendships

In this fic: Jim and Walter have a superhero catchphrase that they say when they team up.

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