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murder-in-paradise  asked:

Hi, I'm from the UK and I'm applying to do undergrad medicine and I've got an interview in a few weeks, and I was wondering about your opinions on popular ethical topics related to medicine, and other topics you'd suggest me to read up on? Thanks in advance! :D

Oh my friend murder-in-paradise, I could go on and on! (bioethics major, so it’s my favorite thing)

That said, I’m going to be good and give you a strategy instead of specifics.

Your strategy should be reading for a general understanding. No one is looking for your ability to quote authors or pull statistics out of thin air. Really, they just want to make sure you’re aware that things aren’t always black and white in medicine, and that there are areas of contention and debate. 

For topics, pick based on what you like. Pediatrics? Women’s health? Surgery? Internal Medicine? Technology? Education? The list goes on, but pick one or two and being to research. As an American, I was advised to know a little something about the state of health insurance. In countries with universal healthcare, I think the topic of rationing healthcare and the notion of VIP healthcare it is very interesting.

From an interviewer’s perspective, I’d be interested to hear any applicant, American or otherwise, speak succinctly and diplomatically about whether healthcare is a right or privilege, and what you think will be ethical issues a young physician like yourself might face after residency. 

Some nice places to read up on medical ethics stuff (let me know if you can or can’t access them from the UK!)

AMA’s Virtual Mentor

And of course, if you’re attending school right now, utilize your school’s access to journals online. 

Best of luck!