pre k feels

anonymous asked:

I'm a closeted little and I really just wanna be myself around people and not so secretive about what makes me happy but I'm scared people will judge, my snapchat is full of judgemental people but it's so hard not to post what daddy does for me that makes me happy. I have one irl little friend and we both want to freely express what makes us happy but were scared people will be rude. I just really want to stop hiding what makes me happy.

People who are judgmental are really difficult but the best things to do are find places like Honeypot Pre-K, places where you feel safe. I know the rest of the world is scary but even if people judge you, remember that what you are doing makes you happy and those people don’t matter because you are happy. SO if you want then post everything your daddy does on Snapchat, those judgy people don’t matter. 

- Mod Paws