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I have a Royai fic request! Have you seen the Roy and Maes OVA for Brotherhood? It's was so tragic and so beautiful and I suggest you see IMMEDIATELY if you haven't! What I think you could really knock out of the park would be Roy bumping into Riza on his way out of the train station at the end of the OVA. Since he felt all that angst with Maes and Gracia loving it up, I think bumping into Riza might be the TLC he needs at that moment.

I know it has been an absolute dick year since you sent me this, but I’m going through my inbox and found it, so I decided to whip something up real quick for you since my dumbass self forgot. How do you all put up with me?

She’s the perfect woman for him, Roy thinks as he watches Hughes hug the girl of his dreams. She clings to him as tightly as he clung to the letters she wrote to him. Bright-eyed and innocent, her clean hands will hold his and she will help him wash the blood from his hands. Her smile is so bright that it seems to reflect off of his glasses, which shimmer in the light, and her laugh is filled with music. He forgot what good music sounded like. They didn’t have much music in Ishval.

He’s not actually met this Gracia yet, only hearing about her from the many times Hughes gushed about her. To be honest, he didn’t think anyone could possibly love Hughes as much as he loved them, seeing as how the man was fully capable of talking about her for hours on end. Roy could practically recite the content of the letters from all the times Hughes read bits and pieces out loud to him.

And yet in just a flash, Roy can see that Gracia loves Hughes with everything in her soul. She waited for him to come back home, a changed man, not the same after what they’ve gone through, but loved nonetheless. That’s a kind of thing of beauty. Roy doesn’t think he can understand it. After all, while his foster aunt and sisters love him and are waiting for him to come home, it’s not the same.

It’s not for him. Roy turns away from the picturesque scene and walks towards the exit alone.

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Authors Note: My writing mojo is back. Also, older request.

Part 1

It turned out that the spell was a lot harder to fix than Thor had imagined.

He said that it would take him a few extra days and that he’d try his best to be swift, for Tony’s sake.

Tony, on that count, was devastated. It was a world of hell for him, being stuck with way too many emotions on the surface, and he quickly locked himself away in his lab to wallow in his misery alone where no one could see him. Except, of course, everyone wanted to come down to make sure he was okay.

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Two of my favorite selfie for the Carol Corps. (My husband finally gave me back In Pursuit Of Flight, and I finally got Down. In the nick of time, too, since all non-essential monies will be going to my newly-diabetic cat’s insulin. (Happily, I already pre-ordered Hawkeye: L.A. Woman.))

Notes on the picture: I am amused by my hair this morning, and apparently thought today would be a good day to try Winter Soldier eyes. Also not pictured: the 3-year-old kitten deciding that she needed my elbow for noms RIGHT THEN, which messed up the picture composition a little.