pre ghibli


and that one shall come to you garbed in raiment of blue, descending upon a field of gold…
             to forge anew our ties with the lost land.


スタジオジブリ Studio Ghibli Layouts Exhibition books (2008 Tokyo & 2014 Paris)

Two really amazing Ghibli art books! the 2014 Paris Art Ludique edition is an updated version including Pre-Ghibli works and every Ghibli film and up to and including When Marnie Was There.  Layouts are a kind of blueprint with specific instructions regarding shot composition, these are usually drawn by the Key Animator or Director of each scene.

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But [Nausicaa] is swayed by the same fiery passions as everybody else. Her moment of rage, when she cuts down a room full of guards, is the most shocking moment in the entire movie. Nausicaa’s violent killings echo in your head and you can’t wish them away with simplistic platitudes. Miyazaki has entered the realm of Yojimbo and The Searchers, only with a far deeper sense of sorrow. He quietly fears that this is the fate of all men, and he no longer has any idealistic faith in the ending. Preachy morality has been banished. The cowboy in the white hat has been banished. Doubt has entered the picture, doubt and sorrow and hope.
—  Daniel Thomas MacInnes (The Ghibli Blog)

Old school pre-Ghibli, 

Panda Go panda

Gona watch Lupin The Third i think

I think it could actually be one of the best Ghibli films even though its a pre Ghibli film so technically not Ghibli and the art style is nothing like there normal style. but i will stand by me saying this statement, its just so crazy and frantic.

It would seem it also hass some amazing voice actors in it!