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Progressive Rock Medley
Progressive Rock Medley

Progressive Rock Medley

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

Chris Squire - Safe

Sui Generis - Tango En Segunda

Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like

Genesis - Firth Of Fifth

Frank Zappa - Peaches In Regalia

Invisible - El Anillo del Capitán Beto

Bruford - Back to The Beginning

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus

Rick Wakeman - Catherine of Aragon

Serú Girán - La Grasa de Las Capitales

Yes - The Gates of Delirium

Pink Floyd - Sheep

Yes - Clap

Invisible - Encadenado Al Ánima

King Crimson - Thela Hun Ginjeet

Luis Alberto Spinetta - A 18’ Del Sol

Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick (Part I)

Camel - Freefall

La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros - Hipercandombe

Yes - Heart Of The Sunrise

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Hoedown

Yes - Tempus Fugit

Yes - Close To The Edge

Fic idea #9

Genesis stepped into the dimly lit bar, shaking off the excess water from his umbrella and slid it into the stand next to the door. He picked his way directly to the bar, effortlessly maneuvering around the other tables in his path, to where a short, blond man was mixing up a drink.

The man, without looking up, asked as Genesis slid onto the stool just left of him, “What can I do for you?”

Genesis smirked and leaned over the bar top. “A date.” And without missing a beat, continued, “But you say as though it is a chore for me, which I can gladly assure you, is completely untrue.”

The man’s hands paused for just a second as he was pouring out the drink before he tipped the remaining liquid into the chilled glass and slid it across the counter to a man in the far corner sporting a curiously gold claw-like hand.

“Genesis,” The blond sighed and set the cocktail shaker down with a loud thunk.

“Cloud,” Genesis practically purred, the name rolling off his tongue, thick like molasses.

A shiver of something ran down Cloud’s spine and he sighed again. Just great. He could feel the headache building already.

Ken Penders and how his misinformed view of how monarchies work ruined not only what could have been a good au story but also Sonally

*profanity warning*

Now, just to preface as you may have gathered from my current icon and some of my art, I primarily ship Sonamy, however that does not mean that I hate Sally or Sonally, as a matter of fact I really like Sally as a character, she subverts some of the typical princess tropes (which I’ll get to later) and her relationship with Sonic, especially in SatAm is really fun to watch, they bounce off of each other so well. 

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xenodweeb  asked:

Hey, sorry for bothering you, but I haven't really gotten into the sonic comics yet but some of your posts in the past make me want to check them out. Any recommendations on where to start out from.

EDIT: Changes have been to reflect complaints. 

Hey, no bother at all! Word to the wise, though, the main site that hosted the comics recently went down so if you see any older posts recommending ScanF to read them….well, they took all the comics down. ReadComicsOnline has them, if I remember right, both the main series and the Universe series (and the short lived and long mourned Boom series and the currently running special MegaDrive). 

Okay now let’s get back to business. *cracks knuckles*


There are three suggested ways of reading the Sonic comics from Archie. One, you start from the beginning and slog your way through every cheesy joke and batshit insane plot turn that Ken Penders has to give you. This is for the…stronger among us, and unless you know that you can enjoy a good trainwreck, I wouldn’t recommend this method. If you really want to know the full scope of some of these characters in the later story, then my suggestion is to use either method 2 or 3 and come back and read the backissues once you’ve done that. 


That second method is the issue 175 method. This is pretty straightforward, just start with issue 175. I personally originally followed this method (albeit skimming earlier back to issue 169) before I put myself through Ken Pender’s Wild Ride. If I’m remembering right, issue 160 is where Ian Flynn was brought on as a writer and many of the current mainstay artists were brought in. This is the method I went by originally and I think is the most commonly recommended one. 


The final method, which I personally do not recommend because I feel it would miss you out on a lot of what the Archie Sonic comics have to offer, is the Post-Genesis Wave method. I’m sure you heard about Ken Pender’s Wild Lawsuit and the comic revamp that came with it, called unofficially the Pendering in which the writers literally hit the reset button in order to get rid of ideas, characters, and settings invented by Penders and other writers who might sue them. Thusly we have the ‘pre-genesis wave’ issues and the ‘post-genesis wave’ issues. From issue 252 on is Post-Genesis (and technically 251, but its all the finale of why this all happened which is the last part of a twelve part Megaman crossover). If you want to read Post-Genesis method, then start around issue 252. I don’t recommend it, but its a starting point I’ve seen suggested before. 

Now of course, with Archie being Archie, that isn’t the end the bonanza. If you’re familiar with even Archie’s most vanilla productions, the Archie comics themselves, then you probably know that the company has a habit of doing spin off series based on the main story properties they own. Sonic has quite a few as well due to it being one of Archie’s most prolific franchises (its the longest running video game comic in history at the moment). 

The first one (not chronologically, but probably the most important one) is Sonic Universe. 

Sonic Universe is basically a collection of side stories, each usually around four issues long, that focus on the side characters or an alternative story (such as a future setting). In the case of the side character stories, the stories in Sonic Universe can oftentimes tie in to the main plot going on in the central comic, so I’d suggest waiting until you finish the actual main comic before reading Sonic Universe. That said, its almost always great so there’s no reason to not start from issue 1 with this one. 

The second one worth mentioning is Sonic Megadrive. 

Sonic Megadrive is a special with art by Tyson Hesse (yes, the guy who did Boxer Hockey and this fan comic) and written by Ian Flynn. There’s really no need to describe it, its just a charming comedy that’s basically a love letter to the original games. It’s very reminiscent of the OVA both stylistically and story-wise. If you were having the hankerings for Classic Sonic then Megadrive is for YOU. It’s probably the only one of these comics I actually physically own because I’m a poor piece of shit. 

And then there’s all the unsuccessful spinoffs. Knuckles got a spinoff because Ken Penders could not and still cannot contain his boner for Knuckles, and I’m sure there was some other one I can’t remember. These are all awful in my opinion, and I would not recommend them very highly or even very lowly. However, it’s up to you as a reader to decide if its for you, so I’d suggest wading through the main series before them and making your decision based on what you think of Penders’ work in the main comic. I personally don’t like it, maybe you will. 

And that’s…basically it? Just pick one method and go with it, read Sonic Universe, check out Megadrive, and join the constantly growing club of People Who Hate Ken Penders. We have nametags.

dust-bubbles  asked:

Favorite earrings?

a bigger version right here so you can see closer! earrings are like the only thing where I freely download both mm and alpha ones cause from afar they tend to still look pre good :’-) 

  1. wildlyminiaturesandwich’s genesis earrings 
  2. blogsimplesimmer’s hoop set 
  3. serenity-cc’s lightning earrings
  4. toksik’s spark earrings
  5. femmeonamissionsims’ manos earrings - ok but are these not the best?!

other lists I’ve done can be found here, feel free to ask if I haven’t done it already :)

Recently received the rest of the sketches in the mail from Tracey Yardley, really wanted a lot of pre-genesis characters we may not see again,could of asked for more but that cost money and at the time couldn’t think of them at the moment, currently gonna post them individually for a better look, hope you enjoy.

anonymous asked:

Aside from any bad pairings / badly written pairings are there any couples in the comics you like seeing, pre-genesis and post-genesis?

As rare as they were shown, I actually have a liking for the bond between Sonic’s parents Jules and Bernadette. 

Just think about it.

These two found romance on the battlefield. I’m sure the stresses of combat could have easily driven them apart but it seemed to make them closer, even being paired together for missions.

They birthed a son together but soon after were drafted to track down a famous historian.

The husband, despite having a newborn child, was dealt a lethal injury which would’ve killed him if he wasn’t roboticized because no medical treatment could save him.

He’s put in the roboticizer by his brother, said brother being unaware that Robotnik altered the machine to take away free will of those subject to the process.

The wife is saddled with her newborn son when her husband has been reduced to a robotic vegetable and her brother-in-law has walked out of the household in disgrace, thinking he was responsible for his own brother’s mindless condition.

Then when she tracks him down one day whilst out and about and eventually finds an evil man using him like he’s some kind of lowly servant, Robotnik forces him to throw her into the roboticizer and has her subject to the same process that took away her husband’s individuality.

Their baby is effectively orphaned with his uncle having to take on the job of raising him due to his parent’s absence. The child grows up thinking his parents were lost to war.

Both parents go through the years being separated from their child, without any free will for most of those years missing out on experiencing him growing up.

Eventually, the wife and the brother/uncle are deroboticized with the exception of the husband because subjecting him to the process would kill him.

…Yet through thick and thin, through a seemingly incurable condition, Bernadette stands by her husband showing no indication that she wants to leave him or that she treats him any differently because he’s robotic. They can’t have any more children and t’s suggested that they don’t even sleep in the same bed due to Jules not needing sleep.

That’s a solid marriage right there. Rock solid.

Sonic’s parents and their bond is amazing.

Elias and his mother both existed in the Post-Genesis Wave universe, but they were killed shortly after Sally was born. Their deaths are why King Acorn is so concerned for Sally’s well-being; he doesn’t want to lose her, too. His kinder personality is also because he wants to be sure to rule the kingdom as his late wife would have wanted him to.

Since she doesn’t have any memories of her late brother in the new timeline, Sally tries her hardest to keep a hold of her Pre-Genesis Wave memories of Elias. It’s all she has left of him now.

Loving on myself…

The other day, I was coming to the end of my yoga session with the magnificent @glowmaven and she put me in the relaxing/gratitude position. This time, I wasn’t lying on my back, I was on my knees sitting on my heels with my hands resting on top of my thighs.

Slowly, she took me through my whole body, reminding me to give thanks to my body for supporting me. Thanks to my eyes, my shoulders, my back, my arms, my breasts, my stomach, my hips, my thighs, my knees, my ankles, my feet, my neck… MY body!

As I went through every part, a smile crept on my face. Thank you, arms, those same arms I think are a little too big as I try to squeeze into my pre-Genesis jackets. The same arms that hold him and my family to make them feel safe and loved. Thank you, legs, for every mile I’ve walked during those late night feeding hours and every workout I’ve ever done trying to reach some goal or another. Thank you knees, ankles, feet and thighs for being firm and strong for me, as I pound my way through the world. Thank you, uterus, for making me a woman and for supporting every part of the process. Thank you, breasts, for being a miracle and providing a source of nutrients for my son. And thank you STOMACH, yes! You, stomach, whose extra inches I grab between my fingers wondering when will it shed and be flat. Thank you for expanding, protecting and bringing me my 2nd greatest joy… Another son!

So as I sat on my knees, in what I would call the prayer position, this smile crept up on my face because I realized how grateful I am for my body, and all it has done for me and supports me through. Even if I’m not perfect, no one is. But my body IS perfect in all the ways it Empowers me!! (And so is YOURS!)

I felt good! Lovin on myself!!

Try it!

Love on yourself in every phase of your life!!

With love,

(illustration by Lim Heng Swee aka ilovedoodle)