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Harry Potter Characters by Generation

Born pre-generational designations: Dumbledore, Grindelwald, Bathilda Bagshot

Lost Generation: Newt, Theseus, Ariana, Aberforth, Muriel

Greatest Generation: Tina, Queenie, Credence, Modesty, Merope Gaunt

Silent Generation: Hagrid, Voldemort, Minerva, Newt and Tina’s kids, Queenie and Jacob’s kids

Baby Boomers: Molly, Arthur, James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily, Snape, Bellatrix

Gen X: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Tonks, Oliver, Fleur, probably Rolf

Millennials: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Teddy, Victoire

Gen Z: James, Albus, Lily, Rose, Hugo, Scorpius, Lorcan, Lysander

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Hello, im cis and im asking this so i can learn(no transphobia intended im sorry if it sounds like it!!) i thought drag queens were accepted by trans ppl(i see my trans friends rb'ing posts w them)? Are they transphobic? Im kinda confused, im sorry if this sounds offensive i legit want to correct myself

nah youre good

historically, drag queens have been almost exclusively trans women presenting as feminine in the only manner relatively safe to them (historically here meaning like, pre-80s generally). drag is part of trans history and yeah, most trans people have no problem acknowledging that we (especially trans women) have big ties to the trans women drag queens of the 60s and 70s

HOWEVER, modern day drag queens (like you see in ru paul) are cis men who are playing incredibly transmisogynistic (and just, misogynistic in general) depictions of what they think trans women are like, and are one of the leading reasons why the “man in a dress” stereotype is so often associated with trans women. these cis men have appropriated an important part of trans history and bastardized it into a commercialized, transphobic shitshow. as a trans man i dont really have a place to say too much on the matter, so im gonna link a few ppl who have explained it far better than i can (srry for raw links, on mobile)

ALSO, ru paul is a massive fucking transphobe, so him and any of the men associated with him can fucking rot tbqh (i deeply apologize for this linking to yfip, bc i know that tumblr is…. controversial, to say the least. however, this post is incredibly damning and pretty much sums up why cis male drag queens are almost all unquestionably disgusting people. warning for slurs in the link)


Sometimes the most obvious things in the world are the hardest to figure out. Like a basic understanding of what is needed in a town.

This is going to be strictly talking about the base physical make-up of a town. Things like the necessities, and basic building-blocks, so you can have some kind of foundation or idea to build off of, for your fictional town.


Step one: Have a basic understanding of three things:

  • Time Period of the story.
  • Size of the town.
  • Location of the town.


Step two: Have a basic understanding of civilization necessities:

  • Food. Grocery store or Market(s). Restaurants.
  • Education. School(s) and/or Universities. Libraries or Archives.
  • Law Enforcement. Police Station. Jails.
  • Emergency Help. ie- Fire Station.
  • Laws. City Hall or other government buildings. Lawyer’s offices.
  • Medical. Doctor offices or buildings. Hospital(s). Veterinary offices. Clinics.
  • Post Office.
  • Bank(s).
  • Shelter. Houses, apartments, condos, mobile homes, mansions etc.
  • Energy Source (Unless your town is on the grid or whatever it’s called, you could look into solar powered generators for completely remote locations or wind based energy, things like that.) Gas stations.
  • Cemetery. Or some other kind of burial grounds.


Step three: Entertainment & Lifestyle:

  • Movies/Cinema/Theater/Drive-In
  • Parks (theme or national or local)
  • Shopping Malls/Shopping Centers
  • Night Clubs/Bars
  • Swimming Pool/Rec Center
  • Places of Worship
  • Businesses (factories, farms, auto mechanic, boutiques, real estate, small insurance companies, antiques, pawn shops, bakery, butcher, specialty shops, record store, comic book store… etc.)


Step four: Misc Natural and Architectural/Man-Made Landmarks.

  • Architectural/Man-Made Landmarks -statues, shelter-like structure, memorials, bridges, sport stadium, railways… etc.
  • Natural Landmarks -mountains, fields, types of trees, some kind of protected park, waterfall, lake… etc


Step five: Draw out a map of your town -it really just makes things easier to have something to look at and reference, especially if characters live in certain parts of town or are otherwise separated.


Things to Remember:

  • Towns need a ‘hub’ or a ‘center’ of where everything is going on, where most of the businesses are, where all the action is. Towns are usually built up around this center, and fan-out in some sort of fashion. (Side note: usually, the closer to the center of town you are, the more “money” is… usually.)
  • Everything needs a route. Don’t forget streets and back-roads and alleyways and stop signs and stop lights -ways to get around. 
  • Does your town have a “historical” section where the houses and buildings are older? Look into different architectural styles that fit your towns historical era.
  • Is this pre or post-apocalyptic? Generally, post-apocalyptic settings focus more on the basic necessities. So while those “step three buildings” will be present, there would (depending on how post-apocalyptic your story is set) be no use for them (or they will be reused in some other fashion).
  • Abandoned buildings/structures like factories, hospitals, and schools are always fun to play with.
  • Where is your town located? Does the architectural style fit in with the time period or region?


Hope this helped! I tired to get everything I could think of!


So I’m making some ocs and do Dathomirians like Maul or Ventress still exist? I know the Nightsisters were wiped out and Maul said something about being the last survivor, but I’m not sure if he just meant that clan (there can’t be just one nightsister clan right?) or the entirety of his race. I’m not really familiar with the lore so I don’t know how to accurately place my characters into the universe/timeline. The one character I’m making’s mother was an escaped Nightsister and I’m trying to fit it all together. Plus, How many years is there between The clone wars and a New Hope? 

Tarim Basin, Xinjiang
Federation of Chinese Nations
206 August 12

Mariemaia had traveled halfway across the world from London to the European Mainland and then onward to Urumqi.  There, she and at least half a dozen other volunteers were greeted by a tall, Icelandic woman, who introduced herself as Eva Mínervudóttir.  Eva told them that she had been working in the Federation on L5 diaspora issues for the better part of the decade, but had joined the global citizenship program several months back, prior to its formal roll-out in June.  

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(Requested by Anon) (Part 1 of this imagine here) (Part 2 of this imagine here)

A year to the day Riley had shown up unannounced in your room ready to kill you and you still couldn’t believe that night had led to this moment. 

It seemed odd to think of Riley; the quietly cocky, confident, protective, opinionated mate you had come to know and love as an evil vampire whose original intention was to kill you. Honestly the two sides of Riley couldn’t be more different, for example, you highly doubted the evil vampire side of him would be willing to take you out to play mini golf on a whim.

One thing you were sure the two Riley’s really did have in common was their pride. You could remember how clearly the pride was displayed on his face when he was in full on evil vampire mode, and you could certainly see it now as he point blank refused to admit the truth; he sucked at mini golf. 

You laughed as you looked back at the last hole where Riley was still trying to get the strength of his swing right to get the ball in as you lined up your next shot. With a shake of the head at his stubborn nature you carefully positioned your ball and stood back up. 

A pair of cool arms wrapped around your waist as you were attempting to judge your swing. “Hey gorgeous.” Riley’s alluring voice ghosted across your ear sending a familiar shiver down your spine.

“You know you’re meant to actually get the ball in before you move on right?” You quipped cheekily. 

“Well someone was distracting me.” He growled playfully tightening his hold on your waist. “Bending over and wiggling that sexy ass in front of me like that.”

You ‘tsked’. “Excuses, excuses.” 

A playful chuckle sounded by your ear. “Let’s see you do it then, little miss perfect.” 

Trying hard to calm your racing heart and breathe evenly even with Riley pressed so close behind you, you carefully tapped the ball with your putter. Surprisingly it actually worked the way you wanted for once and the ball dropped into the hole. Twisting slightly in Riley’s arms you stuck your tongue out at him, amusement dancing in your bright, (e/c) eyes. 

Riley pulled back from you slightly, surveying you with a lust filled gaze. “I’d put that tongue away unless you mean to use it.” You didn’t miss the warning undertone in his voice and it made you smirk slightly as you did as he asked. 

You were sure you’d never see yourself how Riley saw you but he sure as hell made you feel beautiful…desirable. 

A loud laugh from one of the holes ahead caught your attention as Riley stepped back releasing his grip on your waist and lining up his next shot. You turned to see a group of what you could only assume were high-school cheerleaders and their respective jock boyfriends. 

It was like being suddenly slammed back into reality rather than caught up in the perfect date and you let out a sort of longing sigh without even realising it. 

Riley’s gold eyes flicked up to meet your own. “What’s the matter sweetheart?” 

“Nothing. I was just thinking.” You muttered knowing how Riley felt about your self-confidence issues and not really wanting to ruin the date for him with your personal self-esteem issues. 

With a shrug Riley took his shot and matched your own hole in one. With a cheeky grin as he collected his ball, he linked his hand with yours and pulled you on to the next hole. 

It was by far the worst one. To take your shot you had to line up directly in front of the beautiful cheerleaders and you were reasonably sure their snickers had become quieter for a reason. Regardless you tried to carry on but Riley’s direct view of you in comparison to them and what he must think distracted you enough that you messed up. 

Immediately you moved so he wouldn’t be able to look at you and them at the same time. 

This time he seriously noticed something was wrong. “Y/N?” A frown tugged his brows down. “What’s the matter?” 

“You seriously don’t think I know how I must look next to them?” You asked, avoiding eye contact. 

“Next to who?” Riley, straightened, looking around. A few of the cheerleaders who had obviously noticed how gorgeous he was were trying to catch his attention now. 

You pursed your lips in a sort of sad irritation. 

“Don’t play dumb Riles, you’re not blind. You know who I mean. Those girls over there, they’re like, right next to us.” You gestured your heart only half in it. 

Riley’s eyes were locked on yours. “Well then there must be something wrong with my eyes because I can’t take them off you.” 

A little something inside you melted at his sweet comment. “You can sweet talk me all you want but you know they’re breathtaking.” 

“Not many people can steal my unnecessary breath, but you don’t even have to try. So no, I don’t know that. Ever since I met you, no one else is worth thinking about.” He crossed his arms, his open black leather jacket pulling tight against his muscles, making his chest look particularly defined under his tightly fitted, white t-shirt. 

This had been exactly what you didn’t want to get into, your very different views on your looks. “You can admit they’re beautiful Riley. I don’t mind.” 

Riley’s frown deepened. “I do. I’m not generally pre-disposed to telling lies.” 

You scoffed. “Lies right. When they’re over there all, perfect bodies and killer smiles.”

Riley actually laughed, a short, sharp, melodic laugh. He sauntered towards you, putter still hanging limply in one hand, arms still crossed over his chest. “Right, except your body makes you sexy - theirs don’t particularly appeal, your smile makes you pretty - theirs are a little fake don’t you think? and your personality is what makes you beautiful and I happen to know yours is gorgeous.” He dropped the putter and uncrossed his arms, bringing his hands to land on your hips. 

“You always know the right thing to say Riles.” A soft grin tugging at the side of your mouth you placed a sweet kiss on his plump lips. 

“Marry me?” 

“What?!” You asked pulling back in slight shock. 

“You heard me.” Exuding the quiet confidence that was so utterly Riley, he put his hand in his pocket, pulled out a small black box and opened it to reveal a glistening diamond ring. “I’ve been looking for the right time to do this for weeks, there’s a bet at home going on as to when I’ll do it. The time never quite seems perfect enough but if I always know the right thing to say then now seems as good as ever. I want you to be my wife Y/N. I want you to marry me. So please, marry me?” 

You stared at him in complete shock for a second. Sure you knew you were his mate but this, this was different. This was Riley outright choosing you exactly as you are, no vampire beauty, no perfect body (that you’d been secretly trying to gain before the inevitable transformation) this was Riley saying as you were right now was how he wanted you, however you were he wanted you, at least, if you’d have him that is.

“I could get down on one knee if you want.” He ran a nervous hand through his hair, as your peripheral vision caught the cheerleaders now staring on in complete shock, realising what exactly was happening. 

“No, that’s okay. I mean. Yes. Yes.” Your face felt like it would split open with your grin. “Yes I’ll marry you.” 

Riley’s own smile stretched even wider than yours as he slipped the ring onto your finger. 

“They’re all staring.” You muttered, briefly glancing over at the jocks and cheerleaders who were now openly gaping. 

“So push me up against the fence and kiss me like you mean it.” Riley suggested, “Better yet, I’ll do that.” and within a second he had you backed up against the fence and completely melting into him. 

Dimly you registered the jocks and the cheerleaders cheers and shouts of congratulations and how strange it was they were cheering for someone like you. Eventually you both pulled back from each other, your heart beating wildly, Riley’s cheeky grin telling you he knew.

“Did you do that on purpose?” You asked nodding towards the cheering group. 

Riley shrugged, “Nah.” And then with a cheeky wink he added. “I just really wanted Jasper to win that bet.” 

You slapped him on the arm, too caught up in your happiness to care how you looked, laughter ringing loudly across the mini golf course. 

townie makeovers

i’ve been looking around tumblr for a little while now, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone who has done completely cc-free townie makeovers of every pre-made pre-installed (not game generated) townie and put them up for download. so i’m going to try and take on this project myself… 

it’ll take me a while, i’m sure, so be patient with me. the plan at the moment is to start on monday (when i’m done with work for 4 days) and do one or two households a day (depending on how many sims are in the household).

now a few questions for you guys:

  1. would you prefer i upload the new townies for download all at once when they’re all finished? or one household at a time?
  2. would you be ok with me using items from every stuff pack/game pack/expansion pack? or would you prefer i stick to base game only?
  3. would just uploading to the gallery be ok? or do you want tray files as well?

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Hey I'm a starting pathfinder dm, I was wondering if you had any tips for preparation of a session. And any other useful things you've learned since you've started that can help everything run smoothly without having to stop to look something up.

First off, kudos for stepping up and becoming a Game Master. It’s a tough and often draining job, but it’s ultimately the most rewarding. In my honest opinion, it’s one of those anyone-can-do-it-but-no-one-wants-to roles for tabletop gaming, and the people that do step up on their own volition are the ones that make these games worthwhile. Good luck! 

With that, here are some tips to make running a game more effective and fun, for yourself and for your players. These were gathered from my own personal experiences running games for the past few years, so your mileage may vary.

Know the Rules

This is fairly obvious, but it needs to be emphasized. Know how the basic rules of your system work, so you aren’t looking things up for every single action your players perform, or seemingly making it up as you go along.

The players are expected to know at least how their own characters work, so therefore as a GM you need to know how these various rules interact with one one another at an even higher level. The players, if they are new, will be asking you for clarifications as well, so be sure that you know more than the average player.

At an absolute bare minimum, understand how combat and skills work. The rest are fairly simple and intuitive, and often build upon those two.

Minimize the Clutter

You could have a copy of the Core Rulebook, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Game Master Guide, NPC Codex, and all other sorts of references on your side of the table, but that’s only going to take up space at best and slow your game down to a crawl at worst.

So my first bit of advice is keep only what you need in front of you. If you don’t mind the ink cost, you could always print out some simplified reference documents for you to quickly skim over during interludes. I’d recommend a simple packet of 5-8 pages. At minimum, you need a basic plan for what this session will cover; have an idea for what will happen, why it happens, who is involved, and where and when it takes place.

The rest of these papers include, but are not limited to: maps of relevant areas; enemy, hazard, and NPC references for general encounters; and tables with pre-written character, place, and object names for when you need to stall, improvise, or embellish. If you are inexperienced with improvisation, some pre-generated flavor text and dialogue could be useful as well. And lastly, have some scratch paper to take notes, in order to track things like the passage of time, and other noteworthy events and information. If you are playing a heavily tactical game, it also helps to have graph paper on-hand.

Tools of the Trade

If I had to run a game with the fewest items possible, I would be able to “reduce” it to this set.

I go more in-depth with my extensive GM equipment in this post.

Alternatively, you could take the game online and get an account on Roll20, which has a digital version of everything I just mentioned and much, much more. It’s free for a simple subscription, but to unlock its true potential you could also pay a reasonable monthly/yearly fee.

Allow Yourself to Fail

Not every decision has to be perfect. No one is expecting you to have an eidetic memory and be able to recite a specific rule from literally hundreds of thousands of lines of text. 

Sometimes, you need to make a decision quickly, even if it’s not strictly by the book. As long as it makes sense and it is fair, it’s better off just to wing it and move on. If later on, you realize that it was a terrible decision, make it clear to your players and either ret-con or reestablish the proper ruling from henceforth. And if you make mistakes, it’s not the end of the world. As long as you learn from them, and improve your craft, you’ll eventually get the hang of it. And in time, you will develop your own style that will surely enrapture the players at your table.

I hope that your first couple of games are a blast! ;) And if you found this helpful, and would like to know more, let me know! GAME ON!


Pre-generated Characters for an upcoming game of Titansgrave. PDF version available here. 

EDIT 28/01/16: Added a reference for Stunts.

The art for the new ones, Spritle and Ragna, is from Overwatch (Mei and Hanzo, respectively).

I whipped up this new template in about 20 minutes and banged out these quick pre-gens. They’re not perfect, and some of the math/spelling might be a little suspect, but they’ll do for the game tomorrow. Why Green Ronin Publishing hasn’t done something similar yet is beyond me. 

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Would you be willing to tell us more about the Superpower AU?

at this point yeah, tbh, i was keeping it quieter b/c i wanted to reveal more through writing (and now that people are like… doing/asking stuff related to it i’m kinda motivated to do more?? idk) but who knows if that’s gonna happen or not with me

plot is still my secret domain although i think julian knows almost everything/as much as i do aha but i can at least tell you what i’m thinking about for most everybody’s powers?

  • stanley has a low-level telepathic link with his brother (more like empathetic? idk how exactly to describe it, it’s not entirely emotional but largely so), pyrokinesis (…he’s better at generating fire than controlling it though), force-field generation, and some degree of superhuman durability/strength (we’re not talking superman levels here, but he’s more so than your average human)
  • stanford has the same telepathic link and electrokinetic/energy manipulation powers (the ability to store and release large quantities of energy, although he can’t generate his own. it’s a generally more invisible ability, but if he’s sufficiently startled/emotional or the quantity is exceptionally large, rather literal sparks will fly.)
  • fiddleford has a sort of superpowered empathy, that largely manifests in the form of healing powers (they’re limited in scope, but increase in ability if he knows a person and their emotions better)
  • dipper has a telepathic link (similar to the stan twins, but probably stronger) with his sister as well as flashes of precognition (he can’t predict the future, but he sometimes gets unclear flashes of it, as well “danger senses” in combat). he likely has other abilities yet to develop, given his age and the fact that he’s considered to be something of a superpower late-bloomer
  • mabel has the same telepathic link as dipper, as well as minor postcognition (the ability to gather certain, largely emotional, information about the past from surroundings/objects) and a sort of telekinesis that allows her to get objects to obey her commands (…a bit “sorcerer’s apprentice” for lack of a better description)
  • soos and wendy are both non-superpowered allies, which. is actually a plot-important thing in this setting and not a cop-out, i promise. this is an intentional move

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In the mood for fluff! What kind of engagement ring would the RFA + V and Saeran pick out for their MC? Pics don't have to be included but would be awesome! :)

We love these so much!!! Rina did Zen, Jumin and V. MP did Seven and Yoosung. And Destin did Jaehee and Saeran


  • Flashy and elegant are just a couple things to describe Zen and he would want a ring for MC that would show that
  • The ring would be perfect and flawless
  • But this is just how he sees himself this is really how he sees MC
  • MC is the most perfect and most beautiful thing in his whole life
  • He wants MC’s ring to show that


I like to think Yoosung would choose a nice and simple, yet unique ring. I love this one because it’s elegant but simple and the rose gold is something you don’t see often. The band is also gorgeous and I just imagine Yoosung seeing this one and falling in love, knowing he had to give it to MC. I also imagine that maybe, JUST MAYBE, V would have helped him.


  • I could see Jaehee getting her MC something simple but elegant and classic
  • She’d get them something classy with white gold or platinum with a single, bright diamond.
  • It is classic and sensible, like her, but it still shows that she cares for them with getting their names engraved on the inside of the band.
  • It’s a hidden lil cuteness but Jaehee is good with those.


  • He would go for the most expensive ring he could find
  • He only wants the best for MC
  • But at the same time he isn’t the flashiest person in the world
  • So the ring would be very simple for an expensive ring
  • He only wants the best for MC so he would most likely get it custom made
  • Like he would have it made by the best people he knows and make sure it was perfect
  • He has it remade like 4 times


So I went with a ruby because I can totally see Seven cheekily getting one (and it fits his color scheme–red and gold.) Now, I firmly believe that there is some Celtic blood in this boy (you can’t look like that and not be Irish, okay) so I decided to go with a trinity knot engagement ring. (Since I’m Irish this means a lot to me because it’s just?? really cool?) The Triqueta (otherwise known as the trinity) represents three things– it’s usually the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but to me, it represents past, present and future. For Seven, I thought it could represent the three people he thought he was– Seven, Saeyoung, and Luciel– all coming together to be one person. (wow i went overbOARD AND GOT SAPPPYYY)


  • V is a simple man
  • So honestly he would just have MC pick out their own ring
  • MC would pick this ring because it reminded them of V
  • He was so dark and mysterious looking
  • But he was also so beautiful and elegant looking
  • So they get this one because it represents the love of their life in the best kind of way


  • Saeran would get his MC a ring that says he’ll be there for them forever
  • I know promise rings are generally pre-engagement rings but Saeran is a shy bb
  • But he wants MC to know that they mean the world to them
  • He would want to keep it simple, nothing too crazy, but he would also do something that shows how important MC is to him.

So I’m really bad at waking up in the morning, and usually I have alarms going on about an hour or so before I need to wake up in order to actually wake up–sometimes people kind of act skeptical about that, like really I’d be better off just waking up quickly, but my brain just doesn’t do that. It just doesn’t bridge the sleep/wake threshold in any way that makes sense. An interesting example is this morning, for about a half hour prior to Full Consciousness, I had this convincing thought that I was actually very awake due to a system devised by tumblr user toastyhat involving some sort of weird, scientific splintering and then re-assembly of yourself, and it was all very infomercial-esque…then I woke up and was like “wait a second…” 


as there were problems with the page displaying correctly on mobile/otherwise, HERE is a link to the post with all of the pre-generated radio request tweets. it’s really, really easy to use - only two clicks (one for the link & one for ‘tweet!’) - and can make a HUGE difference!! we have until midnight on sunday!!