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SVT Cute Jobs; Seungcheol!!

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ok lets bring this back cause i just had an idea also bringin back the heart divider i like it and missed it a lot


-so this dude is a primary/elementary school teacher

-you wouldn’t really think it

-but kids  L O V E  this huge ass teddy thing

-on the outside he looks like one of those dudes in the movies that try to kill someone when they haven’t had their coffee in the morning

-but is actually a sweetheart

-he’s really helpful to the kids and all the problems they have its so cute

-suzy won’t play with johnny?

-he somehow makes them best friends


-carly won’t eat her lunch?

-with Seungcheol’s help she now eats all her lunch


-hes  a good teacher i sweAR

-Seungcheol is really good at sports so he makes it his number 1 priority to make his class #1 at sports day

-imagine this

-hes at sports day

-and so are the dads


-at the end every kid gets a small sticker and a carton of strawberry/chocolate/plain milk for their hard work

-his class is pretty special

-as in they’re bright kids and he rarely shouts at them so he has a good bond with the kids

-you on the other hand

-you’re just a volunteer at the school working in reception/pre-kindergarten?

-a/n note what the fuck is a pre kindergarten help

-you’re generally shy around the teachers and stuff but you really do like these kids

-you were just walking to the staff room for a lunch break

-when these year 6/5th grade kids kept on heckling you when you were at the door

-you told them to go to class but they weren’t listening at all

-the hassle became bigger, with a couple sighs coming out while you were trying to get them to go back to class

-you were just about one question away from losing your full shit and just full frontal shouting at them

-but you really weren’t like that

-so that anger kind of turns into tears,,,sort of


-soon enough the kids stopped as soon as another teacher came down the hallway

-they soon realised that it was–oh shit it was Seungcheol

-”Boys, head back to class or you’re not going to go swimming at all!”

-he stopped at the door looking ot you with the most deep brown eyes you had ever seen oh my gOD

-you try not to blush but oh well its happening

-”you ok??”

-”yeah im fine don’t worry !!”

-”are you sure?? those kids can be a hassle..”

-”yeah, don’t worry about me.”

-”…you wanna eat lunch together??”


-so you two sit down and eat lunch


-you tell him your name first of all

-”oh right you’re y/n !! the kids like to mention you sometimes cause you’re really kind to them”

-you’re blushin again abORT MISSION ABORRRRTTTT

-he then tells you his name and it does have a nice ring to it

-”yeah i’ve seen you around you’re the one who gets really hyped on sports day”

-”i shouldn’t but it’s human nature i’m sorry haha”

-”no, no its okay it’s cute and funny”

-he tells you that he’s earning money to get an apartment cause he just came out of college

-and hes not that much older than you

-you were worried thinking that he was older cause you were catchin feelin–

-oh my god


-S H I T

-well there goes your heart

-you tell him that you’re just here for reference and experience when getting other jobs

-you two became close after that day which was cute

-because every day he would put in a little sweet or something like a lucky penny in your pigeon hole so you could have a good day in reception/pre-kindergarten

-which in theory made your god damn heart flutter so much

-and after a while he would drive you home and stuff which was super cute too

-the elder ladies in the main reception would ask you if you two were a thing since you two left everyday together

-you would reply with a no since….you two were just friends,,,thats what you though,,,you also thought that’s the way he wants it to stay

-ohhhhhhhhhh no thats not the case here

-he kinda grew closer to you and more attached to you

-everytime he saw you his day would just get better automatically

-one day seungcheol overhead the headteacher/principal and the deputy head/assistant talking about some teachers leaving so that new spaces could be made

-aka you might be given a permanent job

-and all that week you’ve been on edge about this

-but Seungcheol being the boyfriend type he would text you encouraging words

-every day that week you would be working harder

-getting things for teachers

-helping the kids more

-even using your lunch break to spend time tidying up the classroom and playing with the kids even more

-you were tired

-but it would be going towards something you needed desperately

-on the last day of the week

-after all the kids have gone home

-you were asked to see the head teacher/principal in their office

-they asked you questions about working in the school and how you liked it and stuff

-they also somehow caught on that you and Seungcheol had a pretty good friendship in the school

-you had to agree with that

-you two supported each other like crazy and it was so cute

-you two kind of made everyone’s day brighter without knowing

-the headteacher/principal then asked you about wanting to work here at the school

-”you like working here right?”

-”it’s a great school, yes”

-”great just sign here and you start paid work on monday, congrats y/n”

-”really??? oh my gosh thank you !!”

-”since it’s friday i’ll sort everything out with you on monday”

-you exit out of the office

-and who should be there

-seung–oh he isnt


-you shrug a little before collecting your things and getting out of the school

-walking down the road to the bus stop

-you see a figure just standing there



-your feet start to move quicker

-you’re trying to slow down but you physically can’t????

-as soon as you reach him you fling your arms around him

-hes taken back a little

-thats a lie

-the boy was shook

-s h o o k

-good god he couldn’t move

-but he was able to move his arms to hug you back

-you start blushin like mad cause you’re finally realizing what you’re doing and oh my god hes hugging back whAT

-”you got the job??”

-”i start monday!!”

-”i knew you could do it.”

-a head pat was given to you not trying to mess up your hair

-it felt so nice awwwwwWWWW


-he drops you home but before you get out the car you call his name

-”how about we celebrate tonight??”

-”hmm… what about tomorrow?”

-”oh, thats okay how about getting people together and–”

-”can it just be the two of us?”

-”l-like a date?”

-”bingo. i’ll pick you up at 7.”

-you agree to his plan and as soon as the car drives away you jump up and down

-you’re so cute and precious bless your soul

seungcheol: btw i totally saw you jump up and down back there


seungcheol: you’re so cute awwwww

friends forever pt. v

a continuation of best friend! shawn deliciousness by myself and @achinglyshawn​. catch up here first.

shawn gives her that drink, and then another, painting a kind smile onto his features for his best friend to catch whenever she flits her gaze to him and sips from her glass. he’s been trying to look past the disappointment he feels over the crazy turn of events earlier that night… trying to ignore how sexy her mouth looks as her lipstick smudges to the rim of the glass.

trying and failing all night long.

shawn knows that had he not hesitated out there on the balcony, had he just done what he’d wanted so badly to do, there was a possibility that those lips could’ve been on him instead of on the damn glass and god does he want that. he wants her lipstick stained to his mouth. wants to feel the warmth and the wetness of her plump lips all over his…

“you know, i think it’s time for us to get you to your room!” he blurts suddenly, knowing that he needs to put some distance between the two of them before he loses his mind and says something stupid that he’ll regret.

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Sometimes the most obvious things in the world are the hardest to figure out. Like a basic understanding of what is needed in a town.

This is going to be strictly talking about the base physical make-up of a town. Things like the necessities, and basic building-blocks, so you can have some kind of foundation or idea to build off of, for your fictional town.


Step one: Have a basic understanding of three things:

  • Time Period of the story.
  • Size of the town.
  • Location of the town.


Step two: Have a basic understanding of civilization necessities:

  • Food. Grocery store or Market(s). Restaurants.
  • Education. School(s) and/or Universities. Libraries or Archives.
  • Law Enforcement. Police Station. Jails.
  • Emergency Help. ie- Fire Station.
  • Laws. City Hall or other government buildings. Lawyer’s offices.
  • Medical. Doctor offices or buildings. Hospital(s). Veterinary offices. Clinics.
  • Post Office.
  • Bank(s).
  • Shelter. Houses, apartments, condos, mobile homes, mansions etc.
  • Energy Source (Unless your town is on the grid or whatever it’s called, you could look into solar powered generators for completely remote locations or wind based energy, things like that.) Gas stations.
  • Cemetery. Or some other kind of burial grounds.


Step three: Entertainment & Lifestyle:

  • Movies/Cinema/Theater/Drive-In
  • Parks (theme or national or local)
  • Shopping Malls/Shopping Centers
  • Night Clubs/Bars
  • Swimming Pool/Rec Center
  • Places of Worship
  • Businesses (factories, farms, auto mechanic, boutiques, real estate, small insurance companies, antiques, pawn shops, bakery, butcher, specialty shops, record store, comic book store… etc.)


Step four: Misc Natural and Architectural/Man-Made Landmarks.

  • Architectural/Man-Made Landmarks -statues, shelter-like structure, memorials, bridges, sport stadium, railways… etc.
  • Natural Landmarks -mountains, fields, types of trees, some kind of protected park, waterfall, lake… etc


Step five: Draw out a map of your town -it really just makes things easier to have something to look at and reference, especially if characters live in certain parts of town or are otherwise separated.


Things to Remember:

  • Towns need a ‘hub’ or a ‘center’ of where everything is going on, where most of the businesses are, where all the action is. Towns are usually built up around this center, and fan-out in some sort of fashion. (Side note: usually, the closer to the center of town you are, the more “money” is… usually.)
  • Everything needs a route. Don’t forget streets and back-roads and alleyways and stop signs and stop lights -ways to get around. 
  • Does your town have a “historical” section where the houses and buildings are older? Look into different architectural styles that fit your towns historical era.
  • Is this pre or post-apocalyptic? Generally, post-apocalyptic settings focus more on the basic necessities. So while those “step three buildings” will be present, there would (depending on how post-apocalyptic your story is set) be no use for them (or they will be reused in some other fashion).
  • Abandoned buildings/structures like factories, hospitals, and schools are always fun to play with.
  • Where is your town located? Does the architectural style fit in with the time period or region?


Hope this helped! I tired to get everything I could think of!


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Could you recommend a game that is family-friendly, good for beginners, has lots of magic, and does NOT have pre-generated characters (character types are fine)? My younger sister and her friends want to roleplay, and I've agreed to GM, but none of us have done this before. I can buy dice if I need to. Thank you!

Darn - if you hadn’t included the “no pre-generated characters” proviso, I would have gone with Lady Blackbird as my number one pick. That being the case, however, you’ve got a few other options.

Fate Accelerated Edition is a good general purpose system. It’s technically setting-neutral, albeit with a strong bent toward YA adventure milieux, so “lots of magic” is largely a matter of description; a character with an appropriate concept can describe basically anything as magic. The downsides are that it requires specialised dice that may not be available at many hobby stores, and it’s one of those “players as co-authors of the world fiction” games, which in my experience is something that beginners either take to like ducks to water or find utterly incomprehensible, with no middle ground at all. Fair warning!

If you’d prefer something a little more traditional (i.e., the players just roll the dice and the GM tells them what happened), you could also have a look at the localised Japanese RPG Ryuutama. Imagine Dungeons & Dragons meets Oregon Trail meets My Neighbour Totoro and you’ll be in the right general ballpark. It’s a very cute travelogue-style RPG that pairs familiar fantasy archetypes with a simplified system focusing on overland journeys rather than dungeon crawls. Caveats: depending in your group’s inclinations, they might find the rules a little fiddly (it wants you to keep track of food and water and wear the right kind of clothing for the terrain you’re traveling through, for example), and the translation is good but not perfect, leading to the occasional headscratcher moment.

On the flip side, if you’re willing to try something pretty esoteric on your first outing, there’s also Golden Sky Stories, another localised Japanese title. This one’s a diceless, low-combat game (in fact, it doesn’t even have a formal combat system) about magical animals who can shapeshift into human children or teenagers. Your goal is to make friends in and around a pastoral small town; the rules are so focused on that premise that your special abilities are literally powered by friendship. That’s pretty much both the pros and the cons right there - it’s super high concept.

Finally, if you’ve got a hankering to go full old school and run a tactical, minifigs-and-grid-maps dungeon crawl, but slogging through multiple 300-page tomes to start up a game of Dungeons & Dragons doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, you could have a look at Hero Kids. It kind of treads the line with respect to your “no pre-generated characters” rule; it doesn’t make you pick from specific, named characters, but it does eschew any sort of character creation in favour of a deck of pre-statted templates. The core book’s selection of templates is a bit limited; you may want to look up some of the expansion sets while you’re at it (or just grab the current bundle deal, which gives you everything for like twenty bucks).

(Also, as a completely self-serving plug, my own Costume Fairy Adventures arguably fits the bill. If, you know, a game about fairies playing dress-up isn’t too on the nose! Since you’re new to the hobby, shoot me an ask if you’re interested and I can send a discount code your way.)

Harry Potter Characters by Generation

Born pre-generational designations: Dumbledore, Grindelwald, Bathilda Bagshot

Lost Generation: Newt, Theseus, Ariana, Aberforth, Muriel

Greatest Generation: Tina, Queenie, Credence, Modesty, Merope Gaunt

Silent Generation: Hagrid, Voldemort, Minerva, Newt and Tina’s kids, Queenie and Jacob’s kids

Baby Boomers: Molly, Arthur, James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily, Snape, Bellatrix

Gen X: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Tonks, Oliver, Fleur, probably Rolf

Millennials: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Teddy, Victoire

Gen Z: James, Albus, Lily, Rose, Hugo, Scorpius, Lorcan, Lysander

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Hello, im cis and im asking this so i can learn(no transphobia intended im sorry if it sounds like it!!) i thought drag queens were accepted by trans ppl(i see my trans friends rb'ing posts w them)? Are they transphobic? Im kinda confused, im sorry if this sounds offensive i legit want to correct myself

nah youre good

historically, drag queens have been almost exclusively trans women presenting as feminine in the only manner relatively safe to them (historically here meaning like, pre-80s generally). drag is part of trans history and yeah, most trans people have no problem acknowledging that we (especially trans women) have big ties to the trans women drag queens of the 60s and 70s

HOWEVER, modern day drag queens (like you see in ru paul) are cis men who are playing incredibly transmisogynistic (and just, misogynistic in general) depictions of what they think trans women are like, and are one of the leading reasons why the “man in a dress” stereotype is so often associated with trans women. these cis men have appropriated an important part of trans history and bastardized it into a commercialized, transphobic shitshow. as a trans man i dont really have a place to say too much on the matter, so im gonna link a few ppl who have explained it far better than i can (srry for raw links, on mobile)

ALSO, ru paul is a massive fucking transphobe, so him and any of the men associated with him can fucking rot tbqh (i deeply apologize for this linking to yfip, bc i know that tumblr is…. controversial, to say the least. however, this post is incredibly damning and pretty much sums up why cis male drag queens are almost all unquestionably disgusting people. warning for slurs in the link)

Dragonlance is a pivotal moment in the history of TSR and marked it the company’s first foray into creating a multimedia property. I’ll be looking at the novels, art and the first source book this week (I’d dive into the modules, but I don’t have the whole set yet – if you’ve got dupes, lemme know and maybe we can trade something).

Dragonlance was conceived as a series of module (which eventually became DL1-14, sort of) that detailed one large tale of an epic war between the forces of good and evil. A marked shift from tournament style modules, Dragonlance was to have pre-generated characters and an intricate plot. The story was the point, not the loot or the levels or the hacking and slashing.

A series of companion novels were part of the plan, though the design team didn’t appreciate the hired author. Two members of the design team – Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis – eventually supplanted him, penning Dragons of Autumn Twilight in 1984. The novel coincides roughly with the first two modules, though some events differ. What no one could have predicted at the time was that Dragons of Autumn Twilight was to become the cornerstone of a massively successful publishing phenomenon.

Autumn Twilight starts with sort of the D&D equivalent of The Big Chill – a bunch of friends reuniting in a tavern (no one is dead, though…yet). Events spiral out of control almost immediately, with a war starting and a group of religious folks looking to pave the way for the return of the old gods. It ends with a dungeon crawl, a slave uprising and a black dragon. Good stuff.

Dragonlance was a huge reading phase for me. I devoured nearly all the books from the late 80s and early 90s, culminating with the Verminaard novel. They struck me as urgent and dark and violent and more than a little sad – there was tragedy in the air from the very first chapters. I suspect they would seem thin to me now, a melodramatic by-the-numbers novelized D&D sessions. But maybe not? Probably not worth the risk of ruining all those fond memories.

Dragons of Winter Night tomorrow.

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What do u think would happen with someone who didn't have any idea what they wanted to be in the future, godtier-wise ? Like, someone who didn't think theyd get far enough to ever achieve any goals, so they just didn't think about it ? Would sburb Find A Way™ or would they just... Not have a godtier ?

what you have to remember is that in sburb, unlike in reality, you would have access to your future timeline, through skaian visions and whatnot

in sburb, the future, or whatever it is you would choose to be your future including your god tier, can be viewed and enforced and used as a power source via the idea of your “Alpha Timeline” and is something that sburb and skaia as part of the overall game system, would have access to

so essentially, just because of how time works differently in the homestuck universe versus our universe, Sburb would know what your god tier would be before you ever got to the point of choosing it for yourself in the present, so it can pre-generate your aspect flavored questbeds and other things because all it has to do is gather that information from the future/alpha timeline

in the real world, we have no alpha timeline, all of our current decisions constantly shape our future and nothing is set in stone until it actually happens, at any moment you can turn on a dime and go down a different path with no consequences

in sburb, straying from the predesigned alpha timeline results in doomed timelines, essentially versions of reality that fade into nothing because they cannot exist because whatever you did in the present was not the version of events that was recorded in the future, a mutually exclusive paradox of events that is settled by whatever events happened in the alpha timeline taking precedence over any others because in homestuck “the future has already happened” Time is a Loop rather than a neverending line

so if you were in homestuck universe, you wouldnt have to worry, sburb has access to the future you would have eventually settled on anyway and has everything set up for you

if you were to play sburb in our reality, nothing reliant on god tiers could be generated before you settled on your god tier, you wouldnt have a god tier, until you had a god tier

on the surface level theres essentially no difference to a homestuck universe sburb player who didn’t care/have access to skaian visions/didn’t get skaian visions about what their god tier was

you just don’t know what it is until it happens to you, you dont know what it is until you know what it is

Slavic Polytheism and Magic Notes (1 of 5): Intro/Basics

Welcome to part 1 of 5 in my Slavic polytheism and magic 101 notes!

Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert. I’ve actually been worshipping gods from the Slavic pantheon (Veles mostly) for less than a year, so I’m very very new. However, I’m a researcher at heart, and since it can be very difficult to find reliable Slavic paganism resources in English, I decided to type up my current cited notes to make them available to others.

I will include a works cited at the end of each post, but the two resources I’m drawing from the most are: Slavic Folklore by Natalie Kononenko, and Forests of the Vampire: Slavic Myth by Charles Phillips and Michael Kerrigan.

The former is a more academic book mostly focused on Russian and Ukrainian stories and languages, the second is more of a coffee table book with condensed historical and mythological snippets, mostly Russian. “Slavic” encompasses a lot of cultures beyond these, so given the focus of my sources, these posts will obviously be limited. My posts will also be tailored to my own interests, especially Veles and death work, so if you’re looking for other information, I recommend reading these books on your own if you can.

Who can worship the Slavic pantheon or incorporate these practices into their lives?

Anyone, of any culture, race and ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc, can respectfully learn, worship, and practice. This is an OPEN culture. I’m a QWoC who was called by Veles. Nazis fuck off.

Along those lines: some English resources for Slavic polytheism (sometimes called Rodnovery) are inaccurate and very scary, in the genocidal white supremacist sense. One such author to avoid is Dmitriy Kushnir. Please be careful.

What constitutes the Slavic ethno-linguistic geographical region?

It’s very broad, ranging from Central, Eastern, Southeastern, and Northeastern Europe, and North and Central Asia. The site of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster may have actually been the original home region of ancient Slavs (Kononenko 3).

What are the historical sources for pre-Christian Slavic beliefs?

In 988, Kievan Rus (under Prince Vladimir) formally accepted Byzantine Christianity conversion (Phillips & Kerrigan 23). The earliest known historical document in the Slavic world was compiled after this, titled the Primary Chronicle: “It covers the period from 850 to 1110 of the common era and was written in a monastery in Kyiv. The original no longer exists and we know of it from copies called the Laurentian Codex and the Hypatian Codex” (Kononenko 182).

Therefore, most beliefs prior to this only survived in writing filtered through this lens, or were passed down through storytelling, family traditions, and references in other historical documents. Piecing together the Primary Chronicle and other documents has resulted in some Slavic gods and practices being attested (182), but without much detail. Pre-Christian beliefs generally ended up merging with Christian beliefs and practices, and survived this way as well (Phillips & Kerrigan 24).

There is probably no known pre-Christian religious document depicting stories or worship of the Slavic gods. Only one “source” like this is known, The Book of Veles, translated by Kachur into English in 1973 (Kononenko 4-5), but this book is generally considered to be a forgery and not an authentic ancient document (186).

What does this mean for modern practitioners of Slavic polytheism?

Extracting lots of possibilities from tiny, incomplete snippets of information, untangling pre-Christian gods from their merging with Christian figures, learning from people’s descriptions of family traditions and magical practices, and lots of UPG!

My next (much longer) posts will be as follows:

2. Slavic Magic and Rituals: General
3. Slavic Magic and Rituals: Death Work
4. Slavic Gods and Entities: General
5. Slavic Gods and Entities: Veles

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to reblog and spread around, add information, ask questions, etc.

Works Cited

Kononenko, Natalie. Slavic Folklore: A Handbook. Greenwood Folklore Handbooks. Greenwood Press: Westport, Connecticut. 2007.

Phillips, Charles, and Kerrigan, Michael. Forests of the Vampire: Slavic Myth. Duncan Baird Publishers (text), Time-Life Books (series). Time-Life Books: BV, Amsterdam. 1999.

Most Requested Live every Saturday Night!

Most Requested Live is broadcasted to over 100 radio stations all across the United States, and plays the most requested song of the hour EVERY HOUR. That means we have the opportunity to have Kiwi played EVERY SINGLE HOUR to HUNDREDS of radio stations.

Here are 20 pre-generated tweets for you to use (just press tweet)!





















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Rusame with adorable pet play with Alfred or Ivan as a cute puppy and the other being the owner ^^ wanna write it?


Ivan currently sat at his dining table, almost alone but not quite. His puppy was with him, sitting patiently beside him and waiting for the remainder of his owner’s meal. Nothing too unusual. Eventually Ivan set the plate on the floor beside his chair and watched Alfred lovingly as his pup gently began to eat of the plate, knowing his Master always scolded him for scarfing things down and getting his pretty face all dirty. Some of it would get on him, no doubt, as one could not eat cleanly with only their mouth like a pet does.

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Halloween 2017 movie marathon: Frankenstein (dir. James Whale, 1931)

Dangerous? Poor old Waldman. Have you never wanted to do anything that was dangerous? Where should we be if no one tried to find out what lies beyond? Have your never wanted to look beyond the clouds and the stars, or to know what causes the trees to bud? And what changes the darkness into light? But if you talk like that, people call you crazy. Well, if I could discover just one of these things, what eternity is, for example, I wouldn’t care if they did think I was crazy.”

College graduate Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) decides to bunk out in a watchtower with his crazy hunchback assistant Fritz (Dwight Frye) and reanimate a dead body. This shocks his conservative mentor Dr. Waldman (Edward van Sloan), fiancée Elizabeth (Mae Clarke), and the storyline’s mandatory normal guy Victor Moritz (John Boles). Henry isn’t too worried about the whole thing, even if his creation was accidentally fashioned with a criminal brain. Unfortunately, the Monster (Boris Karloff) is abused, demonized, and cast aside once its behavior becomes slightly unpredictable. When the Monster escapes from the tower, Henry finds he needs to try and clean up this tragedy of his own making before the bodies start piling up.

These days, everybody begins their reviews of Frankenstein the same way: “Do we need another review of James Whale’s masterwork?” “What else can be said about Frankenstein?” Frankenstein is in that same category as Star Wars: so iconic and influential, so quoted in the popular culture that it seems redundant to talk about it and downright impossible to view it with fresh eyes. Even people unschooled in classic horror could pick out scenes: the grave-robbing, the creation of life in the lab, the little girl by the lake, the bride stalked in her chamber, the burning windmill and the angry mob. So, is the common refrain true? Should I not even bother writing this? Well, if you tell me not to do something—I’m going to do it anyway and do it with gusto! And though we may sneer and scoff, call this movie primitive, Frankenstein still retains a strange power once you cast off that 21st century cynicism and allow yourself to succumb to its spell.

People often ask “did 1930s audiences ACTUALLY find this scary?” And yes, disbelieving reader, they did. 1931 audiences had an advantage we don’t after almost a century of pop cultural osmosis: they got to see all of this with fresh eyes, without Young Frankenstein or anything else coloring their perception. There had been a handful of cinematic and theatrical adaptations of Mary Shelley’s novel before, but nothing proved as memorable as Universal’s version. Looking at Karloff’s make-up alone today, so much of the impact is diminished because of how iconic it is, but if you were a normal cinema-goer back in 1931, it must have been startling. These people were not exposed to modern zombie flicks; Hollywood movies, even in the pre-code age, generally never showed anything like a decaying body. But Karloff’s cadaverous face, imposing physique, and heavy walk must have seemed grotesque.

When the Monster makes his entrance, we get a progressive close-up, honing in on his intense, half-dead stare, forcing the audience to take in every unseemly detail of his haunting visage. One must also remember that the original audience by that point had no clue as to what the Monster would do or if he was criminally lethal. We’re told he’s been implanted with a criminal brain, but Frankenstein and Waldman debate as to whether or not this will affect the Monster’s behavior. This tension probably fed much of the audience’s suspense and kept them terrified once the Monster was loose, even as Karloff and Whale endowed the character with pathos. One of the original newspaper ads for the film claimed of the Monster, “You hate it… fear it… yet it wrings your heart with pity!”

James Whale was a champion of the outsider in many of his films, whether that outsider was a monster, a shell-shocked soldier, or a lonely prostitute. As much as the characters in this movie preach about not transgressing in God’s domain, you know Whale’s totally behind Henry and his unnatural creation. He certainly has no sympathy for Henry’s unpleasable father who criticizes his son for not settling down like a good aristocrat or Dr. Waldman, a scientist with the mindset of a medieval clergyman. Indeed, Waldman is arguably the most loathsome character in the film, crying for the Monster’s head before it harms anyone and even going back on his promise to dispose of the Monster gently, deciding a vivisection before murder might be a nice thing to do. As much as he criticizes Henry for overreaching, he sure has no problem studying his “failure” and profiting from that. As Sir Christopher Frayling mentions in his marvelous commentary track, Waldman is the opposite of Dracula’s Van Helsing, hardly heroic and a regressive figure. Even harmless characters like Elizabeth or her deadly dull suitor Victor don’t capture our attention: they’re nice but they have no ambition, no desire to look beyond as Henry does.

It’s Frankenstein, the Monster, and Fritz who remain the most memorable, the people who aren’t seen as normal; however, the outsiders have no solidarity in this world. The misshapen Fritz sees the Monster not as another ostracized person, but as a thing to dominate and torment, as though he’s elated to find someone who’s more of an outsider than himself. Though disappointed by his own father’s lack of emotional support, Frankenstein doesn’t learn from his father’s mistakes and quickly gives up on his creation the moment things go wrong. And of course, we all know how the Monster lashes out once he accidentally kills the one person who treated him well. It’s a world of lost, lonely people, and that’s one of the saddest elements of this movie.

Though the Monster is a sympathetic figure, his motivation in the second half of the film becomes muddled. The question of whether or not the Monster was doomed to violence from the start is never resolved and it is easy to assume that his mistreatment at the hands of his creator is the sole cause for his strange behavior. The moment when the Monster breaks into Elizabeth’s room has always struck me as strange, because it isn’t entirely clear what his intentions are. In earlier screenplay drafts, the Monster was a demonic id-figure that clearly had sexual designs on his creator’s bride, even going as far as to tear her clothes and attempt to climb atop her according to historian Rudy Behlmer (even for the pre-code era, that would have been strong material, had they gotten away with it!), but the Monster is certainly not that, well, monstrous in the final version. He does growl in a rather flirtatious manner at the terrified woman, but he ultimately leaves her alone once she swoons. (Maybe he was just curious. Maybe he wanted to see if a grown woman might float better than a little girl.) It’s the same with his kidnapping of Henry. When he knocks his creator unconscious during the last pursuit, the Monster does not immediately kill Frankenstein, but instead carries him to an old windmill to—do what? It’s never made clear whether he plans on killing him or not. These ambiguities were likely a big part of the Monster’s fear factor for 1930s audiences who didn’t have the same fond nostalgia most classic horror movie fans now have for the character.

Some viewers regard these moments as plot glitches, and maybe they are, but one cannot deny that these bizarre scenes lend the film a dreamlike tone. If the gothic expressionism of the set design does not signal that this is a different, more heightened reality than our own, the story events certainly do. I’ve always felt the 1931 Frankenstein was like a nightmare committed to celluloid because of how bizarre certain story elements are in addition to the gothic mise en scene. It possesses an otherworldly feel, an almost fairy tale like conceit that became more pronounced in the sequel.

Over the years, this film is usually deemed a historically significant yet artistically inferior film when compared to its sequel, The Bride of Frankenstein. The follow-up does have the benefit of more sophisticated cinematography and some truly striking editing, as well as memorable characters like Dr. Pretorious and the Bride herself. However, when it comes to horror, the first movie retains a chilling power and sense of tragedy that the sequel does not accomplish as well, at least not for me. I believe the more primitive nature of the first movie is a strength; the crackling hiss of the soundtrack and the lack of music lends the movie a sort of creepiness, as does the silent Monster’s far more alien nature. Since 1931, filmmakers have created Frankensteins truer to the novel or more viscerally horrific; some of them are quite good or even great, but none have haunted cultural memory like James Whale’s and I think the reason for that goes beyond mere nostalgia.

anonymous asked:

Hey! So I have a D&D question for you. Some online friends and I are getting a party together but we have... 9-10 players. I'm not the DM and the person who is seems okay with it, but I'm worried. I'm not sure if I should suggest splitting the party before we even start or if we should just give it a try. Do you have any suggestions?

It is certainly possible to run a D&D game with that many players, but it’s not easy.  Unless your DM has done it before and is pretty confident, I wouldn’t recommend it.  With that many players comes a lot of challenges. Splitting into two groups of 4 to 5 players each is probably a better idea, especially if you’re hoping to get into some serious, consistent role playing.

That being said, I have run a group that would occasionally swell to that many players.  And it was fun!  There was a core group of about 6 people who reliably showed up for sessions, and other people kind of wandered in and out.  Plus the host would rent out their extra rooms on airbnb, so fairly often I’d have complete strangers show up and decide they wanted to try the game as well for a single session.  It kept things fresh and exciting.  Here are some things I learned from that experience:

  • Have a consistent session schedule.  The best part about having a ginormous group is that even if half your players don’t show up, you’ll still have enough people to make a go of it.  
  • With that many people, you will likely have many sessions with one or more missing players.  You can’t let that stop you!  Full steam ahead!  The game must go on!
  • Obviously, this means your DM has to be flexible and adaptive.  It’s up to them to figure out how to wrangle so many people without anyone being left out. Therefore, the DM should have no other responsibilities beyond DMing!  Players can support the DM by taking care of gaming logistics such as scheduling, food, transportation, and working out interpersonal disputes.
  • Have more experienced players mentoring less experienced players
  • It helps to have a more relaxed, party type atmosphere.  There should be food and drinks and players should be allowed to have unrelated conversations to fill the time between action.  If the mere idea of this upsets you, playing D&D in such a large group is definitely not for you, because I can guarantee you won’t be able to make that many people sit and quietly wait their turn with zero distractions.  
  • With combat, the group should adopt a Use It Or Lose It attitude towards deciding what to do on your turn.  If someone doesn’t know what to do, it’s better to skip them than to wait. 
  • Rules-Lawyering should be avoided.  To save time, the DM should be prepared to make a lot of judgments and shortcuts up on the fly.  You should trust your DM to uphold the spirit of the game without always sticking to the letter of the law.
  • Character creation is majorly time consuming, so consider using pre-generated characters, or delegating the building of characters to one or more experience players.  
  • Plan on not having characters level up very often, as it can be pretty disruptive and cut into game time.
  • Make sure players understand and adhere to the social contract of gaming: It is up to them to think of a reason for their character to play along with everyone else.  If they want to be difficult loners, they’ll pretty much be deadweight to the group.

Anyway, those are my suggestions.  Thanks for the question, and good luck!

Hey!  Agh!  I’ve never written fanfiction before so please don’t rip my head off for this being OOC!!  I’m sorry!  I’ll work on that!  Anyways quick warning before you get into the fic.  This fic is based around a panic attack so…

***WARNING: Anxiety and panic attacks.***

As soon as he’d finished his short program, Yuri bolted from the ice.  He didn’t understand what was happening, but he knew that he needed to get away.  His chest had tightened dramatically, and it was becoming a challenge to draw in the air he so desperately needed.  Maybe he was dying.  That was probably it.  He was dying.  His thoughts were racing a mile a minute, circling round and round.  He felt weak and shaky.  And he was dying.  He couldn’t let all these people see how weak he was.  Yuri wouldn’t let them see him die.  So he ran.

He didn’t pay any attention to where he was going he just ran.  Anywhere would be better than in there with all those cheering people.  They were cheering for him.  And here he was so weak that his lungs had just given up.  He was starting to feel light-headed and was grateful when he saw a bathroom on his right.  It was no use trying to run anymore.  His knees were shaking so badly they could hardly hold him up, and his skates were sliding on the floor, yet somehow Yuri managed to stumble the last few meters into the tiled room.

As soon as the door swung shut behind him, he crumpled in an undignified heap to the floor.  He was sucking in huge gulps of air, but it didn’t seem to help.  He couldn’t breathe.  His costume was too tight.  It was suffocating him, and Yuri reached up frantically trying to pull it away from his neck.  He couldn’t.  His hand were shaking too badly.  The world around him was spinning nauseatingly as he continued to take sharp, rapid breaths trying to numb the panic clawing viciously at his chest

He was entirely unaware that he’d been followed until a soft voice broke through the haziness of his thoughts.  Black spots had erupted in his vision, and Yuri was having a difficult time staying conscious.  But someone was there.  Someone was speaking to him.  Though, through the blood rushing in his ears, he couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, the voice sounded reassuring and whoever it was had undone the back of his costume, loosening the fabric around his neck considerably.  Then they were coming around to face him and the voice he had thought he’d recognised suddenly clicked.  Yuuri.  

“-ou’re going to be alright Yuri.  Try to breathe with me, okay?”  

Yuri did his best to focus on the man in front of him, but the task felt impossible, and he found himself reaching urgently for something to hold.  Something to ground him and keep him from just floating off into space.  That something happened to be Yuuri.  Thankfully the man simply smiled encouragingly and gathered both his shaking hands in his steady ones, squeezing gently.

“Can’t -” he gasped out.  "Dying.“  Yuuri was immediately shaking his head.

"No, hey, hey, no, Yurio, you’re not dying.  You’re just- You’re having a panic attack.  You’ll be alright.  I know it’s scary, I do, but you aren’t in any danger.”  He paused.  "Is there anything you need?“  Yuri shook his head a little wildly.  He hated this.  He hated appearing weak.  Hated it.  He wanted to tell the Katsudon to bugger off, but there was a part of him that needed him to stay.  A part of him that was so desperate for relief that he couldn’t bring himself to utter those words.

"Don’t go - I - please stay.”  He found himself begging instead.

“I’m not going anywhere, I promise.  I’m right here.  Can you breathe with me?”  The older skater began demonstrating exactly what it was he wanted Yuri to do, and Yuri attempted to match his breaths with Yuuri’s slow, relaxed ones.  "That’s it.  Good, Yuri.  In, out.  In, out.“

Slowly the adrenaline drained from his limbs and left him feeling exhausted and heavy.

"Do you want to talk about what triggered that?”  Yuuri asked gently when Yurio’s breathing had evened out into a more sustainable pattern.

Yuri met his gaze momentarily before looking back down at his hands.  Their shaking was less pronounced, Yuuri still had them clasped loosely in his own warm ones, and he was drawing small soothing circles on the backs of Yuri’s with his thumbs.

“I- I don’t- It was just- ”

Everything had just been too loud.  Too loud and too much.

“Loud.”  He mumbled still distracted by how hard his heart was pounding in his chest.

“It can be overwhelming sometimes.”  Yuuri agreed with a slight nod.  "It’s much quieter here.  Are you feeling better?

But that wasn’t really true was it?  He’d been in lots of loud situations before it wasn’t like this was any different.  If he really thought about it, he could remember times where he’d been in even louder situations and been perfectly fine.  So why had this time been different?  What was wrong with him?

He hadn’t noticed his breathing start to pick up again until Yuuri gave his hands a quick squeeze and urged him to take another breath.  In for four.  Hold for seven.  Out for eight.  That was the pattern they followed.  It helped.  He wasn’t sure exactly why, but it seemed to work better than just trying to slow down as he had the last time this happened.

He’d only had two of these attack things before.  The first time when he got a call to inform him that his grandpa was in the hospital, the second on the plane home from Japan after the Onsen on Ice competition and then now.  But he knew this was a fairly regular occurrence for Yuuri.  He’d seen him on TV with Victor before he stepped on the ice for a competition.  It didn’t take a genius to put the pieces together.  Not to mention he’d seen them happen in person now that the man was training with him and Victor in St. Petersburg.  But he wasn’t like Yuuri!  He didn’t suffer from pre-competition nerves, wasn’t generally anxious, didn’t have panic attacks.

Except that he did.  Or at least he was having one right now.  And why was it so damn hard to keep his breathing steady?  This was stupid!  He was Yuri Plisetsky!  He’d won the damn GPF!  Why was this happening to him?  It shouldn’t be happening to him.  And off went his breathing again.

“Yurio, look at me.  You’re safe.  Breathe.”

Yuri shook his head.  He didn’t feel safe.  His heart was picking up speed, and the weird fluttery feeling was growing in his stomach and chest, and his lungs felt tight, and his head was getting all foggy and light, and he felt dizzy again and he- he couldn’t breathe.  He couldn’t breathe!  He shook his head frantically trying to rid himself of the sensations.  But that only succeeded in making him feel nauseous.  And now his stomach was twisting and turning angrily under the palm he had pulled from Yuuri’s grasp.  He felt so sick, and he could hardly get a breath.  He honestly had no idea how Yuuri managed this on a sometimes daily basis.  What if this kept happening?  What if it happened during a performance?  Oh- and suddenly there was puke gurgling up his throat and pouring from his mouth, splashing all down his chest and pooling warm and sticky in his lap.

Yuri clenched his eyes shut as he gagged again and coughed up a thinner stream into the cooling puddle on his thighs.  Yuuri didn’t seem surprised by the turn of events and instead very calmly reached out to grip him under the armpits and help him over the toilet.  He murmured reassurances and gently rubbed Yuri’s back as Yuri continued to empty the meagre contents of his stomach, gasping for breath all the while.

When Yuri spat out a last mouthful of bile and fell away from the bowl to find himself pillowed against Yuuri’s chest, he couldn’t find it in himself to care.  The man in question gripped his shoulders with slender fingers and gave him a moment to calm down.  Now that the vomiting had ended Yuri felt entirely drained.  The panic had gone along with the last of his breakfast, and he’d give just about anything to curl up under a mound of blankets and forget today ever happened.

A few moments later he felt Yuuri shift underneath him.  "Do you feel better now Yuri?“  He questioned softly.

Yuri grunted lowly in response and started to pull himself up and off of Yuuri.  He needed to assess the damage done to his costume and figure out what he could do to fix it.

"We can stay here as long as you need,”  Yuuri stated as he helped the teenager into a seated position leaning against the wall instead of him.  "I can call Victor to bring your bag and then we can go back to the hotel, and you can rest.  Just let me know when you’re ready.“

Yuri nodded and scrubbed his eyes with heels of his hands, then quickly unlaced his skates and pulled them off.  "I’m ready now, Pig.”  He grumbled after taking a deep breath.  "You can call that lovesick moron of yours already.“

Yuuri smiled at this and pulled out his phone quickly dialling Victor, explaining where they were and asking him to bring their things.  The conversation was brief and when Yuuri hung up the room lapsed into silence.  Yuri felt awkward; he’d never had a panic attack with another person around, and he couldn’t throw the feeling of embarrassment which settled over him.  He was at a complete loss for what to say, and Yuuri seemed to be in a similar boat.

Then the older skater stood and went to the sink, wet a piece of paper towel and urged Yuri to join him.  "Let’s get you cleaned up a bit.”  He said quietly and proceeded to help the disgruntled teen do just that.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever had a panic attack like that before, Yurio, or, for that matter, if you’ll ever have one again.  It could just be a one-time thing.”  He paused for a moment and offered a slight smile.  "It also might not be.  I- I just want you to know that if you ever need to talk to someone, I’m here.  I understand what it’s like.  Victor does as well.“  At this Yuri scoffed and Yuuri stopped wiping at his costume for a moment and met his eye.  "You know how he is just as well as I do but, Yuri, he cares a lot about you, and he would one-hundred-percent be there for you if you asked him.”

Yuri was the one to break eye contact and looked down at his socked feet.  He knew this was true.  Victor had made it clear how sorry he was for forgetting his promise and leaving Yuri behind a few months after he and Yuuri had moved to Russia.  He knew the idiot was sorry and that he would be willing to help Yuri.  He knew it but hell if he was going to admit it out loud.  Instead, he grunted in acknowledgement and muttered a low ‘whatever’ under his breath.  Yuuri seemed satisfied though as he smiled and finished wiping the last of the vomit from Yuri’s costume.

Moments later there was a knock at the door, and Yuuri moved to let Victor in.  Before he could reach the door, Yuri lunged forward and grabbed him by the wrist.  Yuuri stopped in his tracks and turned to look questioningly and the boy.  Yuri quickly let go a took a step back dropping his gaze back to his very interesting socks (they had cats on them because they were a gift from his grandfather).

“I just-” He took a deep breath.  "Thank you for- for, uh, helping me.“

Yuuri beamed at him, and he regretted his rare show of gratitude immediately.  "Of course, Yurio.  You’re welcome.”  He breathed a sigh of relief as Yuuri turned back to the door and twisted the lock, opening it slightly to reveal wearing his usual infuriating heart-shaped smile.  He sauntered into the room and dropped all three of their bags on the floor.  He glanced around the room curiously and frowned at the sight that greeted him - not to mention the smell.  

“What happened?”  He inspected Yuuri carefully before turning to look at Yuri and comprehension visibly dawned in his eyes.

He quickly made his way to the teen and laid a hand on his forehead to check for a fever.  Yuri reached up to quickly put an end to that, but Victor quickly snatched his wrist with his other hand and continued to fuss at his forehead and cheeks.  He then looked inquisitively at Yuuri and finally stepped back.

“He doesn’t feel warm,”  Victor said as he searched Yuuri’s face as if it held the secrets of the universe.

He’s right here.”  Yuri grouched, though a moment later he wished he hadn’t.

Victor turns back to him.  "You’ve been sick.  Is your stomach still upset?  Why didn’t you say something?  Your health is important Yurio you must put it first.  You’ll run yourself into the ground if you don’t.  And you still have the free skate tomorrow.  You should have said something.  I would’ve gotten you some medicine at the very least.  Oh, I hope there’s somewhere we can find it on the way back.  Hmm, but you don’t have a fever… Was it something you ate?  Yurio, what did you have to eat yesterday?“  Then he goes to pull an outfit from his bag and hands it to him.

He only stops when Yuuri steps up to him and places a hand on his elbow, raising his eyebrows slightly and glancing back to Yuri.  Victor took in the wide eyed and overwhelmed expression on the teens face before closing his mouth and stepping over to take back the clothes and place them on the counter.  He allows Yuuri to help the teen climb out of his costume without spreading the mess and when they’re finished, he hands Yuri his fresh outfit once again.

Yuri pulls on his street clothes and moves to lean against the wall while Victor and Yuuri pack everything away.  Yuuri lifts both Yuri’s and his own bag and moves towards the door leaving Yuri alone with Victor.  Victor hoists his bag up onto his shoulder opens the door and motions for Yuri to walk. 

As soon as he’s passed through the door, Victor saunters up to him and wraps one arm around his shoulder pulling Yuri into his side, and if Yuri doesn’t try as hard, as usual, to shake him off, it’s not because he’s secretly enjoying the comfort.  And when they’re standing outside waiting for the taxi he absolutely does not start to nod off as he leans into the man’s (warm and comforting) embrace.  Nope, definitely not either of those things.

There you go!!  I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive I tend to write in fits and spurts, so I end up taking a while to post stuff.  I’m trying to get better at this, but it’s a process.  Just so you know I have two more fics which I’m very close to posting.  You may even get one more tonight.  I hope you enjoyed this!  I’d love to hear any feedback you might have and feel free to send in requests!

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i would just like to let you know that i have scrolled through ur raven cycle posts and then into ur #something new for every night tag because i enjoy PAIN apparently. help i have fallen into ronsey and I can't get up. pynch is wonderful and cute and sensible but nothing compares to the ELECTRICITY of RONSEY holy shit. right now my head is scrambling to come up with a happy ronsey endgame because most ronsey things in the trc fandom end in SADNESS and HURT (1/?)

(2/2) but I want the Knight and his King to be together and happy and to both reach a place of mental health because its always been Ronan-and-Gansey… (help i am dead) but I have yet to think of a ronsey endgame scenario in which i am satisfied with the rest of the pairings and plot/character evolutions. idk what the point of my messages are, i just want ronsey to have peace and belonging, and also incredibly hot sex

good fuckin yard anon i love u.

anyway i agree but im also… hashtag they were all in love with each other. there’s no need to COMPARE SHiPS bc theyre all PERFECT. i have my Personal Beef with pynch from a doylist perspective but in canon they’re so good!!

that said ronsey is a good and perfect ship. okay. yes.

anyway no i agree… ronsey is hard because it’s generally necessarily pre-series and therefore comes pre-packaged with heartbreak and breakups and missed connections and opportunities. like by its very nature it’s… fucked up sad teens! they’re all fucked up sad teens but ronsey specifically does have that Flavor to it. it’s hard.

anyway here’s some happy concepts & happy endings for ronsey:

  • ronsey are both trans boys and continue to help each other with their shots and etc for until they are grown ups and they have a special bond and it’s sweet
  • gansey loves henrietta and so does ronan and gansey lives in henrietta at the barns with ronan when he’s on break from wherever he’s got his professorship OR when he’s working on his novel…. they live together and love each other and etc.
  • ronan dreams gansey a protective bee-proof suit and then he never dies and they’re in love
  • this bulletpoint was a whole story but it’s basically just, all the trees of the field will clap their hands, the ronsey fake marriage classic. they get fake married and then just, stay married.
    • segues nicely into rodansey in my Brain & i think at one point the author said that was intent for a sequel? in any case MARRIED
  • ronan and gansey practice kissing & also oh man. what if they also practiced getting married to each other and then got surprised married. like that time where two actors got married by accident because the church was live.
  • i love being fake married. i love it.
  • sorry that’s all the happy concepts i have right now  i know there’s more butt heyr’re mostly emotional retreads of the same Tropes i like (legalities etc engendering emotional intimacy or honesty whre it was lacking, etc)
  • i have some other Concepts but they start Sad and get happy so im not including them
  • also re: happy endings, i assume that all Final Trc Ship Configurations are just like, from teens into approx. their thirties at which point it kinda breaks down and they all get six way married or whatever. the endgame is ALWAYS that they’re all in love with each other it’s just how things progress along the way. so maybetheyre in their canon relationships with sarchengsey and pynch and then yk someday they just kiss and it’s fine.

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Hi there! I am working on a Dark Suns inspired campaign, but have never been a DM before. I have been playing for quite some time, but wondering if you have any suggestions for a first timer in that setting?

1. Listen to this podcast series. It’s the Penny Arcade/PvP guys. Jerry Holkins (big fan of Dark Sun) runs players who have never played Dark Sun before through an adventure on Athas.

2. Try to keep in mind the things that Jerry does right. He explains that every player’s character has something unique about him that’s also unique to Dark Sun, and that something helps explain the world and give it context. Kris plays a templar, and templars have a relationship to sorcerer-kings (and magic). Scott plays a mul that was a slave, and muls are unique to Dark Sun, as is widespread slavery. Mike plays a half-giant (same point as muls) who is also a psionic adept, and ‘psionics’ play an important part in Dark Sun as an alternative to magic.

When you’re explaining the world to your players, do it through their characters. This should make it feel more personal and relatable. Players won’t care if you prattle on for 20 minutes about how sorcerer-kings rule the world and magic is evil and blah blah blah, but they will if it directly impacts their characters.

3. If your players have never played D&D before, Dark Sun might not be the best way to start them off. The nice thing about regular, bog-standard D&D is that its immediately relatable. Your players may not know or care about games or things specific to D&D, but they know what wizards are. Same with dragons and goblins and knights and swords and hobbits and elves and so on.

Part of what makes Dark Sun so good is that it subverts player’s expectations of fantasy tropes. Muls and cannibal halflings and thri-kreen and the world being a desert is more fun when you’re experienced with the “regular” fantasy of elves nancing about the forest and dungeons and high adventure.

4. Ordinary ‘first time DM’ advice still applies. Check out this link, and this link, and maybe this link. If you’re using fifth edition, consider having these pre-generated characters I made handy. Sometimes people show up late and need characters fast.

5. Try not to let the lore of the world get in the way of your players or you having fun. Dark Sun is an oppressive world, but it’s not bleak. People make a living there, and goofy fun times adventure can still be had. It’s just a little harder and more dire.

6. If everyone is on board with playing, make it clear to them that Athas is a very lethal place. The wasteland is dangerous, monsters are far more vicious, and often life is cheap. Let them know that having a PC die is not the end of the world, and might be a common occurrence. If nothing else, this’ll keep them on their toes.


7. Have a lot of art or pictures on hand to provide examples. Dark Sun has a lot of weird races and monsters, and describing them can get hard. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.


(Requested by Anon) (Part 1 of this imagine here) (Part 2 of this imagine here)

A year to the day Riley had shown up unannounced in your room ready to kill you and you still couldn’t believe that night had led to this moment. 

It seemed odd to think of Riley; the quietly cocky, confident, protective, opinionated mate you had come to know and love as an evil vampire whose original intention was to kill you. Honestly the two sides of Riley couldn’t be more different, for example, you highly doubted the evil vampire side of him would be willing to take you out to play mini golf on a whim.

One thing you were sure the two Riley’s really did have in common was their pride. You could remember how clearly the pride was displayed on his face when he was in full on evil vampire mode, and you could certainly see it now as he point blank refused to admit the truth; he sucked at mini golf. 

You laughed as you looked back at the last hole where Riley was still trying to get the strength of his swing right to get the ball in as you lined up your next shot. With a shake of the head at his stubborn nature you carefully positioned your ball and stood back up. 

A pair of cool arms wrapped around your waist as you were attempting to judge your swing. “Hey gorgeous.” Riley’s alluring voice ghosted across your ear sending a familiar shiver down your spine.

“You know you’re meant to actually get the ball in before you move on right?” You quipped cheekily. 

“Well someone was distracting me.” He growled playfully tightening his hold on your waist. “Bending over and wiggling that sexy ass in front of me like that.”

You ‘tsked’. “Excuses, excuses.” 

A playful chuckle sounded by your ear. “Let’s see you do it then, little miss perfect.” 

Trying hard to calm your racing heart and breathe evenly even with Riley pressed so close behind you, you carefully tapped the ball with your putter. Surprisingly it actually worked the way you wanted for once and the ball dropped into the hole. Twisting slightly in Riley’s arms you stuck your tongue out at him, amusement dancing in your bright, (e/c) eyes. 

Riley pulled back from you slightly, surveying you with a lust filled gaze. “I’d put that tongue away unless you mean to use it.” You didn’t miss the warning undertone in his voice and it made you smirk slightly as you did as he asked. 

You were sure you’d never see yourself how Riley saw you but he sure as hell made you feel beautiful…desirable. 

A loud laugh from one of the holes ahead caught your attention as Riley stepped back releasing his grip on your waist and lining up his next shot. You turned to see a group of what you could only assume were high-school cheerleaders and their respective jock boyfriends. 

It was like being suddenly slammed back into reality rather than caught up in the perfect date and you let out a sort of longing sigh without even realising it. 

Riley’s gold eyes flicked up to meet your own. “What’s the matter sweetheart?” 

“Nothing. I was just thinking.” You muttered knowing how Riley felt about your self-confidence issues and not really wanting to ruin the date for him with your personal self-esteem issues. 

With a shrug Riley took his shot and matched your own hole in one. With a cheeky grin as he collected his ball, he linked his hand with yours and pulled you on to the next hole. 

It was by far the worst one. To take your shot you had to line up directly in front of the beautiful cheerleaders and you were reasonably sure their snickers had become quieter for a reason. Regardless you tried to carry on but Riley’s direct view of you in comparison to them and what he must think distracted you enough that you messed up. 

Immediately you moved so he wouldn’t be able to look at you and them at the same time. 

This time he seriously noticed something was wrong. “Y/N?” A frown tugged his brows down. “What’s the matter?” 

“You seriously don’t think I know how I must look next to them?” You asked, avoiding eye contact. 

“Next to who?” Riley, straightened, looking around. A few of the cheerleaders who had obviously noticed how gorgeous he was were trying to catch his attention now. 

You pursed your lips in a sort of sad irritation. 

“Don’t play dumb Riles, you’re not blind. You know who I mean. Those girls over there, they’re like, right next to us.” You gestured your heart only half in it. 

Riley’s eyes were locked on yours. “Well then there must be something wrong with my eyes because I can’t take them off you.” 

A little something inside you melted at his sweet comment. “You can sweet talk me all you want but you know they’re breathtaking.” 

“Not many people can steal my unnecessary breath, but you don’t even have to try. So no, I don’t know that. Ever since I met you, no one else is worth thinking about.” He crossed his arms, his open black leather jacket pulling tight against his muscles, making his chest look particularly defined under his tightly fitted, white t-shirt. 

This had been exactly what you didn’t want to get into, your very different views on your looks. “You can admit they’re beautiful Riley. I don’t mind.” 

Riley’s frown deepened. “I do. I’m not generally pre-disposed to telling lies.” 

You scoffed. “Lies right. When they’re over there all, perfect bodies and killer smiles.”

Riley actually laughed, a short, sharp, melodic laugh. He sauntered towards you, putter still hanging limply in one hand, arms still crossed over his chest. “Right, except your body makes you sexy - theirs don’t particularly appeal, your smile makes you pretty - theirs are a little fake don’t you think? and your personality is what makes you beautiful and I happen to know yours is gorgeous.” He dropped the putter and uncrossed his arms, bringing his hands to land on your hips. 

“You always know the right thing to say Riles.” A soft grin tugging at the side of your mouth you placed a sweet kiss on his plump lips. 

“Marry me?” 

“What?!” You asked pulling back in slight shock. 

“You heard me.” Exuding the quiet confidence that was so utterly Riley, he put his hand in his pocket, pulled out a small black box and opened it to reveal a glistening diamond ring. “I’ve been looking for the right time to do this for weeks, there’s a bet at home going on as to when I’ll do it. The time never quite seems perfect enough but if I always know the right thing to say then now seems as good as ever. I want you to be my wife Y/N. I want you to marry me. So please, marry me?” 

You stared at him in complete shock for a second. Sure you knew you were his mate but this, this was different. This was Riley outright choosing you exactly as you are, no vampire beauty, no perfect body (that you’d been secretly trying to gain before the inevitable transformation) this was Riley saying as you were right now was how he wanted you, however you were he wanted you, at least, if you’d have him that is.

“I could get down on one knee if you want.” He ran a nervous hand through his hair, as your peripheral vision caught the cheerleaders now staring on in complete shock, realising what exactly was happening. 

“No, that’s okay. I mean. Yes. Yes.” Your face felt like it would split open with your grin. “Yes I’ll marry you.” 

Riley’s own smile stretched even wider than yours as he slipped the ring onto your finger. 

“They’re all staring.” You muttered, briefly glancing over at the jocks and cheerleaders who were now openly gaping. 

“So push me up against the fence and kiss me like you mean it.” Riley suggested, “Better yet, I’ll do that.” and within a second he had you backed up against the fence and completely melting into him. 

Dimly you registered the jocks and the cheerleaders cheers and shouts of congratulations and how strange it was they were cheering for someone like you. Eventually you both pulled back from each other, your heart beating wildly, Riley’s cheeky grin telling you he knew.

“Did you do that on purpose?” You asked nodding towards the cheering group. 

Riley shrugged, “Nah.” And then with a cheeky wink he added. “I just really wanted Jasper to win that bet.” 

You slapped him on the arm, too caught up in your happiness to care how you looked, laughter ringing loudly across the mini golf course.