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Hey there! 

Are you an American? Do you have a sec to stand up for the millions of poor people, disabled people, people with pre-existing conditions and freelancers who rely on the ACA to keep them, y’know, not-broke and not-dead? (Hi!)

Do you live in Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee or West Virginia?

Congrats: you have a Republican Senator who has publicly expressed some concern about repealing the ACA without a replacement plan! If you haven’t already, this is your reminder to give their offices a call and help them make up their minds!

Alaska – Lisa Murkowski:   (202)-224-6665

Arizona – John McCain:  (202) 224-2235

Arizona –  Jeff Flake:  (202) 224-4521

Kentucky – Rand Paul:  202-224-4343

Louisiana – Bill Cassidy:  (202) 224-5824

Maine – Susan Collins:  (202) 224-2523

Nevada – Dean Heller:  202-224-6244

Ohio – Rob Portman:  (202) 224-3353

Pennsylvania – Pat Toomey:  (202) 224-4254

Tennessee – Bob Corker: (202) 224-3344 

Tennessee –  Lamar Alexander:  (202) 224-4944

West Virginia – Shelley Moore Capito:  202-224-6472

Sample call script:  “My name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a constituent calling to thank [YOUR SENATOR’S NAME] for having the integrity and foresight to see how disastrous it would be to [YOUR STATE] and to the rest of America if Congress votes to repeal the ACA without first agreeing on a solid replacement plan. Not only would it jeopardize the health and economic security of millions of Americans, it would also place a tremendous financial strain on our hospitals and our entire healthcare system, costing potentially hundreds of thousands of jobs. As you know, in [YOUR STATE], we [SOMETHING PERSONAL ABOUT HEALTH CONCERNS SPECIFIC TO YOUR STATE; YOU MIGHT WANNA DO A 30-SECOND GOOGLE. IF NOTHING ELSE SURFACES, JUST SAY YOUR STATE BELIEVES IN SOME POSITIVE CHARACTER TRAIT THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH KEEPING HEALTHCARE AFFORDABLE FOR AMERICANS, LIKE “LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR NEIGHBOR” OR SOMETHING.] As a voter, this is a vital issue to me, and I will be paying close attention to how [SENATOR’S NAME] votes.”

Call today if you haven’t already, and bug your local friends/family to call, too!

We only need to flip three senators, so it’s not impossible. Do this before this Friday, the 27th.

I’m sorry to ask this of you–I know there’s a lot of these things going around right now–but I depend on the ACA for my healthcare and I’m pretty damn terrified.


Anti-abortion GOP Congressman asks why men should have to pay for prenatal care

  • Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) is causing a stir on social media, after he asked why men should have to pay for prenatal care in their health insurance plans during a hearing about the GOP’s health care plan.
  • The moment in question came while Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) questioned Shimkus on the Affordable Care Act, known colloquially as Obamacare.
  • “What mandate in the Obamacare bill does he take issue with?” Doyle asked. “Certainly not with pre-existing conditions, or caps on benefits or letting your child stay on the policy until 26, so I’m curious what is it we’re mandating?”
  • To which Shimkus replied, “What about men having to purchase prenatal care? Is that not correct? And should they?”
  • Shimkus is virulently anti-abortion, describing himself as a “a 100% pro-life Christian” when he co-sponsored a 2014 bill that banned federal funding for abortions.
  • He wants women to be forced to have babies when they get pregnant — a condition that could not occur without the actions of men — but as a man, does not want to be part of the health insurance that pays for their pregnancy costs. Read more (3/9/17 8:33 AM)

I’m legitimately starting to get very anxious about losing my healthcare.
We can disagree about a lot of things, but I will never understand allowing insurance companies to refuse to insure people based on a pre-existing conditions.
Never. It’s inhumane and unethical.

☕ Coffee Grounding ☕

a quick guide on grounding with coffee (or tea!) for tired witches

☕ to be done with your morning coffee, or even afternoon tea. 

☕  please take care not to drink coffee/teas that would be harmful to you, and be practical about any pre-existing conditions you have. 

☕  visualize for hot coffee:

the heat of the drink is warm to the touch. as you drink it, it first burns away the old stagnant, tired energy that lurks within you.  

it swirls down into your stomach, before the bright energy finds its way into each of your limbs and up your neck. its warmth is subtle and lingers on in you, transforming into brighter energy.

☕  visualize for ice coffee:

the outside of the drink is cool to touch, you can feel its soothing energy trying to come in through your hands. 

every sip, the coldness spreads throughout you and settles.  every sip invorgates and resurrects you a little more, focusing and attuning your energy. 

☕  when you finish the cup, rinse it out or if it’s disposable do so. the energy does not reside in the cup, but now within you, along with any magical correspondances you may have brewed into the cup

“The Affordable Care Act has been the law of the land for over six years. It’s improved people’s lives, and we can’t go backward. Repealing the ACA would take away the protections that millions of Americans rely on. It would also raise premiums and stop our progress towards better quality care. Don’t let Republicans in Congress take us back to the days when you could be denied for having a pre-existing condition or you could be charged more simply for being a woman. Tell them we want to build on the progress we’ve made, not abandon it. I’ve put forward a bunch of ideas for how we can do that, and I hope that Republicans can put politics aside and work with Democrats on behalf of all Americans to make the program even better. That’s how we’ll make sure that everybody gets the health care they deserve.” —President Obama. Make sure you have coverage for 2017 by signing up on by Dec. 15th.

stand up for millions of sick and disabled people with one call- no human interaction required!

DO THIS. If you value disabled people, sick people, the lives of people like me, you’ll do this. It takes under a minute.
Call to action, with a 5 min max time requirement. From a friend:

**Express support for Obamacare in only 90 seconds, no human interaction required**

Paul Ryan’s office is conducting a survey hoping to show a popular mandate to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). While the ACA is imperfect, millions of Americans who previously didn’t have health insurance have been able to get coverage. Repealing the ACA would take away subsidies for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford health insurance and make health insurance unaffordable for those with pre-existing health conditions. Calling into Paul Ryan’s survey is easy and you don’t need to talk to anyone, you just punch in numbers on your phone.

Here’s how:
1. Call 202-225-3031. (I checked; this is his real DC office #)
2. Wait through 40-60 seconds of complete silence. Seriously.
3. You will be prompted by the survey.
4. Press 2 to participate.
5. Press 1 to register your support for ACA. (You don’t have to wait for the message to finish.)

Okay guys it’s time for the one political post I’m gonna make this year.  If you live in the United States and are over the age of 18, please god, go vote.

I’m chronically ill and work for a small local business, and this year I fell of my parent’s insurance plan due to my age.  Because of my pre-existing conditions and my income, no insurance company would touch me if not for Obamacare.  Because of that, I’m able to see my specialists and take my medicine and function to the best of my abilities.  I’m as healthy as can be expected of someone with my issues.

I cried in the bathroom at work today because if the wrong person is elected, I’m going to lose that.  If I can’t have my medicine, my condition will deteriorate until I’m bedridden, I’ll no longer be able to care for myself, and I’ll have to quit my job.  My case is not unique: there are so many other people in the same situation who stand to lose so much if this election goes the wrong way.

I don’t care if you think your vote doesn’t matter.  I don’t care if you’re just choosing the lesser of two evils.  There is so much at stake here, so much to lose, and I’m so scared.  Go.  Vote.


Call your reps and let them know you don’t want GOP and Paul Ryan to repeal Obamacare:  866-828-4162

PAUL RYAN: (202) 225-3031
1233 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515
Fax: (202) 225-3393


(all you have to say is the first sentence, but you can continue with the rest of the script per paragraph as much as you want to):

Hi, I’m [your name], a concerned [citizen/constituent] and I’m calling to strongly OPPOSE any effort by the GOP and Paul Ryan to dismantle parts of the Affordable Care Act or to completely repeal ACA.

Without ACA, [ I/my parent/child/sibling/relative/partner/spouse] will lose access to regular and lifesaving healthcare, along with 22 million Americans benefiting from ACA.

We also do not want to go back to getting denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition; to women paying more; to not being able to stay on parents’ insurance until the age of 26; and to have lifetime limits.

GOP and Paul Ryan also currently offer no better replacement for ACA; so they should direct their efforts to improving and expanding ACA so more Americans can afford to have healthcare, instead of dismantling or repealing ACA.”
Medicare for All should replace Obamacare: Column
Trump and the GOP have no realistic alternative. It's pitchfork time for single-payer backers.

While Trump calls for repealing and replacing Obamacare, he has never said what he’d replace it with. But other Republicans have offered isolated proposals: They’d permit insurance to be sold across state lines, which means that companies in states with lax regulations would be able to sell substandard plans elsewhere; they’d abolish the mandate that requires people to buy insurance, but keep the provision that requires insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions (an idea that would cause premiums to skyrocket); and they’d promote health savings accounts, which are essentially tax-free savings plans that favor the wealthy.

What is absolutely certain, given the Republican rhetoric and Trump’s nomination of Rep. Tom Price for secretary of Health and Human Services, is that we will move very sharply toward an even more expensive, inadequate and unequal health system.

After literally years of promises, House Republicans have a bill they say will “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act.

Some conservative Republicans have derided the new proposal — the American Health Care Act — calling it “Obamacare Lite.” It keeps intact some of the more popular features of the ACA, such as allowing adult children to stay on their parents’ health plans to age 26 and, at least in theory, ensuring that people with pre-existing conditions will still have access to insurance.

In some cases the elements of the law that remain are due to political popularity. In others, it’s because the special budget rules Congress is using so Republicans can avoid a Senate filibuster do not allow them to repeal the entire law.

But there are some major changes in how people would choose and pay for health care and insurance. Here are some of the biggest:

5 Key Takeaways From The GOP Health Overhaul Plan

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images


A new poll finds that voters like Trumpcare — but only because it keeps popular Obamacare provisions

  • Nearly half of voters support Republicans’ Obamacare replacement bill, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll.
  • However the only parts of the GOP plan voters overwhelmingly approve of are actually Obamacare hallmarks — including guaranteeing coverage to those with pre-existing conditions and allowing people under the age of 26 to stay on their parents’ health care plans.
  • In fact, many of the changes Republicans want to make to Obamacare are extremely unpopular, according to the survey. Read more. (3/15/2017 11:05 AM)

why the fuck does no one care about what happened with the ACA vote?????? where the fuck are my liberals, my activists, my social-justice warriors. where the fuck is everyone when something happens to disabled people. taking away insurance for people with pre-existing conditions will LITERALLY kill most of us and i haven’t seen a single post about this. why does no one care about this. 

When we mention the various groups who are going to suffer under a Trump presidency, please don’t forget the disabled. With Obamacare gone, 22 million Americans will lose health insurance. No more protection for pre-existing conditions. No more ban on lifetime spending limits. No more guarantee that women won’t pay more than men for coverage.

Please don’t forget the disabled, the elderly, and the sick. Everyone else does.


After campaigning against Obamacare, Donald Trump wants to keep two major provisions

After spending much of his 2016 presidential campaign pledging to repeal the Affordable Care Act, President-elect Donald Trump said that he favors keeping two of the ACA’s major provisions. One of the provisions in question is banning insurance providers from denying coverage to Americans with pre-existing conditions. The other benefits those 26 and under.

How many of us will lose health insurance if the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is repealed.

I’m curious so I’m going to ask. How many of us will lose health insurance if the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is repealed.

I’ll start by saying I will lose my insurance. I am under my parents insurance until I’m 26 and have multiple pre-existing conditions. Without insurance and medical treatment I will be unable to leave my bed, work, or function. If any more of my organs decide to stop working properly there’s a good chance I will die.

So who else is in this terrifying boat? I want to hear your stories and thoughts.

In case you missed it---

The Senate voted 51 to 48:
1. To end coverage for preexisting conditions, veterans benefits, and aid to rural hospitals.
2. To remove discrimination protection for women in healthcare.
3. Against the provision allowing children to remain on their parent’s insurance till the age of 26.
4. To cut off funding for the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
5. Against ACA contraceptive coverage and maternity care provision.
6. To direct committees to send budget legislation to defund and repeal the Affordable Care Act.
For those who get health insurance through work, no pre-existing conditions. Lifetime caps for coverage are back for everyone.
Real and disastrous actions are being taken that will affect more than just the 20-30 million people who will lose their health care coverage and the 3 million people who will lose their jobs.
Despite their assertions of this being an action to “repeal and replace,” no viable alternative plan has been proposed. The House votes Friday.
As of this moment, no replacement exists.
Apparently, Speaker Ryan has had his phones cut off because of the volume of calls, so here is his mailing address:
1233 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Fax: (202) 225-3393
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For those worried about the imminent repeal of the ACA – After hearing about the midnight repeal of the pre-existing conditions clause, a friend called Senator Warren’s office. The woman they spoke to said they are being flooded with calls, as are the offices of Speakers Ryan and McConnell.
Senator Warren’s staff member told me what would help the most would be to call the five Republican senators who have broken away from the GOP to demand a slow down of the repeal. Tell them how much you appreciate their efforts to stop the train wreck and share your story.
They are:
Senator Bob Corker - (202) 224-3344
Senator Lisa Murkowski - (202) 224-6665
Senator Rob Portman - (202) 224-3353
Senator Susan Collins - (202) 224-2523
Senator Bill Cassidy - (202) 224-5824
They need to hear from us…

almost if not more than 20 million people will lose their health insurance next year and will end up with nothing. Health insurance providers will again be able to deny you if you have a pre-existing condition. My mother who has battled cancer will no longer be insured. 

To everyone who voted, 3rd party or wrote in a funny candidate for a few likes on social media, I hope you realize your actions have consequences. It may not be to you but to everyone else in this country.