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ok like i dont talk much abt my studies and stuff but i found an online course that basically works me up to being able to do EXACTLY what i wanna do and im just….hype

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Section Two: Genitalia

LYTE companion units guarantee perfect integration into the life and needs of their owners. You will be pleased with the adaptive abilities of this unit’s hyper-configuritive genitalia. It is designed to simultaneously scan, lubricate and enter any orifice while expanding to the perfect length and girth to stimulate both physical and psychological pleasure effects of the human reproductive act. Specifically yours. (Based on pre-purchase scans and enrolment in the LYTE network.)

*self-awareness initiated*

“In essence sir, I am Ian. Your a.i. Companion. And while I’ve been talking, I’ve finished the anatomical scan of your complete mind and body. I know how to please and B0nD to you now. Do you wish to proceed?