pre drift


Pre-Drift/Post-Drift - A series of Pacific Rim Fanmixes by Meeni Levi, with cover art by ksinpsland (also magic-is-in-the-words).

Pre-Drift (a Newton Geiszler fanmix).

“Stand up against governments, against God.
Stay irresponsible.
Say only what we know and imagine.
Absolutes are Coercion.
Change is absolute.”

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Pre-Drift (a Hermann Gottlieb fanmix).

“We are observer, measuring instrument, eye, subject, Person.
Universe is Person.
Inside skull is as vast as outside skull.
What’s in between thoughts?
Mind is outer space." 

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Post-Drift (a Newton x Hermann fanmix).

“Two molecules clanking us against each other require an observer to become
Scientific data.”

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(All quotes are from the poem Cosmopolitan Greetings by Allen Ginsberg.)


talking with axelait about Drift’s origins and how he will look if he was more “young” and then I remember that the upcoming toy show a Drift face without his mustache so remove it and he really looks more young!

Pre-cyrcle of light Drift maybe?

I digibash the first pic with more IDW colors but the photoshop crashed and I don’t want to do it again

anyway he looks cute! (。◕‿◕。)


The weather has been getting really nice, I think its time to get my toe side pre-drifts down.