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My guys, my dudes. I don’t think we talk enough about Russel before Gorillaz.

‘Cause like? He was about 17 and he was going to a good private school and his future was looking pretty bright when suddenly a demon who’s been possessing his body for who-knows-how-long takes over completely and destroys his high school, mauling his classmates and getting him expelled, not to mention putting him in a coma for four years. Then finally the demon is exorcised from his body and he goes to a new high school to finish his education and he makes great new friends who introduce him to his life-long passion, only for all of that to be ruined by a drive-by shooting which kills all of his friends right in front of him, and on top of that the spirits of his newly dead friends all possess him. His parents, understandably freaked, send him to a totally different country to try and keep him safe and he never finishes his formal education and at 22 he’s living alone in a strange place, haunted metaphorically and physically by his past. And then who should walk into his life but Murdoc Niccals?

I think we should talk more about how having such a formative period in your life go so fucking pear-shaped could fuck a person up. I really think we should.


I may have gotten carried away and made this a lot longer than I intended… This is based on an idea my sister @shevyce had forever ago but I hadn’t gotten to until now. Poor Qui-Gon, he’s an adaptable little guy, but some changes are just too much to handle :)

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“You don’t know my name!”

Much as I love the side of Tim that is a precious nerd, I think it’s often forgotten that he is also a badass who will kill people if they get in the way of what he’s doing. Especially at the end of the Pre-Sequel, he’s not the helpless nerd he was. 

To me he’s a tired, somewhat broken man who just wants to keep some of the innocence he used to have over what he’s become.

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Logan’s Run (1976)

Starring Michael York as Logan 5 and Jenny Agutter as Jessica 6. Logan’s Run depicts a utopian, hedonistic future society that hides a dark secret — everyone over the age of 30 is killed to maintain a stable population size.

The production design, costumes and effects are beautiful. Logan’s Run was the first movie to use real holograms. The “dating app” called “The Circuit” the characters use is eerily like a pre-digital Tinder.