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Fetus Mark 💓💓💓💓💓💓, Im going to move on to my NCT U Mark pics soon. Maybe tomorrow since Im tired lol 😛 anw I hope that these are my only pre-debut pics of him (not likely). More photos coming soon!

Photo collection pt. 3

NCT 127, Ten and Hansol reactions when their discover thar you lock screen is their ugly pre debut pictures. (Quando eles descobrem que sua tela de bloqueio é as fotos escrotas deles de pre debut)

Taeyong: *He would be very embarrassed when he found out what your lock screen was* Please don’t let anyone see this // *Ele ficaria muito envergonhado quando descobrisse qual era sua tela de bloqueio* Por favor não deixa ninguém ver isso

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Jaehyun: *He doesn’t even know what to say, he just stares at it and laughs* // *Ele não sabe nem o que dizer, ele apenas olha e ri*

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Taeil: *He was the one that put the picture in the first place* Yeah, that’s right, this handsome kid is me // *Ele foi o que colocou a imagem em primeiro lugar* Sim, é isso mesmo, esse garoto bonito sou eu

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Yuta: *Fills your gallery with pictures of him and deletes the pre debut pictures* // *Enche sua galeria com fotos dele e apaga as imagens de pre debut*

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Winwin: *He doesn’t care because he was a cute child, so cute so cute so cute* // *Ele não se importa, porque ele era uma criança fofa, tão fofo tão fofo tão fofo*

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Ten: *Ten pre debut pics are the best for me, and he being the little shit that he is would make so much fun of it omg* Come here and let’s reenact some of those pictures // *As fotos de pre debut do Ten são as melhores para mim, e ele sendo o merdinha que ele é ia zoar tanto com isso mds* Vem aqui e vamos reviver algumas dessas fotos

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Mark: *Mark was a little baby bird to be honest he still is, so he would be so embarrassed when you showed him the picture and said how cute he was* Stop it // *Mark era um pintinho para ser honesto ele ainda é, então ele ficaria tão envergonhado quando você lhe mostrou a foto e disse o quão fofo ele era* Para com isso

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Haechan: I’m so offended, you better change it right now, I’m waiting // Eu estou tão ofendido, é melhor você mudar isso agora, estou esperando

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Hansol: Do you hate me that much? // Você me odeia tanto assim?

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new cube boy group PENTAGON profile pics

from top left: yan an, yeo changgyu, yang hongseok, lee hwitaek, jo jinho, kang hyunggu, kim hyojung, ko shinwon, jung wooseok, adachi yuto

more info about them here


Ok, I lied….I still have 100 more pre-debut pics to go through soooo yeah it might be awhile till I reach era: 7th sense 😧. On the bright side, here is Mark when he was an smrookie.

Photo collection pt. 4
Seventeen impressions

S.Coups: daddy af (he must be so proud tbh)

Jeonghan: more beautiful than any human being of any gender af

Joshua: jisoos english christ af

Jun: heechul af

Hoshi: eyesmile af


Woozi: aegyo af

DK: smiley af

Mingyu: unhygienic af

The8: pre debut pics af

Seungkwan: sassy diva af

Vernon: mixed ‘murican af

Dino: michael jackson af