pre debut

Back in high school, a lot of yixing's school mates actually took the same cab with him before. Yixing used to take the cab to school, and he would stop the driver sometimes and motion for those school mates walking on the roadside to hop on, telling them that they're going to be late. In actual fact, they're not even friends, and never talked to each other. Yixing just saw that they're wearing the same uniform as him, so he decided to help them.

– pre debut fan account of yixing from his schoolmate


This is what my dancer friend(A) told me:

Once A’s dance teacher went to a (dance) battle competition and got matched up with a student in middle school. The thing is this kid was so good that A’s teacher lost. The teacher complimented the kid a lot by saying that he really was a poppin genius. That teacher himself was someone quite talented and known for his dance skills so A wondered who that kid was. Turns out that the kid had grown up and become Jimin in BTSㅋㅋㅋ

I asked personally to the teacher how he knew that the kid had a debut later on when he only saw him for a short time. The teacher said that while looking at BTS dance videos and trying to learn the dances he remembered like ‘Oh that kid is that kid from the battle’