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* 3* Anon request for Luna from VLR! Are you all pumped for ZE3!?! I got mine on pre-order, hehehe!!

sǫon ̷y̵o̢ų'll͡ s̛e͜é, jack͢.
sǫon ̷y̵o̢ų'll͡ s̛e͜é, jack͢.

someone requested another pre-halloween convo between jack & anti
so here ya go! made this one just as long as the last one
the other one is actually rlly popular with over 1800+ plays and 160+ notes damn
you guys really like these and it means a lot :’0
script is down below! 

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in one of dva’s pre-game convos with reinhardt, she says the words “after this match is over”

“this match”

this is the smoking gun. this confirms that overwatch matches are simply sporting events with extravagant fictional set-dressing, rather than genuine heroic missions

Child-Generation Scenario Ch2: Memory of Twin Blades

This is from the Japanese version of the game. All screenshots are in Japanese, though I’m using the North American names for characters and items, where available. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

[Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6]

Second: Memory of Twin Blades

Twin blades, Nohrian and Hoshidan… Yep, this time we’re focusing on some Nohrian children!

This alternate child scenario is not connected to your file. All children have their default hair colour (usually their father’s, but some are different.) All units are at a set level and cannot gain EXP.

This post is quite long, so be prepared to do some reading! (And…image-viewing.)

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