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The Perks of Being a Human

Title: The Perks of Being Human
Synopsis: Trixie’s birthday is about to royally suck unless Chloe can pull a bike and a dad out of thin air. Meanwhile, Lucifer is taking some sound advice.
Rating: T (I guess?)
Notes: This isn’t what it sounds like. Luci is still very much the Devil in this but a little OOC until the end and you find out why. Dan, although he isn’t in it, kind of comes across as a dick but that’s all for story purposes. And yes, I simply adore the whole Lucifer and Trixie dynamic the show has going on. You just know he’s going to love that kid.

She was brooding.

Of course she would never, ever admit to it but she was. Mug of coffee in her hand and a robe wrapped around her, Chloe stared blankly out of the kitchen window, not even really seeing the sunrise.

Trixie’s room was still dark and she could hear her snoring softly. She allowed a smile for that, eyes flickering to the clock again. 

In half an hour at precisely eight o'clock, Trixie would wake up, spring out of bed and run into the living room. She’d be bouncing with excitement, practically vibrating off of the walls and unable to contain herself.

She would officially be eight years old.

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