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Hey guys, I wanted you guys to know me a little better or if you have any questions or advice, feel free to message me. I will answer any questions you want, there’s no limits to the amounts of questions you can ask me.

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hey babies! it’s your local goth dad here to introduce myself to the studyblr community!

✖︎ my name is lee
✖︎ i’m a trans guy and i use he/him pronouns only
✖︎ i turned 17 in june and i’m a highschool senior
✖︎ i’m a gemini sun, virgo moon, infp, and a hufflepuff
✖︎ i live in the very bottom of alabama, only about an hour from the beach
✖︎ i’m learning french, german, and japanese
✖︎ i plan on majoring in psychology and minoring in forensics
✖︎ my interests include comics. star wars, witchcraft/paganism, film, reading, horseback riding, anime, piano, goth fashion, and assassin’s creed

✖︎ ap enlish literature and composition
✖︎ honors government and economics
✖︎ honor pre calculus
✖︎ cp psysics
✖︎ pe
✖︎ advanced choir
✖︎ arts and crafts
✖︎ film production ii
✖︎ piano 

@studyquill @studyingdear @studiii @the-ravenpuff @sophocused @intellectys @equaticns @lucystudiess @grangergrades @hufflepuffsstudies @getshitdonetbh and many more!

✖︎ inspiration

✖︎ resources

✖︎ tips

✖︎ original content

i’ll be tracking #bloodystudys so tag me in aything you want me to. feel free to message me i’d love to meet new study buddies!

- lee 🖤🥀

intro! ✨

I actually had this whole thing planned out and it was really cute !! I worked on it for an hour… but then Tumblr failed me and it won’t show nicely rip rip rip. but anyway, let’s get on with the intro!

I found the studyblr community when nervous lil 8th grade me stumbled across tips for hs freshmen! that post saved my life tbh :’) I’ve been kind of lurking around the community since then and wanted to wait until this blog was ready to be viewed by others before making an official introduction. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since then??? Time kind of just whizzed right by me and now I’m a sophomore in high school….. it’s a bit bizarre honestly! I’m lowkey highkey terrified pls send help

me in a nutshell:

- My name is Kaycee, but you can also call me Chi :) 

- My personality type is ENFP, and my Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff!

- I am 14 (I feel like a kid among everyone else ksfkhsgk) and am a sophomore in high school! Some of my courses this year will include: AP European History, Honors English 10, CCIM3 (it’s common core math :/ ), Spanish 3, Honors Chemistry, and Honors Pre-Calculus  

- Future IB student yikes

- I enjoy singing, listening to music, writing, watching a lot of Netflix and Youtube, and doodling (especially doodling flowers).

- I’m a huge space geek…. it’s troublesome

       - also a bnha enthusiast and a sucker for exo and bts hhh

- My goal is to become the best student that I can possibly be!

- Since there are so many cool things that I could be, I don’t know which one to choose. I’m leaning towards something in psychology or marine biology! 

This lil blog has grown so much in such a short amount of time! I’m really glad that people are liking it, and I hope that I can meet more people! Don’t hesitate to reach out! My inbox is always open!

New Studyblr!

Hi everyone! I’ve had a studyblr for some time now, but have officially decided to start posting my own content.

About Me:
My name is Autumn Joie, but everyone aside from my mother just calls me Autumn. I’m sixteen, a rising junior. I’m from the USA and aspire to earn my masters degree in english and become a copyeditor. My college dream is to go to a school in New York City or the District of Columbia. One day I would love to move to London. I’m at the top of my class and did well on the pre-act, but we’ll see what happens when I take it in the fall.

Upcoming Courses:
- Honors Pre-Calculus
- Honors Physics
- Honors English 3
- Honors British Literature
- Dual Enrollment Apologetics
- AP US History
- AP Human Geography
-Latin II and/or Dual Enrolment Psychology

- editor in chief / founder of school newspaper
- bakes weekly for local assisted living
- volunteer work at local hospitals and assisted livings
- philosophy club
- student government officer

Other Interests:
- reading
- baking
- gardening
- collecting books printed before 1950
- keeping a bullet journal
- Liverpool FC

I attend a small, private school. As you can tell, most of my classes are honors due to the lack of AP classes offered. This past year I took AP Goverment, but my experience in college classes is limited to that. The lack of AP / DE courses makes me nervous pertaining how I compare to other students come the college application process. However, senior year I plan on taking three other DE classes and AP calc. If anyone has any prior experience with similar situations, help or support would be lovely!

I was inspired by:
@lemonynotes @eruditekid @studytherin @areistotle @apricot-studies @theorganizedstudent @thecoffeedesk

Thank you so much for hearing me out!

xx Autumn


Yay! I’m finally done with my APUSH Vocabs Terms. Here is a copy, to anyone who takes APUSH and wants to study with it.


etudenotes’s studyblr introduction post (。♥‿♥。)

– introduction

- claire
- 15 years old
- high school sophomore!
- isfp
- korean-american

– interests and academics

  • i love love love listening to music everywhere i go and my music collection is 1,000+ songs which is quite a lot considering the lack of storage on my laptop ha. i mostly listen to r&b and kpop/hiphop, my favorites are fanxychild, blackpink, ella mai, frank ocean and btob!
  • i am a hip-hop dancer and has been ever since 7th grade
  • my favorite food is spicy korean rice-cakes (떡볶이) because i’m obsessed with spicy foods
  • i absolutely love dogs and i own a maltese/yorkie mix! i also have a tendency to scream obnoxiously loud when i see one anywhere

— apeuro
— chem honors
— pre-calculus
— acc. english
— spanish 3-4

– joining the studyblr community!

i’ve been a long-time lurker on studyblr and now that school as finally started i’m super excited to start creating and devoting more of my time to studying! i want to be inspired by others and inspire others as well as achieve my goal of all a’s this 17-18 year with my first ap class in high school. i hope u all enjoy!

– my fav studyblrs!

@focusign @emmastudies @studypetals @bookmrk @ingstudies @gloomstudy @brbgottarevise @studyblr @steudies @steudious @tbhstudying @ttstudys @studywithinspo @peachystudy @marystudies @potterstudy @studyfulltime @endlessbunnystudies @studyneurons @elkstudies @academniac

my first week of school is over so i thought it would be nice to make an introduction post to celebrate! 

i’ve had this studyblr for two weeks & i’ve also been diligently following a few studyblrs all summer. i had the bright idea of making my own studyblr. i really want to do better this year. my freshman year was a mess, and sophomore year was only a little better; i need want my last years in high school to be the best i can make them be! hopefully, having this blog will help me with achieve that, and even help me when i (hopefully) enter college/university in the fall of 2018.

the basics

name: yesenia

age: 16 (17 in december)

grade: 11, c/o 2018, where u at

courses i’m taking: spanish literacy, ap us history, pre-calculus ab honors, ap us history, physics honors, ap english language & composition, photography iii & photography as*

*i attend a cte high school. my major is photography. i have two photography classes this year (although there is no difference between iii and as, it’s the same thing basically)


◦ i want to work in the photography field as an adult. i’ve wanted to be an editorial photographer since i was in seventh grade, but if that doesn’t seem possible, i will pursue a career in psychology or early education.

◦ i am self-learning japanese, and want to learn korean and german too.

◦ i am fluent in both spanish & english (i am taking a spanish class so i can graduate with an advanced honors diploma, but that’s another story /sigh/)

◦ i love k-pop. my favorite groups are nct, cross gene, & aoa, but i like a lot of groups. seventeen, mx, exo, & bts are also some i like.

◦ i also love bands. personal favorites are the strokes, the fratellis, & vampire weekend, but again, i like a lot of bands.

◦ i have been vegetarian for two years now.

◦ i’m from mexico, but i live in nevada, usa.

◦ i can play a ton of instruments, like seven or eight but i like and am best at bass guitar.

◦ my ap world history teacher from last year said ‘ap’ stood for ‘advanced procrastination’ for me, as that is all i do with everything (but that is definitely going to change this year!)

◦ i really love to write. i took a writing class in freshman year & wrote two full novels! fun, fun, fun.

◦ my favorite studyblrs are @journalsanctuary @apricot-studies @intellectus @acadaemic @academiix @scholarly @jessastudy @studyhardstudymore @jiminstudy @studywooz @studycoups @lycheestudy and @doitforjeon 

i guess that’s it for now! i hope i can become more motivated & happy with my academic life through this wonderful community. i also hope to make a few, if any, friends, as i’m super shy with new people. i’m always looking for more studyblrs so i will follow any & all studyblrs that reblog this (if anyone does at all, that is.) 

happy studying everyone! ˚✧₊⁎˓˓⁽̨̡ ˚͈́꒳​˚͈̀*⁾̧̢˒˒⁎⁺˳✧༚

anonymous asked:

Hey Appsademia do you have any advice on acing Honors Pre-Calculus, cause lets just say I'm not a math person.

Here’s my best advice:

  • Memorize theorems and formulas. “But my teacher said the formulas be provided on the test.” “But I’ll never need this theorem.” “Yada yada yada.” I don’t care what you say, it will never be a bad thing to know mathematical theorems and formulas by heart.
  • Learn your freaking unit circle. Know how to convert from radians to degrees, and know the sine, cosine and tangent, of all the major angles.
  • Practice practice practice. Find extra problems in the textbook and/or online. Drill yourself to make sure you fully understand each concept.
  • Get a whiteboard. Honestly the best decision I ever made for my math grade was to buy a large whiteboard off craigslist. I hung it up in my room and used it to hash out math problems. After a few failed calculations and scribbled arithmetic, I figured out the solution, and copied it neatly onto my homework.
  • Change your mentality. It’s so, so easy to excuse your math fails as “I’m not a math person.” (I would know; I’ve been doing it for almost four years now.) But instead of thinking “I’m not a math person,” try thinking, “I struggle with math.” When you make statements like the former, you subconsciously give up on yourself. Whereas if you focus on the latter statement, you’ll see that although you admit that you might struggle, you can also have room to change.