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Just imagine pre-serum Steve having such a low tolerance for alcohol, and Bucky would immediately know if Steve had been drinking because he’s a giggly drunk and he can’t stop laughing until he passes out and Bucky just looks at him like he’s his whole world because he loves his laugh so much

Really? The Ginger? {Reader Insert}

Imagine: Christmas is coming, meaning FP is given free passage home for the holidays. When he sees his girl ogling over another boy, well, he isn’t too happy.

Summary: With her lover behind bars, {Y/N} took her chances with young Mr. Andrews. But when the brooding bad boy saunters through the door, she knows that she’s in trouble. Still, it’s rather exciting to have her beloved FP back for a short while.

Warnings: F/M Smut, Unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, kids), reader is 18 (so bigger age gap, but still legal at least).

Request?: Yes, a lovely little nonny asked for a piece where FP punishes the reader for getting a little too close to Archie.

Word Count: 2286

Taglist: @theserpentgod  

Disclaimer: I did not make the gif, credits to the user that made it. The Riverdale characters are not mine, credit to the writers and producers.

A/N: This was a fun piece to write, and I’m very thankful for the request. I hope I did okay with the more dominant side of FP. Enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤

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(July 2nd, 2017) A rather… existential and strange exchange between Pres. Trump and Buzz Aldrin at the signing of the Executive Order on the National Space Council today🚀


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Request: Hi could I get a Rob x reader fic where they meet after his band plays. Smut please.

A/N: Catching up on requests, sorry it’s taking so long :( this was also partially inspired by this gifset of Rob Benedict’s tongue … yeah idk it just spoke to me.

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected smut (be safe), explicit language, teasing, dash of fluff

Word Count: 6521

Tagging: @nekodresden85 @tas898 @natasha-cole @nerdyforyourbooks @annoyingobsesivechick @fruitiplierq @jack-of-all-arts @peteachu666 @overcastmisfitkid @thewhiterabbit42 @lenawiinchester @magpiegirl80 @mija-novella @feelmyroarrrr @thatone67chevyimpala @lumenella @crushing83 @laffytaffyhumor @super–who–locked @paddy1219 @riversong-sam @yo-ho-yo-ho-thefandomlifeforme @tas898 @sdavid09 @fizonafan @yearoftheweasley @bloodstained-porcelain-doll @lamthetwickster @monicapernas @dont-hate-relate-pls @fangirl-faye @crowleysprincess159 @perseusandmedusa @bad-intentions-22 @wayward-mirage @im-a-slut-for-an-accent @defineoptimist @negansgrimes @royalfunkstar @secretsupernaturalblog @authoressskr @nicmob @ashiewesker @your-not-invisible-to-me @mulit-fandom-fangirl @whovianayesha @zuzaak @spnackleholicswainer @ryleeroseb4 @chloecolbourne @bluehamster13 @weasleys-wizard–wheezes @thatone67chevyimpala @sea-you-bitch @nerdysandwichqueen @wonderlandmoonrose7 @your-silver-and-gold @therealdeanwinchester13 @welcome-to-awesometown @eileenlikesyou-maybe @derivedfromapho @dontwasteyourbreath @amyapathetic @cantchoosejustonefandom @thecandylovingarchangelgabriel @capnjacksparrow14 @ariethegreat98 

The theater was packed full of people, kazoos and glow sticks catching your eyes as your best friend pulled you by the hand to the side of the stage. Your best friend was a huge Supernatural fan, while you were still working through the first season. You liked the show, but you were pretty unfamiliar with the actors and the behind the scenes stuff. When your best friend scraped together the funds to go to one of the show’s conventions, she begged you to at least go to the Saturday Night Special Concert with her. It was actually good timing. You needed a break from work, from basically your life for a weekend. What better way than to travel to a new city with your best friend?

“You’ll love Louden Swain!” Your best friend gushed as the two of you made it to the rope that put a barrier between the people standing on the sides and the stage, which was a few feet away. You had waited for hours in line to get here, but evidently it was worth it.

“Looks like a good turnout,” you commented with a nod, feeling that pre-concert adrenaline buzz within you. You loved music, loved concerts, so you were in a happy place even if you were in unknown territory.

“The lead singer, Rob Benedict, is cute as fuck, too.”

You gave your best friend a smirk, but you couldn’t help but feel a little intrigued. “Oh, really?”

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Microfic idea: Paulina turns down all the guys' promposals and then shows up with Star

23 guys. Paulina turned down 23 guys, prom was less than a week away, and the rumors were starting to circulate.

“Sorry boys,” she confirmed the next day, after shooting down candidate #24. She flashed a smug smile, pleased as could be. “I’m taken.”

She refused to divulge her date’s identity, however (she, quote, ‘wanted it to be a surprise’) and thus a conspiracy was born.

“I bet it’s a nerd,” someone guessed at lunchtime. Paulina’s mystery date had become the talk of the school, and some of the most ardent gossipers sat with their yearbooks open, considering the options. Paulina was no stranger to dating those on the lower rungs, or giving geeks their 15 minutes of fame. But the most likely candidate–Danny Fenton–was already spoken for, and, when confronted with questions, his girlfriend Sam Manson kicked the hecklers to the curb for daring to even suggest.

“What if it’s a celebrity?” someone else suggested days later. After all, if any girl at Casper High could catch the eye of a celeb, it was Paulina. And it would make for one hell of a surprise. This theory grew so popular that many people planned to bring camcorders and autograph books to the event on Prom night.

“Or maybe,” a few whispered among the halls, a rare but not outlandish theory; “Maybe Paulina finally nabbed a date with the Ghost Boy.”

But none of the pre-Prom buzz could’ve prepared them for the truth. On the big night, Paulina arrived, wearing an elegant pink dress, a violet rose, and a smirk. No hesitation. Casper’s Queen Bee waltzed through the double doors, and on her arm, visibly nervous but also excited, was her date, a blonde in blue.

The matching corsages confirmed it. Paulina’s date was none other than her best friend–now girlfriend–Star.

And not even an appearance from Phantom could’ve caused a bigger uproar.

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Why in your opinion do you think Falling Kingdoms isn't getting as much attention as like the Hunger Games or other YA books that got huge? I believe FA is such a great, complex book that is my favorite over pretty much all other books so it kinda makes me sad that there isn't as huge of a fandom. Still waiting on that movie/tv series lol! But yeah it's just something I was wondering about and how books get popular in the first place, it's just an interesting topic to think about! 😊

This is a very interesting topic and, admittedly, one that can drive authors a bit nutso!

What can one do to make a series break out?

Sadly, the answer to that is one of the great mysteries of the universe. Books like The Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent, and the like, that sold in the tens of millions of copies, may seem very common these days since they’re seemingly everywhere, but I can assure you, they are a rare bird in a very, very large flock. Getting an agent and getting published traditionally to start with is a bit like winning the lottery. And then having your book not just “do well,” but “break out” is like winning an additional lottery. Actually, just breaking even these day is pretty darn rare.

But it still happens. Books break out. It’s like a bolt of lightning, and sometimes it’s for a book the author might never have expected.

In my opinion, there is no way to make this bolt of lightning happen. It is usually a mix of strong publisher support (strategic publicity to get the word out – which isn’t always in the budget for each book published!) and old-fashioned word of mouth with readers telling their friends, etc., that they need to read a certain book. Sometimes this happens right away, with pre-publication buzz, and sometimes it can slowly grow over the length of the series as more people discover it. Bottom line, if majority of potential readers don’t know a book actually exists, they won’t buy it! This leads to lousy sales and series cancellation. Believe me, I’ve experienced this personally and it REALLY sucks!

Perhaps Falling Kingdoms cannot be considered a true “break out success” with millions of rabid fans & a movie or TV franchise, but I can assure you that it has sold very nicely and consistently and I’m more than pleased by the last five years. I’ve been lucky enough to be sent on three group tours (my third one starts in two weeks and I can’t wait!!). And, to a career author like me (FYI Immortal Reign will be my 33rd published novel 😳), this is an incredible relief since it means that – unless I really screw up *ahem deadlines* – publishers will hopefully want to work with me again in the future.

To worry about numbers or how another author’s books are doing compared to yours or yada yada yada…that, my friends, is a pathway to Crazytown. Believe me, I’ve visited multiple times. In fact, I’m just returning from my most recent extended stay there.

And now that I’m back, I want to only focus on writing the best damn book I can…and when I’m done, then writing the next one. It’s really as simple as that.

Hope that answered your question! 😊

42- Two POV’s

Request: Night out at a pub with your best friend and her boyfriend and you drink too much and mingle and van has been making eye contact all night and a boy is being rude to you and starts touching you in unnecessary places, so van steps in and tells him to do one and looks after you because you’re too drunk to even walk properly and so on :)

Content warning: sexual harassment.


‘Your’ POV:

The air was icy and cold but you didn’t care; you skipped up the street in your short red dress, between Allison and Joe, arms linked, despite the possibility of frostbite on your bare legs. Those two were the bread and you were the butter. Allison had been your best friend since high school and soon Joe joined the group when he and Allison started dating the first year you got out of school. They’d be engaged in the next 6 months, you were sure of it. 

You were already buzzing from pre-drinks, having just reached that golden state of tipsy meets happy drunk. Allison held the door open for you and Joe and arms still linked, you swung him inside. The bar was busier than usual for so late at night, you assumed there must have been an event on earlier or something. Music was pulsing and people flooded all the tables. Chatter was loud, even over the music. 

You went to go and get drinks while the others looked for a place to sit. At the bar counter, people grappled with each other to get a spot where the bartender would see them. It was squishy and unpleasant. You were wedged between another girl and one very large, bulky man who had an earring in one ear and was wearing a bizarre looking surfer style t-shirt. 

“Don’t mind being behind you,” the guy growled into your ear and moved forward ever so slightly so he was touching you. 

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Omg, does this make me think of Buzzed!  XDDD

Maria #Sharapova “ After trying to make it to this race for the past four years, finally! 🏁The Le Mans pre start buzz and atmosphere was unlike anything I expected. And of course getting a proper tour of the track from @aussiegrit. He’s got good connections 💁🏼Oh and the heli tour…!! 🚁 Thank you, @porsche !! ”

#80: Pregnancy Series | He Talks To The Bump


Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

Luke (HIS P.O.V):

My fingers were tapping endlessly on my phone as my feet were dragging me down the hotel hallway, just finishing a conversation with my mom over the phone as I was waiting in the elevator, hanging on when the beep sound indicated that I was on the right floor. Finishing the list that I had just heard being repeated, I pressed home on my phone before locking it and placing it back in my jeans. Mom had given me a whole lecture about remembering every single thing in my suitcase like it rewound back to my first trip to London back in 2012, come on, I had travelled more than she had without her help, why couldn’t I do it this time. Of course, it was probably due to Y/N and her pregnant belly, but I had everything under control. Informed her this morning that she should start to pack slowly since there was left than 3 days until we were flying back to Sydney. Fishing out a key, I placed it in the hole and opening the door, being greeted by clothes everywhere and a Y/N sprawled over the bed, resting on her back and her eyes closed. I bite back a laugh as I approached the bed, taking a seat next to her. She was probably too tired to even packing, I didn’t blame her, her belly was a growing mess, things got harder as the pregnancy progressed. My eyes adverted down to her belly, a slight part of it barely under the belly that was showing the bare skin from her clearly now too small top. The thought of talking to the belly crossed my mind, Y/N had always mentioned it to me how the baby would start to get used to my voice and it would remember it when it came out. I chewed on my bottom lip for a bit before moving my head down, my lips barely ghosting over the bulging stomach, a shaky breath coming from my lips. ”Hey little guy.” My fingers traced over her soft skin, leaning my head on my palm as my elbow was resting on the mattress, ”I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m your daddy.” Kicks started to break out, making my eyes go wide in panic, afraid of waking her up when she started to stir. ”Hey, don’t be so harsh, mommy needs rest.” I eyed her to make sure that she didn’t move anymore before I continued. ”You have no idea how much we love you. I know that you were made by accident and we’re not together and it seems very complicated, especially for people who don’t understand how we can work it out. But I gotta admit, you’re probably one of the best things that have happened to me. And I love your mom. So much I doubt she even knows or have a clue.” I formed a small smile before looking over at her sleepy body, placing a small peck on her skin before moving her shirt down again, raising myself from the bed and starting to collect her stuff together in the suitcase.


A soft giggle escaped your lips as you watched Calum dig into the beige colored sand under him, digging a big hole next to his towel, and two smaller one’s above it, himself letting out a small chuckle by the humor of what he was currently doing for you. With all the things happening at the moment, Calum definitely needed a break. And that was the reason why he had brought you here on the beach, the sun streaming warm and happy in the hot Australia weather, the beach filled with people tanning, playing volley ball or taking a dip in the dark blue ocean. “See! Enough space for mommy and her big belly. And boobs for that matter.” Calum leaned back and placed the towel over the holes, your giggling filling his ears and putting a smile on his lips. “You’re such a dummy.” You mumbled, leaning down on the towel, putting your growing stomach down into the hole, a satisficed sigh escaping your lips , finally not having to deal with the constant fear and pain of pressing the belly against the otherwise soft but harsh sand. You closed your eyes in rest, the sound of Calum’s headphone filling your ears of some Green Day song; his eyes closed as well as the both of you were in pure heaven. “Can I try something on you?” Your eyebrows quivered by Calum’s sudden question, turning your body so it was leaning against your side. ”Depends on what?” Calum let out a small giggle before pushing you down so you were leaning on your back, making you press your elbows against the sand so you could watch him, Calum taking a handful of dampen sand and lifting it over your bulging belly, letting go of it and spreading it around the damp skin. ”What are you doing?” You laughed, watching him as he finished with a smile, leaning his lips down. ”Just watch.” He mumbled, sending you a warm glance. ”Hey kiddo.” He started out, your eyebrows increasing in confuse, ”Can you do me a favor?” ”Do you expect it to respond?” Calum didn’t get the chance to answer before a kick from your stomach interrupted both him and you, the sand on your belly jumping by the sudden movement. ”How did you even?-..” ”Please, kick mommy lots and lots right now; I’m making an experiment that seems to work.” Kicks from your belly appeared again, making the sand jump around your stomach to Calum’s satisfaction, the both of you starting to laugh by the event. ”You’re so weird.” You leaned your head back and enjoying the sun, Calum continuing on talking to your belly and putting more and more sand on it. ”I have to, I’m going to be a dad. Still need to have some childish features in my personality.” ”Trust me, I don’t ever think you will turn into a mature person.” You stated, sticking your tongue out at him as he rested his chin on your sand covered stomach. ”Life would be boring then.” He started to draw patterns on the sand, smiling to himself and enjoying the sweet moment of you guys not doing anything else but resting.


The boys were hollering around backstage, buzzing and pre warming up for the show, the crowd almost filling every seat, the crew starting to give out ear pierces. At this point at your pregnancy, it was a harsh time trying to handle all the situations at concert and such, making Michael take a fast decision on that you shouldn’t attend any one of them so often on the tour, indicating that you mostly would be staying at the tour bus, trying to kill the boredom. ”Shit I forgot something.” Michael suddenly groaned making Ashton cock his eyebrow. ”Please don’t let it be something bad.” He groaned, but not getting any answer before Michael started to sprint out, ”I have to call Y/N to talk to the belly.” He opened the door and sprinted down towards the dressing rooms. ”Did he just say he had to call Y/N’s belly?” Luke asked Ashton and Calum in confuse, the two boys shrugging their shoulders as they watched Michael sprint back towards their dressing room. Picking his phone he dialed your number fast, waiting a few rings before you answered. ”Hey Mikey.” You mumbled, moving your magazine from your lap. ”What are you doing?” He asked, talking fast. ”Just chilling in your bunk you know.” You shrugged, ”Sounds nice. Can I uhm.. Talk to our baby girl?” You knitted your eyebrows in confuse, ”What do you mean?” You looked down at your not so small anymore belly, switching the phone to the other side of your ear. ”You know, letting her hear my voice just for a bit.” ”Are you telling me to place my phone against my belly?” You asked, ”Yes.” He answered fast and timidly, ”You’re kidding, right?” Your eyes widened by Michael’s sudden request, leaning up against the wooden wall behind you. ”For god sake no I’m not kidding! It motivates me on stage!” You looked at the phone for a second before pressing it against your ear again, ”What do you want it to do, ask you a good luck for your concert?” ”Y/N for god sake, I just wanna talk to it, making sure that even though I’m not there, I will still think about her 24/7!” Rolling your eyes by his weird behavior, you pressed the phone against your belly and leaned back, the faint sound of Michael starting to ramble on about whatever he had on his mind. ”Are you done yet?-” ”I’m not done yet!” The yell from the phone of Michael said as you had asked your question a loud, a small giggle escaping your lips. Michael continued on talking for a bit, a few minutes passing before the sound from the phone saying, ”I’m done now.” Making you lift the phone up against your ear again. ”That was literally so cute.” You stated, imagining Michael’s cheeks blush by the comment. ”Thanks.” He mumbled, ”I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to talk much with you but I gotta go on stage now.” ”It’s okay Mikey, go rock out your socks out.” You smiled, hearing a small giggle from Michael before he mumbled out a small goodbye and hanging up the call.


Streams of steam from the pan heating pancake dough flied up towards the turned on extractor, the smell of cinnamon mixed with cardamom filling the whole kitchen. With the new album almost being at its finish, Ashton was working quite hard recently which made him come home let, go to sleep instantly and sleep to almost noon. If it wasn’t for you putting on a timer for him, he would be sleeping longer than necessary and totally ruining his sleeping routine. The clock was about to pass around 11, just in time where Ashton’s alarm would go off, the perfect way of waking him up with pancakes for breakfast. The sound of footsteps walking down the stairs appeared just as you predicted, a rather tired looking Ashton walking into the kitchen in his boxers only, heading direction towards your form in front of the stove, ”Did you sleep well?” He asked, opening his eyes more. ”Very well, thank you for asking-” ”I’m not talking to you.” He snickered with a smile, going down on one knee before nudging his nose into your gray fabric covered belly bump, taking in the smell of fresh washed laundry detergent, kissing it afterwards. ”I’m talking to my two little gold nuggets.” He kissed the left side of your belly and then the right side, glancing up at you fast with a cheeky smile before looking in front again, ”How are you guys feeling?” He pressed his ear against your belly as if he actually thought they would answer, you placing your hand on your hip and looking down at him as if he was ridiculous, yet you couldn’t prevent the smile that was creeping through your lips. ”Hungry? I think momma is making some nice pancakes.” Ashton lifted his head higher to look over the stove, smiling when he noticed the pan with dough burning in it, ”I was right. She makes the best pancakes ever. I usually eat 12 where she eats about 4. But this time, I think I should save some more for you. With you guys growing all the time, she will be eating like a bulldozer.” ”Hey!” You exclaimed with a laugh, smacking the back of his head lightly as a giggle escaped from his lips, a cheeky glimpse in his eyes sparkling as he looked up at you. ”Admit it, you eat twice as much as I do now.” He raised from his knee to stand up again, standing behind you and letting his hands rest on your belly. ”I doubt that.” You mumbled, grabbing a piece of finished pancake in your mouth, Ashton’s smirk showing that it seemed like you were being sarcastic right now. ”Don’t give me that look.” You mumbled, smacking him in the chin with the pancake. ”I’m just telling the truth.” He purred into your shoulder, ”Am not.” You mumbled, eating the last piece of the pancake, before flipping the next one over to the plate. ”I just have a new love for food.” Ashton let out a hysteric laugh, laughing into your neck making your whole body shake, ”That is probably the biggest lie from you I’ve ever heard.” You didn’t say another thing just trying to hold in your smirk, flipping the pancake over when it was starting to create a golden brown color.

Old Dogs

Please see [X] for clarification. 

Kakashi’s favorite bar was the one at the edge of the old district, the one with the broken kuni sign outside that seemed to faithfully attract an older crowd no matter how long it had been in business. true, it had some of the best micro brews to find in all the Hidden Leaf, but if Kakashi was being honest, it was the atmosphere he appreciated most of all. 

There were cheeper, cleaner, nicer looking bars he could have spent his Saturday night in, but this one suited him just fine. Those places were for the young kids, like his one time genin team. Naruto and his obnoxious friends filled up a room too fast and that wasn’t the speed he was looking for anymore.

No, he appreciated a place with a little less distraction for his precious novel reading and ale sipping. Unfortunately, the most distracting thing about any of the young kid bars he tried to avoid was the pretty little pink thing that seemed to be everywhere at once.

He glared at the lines of text in his novel, missing his place as the words morphed into a picture he knew too well. He shut his eyes and tapped his forehead to the spine of his book, knowing he was probably going to hell for even thinking such thoughts. 

But it really wasn’t his fault, he couldn’t help it. She had grow so much so quickly and it wasn’t like he was the only one who thought she was God’s gift to mankind. Hell, that was one of the reasons she was such a rabid club hopper. There was always someone in there who knew her or wanted to know her or had been saved by her during the war or treated by her some time after. There was always someone younger or nicer looking trying to pin her down and it was torture to watch knowing that would never be him. 

She was someone he could never pursue, even after growing as close to her as a second brother. As part of team 7′s original three, Naruto and Sakura were probably the two people he was closest to in terms of relationships, but with Sakura it was different. with Naruto he felt close and bonded. With Sakura… well, with her he felt as far as he could be and too close for comfort all at the same time. He wanted to be intimate with her, but he knew that was a no go zone. He was from a different generation, twelve years older than her, it was dirty. 

He curse beneath his mask at all the stupid mental images that started to swell behind his shut eyes. Forbidden romances were soured for him, no thanks to Icha Icha Forbidden Garden. 

It was getting so bad he was even hearing her laugh, a voice that tingled the shell of his ear.


 He wasn’t hearing things, that really was Sakura. He looked up fast, neck snapping as he scanned the room with his matching monochrome eyes. It didn’t take long, it never took long to find her.  

She was sitting at the counter on a stool talking to Genma. Her cheeks were flushed a healthy rose and her eyes were lit up with the pre buzz sensation. She had downed a few drinks already and was cradling a new beer. If he remembered correctly, she was off from hospital duty tomorrow.  

Danger ran down his spine like the fingertips of a dead man. Genma was leaning in, whispering something into her ear while his hand strayed to her thigh. She giggled, clearly more buzzed than Kakashi assumed her to be if she was letting Genma, (GENMA?) of all people feel her up like that.

Genma should have known better. He was the same age as Kakashi, or nearly. He was way too old to be looking at her like that, much less feeling her like that, not when Kakashi endured years of that same wanting. Oh no, oh hell no. 

Sakura leaned in and whispered something back before grabbing her clutch and heading to the back where the restrooms were. Genma watched her leave, every step of the way, leering like the pervert he was. It was the perfect opportunity to slip in and halve a friendly word with his old friend. 

“What the hell do you think you’re doing to my student?”

Gema blinked, not seemingly phased by the furious tone to Kakashi’s whisper. “Well hello to you too. Got a drink yet?”

“You’re a slimy son of a bitch and you’re going to stay away from my student.”

“Relax, I wouldn’t dream of hitting on Naruto. Boys aren’t my type.”

“You know what I mean.”

Genma blinked, lazily. “No, no I don’t. There are only consenting adults here at this bar. If I go home with someone tonight that’s not your business.”

“Like hell it isn’t. You’re nearly twice her age!”

“Um, no?” Genma looked offended. “I’m eleven years older, there’s a difference. Maybe she likes more experienced men, who cares, she’s an adult and she’s into me.”

“No she’s not, she’s confused.” 

Genma rolled his eyes. “Whatever, I’m in to her so I’m not letting her father talk me out of it.”

“She’s my student!”

Something made the older ninja grind his teeth. When he looked over at Kakashi it was to glare at him. “Yeah, so what? She’s hot and funny and somewhat into me and I’ve kinda liked her for a while, so back off.”

“No, if I can’t touch her you most certainly can’t!”

Genma’s annoyance melted into a smirk that made Kakashi’s heart sink deep. “Well, if you have the hots for your students that’s your problem, not mine, but I’m sure Sakura would like to hear about that. Speaking of the lovely blossom, we have a dango date to get on with.” 

Genma’s grin was wicked as he stood up to meet Sakura halfway from exiting the bathroom. He grabbed her around the waist and she laughed playfully as he led her out towards the exit. They never stopped, but once they were past Genma leaned over his shoulder and mouthed the words “Later loser,” in Kakashi’s direction.      

On a creaking barstool, left with his ex-friend’s tab, Kakashi came to the realization that he was going to actually damn a few of his ideals if he was going to have any piece of heart for the rest of his life. 

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I think that despite us not having a ton to go on, Ardyn pre-fall and Ardyn post-fall from grace were probably 2 different types of men in terms of temperament. So what would your headcanons be if his s/o told him that they were pregnant for both of those situations? I think you said that your ask box was still open, but if it's not just ignore/shelve this.

Pregnancy (Ardyn)

Don’t worry anon, there isn’t a lot to go off of but I think there’s enough room for educated guesses. 

Ecstatic. He’s practically buzzing and he can’t stop himself from giving his s/o a huge hug. He doesn’t want them to think for even a second that he doesn’t want this. Once he has time to himself though, he’s overcome by grief. It isn’t as though he doesn’t want the child. No, not at all. He’s just terrified. The world is plagued and it’s his duty to clean up after it. Does he want a child to enter the world if it looks like this? Will he be able to do right by the child and his s/o when his main priority should be preventing demons from taking over the world? These questions haunt him. Even so, he’s very supportive during the pregnancy if only, because he wants to enjoy what bit of it he can allow himself to.

He looks disgusted. How could he let this happen? His s/o looks panicked. They’re cautious expression becoming downright pained. The guilt hits him very sharply. He tries to extend a hand towards them, but they back away. There’s an unmistakable sadness in his eyes. He begins to explain himself. He apologises to them. For his reaction. For the pregnancy. For thinking he deserved to be loved by them. They’re confused and don’t see where he’s going with this. He tells them, that having a baby isn’t the problem. He was. He’s tainted and he can live with that. But damning a child? His own child? It all tasted too bitter. In his heart of hearts he wants to be there for them, but his guilt pushes him to start withdrawing from them. 

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AND capernoited for Carver&Kyr?

CAPERNOITED - Slightly intoxicated or tipsy.

“Hey, heyyy,” Carver said, sauntering up to Kyr. They were in the mess, Ash sitting across from Kyr and Toast. Carver leaned against his back and bent over, pressing a sloppy kiss to Kyr’s hairline. “We still up for this evening?”

Kyr shrugged Carver off. “Yes,” he said, and flicked a glance at his boyfriends. Carver sat on Kyr’s other side, leaning back against the table, and pretended not to notice Ash glaring at him, or Toast’s “worried but trying to be neutral” forehead crease. “Are you already drunk?”

“Don’t cast aspersions on me,” Carver said. He didn’t know, exactly, what aspersions were or what it meant to cast them on someone, but it sounded pretty good. “Seriously, quit looking at me like that, it’s 1800 hours and we’re headed out on the down, a little pre-engagement buzz is justified. It’s not like I’m gonna get shitfaced.” 

“You’d better not,” Ash said tightly.

“I would never,” Carver said, smiling. “Gotta take care of our boy.” He pinched Kyr’s cheek gently, and Kyr smacked his hand away and stood up.

“We’ll be fine,” he said to Ash, his hand coming down on Toast’s shoulder and squeezing. “I promise I’ll be safe.”

“We know,” Toast said, covering Kyr’s hand with his own. “Have fun, okay?”

“We will,” Kyr said. He smiled wanly and then he let Carver lead him off.

“Hey,” Carver said as they wound through the hallways to the medbay. He pulled a flask out of his utility belt and held it out to Kyr.

“Are you serious,” Kyr said. “You’re not even in your fatigues.” He took the flask though, unscrewed the cap and took a cautious sniff. His nose scrunched up in distaste. 

“I know,” Carver said. “The armor is a comfort thing, you know. It’s not like I ever have or ever would drink on duty.”

Kyr gave him a look. Carver linked their arms and put his head on Kyr’s shoulder for a moment, but then they were at the door to Kelly’s office and he had to let go of Kyr to key in the passcode. Kyr took a sip out of the flask and immediately sputtered and coughed. “What is that,” he rasped.

Carver smiled enigmatically and slid his duffel out from under the bunk. “I’m gonna take you shopping one of these days, I really do promise,” he said. “All my stuff fits you all wrong.” He stood up and took Kyr by the shoulders, looking him sadly up and down. “Who’s in charge of putting meat on those lanky bones of yours?”

Kyr folded his arms, hunching in on himself. He hated it when people did that, looked at him all pitying or worried or what happened to you with a side of freak, and Carver hated hated hated that he’d done that to Kyr, put that miserable half-guilty expression on his face and made him feel that.

“No, no, don’t do that,” Carver said, taking Kyr’s face in his hands and shushing him. “You’re beautiful, baby, there’s nothing bad about you. I just worry, I can’t help it.”

Kyr hunched a little more, and Carver let go of him and turned back to the duffle bag. “Here,” he said, pulling out a long sequined shirt and tossing it to Kyr, and a pair of filmy soft leggings. “Put those on.”

“Thanks,” Kyr mumbled. He took another sip from Carver’s flask, slower this time, and swallowed with a grimace before he handed it back. Carver screwed the top on and started to change out of his armor, stacking the plates neatly. By the time he was done, Kyr was all changed, and by the time Carver was into his own clothes—a backless glittery thing that was somewhere between lingerie and actual clothes and cute little black shorts, because Carver had an amazing ass and better thighs and he really appreciated it when people agreed with him on that—Kyr had his fatigues folded neatly on the bunk and was himself perched on the edge, and he’d gotten out Carver’s flask again and was sipping daintily from it.

“Don’t you look cute,” Carver said, grinning. He came and stood in front of Kyr, close-close because Carver didn’t know how not to flirt and it never hurt anyone anyway, and took the flask out of his hands and drank. Kyr smacked his thigh lightly, more a pat than anything, a slightly-too-aggressive-to-qualify-as-a caress, and grinned back.

“You do too,” he said.

“Come on,” Carver said, stepping back. “‘Fresher time. Gotta give you eyes so smoky they set off fire alarms.”

“No kriffing thank you,” Kyr said, giggling. Carver took his hand and Kyr stood up and let Carver guide him through a few steps of a dance, swaying together. Kyr was grinning down at Carver, a bright flush in his cheeks, and Carver grinned back.

“Don’t worry, baby, don’t worry,” he said. “You’ll be just drop-dead gorgeous by the time I’m done with you. You’ll be just fine.”

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anonymous asked:

Who is your fave member / members of One Direction and your reasons why they are you favourite

i love them all so much i could talk about them for hours but i’ll try and keep this short:

i love liam bc he’s so sweet and goofy and his eyes crinkle up when he smiles and when he does that lil high pitched laugh AH 😱 i also feel like he’s the most relatable one in the band if that makes sense??? like he’s just a very real person and that’s really evident to me esp when he goes off and his little tangents and laughs at his own jokes even if nobody else does, ya know? also, great hair (pre buzz cut was a personal fav)

i love louis bc he’s so funny and brash but he’s also a very sweet, generous, giving person. i also like that fact that he’s very family oriented and sticks by the people he cares about, fans included. the tone of his singing voice is also my fav in the band i feel like he really /makes/ 1d sound like 1d. and he (and briana) blessed us with freddie which is obviously a huge plus. also his hands like i just love his hands is that weird

i love niall bc he is a literally RAY OF SUNSHINE how can you not like niall??????? not a single bad thing about him. his laugh and his smile and he just loves everything and is always enthusiastic. and his VOICE the RASP ugh 😍 he’s just so fun

i love harry bc you can really see that he loves what he does and he’s good at it. he’s not afraid to try new things and be daring (i.e. his wardrobe 👢) his curls are my FAV thing (i’m still in mourning about the chop) and he’s nice and sweet and kind and compassionate and watching him flail around on stage is probs the best way to put me in a good mood. plus he’s really funny and i personally don’t think he gets enough credit for that

this ended up super long but yeah that’s that 😊

anonymous asked:

jungkook x reader 45? :)

45. To Keep a Cover (couple not established) kiss

When Jungkook had agreed to accompany Y/n to try on her bridesmaid dress, he didn’t know what to expect. He didn’t even seem to understand why she’d asked him to come with her. He’s a male, he knows nothing about dresses or how they’re supposed to fit. He’s only aware that Y/n looks good in them. She looks good in anything really, so good that sometimes he has a hard time thinking straight and forming words with his mouth.

So to imply that he was an adequate choice for a judge was an overstatement, better yet, a blatant lie because Jungkook is biased as hell when it comes to Y/n.

It is also for this reason that he couldn’t exactly turn her down. In the end he agreed and here he is, having trailed behind the chipper girl as she led him by the hand into a dress shop with a high wedding cake ceiling. There’s a light scent of vanilla in the air, meant to make women feel sweet, feminine, and glow with the buzz of pre-wedding jitters. When he looks around there’s a million jewel tones, tints of pastels, beading, crystals, and layers upon layers of taffeta, chiffon, and satin. it’s overwhelming to say the least.

But that’s not the icing on the cake. No pun intended.

Imagine Jungkook’s surprise when they mess up her appointment and mistake her for a bride, not a bridesmaid. In a matter of minutes they’ve gone from friends to fake fiancés and Jungkook doesn’t even recall proposing.

“So does the dress have the kiss of approval?” The sales associate in her prim black outfit, grins at the pair.

Y/n’s faces is burning and her ears are bright red. He doesn’t know if it’s from embarrassment or something more. He’s hopeful, but he doesn’t want his heart broken either.

“I-I…” Jungkook doesn’t know what to say. Y/n is beautiful and there’s something warm pooling into his stomach when he looks at her. He’s seen her dressed up before, but there’s something enchanting about the satin white, layers of tulle, and the flirty sweetheart neckline that exposes the expanse of her back and her collar bones. There’s something about the way her hair falls in wisps around her face that has his restraint buckling at the sight of her warm eyes.

It might be his imagination, but she’s never looked at him like that before. The only thing he can think of is, he’d kill to have her look at him like that for the rest of their lives.

“It’s ok, I’ll take it off,” she chuckles sheepishly and moves to turn around, ending their game of pretend. Jungkook stops her though, a hand on her wrist as he tugs her into him and presses his slightly chapped lips to her berry tinted ones. It takes him a second to realize what he’s done and another two for her to kiss him back, tentative, sweet, and paired with a tart taste of the complimentary champagne they’d been served. That’s all it takes to revive his fervor as he presses her close and kisses her stupid.

Meanwhile the only thing they’re chanting in their heads is, I do, I do, I do, a million times I do.