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Posting this week’s update early in celebration of Pokemon Day!  Happy Birthday @pokemon, and here’s to many more!  Here’s everybody’s favorite Pokemon poster child, Pikachu and its family~

Part of the reason I chose to do the Johto regional Pokedex is because the Johto Pokemon are pretty inseparable from the Kanto Pokemon.  The Johto region brought new pre-evolutions (along with breeding mechanics) as well as new evolutions (with new evolutionary stones, day/night mechanics etc.).  It’s why in my opinion Johto felt so fresh while also refreshing some old Pokemon.

Also I’m a big fan of how chubby and cute some Pokemon were in their old GBC sprites that have been slimmed-down and stream-lined in recent years.  Raichu and Pikachu used to be such fat little beans and I’ll always have a soft spot for their original pudgy designs.

If you want to see more Pokemon, check out my Johtodex tag!

Our broodmare Controlada VG together with Atiza II, Champion of Spain and proud father of the baby in her belly.

Nuestra yegua de cría Controlada VG, con campeón de España Atiza II, padre orgulloso del potro en su vientre.


FER BULERIA (Mañoso II x Kanaka III). Reserve Champion of Spain, SICAB 2008
- SICAB bronze medal 2005
- Campéon/Subcampeón de la Raza x 3
- Campeon Absoluto Movimientos x 1
- Campeón/Subcampeón Absoluto de - Funcionalidad x 8
- Mejor Functionalidad x 5
- Mejores Movimientos x 4

A cute picture of Bubba (Coyote) - Akiyama no Roushya Daikokuten go - thinking over his food. This little guy is a hopeful for a breeder friend in Finland.

Now… before I go, I have some other thoughts - as a new breeder trying to do right by my dogs and right by the people interested in them.

Breeding animals is, and should be, a calculated effort one takes to replicate something cherished and desired by others, as well as themselves. Something that cannot be replicated, otherwise.

All of my puppies are generally sold before I breed so I know all of them will be accounted for. As Kishu Ken are rare in the US and every dog is valuable from a preservation standpoint, I do not encourage owners to surgically alter their pets, but do have them sign a contract outlining standards of behavior, a nonbreeding compliance, and what I will hold myself accountable for if their puppy ever falls ill. 

From the moment they are conceived, these puppies are someone else’s - and that is a great burden, at times, to know I am taking care of someone else’s puppy. They are trusting me to rear that puppy well and keep them safe until they come of age to be transported.

If you don’t that’s stressful, also consider this: breeding responsibly loses you money. To produce this litter, I spent 3300 importing the sire from Japan as there were no compatible males available to me in the United States. I was fortunate as I got the dam “for free” (in that she was born in my home), but pre-breeding fees totaled around 500. I have spent around 150 on kibble for the mother during the nearly 4 weeks the puppies have been with us, and around 50 on supplements (fish oil, cottage cheese, pumpkin, and other dietary additives.) Dewormer mom and pups have got so far has totaled around 75 USD. Flights for puppies are generally around 300, with the crate, when things are said and done. Registration fees with NIPPO are around 130-160 for the whole litter. If Genotypes are run, that is 130 per puppy. Plus 700 spent in dog shows and sports or breed booths so far this year… I will probably get around 3400 for this litter, when all is said and done. 

If you think breeding gets you money, you are sorely mistaken. Sometimes, maybe, you break even.

That doesn’t even take into consideration how I told work not to schedule me for two months, so I could commit my time to the puppy care, or how I have to wake up every 3 hours because puppies learned early that eliminating where they lived is a bunch of bullshit (and they would rather do their business outside!) It doesn’t take into account the hours I spend socializing or the money I spend trying to set up new structures and toys for them.

If breeding makes you a significant amount of money, I think you’re doing something wrong.

Siberian witches and wizards have been using magical dog sleds for over eight-hundred years. It is unknown whether the dogs that pull the flying sleds, Borealis hounds (Canis lupus borealis), were bred to pull the sleds or if the sleds were created to make use of a pre-existing magical breed.

Magical sleds are less easily maneuverable than brooms, but are definitely more comfortable for longer journeys. Given the arctic temperatures reached while flying at such heights in the north, especially warm robes made from magically-augmented furs, hides, and wools are usually worn by the sled-driver, while the hounds’ fur and heating magics suffice to keep them warm.

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