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I can never honestly be cuter than Seungri.

Act Like Nothings Wrong- Masterlist

Hey Guys! So I finally made a masterlist for my T.O.P/Choi Seunghyun fanfiction, so that its easier for you new guys to read it chapter by chapter and you regulars can re-read your favourite bits to your hearts content! ;) Its completed <3 Enjoy!

Story Summary: When your friend drags you backstage at a bigbang concert, introducing you to Choi Seunghyun, a man that causes you to lose all sense and reason, what else is there to do, but act like nothing’s wrong…

Chapter 1 -  When your friend drags you backstage at a bigbang concert, introducing you to Choi Seunghyun, a man that causes you to lose all sense and reason, what else is there to do, but act like nothing’s wrong…

Chapter 2 -      “    “    “  

Chapter 3 -  You are in a club with BIGBANG and you end up losing them in the crowd

Chapter 4 -  You discuss your feelings towards TOP with Jiyong, before being taken to Bigbang’s condo.

Chapter 5Waking up next to Choi Seunghyun, followed by cute texts and a surprise arrangement.

Chapter 6Going for a meal with Bigbang

Chapter 7 -  When you go to a live gig with Bigbang and they try to convince your friend to sing after you let slip that she’s pretty good, meaning you have to deal with the consequences.

Chapter 8Fun times with TOP and meeting the infamous YG

Chapter 9 -  Sleepy times with TOP and Daesung, (with a side dish of philosophical Jiyong).

Chapter 10 -  Waking up with TOP and a meeting with Mr Yang

Chapter 11Bigbang give you a tour of YG

Chapter 12Canoodling in the bathroom and jealous TOP, and being introduced to Epik High.

Chapter 13Epik High meet Lucie and Yang calls TOP to his office. :O

Chapter 14TOP returns from President Yang’s office. A brief glimpse of ‘Winner’ and the drive to meet with Tablo.

Chapter 15An Evening with Epik High- TOP explains your relationship up till now. You’re introduced to Tablo’s daughter, Haru.

Chapter 16You confess your feelings to TOP, a conversation with Haru ….and the end of the night

Chapter 17Waking up next to TOP and backstage pre-Bigbang concert.

Chapter 18Getting ready for the concert; a chat with Seungyoon of Winner, A surprising talk with Jiyong, Cheeky TOP and Jiyong surprising Lucie.

Chapter 19Jiyong finds his reason and introduces Lucie to the VIPs. Winner finds out you’re dating TOP and you reward him for an amazing concert, followed by Jealous Seungri and going to get celebratory drinks! :D

Chapter 20You go to the club with Bigbang to celebrate Lucie’s last day of freedom, but the night doesn’t go to plan…

Chapter 21Having a nightmare and being comforted by TOP, talking to Lucie the day after the incident, a visit to the YG building and Jiyong deciding to flash the cash again…

Chapter 22Shopping with Seunghyun, excitement in the changing rooms and TOP has a surprise…

Chapter 23Going to the Zoo with Bigbang :D

Chapter 24TOP takes you home and a lost Jiyong…

Chapter 25You wake up to a news report about your trip to the zoo the day before and your world turns upside down.

Chapter 26 -  Decisions are made and babysitting Haru.

Chapter 27 Top announces he’s in a relationship and you start to suspect that something is wrong…

Chapter 28You spend the day at G-Dragon’s pension- with a brief interruption by the paparazzi-  and meeting Mama Kwon (and Gaho).

Chapter 29The Confession

Chapter 30You meet with Lucie at a cafe and learn of the previous night’s activities and finding out TOP knew…

Chapter 31Lucie tries to deal with her love for both boys.

Chapter 32Waking up next to Jiyong, and attempting to get ready for the party with TOP.

Chapter 33The party- Yang has an announcement.

Chapter 34I’m sorry…’

Chapter 35 Lucie gets angry, going back to Ji’s pension, What happened after you left, desperate phone calls…

Chapter 36Lucie receives a phone call, talking about soulmates, walking Gaho and Homie, Lucie announces some news.

Chapter 37You call TOP.

Chapter 38TOP has a surprise…or two…(and there may also be an unplanned one…)

Chapter 39TOP’s Omma, Being reunited with TOP, and Lucie faces Daesung.

Chapter 40The End.

11 years (and counting) but that doesn’t even include trainee years and stuff they did pre-BigBang. Seungri has been really into business for years. He’s opening an entertainment company on top of those restaurants you mentioned (not literally in top like upstairs but in addition to I guess lol). He’s quite a busy man.


Fetus Seungri is back!! Dance master Lee Seunghyun everybody flash back to this


Pre Debut Daesung singing on his birthday

150503 Inkigayo Pre-Recording

The members were all in a good mood. Especially Taeyang. He kept singing Loser and even changed the lyrics. 

VIP went to washroom &bumped into GD. Her: “omo..” GD copied her: “omo..” for few times (cute!).

Even BB told them to cheer a bit more so they cheered so much but they don’t know if it came out well bc they were so tired. 

At first fans didn’t cheer as much so the staff members said “Cheer louder. Isn’t this BB’s comeback in 3 years?” I think they already knew that fans stayed up all night so they were sorry& they said "It’s hard right? You’re tired right?.

Seungri said he’s glad to meet them and asked those who were originally VIPs to put their hands up& he said thank you T___T .

Seungri said that there are a lot of new faces and asked them to put their hands up if they’re new.

At the end they got Sikhye (sweet rice drink)& sticky rice cake that the members prepared for them.

At the end of Inkigayo pre-recording, Bigbang smiled, waved and did a 90 degree bow to the fans!.

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