pre beard

After Amélie was found by Overwatch Genevieve decided to break her further by crushing her with a hug. The two had been separated for months since Amélie and Gérard had gone into hiding. Unfortunately Genevieve & Amélie’s reunion would be short lived. 


Amélie & Gérard Lacroix © Blizzard

Artwork © Branded-Rose

Pre T Body

Things I like about my pre t body.

-My hairy legs

-My height

-My androgynous-ish face

-My voice (I’m training it to be deeper)

-My feet ( they are big and looks like my uncle’s)

-My hair line


Things I don’t like.


-Lumps on my chest

-The lack of beard

-My androgynous-ish face (love hate relationship)

-My hands

-My voice when i get excited

-The lack of beard

-My sholders

-My butt

-The lack of beard


There are times when I’d like to just censor out my own body, times when it’s too hard to see what shouldn’t be. That’s why I make it such an important mission of mine to spread the message of self love.

We can disagree with what we’ve been given, but we should never think less of or mistreat our body. You’ve fought many battles and, though bruised, your body has always won.

This is your gentle reminder to be kind to yourself. You deserve it. 💗

swiftsnowmane replied to your post: request for you if you’re able to do it: obi and…

ehrmahgerd…is Obi-Wan clean-shaven for Satine in this? :3

lolol indeed, tho, I guess it might depend on which AU you want it to be?

If he left the Order for her pre-TPM, maybe the beard never happened?

But if you prefer Clone Wars canon divergence, then you can imagine a late-term pregnant Satine being a bit cranky and uncomfortable, and Obi-Wan being all sweetly concerned and asking, can I do anything to make you feel better?

And she just…