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Inside Hollywood’s first gay bar: Call Her Savage (1932)

This scene from Clara Bow’s 1932 comeback movie was the first of its kind (that is, the first Hollywood film to depict what is clearly a gay bar complete with same sex couples) and would be the last for the next 30 years until Otto Preminger’s 1962 Advise and Consent. In this scene heiress Nasa Springer (Bow) has asked Jay Randall (Anthony Jowitt) to show her around New York. Their detour to the above bar is fascinating both as a contemporary recreation and for the lack of snide remark or comment of any kind it elicits from Bow, her beau, director John Francis Dillon, or writers Edwin J Burke and Tiffany Thayer. Neither the bar nor its patrons require either ridicule or explanation, they simply exist. There are several rather seedy scenes in this movie but this is certainly not one. In that respect Call Her Savage stands in stark opposition to 1962′s Advise and Consent where the infamous gay bar scene is essentially a way of illustrating the corruption and general seaminess of certain characters, gay bar scenes thus functioning as a kind ‘eye into the underworld’ for several decades following. I should point out for the sake of fairness that Savage is quite an un-PC film by today’s standards. But it is revealing of Pre-Code era filmmaking that miscegenation is more taboo and elicits a greater need for censure and explanation than either homosexuality or female promiscuity.

Bow and Jowitt aside, all actors in these scenes are uncredited extras, including the very good dancing waiters.

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Sooo. Iv been doing a thing!
I bought a Hujoo Freya head and put it on a Catrine Demew Monster Hugh body! And I would say it came out awesome! I’m very happy with the results!
I carved the neck with a knife. Since if i didnt the neck would look way to long and out of proportion to the body. I found there’s a small pre-made bar in the neck that I used for my elastic cord.
I then got a decent sized washer and used that to kept my elastic cord on and boom. Heads on.
I did also use some hot glue on the neck joint to help the head stay in position and allow it better movement.
After that I went ahead and did a face up and made her a wig. I’m super happy with her and thought I’d share my hybrid!

If you decide to make your own monster high hybrid like this. Totally tag me or something. I would love to see! :3

This scene from 1934’s Wonder Bar involves a handsome man asking a dancing couple if he can cut in. The female partner, expecting his attention, agrees, only to see him dance with her male partner. An onlooker then flaps his wrist and says, “Boys will be boys! Woo!” This scene almost caused the Production Code to reject the film, and aren’t we glad they didn’t? The characters hillariously fly in the face of acceptable behavior. Also note the Conductor who can’t keep a straight face. Pre-code Hollywood humor at its best.

Something Beautiful- Conor Maynard Imagine

Word Count: 1,188

Request:  Can you do a reader x Conor one where they sing a song together and then he ask her out on a date. Add more if you please. Thanks. Love your writing xxx 

Author’s Note: This is my first ever request!(: 


Today was a very special day. Today you were releasing your very first single.

You had been posting covers to Youtube for about 4 years now and loved it. You were able to get your voice out there. During your free time, you also worked on some original music. It had been a long and tiring process, but it was all about to be worth it.

You sat in your flat getting ready for your launch party. You couldn’t decide what to wear. Pacing back and forth in front of your wardrobe in frustration. After what seemed like forever, you finally decided on an outfit. A beautiful, sleek, black jumpsuit with a cutout in the back. Paired with some red stilettos. You were ready to take on the night.

The car arrived and took you to the terrace where the party was being held. It was everything you dreamed of. Gorgeous decorations, fairy lights, and stage for you to perform. And the view was spectacular. Your friends and guests started to arrive. You went around to chat and hug everyone as they congratulated you. The room was in good spirits and people were having a good time. After making your rounds visiting with everyone, you saw this as a great opportunity to get a drink from the bar. Just to relieve some pre-performance jitters.

At the bar you spotted a lean man, in a blue button up dress shirt. He was staring into a mirror, running his fingers through his fluffy, brown hair. You walked toward him in hopes of seeing his face. You tapped him on the shoulder causing him to jump a little.

“They do have bathrooms you know.”

As he spun around, you realized who he was, it was Conor Maynard.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t the girl of the night (Y/N)! Looking absolutely stunning! How are you lovely?” he asked.

You had met Conor a few times at events and talked occasionally on Twitter. Other than that you hadn’t hung out or collabed at all.

“Conor what a pleasant surprise! I’m fantastic. How about yourself? Are you having a good time?”you smiled.

“Oh yeah! I’m great! Even better time now that you’re here.”he smirked.

“Is that so?” you teased.

“It is. But do you know what would make it even better?”

Before he could finish, your manager waved you over giving you your cue to go on stage.

Cutting him off, “Sorry Conor. Can we talk later?”

“Uhh yeah sure. No worries!” he reassured.


Your performance went better than you imagined. People applauded and some of your friends sang along. Seeing as they had heard your single long before it’s release. It made you so happy to see everyone appreciating your music. It excited you to think that this was only the single. You couldn’t wait for them to hear the whole album.

As the night went on, you hadn’t seen Conor anywhere. Did he see your performance? Did he leave? You wondered what he wanted to talk to you about. It probably wasn’t anything more than meaningless flirting. Remembering your previous encounter from earlier.

Your guests had pretty much left at this point. The room empty. The only people around were you and the catering staff.

You walked up on the stage taking the night in. You swore you were on cloud nine. Thinking about how far you’ve come with your music and where you wanted to go. Out of the corner of your eye you noticed the piano on the side of the stage. You decided to sit at it and take your shoes off. As pretty as your new stilettos were, your feet were killing you. You kicked your heels off and started to play. You were so focused, you didn’t realize someone sat beside you. Until they placed their hand on the keys and started to play along with you. Startled, you quickly pulled your hands back and turned to see Conor.

“What the hell Conor? You scared the shit out of me! What are you doing here?” you questioned.

“Well I saw you playing and I just couldn’t resist jumping in. I love the piano. Sorry for the scare.” he laughed.

“Right. Me too, but I mean what are you still doing here? The party’s over.”

“(Y/N) you said we could talk later. So I took that quite literal.” Looking at me with sincere eyes,”It’s later!” he joked.

“Haha very funny Maynard. What do you want?” you laughed.

He began to press his fingers to the keys, playing an upbeat tune. “I was wondering if you would collab with me yeah yeah.” he sang loudly. This caught you off guard, making you respond with laughter.

He finished his little song, “No but seriously though. Would you collab with me?”

“And why should I do that?” you asked.

“Because we would make beautiful music together.” he said looking back at you with a smile.

You looked up at him, crossing your arms. You had an idea. “Tell you what.” you said with a grin. “Let’s make a deal. I’ll collab with you. If you put those heels on, come up on this stage, and sing a little song for me.”

“Seriously?” he said in disbelief. You nodded. Conor sprang up from the piano and grabbed the heels. Trying so hard to fit his big feet into them. When he stood up, he looked like a baby deer learning how to walk. Stumbling and catching himself, working his way to the center of the stage. You pulled up a chair and sat right in front of the stage.

“Well go on then!” you shouted.

Conor stood with one hand on his hip and the other holding the microphone. “Hello beautiful people! I’m Conorina and this a rendition of pop diva Chrisitna Aguilera’s song Beautiful.” He started singing dramatically and dancing. Striking you sassy poses as the song went on. You sang along with him. Trying so hard to hold in your laughter. He finished the same way he started, with his hip popped out and microphone in hand.

You couldn’t hold in your laughter anymore, “Bravo! Bravo Conorina!” you applauded as he bowed and blew a kiss.

“Can I take these off now?” he asked out of breath.

“Yes you can.” you said with a smile. “Well done Maynard. I guess I owe you a collab. Just DM me and let me know the details. Goodnight Conorina.” you winked at him. As you collected your shoes and made your way out the door, you heard a voice call out to you.

“Hey (Y/N)! I was thinking maybe after we collab…we could go out for dinner or something?”

“Hmm we’ll see how beautiful the music is Maynard. After all, you said we would make beautiful music together. Let’s see if you’re right.”

“Maybe music isn’t the only beautiful thing we’d make together.” he said with a cheeky grin.

Even though that line might’ve been cheesy, you couldn’t deny it was cute. “Yeah maybe.” you replied looking him up and down.

“Goodnight gorgeous.”

“Goodnight Conor”

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By the Wayside

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout (Video Games)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Female Courier/Ulysses, Courier/Ulysses (Fallout), Female Courier & Ulysses, Courier & Ulysses
Characters: Female Courier, Courier (Fallout), Ulysses (Fallout), Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s)
Additional Tags: Flashback, Pre-Game(s), Pre-Canon, Backstory, Pre-Relationship, Post-Game(s), Friendship, Flagrant Abuse of the Semicolon

Long before the Platinum Chip, before the war in the Mojave, before the package from Navarro, the Courier has a chance encounter in a wayside bar.

(Set pre-game and in between chapters of “At the End of the Road”; Ulysses/F!Courier pre-relationship)

Quick idea for the OMGCP trope challenge Magic AU thing (that I may or may not write):

Bitty bakes his feelings into his pies. Literally. He’s aware, so he is very careful not to bake when he’s stressed out, or at least not to share; stress pies and anger pies asks sexually frustrated pies get (tragically) thrown away. So do in love pies, because otherwise everyone who eats them walks around in a romantic daze.

Of course, sometimes one of the boys discovers a to-be-thrown away pie before it meets it’s fate, and it’s always the catalyst for An Incident. Once, Dex and Nursey devoured a Bitty-needs-to-get-laid pie, and they were discoverered covered in blueberry filling and half naked on the kitchen table. Bitty screamed and yelled about “Y'all better bleach my whole kitchen when y'all’re done!” as he spun and exited as quickly as he could.

After a few too many throw away pies are pilfered before meeting with the trash can, Bitty is more careful. They color code the pie tins, he leaves notes. It mostly works.

The thing is though, that if any of Bitty’s feelings are directed at you, and you eat the pie? The effects are doubled. And they impact you in occasionally strange or inverse ways. Shitty helped Bitty with a paper, so he baked a grateful peach cobbler. Shitty cried and hugged Bits for twenty minutes (they snuggled and talked about jam and feelings).

Lardo and Bitty won a game against Rans and Holster. The celebration cookies made everyone super happy and full of pride for three days. His get-psyched-carbo-load pre-game granola bars get everyone pumped and they play exceedingly well; they’re like a pep talk in a bar.

The Frogs surprised Bitty by scrubbing the kitchen, and their mini thank you pies kept them motivated for days; all their homework was done, laundry, too. Also, they were extra polite to each other. It was weird because their chirping practically stopped altogether.

So, when Bitty bakes falling-in-love-with-Jack maple crusted apple pie, (and fails to realize it) at first, Jack just feels really good about himself. His anxiety is at a low, he takes a little extra time to appreciate his body in the mirror….but then, he starts to notice how his heart flutters around Bitty. And how he always wants to be near him, how Bitty makes him laugh, and how they play off each other on and off the ice. How the sunlight through Bitty’s golden hair gives him a soft glow that makes Jack’s fingers itch for his camera.

And holy crap: Jack Zimmermann is in love with Eric Bittle!

Of course, there’s a mild panic that Bitty made it happen (from Bitty, not Jack) but there’s gentle reassurance and a toe curling kiss, and then Bitty is certain that accidentally in love pie was the greatest thing he’s ever baked.

Oops, now I wanna write it… @omgcp-tropechallenge
Troubled Water - Chapter 3 - bea_bickerknife
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 3/3
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Georgina Orwell/Count Olaf, Georgina Orwell/Josephine Anwhistle (mention)
Additional Tags: Olaf-induced near-death experience, Heavily implied previous bisexual polyamory, (say that five times fast), Ersatz weaponry, Villainous monologuing, Sort of like a triathlon, But with attempted homicide instead of cycling, Pre-SoUE
Summary: A bar mitzvah, a bridge, and a baptism of sorts.

It’s finished! If you’ve ever wondered what might have transpired to lead Dr. Orwell to a life under the radar at Lucky Smells, here’s one possible version of events.

[Consider this my solemn vow that the next Olaf-involving fic I write will be lighthearted and fun for once…well, within reason, anyway.

Thanks, as always, to @misskusakabe, @countolafnph, and @rawrrawrraygor, who have lent their support in various wonderful ways to this entire process.]

Invisible (Bucky Barnes x Reader)


Word Count: 3k

Synopsis: James Buchanan Barnes went to war and got captured by the enemy. Steven Grant Rogers became Captain Amerian to save his childhood best friend and that’s what he did. But after going through hell, could Bucky really resume his life and live the way he used to before all of this happened? Steve hopes so, therefore he brings him back to Bucky’s favorite bar to go lady-hunting.

“I’m invisible!” Bucky exclaimed, defeated after the girl left.

For the second time tonight a pretty girl came up to Steve and him and started cooing and giggling at Steve’s every word all the while looking at him like he was the most delicious eye candy she had every laid her eyes on. It was simply infuriating to see the roles swapped like that!

“I’m turning into you, it’s like a horrible nightmare!” He realized the irony of the situation.

That’s how Steve must have felt the whole time – every time Bucky charmed a girl and he was left alone at the bar, not even drinking more than one beer because he had such a low tolerance for alcohol. Now, only God knows if he even could get drunk anymore with his super solider serum filled blood. And the guy had the audacity to enjoy himself right now!

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