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Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place part 1 (Lin x Reader)

Paring: Lin x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language

Summary: The first time you seen Lin after high school is when you audition for his new musical. You’re excited to work with him, to star in his musical, and to rebuild your friendship. There’s just one problem: you’re still madly in love with him. 

A/N: This is my first imagine, I’m ridiculously nervous about posting this so I’d really appreciate any feedback! Two things- I’m expecting this to be about eight parts and it’s told in flashbacks and events of the present day. You’ll be able to see where the flashbacks start and end because of the tense change and asterisks!

YOU take a deep breath as you near the entrance to the theater. This is it. You are auditioning to be a member of the original Broadway cast of Hamilton. You’ve read the script, listened to the demos, and fell in love with the musical. You stare at your reflection in the dark mirrored door. This is the moment.

You reach out, pulling the door open and stepping inside the building. It’s cool inside, a stark contrast to the blister heat outside. A bead of sweat trickles down your neck as you maneuver your way towards the area that you’re supposed to be at. You nervously straighten your blouse and swallow around the lump that’s been forming in your throat for the last few minutes. It’s not your normal pre-audition nerves that’s causing so much anxiety, rather it’s the fact that within the hour you’ll be face to face with Lin Manuel- Miranda for the first time since your senior year.

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Actor Jack in a musical theatre production of Davey's book..? Maybe..? Xxxxxx

Tah dah! This went in an… interesting direction. Everything I know about auditioning for musicals comes from Smash. So sorry about that :’)

As soon as Jack walked into the casting room, Davey’s suddenly found himself paying attention. After seeing person after person, almost identical auditions, he’d been so close to falling asleep. It wasn’t necessary a reflection of the quality of the men auditioning but he knew he didn’t get much of a say in who eventually got cast in the role. He was there to suggest, to watch, and to leave the important details to the professionals. But then he looked up and found Jack stood in the middle of the room, cocky when everyone else had been nervous. He’d have noticed him even if he hadn’t met him before. But he had. The night before. And that morning.

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ASTRO for Harper’s Bazaar Korea May 2017 Issue - Sanha

What did you do before coming to the filming site today?
I had my guitar lesson. I used to learn (to play) by myself but I wanted to strengthen my basics so I’ve been taking lessons once per week since not too long ago.

You playing your guitar and singing Kim Kwang Seok’s I’ll Become Dust at an audition pre-debut was memorable.
It’s a song that my father really liked and enjoyed singing. His original dream was to become a singer. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen him singing with a guitar in his hands since so long ago but I think he’s had a great impact on me. 2 years ago, he had my older brother who was leaving to join the army the next day, stand in from of him and he sang ‘A Letter from a Private.’ Even his favorite song to sing at karaoke is Kim Kwang Seok sunbae-nim’s ‘Around Thirty.’

What do you think about the most throughout the day?

Hm… guitar! I’ve recently been practicing with the guitar my fans gifted me and it makes me realize how precious it is.

You’re the youngest in your team. Aren’t you the only one born in the 2000s?
It’s a truth I found out later on but I actually nearly didn’t make it into ASTRO’s member line-up. During the time when they couldn’t make up their minds because I was too young, I suddenly grew taller and went through a growth spurt. My growth rate suddenly shot up past 10cm during my 3rd year of middle school and I was able to join as ASTRO’s younger member. Even recently, I’m continuing to grow little by little. I’ve to stop (growing) now though (laughs).

Do you have a nickname?
4-cut fairy! There’s an app that automatically merges 4 of your selfies. I use that to take pictures and then I’ll often upload them on Twitter. It seems like I’m always using the same facial expressions so I’ve been taking pictures while studying up (laughs).

Do you have any personal talents as well?
MJ hyung seriously has a lot. He’s the king of imitation. I really can’t do impersonations. There’s one I practiced by myself. Doraemon?

What are your goals for 2017?
I want to try winning no. 1 on a public broadcast. We’ve yet to win even once.

Taking this interview as an opportunity, is there anything that you really want to say?
There’s something I’d like to say to AROHAs. We’ve been in hiatus after wrapping up promotions for our 3rd album but we’re zealously preparing! Please wait just a little longer! Please make sure to tell them that I’ve dyed my hair (laughs).

Translation: @99pmh
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Jungkook Pre-debut Audition for SuperStarK3

anonymous asked:

ey can i ask u about shuichis true personality? im really confused about it

I can certainly try, anon! It’s normal to be confused—ndrv3’s ending allows for a lot of speculation and leeway, and there’s still not a lot we know about most of the characters pre-game. But Saihara’s audition video is perhaps the most startling and drastically different glimpse we get of any of the characters’ pre-game and in-game selves, which is I think exactly why Tsumugi showed it to them during the Chapter 6 trial.

In a way, the reveal about Saihara and even the other characters having potentially signed themselves up for the killing game is even more shocking than the reveal about Hinata being Kamukura in sdr2. Where the latter was a reveal that came as a surprise, certainly, it also made sense given the clues that had been presented up until then, and all the fixation Hinata had with the idea of “talent” and wanting to join Hope’s Peak, to the point where it was understandable once the player realized he had willingly signed up to be experimented on and throw his true self away.

But the Saihara reveal comes as a bigger shock specifically because of the way Tsumugi phrases it. Without context, it certainly looks as if pre-game Saihara, the one who we see in the audition tape, is simply someone who was so into Danganronpa that he was interested in murders, closed-room tricks, etc. that he had almost none of the compassion or empathy for others that in-game Saihara does.

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60 Random Things About This Week’s So You Think You Can Dance

1.  Okay, back to New York auditions.

2.  Let’s see if Vanessa Hudgens makes me start a “Stupid Things Vanessa Hudgens Said THIS Week” list.

3.  I kinda hope she does.

4.  Cat doesn’t give Vanessa Hudgens any superlatives this episode, but we still have to hear about how Mandy Moore choreographed That Movie That Will Not Be Named Because I’m Fucking Done.

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An important note to all the lovely dancers currently auditioning- a rejection does not mean a failure. It does not mean that you are a bad dancer. It does not mean that you can’t ever be in that company. It absolutely does not not mean that you can’t follow your dreams. It just means that now wasn’t the time and there is something better out there for you! <3

From July 2010 to July 2011

Actually, they met once before at McDonald’s during the pre-auditions but let’s start when we get actual footage of them together, aka when the band is formed.

July - December 2010 : X-Factor

Context : There were rumours about Zayn making-out (if not more) with boys in Bradford, spread by some of his friends when he got noticed for not wanting to dance during Boot camp. I had some links of discussions and forums from this period and it was discussed like common knowledge amongst fans but everything got deleted (which is also interesting since it was up until I posted them a few months ago).

Honestly, during the XF, they’re almost as close as Louis and Harry. But, unlike Larry, during this period, they are both very oblivious of this attraction between them. There’s no other words. They just met ! Like, in the first footages they’ve known each other for 3 months, something like that. And this is how they act :

January - July 2011

Context : Last 2010, all the boys are rumored to be dating someone from the XF (Harry and presenter Cheryl Cole, Niall and contestant Sophia Wardman from the Belle Amie girlband, Aiden Grimshaw and dancer Caoife Coleman : there are pics for each couple but hey, google is your friend), except Louis who is still “dating” Hannah. For Zayn, it’s contestant Geneva Lane (the only time they’re seen together and quite publicly as well. Also, the Payzer kissing pics, not released yet, are from the same period, probably month… week… day ? which is quite interesting) and later Rebecca Ferguson (cheating angle, yes, that soon) and for Liam it’s dancer Danielle Peazer. But the one that’s gonna stick for this period is Payzer (see Payzer 1.0), through cryptic and not so subtle tweets (let’s add that during the XF, Liam was obviously considered for the frontman role and I think it was meant to make him look more desirable), Zebecca (with some cheating scandal, I think because the rumours about his sexuality started to spread with their newly found fame) and obviously, Louhannah (they probably weren’t together anymore though but Louis needed to look straight too). Interestingly enough, these 3 relationships end in July.

During this period, they’re still very very close. Something’s different though. Their dynamic changed : Zayn is now the pursuer when before, it was Liam. So maybe Zayn starts to realise he has feelings for Liam or he’s still oblivious but more and more attracted to him. In any case, he acts way more in love that he did during the XF. And Liam notices it. And it seems like, when Liam is the instigator of the touch, it’s ok, but if it’s Zayn, Liam will froze somehow. The more Zayn returns his “advances”, the more Liam grows uncomfortable. And there’s only one possible reason for this : Liam is realising that there is something not platonic between them.

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Jun baby | 160312 ASTRO Jinjin and 24K Jeongguk SMTM5 Pre-Auditions Rap Battle (Full)
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Audition/Pre-Show Pump Up Mix!
For all your pre-show dressing room and pump up needs. Everything from nostalgic to pump up to sing-a-long! Enjoy!

Pre-Show Dressing Room Pump Up Mix/Get Ready to Rock That Audition Mix

1. Dog Days Are Over 2. ABC 3. All Star 4. One Week 5. You Don’t Know Me 6. Viva La Vida 7. Circle of Life 8. Bust Your Windows 9. Little Lion Man 10. Hot Knife 11. Some Nights 12. Radioactive 13. Generator 14. Animal Arithmetic 15. Lady Percy 16. Something New 17. Barbie Girl 18. The Run and Go 19. With Arms Outstretched 20. Don’t Trust Me 21. Love You Madly 22. Drops of Jupiter 23. Nothing to Prove 24. Hey Jude 25. Bennie and the Jets 26. Below My Feet 27. Soul Man 28. The Devil Never Sleeps 29. Bohemian Rhapsody 30. I Love This 31. Everybody Loves Me 32. All These Things That I’ve Done 33. Tearin’ Up My Heart 34. Chicago 35. Stars of Leo 36. The Future Freaks Me Out 37. Sk8er Boi 38. RillRill 39. End of Time 40. Triphallus, To Punctuate! 41. I Don’t Worry 42. Bang Bang Bang 43. God Is The DJ 44. Everybody’s Changing 45. Kiss With a Fist 46. When U Love Somebody 47. Give A Little 49. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh 50. The Futile 51. Shark In The Water 52. Learnalilgivinanlovin 53. Lollipop 54. Pack Up 55. Crash Years 56. Lady Marmalade 57. I Want You Back 58. Lollipop 59. Flying the Flat For You 60. Count Down 61. Back in Black 62. What I’d Say 63. Hooked On a Feeling 64. The Gospel Truths 65. June Gloom 66. Wavin’ Flag 67. Touches You 68. Revolution 69. Bad Romance 70. Bye Bye Bye 71. All the Right Moves 72. Hey Soul Sister 73. Shake Your Tailfeather