pre ai

my favorite billies:

• tinie peroxide blonde snapback hs billie
• chubby flash-his-asshole warning era billie
• punk-ass nose ring blond dookie era billie
• soft n tired pre-AI post-network billie
• eyeliner-perfectly-smudged striped red pants 21cb era billie
• tumbled light brown roots and blond ends sleepy cuatro era billie
• nye 2004 chillin’ with snoop dog billie

so some caveats

Lucio is everyone’s friend I only put lines to some who he would REALLY get along with

Reaper76 is before the fall of Overwatch the bitterness and resent in Gabe for Overwatch was fighting against his love for Jack and now the two are jaded exs

Widowtracer potentially OT3 with Emily 

Symmetra & Torbjorn are vitriolic buds they compete and compare their tech and even tho they mess with each other they do respect eachother’s craft

Bastion’s AI is pre-crisis and tbh I think Seige automation probably had less robust AI to regular omnics so their AI isn’t sophisticated enough for me to feel like their okay to ship with anyone

Dwarven Insults

Because every fic needs that emotional breakdown moment where [insert Dwarrow/dam here] shouts in their secret tongue. Or if you just want some insults to throw around! Feel free to uset them, I just gather them from the Dwarrowscholar’s dictionary and other such places. I’ll try to put where I find any that aren’t from there when I can. If there’s nothing added in parenthesis, assume it’s taken from the updated Dwarrowscholar Dictionary.

I’ll add more as I find them.

(Can be considered a companion to my Dwarven Endearments post)

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honestly i feel bad for chell now bc chell has always been alone in the games really
everyone’s dead and the only people she knows are either pre-recorded messages or AIs who backstab her
glados never gives her a break and wheatley fucks up and gets launched into space
she always had to stand on her own two feet with hardly any kind of real encouragement and support
just someone give chell a hUG AND A REAL FRIENDSHIP