pre 98


she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco

Pre 98 Bubba Kush • Indica • This tasty trichome coated classic provides the pain relief of a heavy Indica without the couch lock! It’s sweet, earthy undertones surface when you combust it creating an unmistakably Kushy and candy like flavor. It’s no surprise this strain has been a longtime favorite as it’s balanced effects and amazing flavor hit a home run for any Indica lover.

me: *walks outside the band room with my French horn*

random student: OMG nice trumpet!


- Eiji Kisaragi pre-fight, The King of Fighters 1998: Ultimate Match: Final Edition (SNK-Playmore)

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I have suddenly become sort of enamoured with the old pre-Windows/PC-98 Touhou character designs ;m; I feel they’re very reflective of a certain era or something, they’re kinda nostalgic…also it’s really interesting how the characters have changed over time.

So here’s some old hakama pants Reimu with her flying turtle familiar Genji and red-haired Marisa.