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Sterek fic recs

So, I haven’t recced much on tumblr lately, and so I thought I’d do a rec list of the fics I’ve read in the last 6 mths or so. I may have recced some of these before, but since I don’t have a consistent fic rec tag, I can’t be sure. Oh well - re-reccing a great fic is never a bad thing :D

Enjoy <3


The Man in the Snow by mikkimouse - 16k, historical/amnesia/single-dad!derek

Stumble, Tumble, Fall by keskasi - 7.5k, Stiles/Parrish friendship, Derek/Parrish friendship, fluff, jealousy and misunderstandings

A Neutrino Walks Through a Bar by Moku - 45k, hs!stiles, stiles&cora friends, matchmaker!stiles, coffee-shop-worker!derek, science-geek!derek

How Derek Met His Smallest Fan by purpleduvet - 37k, single-dad!stiles, future, kid fic

Rainy Days Never Prepared Him For This by CiaraWrites - 8k, angry-umbrella-guy!derek, not!dating, cuddling, fluff, stiles and derek neighbors

only fools rush in by decideophobia - 13.5k, f/p relationship, laura getting married, alive hales

You Keep Showing Up by scottmcniceass - 15k, werewolf!stiles, s1 canon divergent

Maybe Someday (I’ll Be Home for Next Year) by ofherlionheart - 16k, grandma stilinski, derek lives in NY

Sea Foam and Sunshine by Jenetica - 20k, mermaid!stiles

Closer Than Most - by Finduilas - 47k, bachelor auction, alive laura hale, miscommunication

Holding Your Own Weight by zjofierose - 60k, historical, circus au

Spend a Lifetime by PercyBysseShelley - 24k, derek and stiles keep meeting while travelling across europe au, alive!laura

Desolate by vagueshadows - 130k, brain-washed!stiles, amnesia!stiles, post-alpha pack, derek/stiles/isaac 3way relationship, angst angst and more angst

Courage Through Fear by pookahseraph - 51k, magic!stiles, pre-3a alpha pack

After You by Castielific - 60k, hunter!stiles, stiles believes werewolves killed his mom au