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Partner Match Up: female, long wavy brown hair, green eyes, petite and curvy. Hard working, Kind, Open-minded, Curious, and Laid-back. Rather low interest in sex tbh, but not repulsed and am willing to please my partner (male or female). I enjoy reading, learning, video games that are puzzle based or have good storylines, rainy days, traveling, helping others, animals, and new experiences with my friends. I'm currently in school for a double major in Bio-chemistry and Pre-med, (1a/3a)

and so when I’m not studying I volunteer at the hospital or animals shelters, and also work part-time. Despite my busy schedule, I do my best to make time for my friends and for myself, and will happily slack off when I can particularly with a well earned or not deserved nap, snacks, and a day to stay in. My best quality is my open mind and kindness, but my worst flaw is my insecurity and rather mediocre interpersonal skills which I’m trying to work on. My goal in life is to continuously (2a/3a)

educate myself and make the world a little kinder, and I plan on doing so by becoming a doctor or research scientist, and to keep up to date with charity programs and global politics. For a partner I look for trust, understanding, and someone who I can easily talk, joke, seek advice from, and just be quiet with and do our own things together. Thank you very much for your hard work and time with these match ups! I hope you take it easy after you finish all of these lol. Have a good day! (3a/3a)            

I would match you with… Solomon!

> While your both life goals are not exactly the same, they do go nicely with each other and have similar path to achieve them. Also what you seek in a partner is exactly what Solomon can offer to you, while you yourself do well as an intellectual partner for him in many ways. It’s promised to give you two a stable relationship with none of you coming short in terms of what you like and what you want to be respected for

> Sometimes lacking a skill requires learning from the best. While you will have to tell him that you’ll be observing him sometimes, it’s not deniable that when you do he actually feels a little flattered since it’s his natural skill that you seem to admirer. Once you feel more confident, you can count on Solomon to listen to you reciting a speech or text and if you ask him to, he’ll be lending you his mental support by standing next to you while you try out your new social skills on real people, sometimes giving you small hints like looking at their body language and mimic

> Whenever you feel insecure about anything you will have a safe haven in Solomon. He is no one to beautify his choice of words and will give you his very earnest and maybe a little harsh opinion on the topic. This might make you feel bad about it in this moment but just before things might get frustrating he’ll drop a nice and reassuring sentence to lift you up, making the problem seem more realistic and solvable then before the conversation with him. His harshness masks just how much he wants you to feel better again and if it’s just a small everyday rant you might be surprised if he joins you, imitating stereotypical responses like “Yes, I know, right?” making you both laugh because the trouble seem to disperse when you are next to him

Thank you! And well, not quite yet but as soon as the exams are coming up I will have to put myself on hiatus from writing for a few days (actually weeks I am afraid…) and then start more slowly again, until then I want to get a lot done, so no one has to wait too long for their request!
But girl, I sure hope you give yourself the time you need to recover every now and then. I can just imagine that your life must be packed, which is not bad but certainly needs to be balanced somehow. You sure have my respect, cause next to you, my dream and efforts seem very, very small and selfish lol. I wish you the best of luck in achieving what you want, the way you want!

Sterek fic recs

So, I haven’t recced much on tumblr lately, and so I thought I’d do a rec list of the fics I’ve read in the last 6 mths or so. I may have recced some of these before, but since I don’t have a consistent fic rec tag, I can’t be sure. Oh well - re-reccing a great fic is never a bad thing :D

Enjoy <3


The Man in the Snow by mikkimouse - 16k, historical/amnesia/single-dad!derek

Stumble, Tumble, Fall by keskasi - 7.5k, Stiles/Parrish friendship, Derek/Parrish friendship, fluff, jealousy and misunderstandings

A Neutrino Walks Through a Bar by Moku - 45k, hs!stiles, stiles&cora friends, matchmaker!stiles, coffee-shop-worker!derek, science-geek!derek

How Derek Met His Smallest Fan by purpleduvet - 37k, single-dad!stiles, future, kid fic

Rainy Days Never Prepared Him For This by CiaraWrites - 8k, angry-umbrella-guy!derek, not!dating, cuddling, fluff, stiles and derek neighbors

only fools rush in by decideophobia - 13.5k, f/p relationship, laura getting married, alive hales

You Keep Showing Up by scottmcniceass - 15k, werewolf!stiles, s1 canon divergent

Maybe Someday (I’ll Be Home for Next Year) by ofherlionheart - 16k, grandma stilinski, derek lives in NY

Sea Foam and Sunshine by Jenetica - 20k, mermaid!stiles

Closer Than Most - by Finduilas - 47k, bachelor auction, alive laura hale, miscommunication

Holding Your Own Weight by zjofierose - 60k, historical, circus au

Spend a Lifetime by PercyBysseShelley - 24k, derek and stiles keep meeting while travelling across europe au, alive!laura

Desolate by vagueshadows - 130k, brain-washed!stiles, amnesia!stiles, post-alpha pack, derek/stiles/isaac 3way relationship, angst angst and more angst

Courage Through Fear by pookahseraph - 51k, magic!stiles, pre-3a alpha pack

After You by Castielific - 60k, hunter!stiles, stiles believes werewolves killed his mom au