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Made In The A.M. 13/11/15

Concept: a video popping up on 1D twitter, facebook and insta. In the video louis says that they are having an important livestream the next day. When the stream begins, theres only harry sitting on a couch, saying something like “we are very thankful for your support through these years. We have always tried to show our true selves to you, while sometimes it has just been impossible. Today, here, we are ready to show you the one truth that some of you have known since the beginning. Welcome.” and then it cuts to the larry wedding™, which is just about to begin.

anonymous asked:

you forgot that 8 years ago today louis n harry went to the same script concertttt!

Haha I didn’t forget–I didn’t know! Looks like it checks out though wowwwww that is a very long time ago. I generally don’t like going that far back tbh–I don’t feel comfortable trying to date their baby photos etc and only have a very small handful of pre-1D moments (hence the “bonus” note on today’s post)–though I might have to make an exception for this one, esp considering they mentioned it themselves a couple times. Idk! Either way that’s a decision for 2018 me to make lol. Thanks!


I can’t

I’m sure I’ll get mean anons for this, but I think SOMEONE bought their own album to pump up sales. All of the retail store reports from fans were saying 1D was well outselling JB, physical sales at Walmart & Target were well above his, and even when Niall called that place in LA it was outselling 2-to-1.

I know he’s the one with the major radio play right now, but casual fans are NOT who buys albums the first week. They’ll buy songs and MAYBE albums later.

For iTunes pre-sales of 1D in a week to have gone from double his in 1/3 of the time to less in 6 days?  I think he wanted that #1 enough to buy it.