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It’s been interesting leaning some details about the grand social experiment that is One Direction.  The manipulation of fans by Syco/Sony is real and has played a huge role in what we know as One Direction.  I think, often, we have played into Sony/Syco’s hand, but that only goes so far.  If the diabolically ingenious marketing strategy was solely responsible for 1D’s unprecedented success, they most certainly would have replicated that success (to some extent) by now.  What all the social media and exposure did was to provide a window into the lives of 5 boys.  They kept a pretty tight rein on what was displayed, but it was the boys, parts of them at least, we saw through that window.  I don’t buy into the idea that everything we see is a PR contrivance.  PR pushes certain stunts, narratives and obscures certain truths about celebrities.  Celebrities will try to keep some elements of privacy in tact (if they value their sanity.)  If someone has a lot of public exposure, however, the kind of person they are (in real life) will eventually become apparent.  (I think even most Justin Bieber fans are well aware he’s kind of a jerk on some level.)  As the Beatles (and 1D) sang, “Nothing you can know that isn’t known, Nothing you can see that isn’t shown, Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be, It’s easy.”

The lads have paid a price for all this exposure - the withering glare - millions of seemingly unblinking eyes.  The thing is, those unblinking eyes also “fell in love” with the boys and their reputation of being lovely, humble, kind people reinforces our observations.  Consequently, the fan base truly feels they know the lads on some level and there has been an almost familial bond formed.   In my corner of the fandom, people refer to the lads as their sons.  (I call them my nephews.)  We want to nurture and support “our boys” more than anything.  Steve Aoki has marveled at the One Direction fan “army” and it’s support for he and Louis (in spite of Louis’ miserable team.)  Louis has bent over backward expressing gratitude to the fans - all the lads praise the fandom effusively.  While the invasive entitlement of the fan base is a down side, the deep connection we have with the lads is an upside for them.  The ONLY reason this grand experiment worked this well, for this long is because of WHO the lads are.  

They are the ones performing on stage, who can enthrall an audience without the usual pop gimmicks.  They are the goofy, rowdy, irrepressible, thoroughly decent, charming and eminently likable guys.  They are the creative force behind the band.  We did buy into the experiment, but it couldn’t have been this successful, for this long if the lads weren’t who they are.

We have made Sony/Syco richer, to be sure, but we’ve also given the lads a huge amount of power.  (Which is a VERY rare commodity for artists in the music industry.)  Our connection with the lads - their connection with us has made them master of their own destinies - as One Direction and as solo artists.  (Louis will be free soon, don’t worry.)  Ultimately, the genius wasn’t in Sony/Syco’s marketing plan, but in WHO they were marketing.  In the long term, it’s “our boys” who will benefit most, certainly not Syco.  That diabolical, ingenious plan was conceived to make Sony (and a petty little man named Simon) richer and more powerful.  In the end, One Direction and its members will reap the rewards.  “At the End of the Day,” 1DHQ manipulated the fans and the lads, but ultimately, they manipulated themselves right out of a job.

(I do my best to refer to post Midnight Memories 1D as something other than boys.  I know, lads doesn’t always have the best connotation, but it’s very commonly used in Britain and they do refer to themselves that way.  In this post, when I use boys, I’m thinking of pre Midnight Memories 1D.  I think, since they’ve been to war and back, they’re not really boys anymore.)

Concept: a video popping up on 1D twitter, facebook and insta. In the video louis says that they are having an important livestream the next day. When the stream begins, theres only harry sitting on a couch, saying something like “we are very thankful for your support through these years. We have always tried to show our true selves to you, while sometimes it has just been impossible. Today, here, we are ready to show you the one truth that some of you have known since the beginning. Welcome.” and then it cuts to the larry wedding™, which is just about to begin.


«Won’t you stay ‘til the A.M.

Made In The A.M. 13/11/15

If I ever tell you that I am inconsolable please know that I am a faker and a liar I am very consolable just remind me that Niall’s email address used to be “da_pimp_is_here@hotmail dot com” and I will be laughing again .00001 seconds.

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I just saw this post: keepcalmandreadfic(.)tumblr(.)com/post/117599980192/real-liam-payne-my-real-job-is-explorer-all-the And it reminded me of Andy´s tweet about the traveller and workaholic who messed with his phone. :)

 Anonymous said: 
lmao I would hazard a guess that traveler is zaynie (that cannes stunt lbr) and workaholic is leeyum. but tbh it could go either way ;) also L and Z look so good from recent pics. guess that what happens when you’re all loved up and coop up 


Anonymous said:
100% on board with Workaholic being Liam bc seriously, he’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen, and Zayn being Traveller. Bc who else, that’s around, biggest news (other than the Asian Awards) is still related to travelling? Thatssss right. I love how our babes are being cute and trolling Andy and dropping obvious hints <3



He sounds like traveler AND workaholic in that tweet. LOL

Just with the whole code names thing, and the nature of the tweet, and the fact that we can’t know about any Zayn/1D interactions until their team is ready to level up on that narrative–I feel like this could be a Ziam thing. 

I would guess Zayn is traveler because it could be a play on how pre-1D he wasn’t well traveled at all (no passport, never been on a plane) compared to now and how he’s been all over the globe. And I think Liam could be workaholic because we all know he loves music and has been devoted his craft since before 1D. So he probably works on music more than we’re even aware of. Not to mention his involvement on the business side. Could be. Hmmm…


I can’t

I’m sure I’ll get mean anons for this, but I think SOMEONE bought their own album to pump up sales. All of the retail store reports from fans were saying 1D was well outselling JB, physical sales at Walmart & Target were well above his, and even when Niall called that place in LA it was outselling 2-to-1.

I know he’s the one with the major radio play right now, but casual fans are NOT who buys albums the first week. They’ll buy songs and MAYBE albums later.

For iTunes pre-sales of 1D in a week to have gone from double his in 1/3 of the time to less in 6 days?  I think he wanted that #1 enough to buy it.