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It’s been interesting leaning some details about the grand social experiment that is One Direction.  The manipulation of fans by Syco/Sony is real and has played a huge role in what we know as One Direction.  I think, often, we have played into Sony/Syco’s hand, but that only goes so far.  If the diabolically ingenious marketing strategy was solely responsible for 1D’s unprecedented success, they most certainly would have replicated that success (to some extent) by now.  What all the social media and exposure did was to provide a window into the lives of 5 boys.  They kept a pretty tight rein on what was displayed, but it was the boys, parts of them at least, we saw through that window.  I don’t buy into the idea that everything we see is a PR contrivance.  PR pushes certain stunts, narratives and obscures certain truths about celebrities.  Celebrities will try to keep some elements of privacy in tact (if they value their sanity.)  If someone has a lot of public exposure, however, the kind of person they are (in real life) will eventually become apparent.  (I think even most Justin Bieber fans are well aware he’s kind of a jerk on some level.)  As the Beatles (and 1D) sang, “Nothing you can know that isn’t known, Nothing you can see that isn’t shown, Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be, It’s easy.”

The lads have paid a price for all this exposure - the withering glare - millions of seemingly unblinking eyes.  The thing is, those unblinking eyes also “fell in love” with the boys and their reputation of being lovely, humble, kind people reinforces our observations.  Consequently, the fan base truly feels they know the lads on some level and there has been an almost familial bond formed.   In my corner of the fandom, people refer to the lads as their sons.  (I call them my nephews.)  We want to nurture and support “our boys” more than anything.  Steve Aoki has marveled at the One Direction fan “army” and it’s support for he and Louis (in spite of Louis’ miserable team.)  Louis has bent over backward expressing gratitude to the fans - all the lads praise the fandom effusively.  While the invasive entitlement of the fan base is a down side, the deep connection we have with the lads is an upside for them.  The ONLY reason this grand experiment worked this well, for this long is because of WHO the lads are.  

They are the ones performing on stage, who can enthrall an audience without the usual pop gimmicks.  They are the goofy, rowdy, irrepressible, thoroughly decent, charming and eminently likable guys.  They are the creative force behind the band.  We did buy into the experiment, but it couldn’t have been this successful, for this long if the lads weren’t who they are.

We have made Sony/Syco richer, to be sure, but we’ve also given the lads a huge amount of power.  (Which is a VERY rare commodity for artists in the music industry.)  Our connection with the lads - their connection with us has made them master of their own destinies - as One Direction and as solo artists.  (Louis will be free soon, don’t worry.)  Ultimately, the genius wasn’t in Sony/Syco’s marketing plan, but in WHO they were marketing.  In the long term, it’s “our boys” who will benefit most, certainly not Syco.  That diabolical, ingenious plan was conceived to make Sony (and a petty little man named Simon) richer and more powerful.  In the end, One Direction and its members will reap the rewards.  “At the End of the Day,” 1DHQ manipulated the fans and the lads, but ultimately, they manipulated themselves right out of a job.

(I do my best to refer to post Midnight Memories 1D as something other than boys.  I know, lads doesn’t always have the best connotation, but it’s very commonly used in Britain and they do refer to themselves that way.  In this post, when I use boys, I’m thinking of pre Midnight Memories 1D.  I think, since they’ve been to war and back, they’re not really boys anymore.)

OTPs Week - 1/7

Concept: a video popping up on 1D twitter, facebook and insta. In the video louis says that they are having an important livestream the next day. When the stream begins, theres only harry sitting on a couch, saying something like “we are very thankful for your support through these years. We have always tried to show our true selves to you, while sometimes it has just been impossible. Today, here, we are ready to show you the one truth that some of you have known since the beginning. Welcome.” and then it cuts to the larry wedding™, which is just about to begin.


Hey, Hot Stuff
 "We’re not that late. Calm down,“ you rolled your eyes as you reclined on the passenger seat of your best friend’s car.
"Oh, Y/N! I'm so sorry! I didn’t mean to wake up so late. I thought you set your alarm earlier than I did,” your friend openly wept in the seat next to in panic as she sped down the road that led to the venue you were to get married at in an hour.
“Dude, it’s fine. Now, calm down or you’ll crash,” you laughed at her hysterics before leaning forward to raise the volume of the happy music playing through the radio.
“Are you excited?” Your friend finally offered, a bit calmer than before.
“Yeah… I’m kind of nervous,” you shuttered with excitement in your chair before your knee started shaking in place.
“Aw, everything’ll be amazing. I just know it,” your friend assured you as she sent a sympathetic glance at you.
“I hope you’re right,” you sighed with a vague shake of your head as you continued to aimlessly look out of the windshield, thinking of what Harry might be doing as you drove along with your friend. Before too long, your friend had pulled into a parking space at the venue where your wedding would take place, without getting the two of you in a car crash.
“You go in and tell them we’re running a little late. I don’t want Harry to freak out,” you rolled your eyes as you unbuckled your seatbelt, carefully over your done up hair.
“I think he’ll be fine,” your friend assured with a knowing laugh.
“Oh, you don’t know him as well as you think you do. On our first date, I showed up three minutes late and he was on the verge of tears,” you laughed as you ducked out of the car that had gotten you to your wedding’s venue.
“I was just saying that because his car was right behind us,” your good friend shrugged and nodded behind you, making you look over your shoulder to see Harry’s car being swerved into a parking space not too far away from you.
“I can’t believe him,” you muttered under your breath as you smiled and shook your head at the loud group of boys piling out of Harry’s car.
“Hey, we’re late, too,” your friend reasoned as she carefully grabbed your wedding veil from the backseat.
“Oh, who asked you, anyways?” You teasingly asked as you pushed your door closed.
“Hey!” Your friend frowned before slamming her backdoor shut, as well.
“Just kidding. Could you do me a flavor and tell my mom I’m not ditching while I get the last of my stuff?” You sighed as you opened the back door to her car.
“Yes, ma'am! Remember, it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding,” she raised her chin to prove her point.
“Oh, I don’t believe in that stuff,” you rolled your eyes as you opened the back door of her car.
“Alright… See you inside, hon,” she called over her shoulder as she headed for the entrance of the building you had booked for your wedding. After ducking back out of her car with your shoes, jewelry, and train in hand, you looked up to see Harry jogging towards the car that had trailed his own earlier. You managed to catch Harry’s attention as you closed the car door with your hip, making him slow down and smirk at you from across the parking lot.
“Hey, hot stuff,” Harry whistled as he posed for you, his foot lifted onto the wheel of a friend’s car.
“Hey,” you smiled, flirtatiously.
“You have a date to this wedding thing?” Harry raised an eyebrow at you.
“As cute as I think you are, I’m actually getting married in an hour,” you informed with a shake of your head.
“You wouldn’t consider dumping that bore of a fiancé for me, would you?” Harry sent you another doting smirk.
“Sorry,” you laughed and shook his head, “I quite like my bore of a fiancé.”
“Eh, that’s a shame. I’m getting married, myself,” Harry commented as his foot dropped from the wheel of the car he stood next to.
“Yeah?” You raised your eyebrows as you headed for the venue.
“Yes, ma'am,” Harry called after you with a laugh.
“That’s nice… See ya inside,” you sent a wave behind you as you continued walking towards the entrance of the building.
“Well, if you lads would excuse me, I have a very attractive lady to meet at the altar,” you heard Harry announce as his wingtip footsteps sounded behind you.

In light of this ask about more general potential issues with m/m shipping, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the subject from a while ago, just in case anyone is interested. I reposted the entry from my main blog and now I’ve forgotten when I wrote it, but it was during my first round of hockey fandom so maybe 2014? Before I knew much of anything about 1D or Larrie.

I’m going to pull out the most relevant parts, but even these feel a little weird on this blog because I’m going into the moral issues that are raised EVEN when the shipping is normal and not tinhatting or fourth wall breaking. Like I’m here saying it’s not even morally clear whether it’s ok to publish RPF publicly at all, and we’ve got Larries sending Louis’s sisters porn and insisting they’re the voice of this secret relationship. So just note that this is aimed at a more sophisticated and appropriate fandom audience than we often find in 1D.

But you can definitely see how much I’ve always been opposed to fans acting like we truly know about the actual inner lives of the people we stan.

Anyway, here’s pre-1D fan me, on slash and shipping and RPF:

I think the most important thing with slash that I feel like I don’t see said enough is never to equate it or your interest in it with actual homosexual relationships between men. Just as lesbians shouldn’t have to hear from guys saying “oh, can I watch you and your girlfriend make out??”, neither should gay men have to hear from fangirls saying “ahhhh, you and your boyfriend are so cute!!!” (Unless you know them really well and they are being cute, I guess?) They’re not there for your amusement. They aren’t slash fanfiction. They aren’t part of your fantasy. Don’t fetishize homosexuality.

It goes back to always, always recognizing the difference between fantasy and reality. Your fantasy slash couple has nothing to do with the actual gay men in front of you. That fantasy power exchange where no one negotiates anything and they just know what the other person wants, that only works in fantasy world. (Making this distinction is something we fail at a lot, to be honest. This is also important if you have a fantasy about being the best friend/wife/whatever of a celebrity. Keep it away from reality! And on that note…)

On RPF, I… don’t know. The thing about making a real person a part of your sexual fantasy life is that if they haven’t consented, I feel that at least they should not have to be aware of it. Like I actually don’t really mind if one of the boys I’ve dated is masturbating thinking about me every night, as long as he absolutely never ever makes himself a presence in my life such that I would have to be in any way aware of or even guess about his obsession with me.

But RPF (which I often adore) is out there and is really easy to find if you know where to look. Obviously if you go out of your way to make the subject of it pay attention to it (Supernatural fans…) then, well, you’re kind of a shit. But it’s not like I’m writing it just for me and making sure no one ever sees it, you know? Back to my masturbating ex comparison - if I found a blog post of his talking about how much he still thinks about me, I wouldn’t be AS uncomfortable and horrified as if he were actively stalking me, but I’d still be pretty uncomfortable and horrified.

However, I am capable of vaguely justifying RPF and my participation therein! Because the difference is that Masturbating Ex actually knows me - he is thinking about me specifically, the real me. He possibly knows where I am, he knows me intimately, who I actually am. RPF, on the other hand, is about a fantasy version of the real person. There’s separation. I actually like to think of it as being about a character - the public persona that the celebrity allows to be seen (in my case, often an athlete… or a member of a Japanese boy band, which made me feel better because almost none of them knew English and couldn’t read my porn anyway). The character that they portray to the world.

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If I ever tell you that I am inconsolable please know that I am a faker and a liar I am very consolable just remind me that Niall’s email address used to be “da_pimp_is_here@hotmail dot com” and I will be laughing again .00001 seconds.


No, actually, I think that After is exactly what they were referring to. I think that After is the perfect example of what makes them uncomfortable. I think that After ranks in the Top Five Things That Makes One Direction Most Uncomfortable Out Of Everything In The World:

  1. Female interviewers flirting with Harry
  2. Long build-ups to questions about rumors
  3. After
  4. Ben Winston
  5. Being hit in the face by underwear that was previously in contact with the body of a pre-teen

menyusus  asked:

I just saw this post: keepcalmandreadfic(.)tumblr(.)com/post/117599980192/real-liam-payne-my-real-job-is-explorer-all-the And it reminded me of Andy´s tweet about the traveller and workaholic who messed with his phone. :)

 Anonymous said: 
lmao I would hazard a guess that traveler is zaynie (that cannes stunt lbr) and workaholic is leeyum. but tbh it could go either way ;) also L and Z look so good from recent pics. guess that what happens when you’re all loved up and coop up 


Anonymous said:
100% on board with Workaholic being Liam bc seriously, he’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen, and Zayn being Traveller. Bc who else, that’s around, biggest news (other than the Asian Awards) is still related to travelling? Thatssss right. I love how our babes are being cute and trolling Andy and dropping obvious hints <3



He sounds like traveler AND workaholic in that tweet. LOL

Just with the whole code names thing, and the nature of the tweet, and the fact that we can’t know about any Zayn/1D interactions until their team is ready to level up on that narrative–I feel like this could be a Ziam thing. 

I would guess Zayn is traveler because it could be a play on how pre-1D he wasn’t well traveled at all (no passport, never been on a plane) compared to now and how he’s been all over the globe. And I think Liam could be workaholic because we all know he loves music and has been devoted his craft since before 1D. So he probably works on music more than we’re even aware of. Not to mention his involvement on the business side. Could be. Hmmm…

#10 Awkward Moment

hehehe I love this one

Liam- It was a Christmas party at your parents house back home, you were wearing a revealing red dress and Liam wouldn’t stop staring at you the whole night. He looked just as good, wearing a plain black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the first 3 buttons open. You could feel the sexual tension between the two of you building up throughou the night so you tried to stay as far away from his as possible considering you were at a family gathering and you might not be able to control yourself. You started to feel overwhelmed as he sipped his drink and licked his lips seductively at you before winking, knowing exactly what he was doing to you. You got up and excused yourself to go and try and cool off, you went into the bathroom and put some cold water on your cheeks after realizing how red they were. Suddenly the door flew right open and made you jump, Liam stood there and leaned against the doorway smirking.

        “You ok?” He giggled.

        “No, I need you.” As soon as you said that he kicked the door shut behind him and grabbed the back of your neck, pulling you into a deep passionate kiss. You moaned into his mouth when his fingers traced over your panties. 

        “Mmm so wet for me already..” He whispered in your ear. You started to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. He lifted you up onto the bathroom counter and kissed your neck, his hand finding it’s way into your panties. You moaned again quiety and he covered your mouth.

        “Who’s your daddy?” He growled. A light knock on the door scared the living shit out of the both of you.

        “Um that would be me…. Y/N your grandmother is looking for you..” Your dad’s voice said from the other side of the door. 

        “Be right out..” You shouted. “Oh my god Liam…” You whispered into his shoulder. He started laughing uncontrollably. 

        “LIAM it’s not funny!” You smacked his arm. “Now my whole family knows you have a daddy kink.” He stopped laughing and groaned.

        “And they thought you were so innocent…” You giggled. “Not anymore!”

Niall- The two of you had been apart for a long time now with him on tour and you in school it made it almost impossible to see eachother. Mostly you saw him through your phone screen or computer, it made you really upset that you couldn’t touch him or hear his voice in person. It was the worst when the two of you were in the mood, you mostly just sexted or sent pictures to eachother, but it wasn’t the same. This night was no different, you and Niall were in a heated phone call when he asked you to take a picture of yourself and send it to him, it was nothing new so you said yes and hung up. You put on his favourite lingerie and took a photo of yourself in the mirror striking a very provacative pose. You never failed to giggle to yourself when you took the photos, nor understood why he wanted them so badly. Next you took the lingerie off and took a naked one of yourself. You wrote 

        *which do you prefer? 1st or 2nd? ;)* and sent him both pictures. He wasn’t getting back to you and you thought he was probably just taking care of himself after seeing the pictures. But he usually texted you first to tell you how beautiful you were or something like that. You checked your phone and a text from Harry appeared on the screen.

        *I don’t think Niall would want me to answer that* It read. You had accidently sent the pictures to Harry instead of Niall without even realizing.

        *OH my fucking god Harry.. I am so sorry, those were meant for Niall.*

        *Don’t be sorry ;)*

        *Harry.. don’t tell Niall*

        *Ok, our little secret.*

        *I won’t be able to look you in the eye next time I see you.* 


You decided it was better just to tell Niall instead of keeping it a secret, he freaked out at first but understood that it was an honest mistake. He said that he wanted to facetime from now on just incase. 

Louis- The two of you were letting Niall stay at your apartment for the week while they were on a small break so he didn’t have to stay in a hotel. It was making it difficult for you and Louis to have alone time which you desperately needed when he was home. You three decided to have a movie night and eat a ton of junk food together. Louis’ hands started roaming up your thigh and he kissed your neck softly. You coughed before you could let out a moan.

        “Lou…. stop..” You whispered.

        “I want you so bad.. why’d you let Niall stay here again?” He whispered back.

        “Because I’m a good friend, now stop and watch the movie.” You nudged him. But his fingers started tracing up and down your arm making your hair stand up. He wouldn’t stop touching you, not greedy grabs or anything, just light touches in sensitive spots because he knew that would drive you absolutely crazy. “Ok Niall, I think I’m gonna go to bed. Night!” You sprung up from the sofa and kissed him on the forehead before winking at Louis and walking to the bedroom. 

        “Yeah bud, me too.” You heard Louis say, you smirked to yourself and before you knew it Louis’ hands were around your waist and dragging you onto the bed pulling you down on top of him. You started to kiss eachother hungrily, one thing led to another and you ended up going for 3 rounds that night. You two tried to keep quiet for Niall’s sake but by round 2 it just wasn’t possible, moaning eachother’s names loudly. You got up to grab a glass of water after, as soon as you walked into the living room you regretted it. 

        “OH GOD NIALL! REALLY?” You shouted, covering your eyes from what you just saw. He pulled the blanket over his head and started laughing. 

        “I’m sorry! It’s hard to go to sleep with the two of you going at it for hours in there!” He said, his face still covered by the blanket.

        “It’s okay Ni.. I’m not mad, just grossed out. I’m going to pretend like I never saw that okay? Love you, goodnight.” You poured a glass of water and ran back into the bedroom laughing your ass off, telling Louis what had just happened. 

Zayn- You were at the house you shared with Zayn and you were upstairs studying for your final exams. You heard him and the boys having fun downstairs and it made you smile knowing that Zayn was happy. It didn’t bother you whatsoever, you simply put your headphones in and started studying. After a couple hours you decided to go downstairs to hangout with the boys and have a little break. You wanted to sneak up on them and scare them so you crept down the stairs and tiptoed close to them, you stopped when you heard what they were talking about.

        “So tell us, what’s she like in bed?” Harry said. You prayed Zayn wouldn’t answer but

        “Don’t get me started..” Zayn said.

        “That good eh?” Louis said.

        “Oh man, she is incredible. She does this thing when she’s sucking me off and-” You gasped and all the boys turned around. You picked up a pillow and threw it at Zayn’s head.

        “I can’t believe you were going to tell them that!!!!!!” You screamed and blushed like crazy. The boys all started laughing but Zayn kept a straight face. 

        “I’m sorry babe!”

You rolled your eyes and went into the kitchen and grabbed a banana off the shelf. You walked back into the room and peeled it.

        “Want me to show you guys what he’s talking about?” You said seductively, sitting on the floor beside Harry, you licked the top of the banana and put almost the whole thing in your mouth. Then you winked at Harry and took a huge bite of it and spit in on the ground. Zayn started laughing but Harry stayed silent, fixing the material around his crotch and awkwardly excusing himself.

        “You guys are disgusting. Epecially you Harold!” You yelled at him through the bathroom door before going back upstairs to study.

Harry- You were visiting Harry on tour and were excited to finally be seeing the show in person rather than through vines and videos that fans and the other 5sos boys sent you. You and Harry hadn’t been intimate in a long time because he was away and you couldn’t visit, so that made this whole event even more exciting. You were extremely sexually frustrated and in a room with 9 attractive boys which made it even worse. The 5sos boys went on stage to soundcheck so you decided to go sit in the front row and watch them. For some reason you couldn’t take your eyes off of Luke. Usually you thought of him in a cute little cuddly way, but when he was onstage he suddenly took on this new personna and he was really hot. You bit your lip and watched him play when someone tapped on your shoulder. Harry sat beside you with his arms crossed and a pouty face on.

        “Why do you have sex eyes and why are you staring at Luke?” He questioned. You blushed and of course, 5sos took this exact moment to take a break.

        “Uh- I wasn’t! I don’t have sex eyes Harry!” You argued. Luke raised his eyebrow at you and you stuck your tongue out at him, you could feel your cheeks heating up and things starting to get awkward.

        “You have sex eyes for Luke!!!!!!” He shouted. All the 5sos boys started laughing hysterically and Harry shot them the middle finger and a death glare.

        “I’m sorry Harry! I’m just really sexually frustrated.” You whispered, reaching down and running your hand over his crotch. “You know I miss you while you’re gone..” He cleared his throat. 

        “Alright, come backstage. I still have 3 hours till we go on, gives us plenty of time to catch up.” He growled and kissed you. Then he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, squeezing your butt in the process and taking you backstage for some pre-show fun.