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list of the movies I need to watch to get a full understanding of cinema ?

(this is a super subjective question so i’m trying to give variety and not just give my favorites)

pre 1920s: a trip to the moon, broken blossoms, intolerance

1920s: the cabinet of dr. calgari, the gold rush, metropolis, sunrise, the passion of joan of arc, the general, battleship potemkin, un chien andalou, man with a movie camera

1930s: modern times, freaks, scarface, the rules of the game, m, l’age d’or, swing time, triumph of the will, the blue angel, the 39 steps, queen christina, things to come

1940s: casablanca, notorious, double indemnity, the third man, shadow of a doubt, l’amore, children of paradise, late spring, sullivan’s travels, his girl friday, citizen kane, the bicycle thief, the red shoes, fantasia

1950s: rear window, rebel without a cause, the night of the hunter, rashomon, sunset boulevard, some like it hot, a streetcar named desire, the seventh seal, the 400 blows, rififi, a man escaped, ashes and diamonds, hiroshima mon amour

1960s: daisies, persona, last year at marienbad, au hasard balthazar, ivan’s childhood, 8 ½, psycho, 2001: a space odyssey, rosemary’s baby, vivre sa vie, woman of the sands, if…, goldfinger, easy rider, night of the living dead, the graduate

1970s: a clockwork orange, eraserhead, a woman under the influence, badlands, apocalypse now, taxi driver, chinatown, solaris, in the realm of the senses, scenes from a marriage, belladonna of sadness, lady snowblood, don’t look now, pink flamingos, the holy mountain, suspiria

1980s: blue velvet, paris texas, dead ringers, the shining, stranger than paradise, videodrome, ran, the last temptation of christ, full metal jacket, come and see, akira

1990s: transpotting, the celebration, audition, gummo, chungking express, breaking the waves, léon: the professional, natural born killers, fear and loathing in las vegas, fight club, fargo, perfect blue, twin peaks: fire walk with me, magnolia

2000s: dancer in the dark, there will be blood, the white ribbon, mulholland drive, antichrist, in the mood for love, enter the void, the piano teacher, i killed my mother, spirited away, amélie, the dreamers, crouching tiger hidden dragon

2010s: the lobster, american honey, ida, our little sister, take shelter, the beguiled, raw, the handmaiden, under the skin, melancholia, stoker, it’s such a beautiful day, the love witch, the neon demon, arrival, mad max: fury road, moonlight

Who in your otp had the emo phase in high school?

(I asked myself)

Obviously that would be Tony. I mean, come on. Steve went to high school in the 1920s. He probably had an asthma attack while trying to do the charleston on a dare at the school dance.

So yea, definitely Tony. It was a short phase that he went through that Howard was definitely not happy about, and anyone who brings up a photo of him in his emo phase will find their bank accounts empty very quickly.

+ Steve would definitely want to find these photos. Can you imagine Tony’s face when Steve holds up this photo of him.

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