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Since it has been expressed through the recent survey results that as a fandom we want more activities for everyone to get involved in and more of a focus on our love for Snape rather than addressing the hate that goes on, we thought we’d put a few together; Snape Appreciation Month being one of them! We thought it’d be a good time to do the appreciation month throughout May since Happy Snape Week is on May 28th so it’s a nice way to close things out.

You can show your appreciation through any means whether it’s through a text post, gifset, art or fanfic, etc. just no reposting other people’s work please. Be sure to include the tag ‘snapeloveposts’ within the first 5 tags of your post so that they’re all collected in one place for everyone see. No hate is to be addressed or mentioned here, these events are to be a safe and positive space for the fandom to share their love for the character.

Here is a list of topics we’ve put together to post about on each of the days:

Day 1.  General Snape Love
Day 2.  Potions Master
Day 3.  Head of Slytherin
Day 4.  Spy for the Order of Phoenix
Day 5.  Spinner’s End
Day 6.  Snape’s Parents
Day 7.  Pre Hogwarts Years
Day 8.  Hogwarts Years
Day 9.  Post Hogwarts Years
Day 10.  The First War with Voldemort 
Day 11.  Dumbledore’s spy
Day 12.  The Years Between
Day 13.  Headcanons
Day 14.  Favourite Relationship
Day 15.  Favourite Ship
Day 16.  Favourite Trait
Day 17.  Appearance (how you picture him)
Day 18.  Alan Rickman
Day 19.  Costume Appreciation
Day 20.  A scene you wanted to be in the films
Day 21.  Most Iconic Moment
Day 22.  Favourite Chapter
Day 23.  Favourite Quote
Day 24.  Favourite Moment
Day 25.  Favourite Fanwork
Day 26.  Favourite AU
Day 27.  The moment you realised you liked Snape

For more details I’ve put together an FAQ or you can either message @severusdefender​ or myself. If you could reblog this to help spread the word around then that’d be great, enjoy! ♥

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Had this prompt for a while now... Since psychic powers are a thing in Fallout universe, (albeit very rare, but present both pre-war and post-war in canon), how do you think would companions react, if Sole Survivor had manifested such powers - hypnosis, healing, mind-reading, pyrokinesis, pre/postcognition or something entirely else you might like - around them; maybe to save their lives or for some other reasons?

Cait: Perhaps it’s just her Irish superstition, but she’s both much faster to believe Sole, and much faster to be freaked out by it. “At least stay out of my head,” she demands, jabbing a finger at their chest. “I don’t trust what I can’t see. I don’t care if you’re savin’ me or not - you keep that shite away from me. I want nothin’ to do with all this. It’s askin’ for trouble.”

Codsworth: “Er… P-Perhaps it’s a side effect? Of some… medication. Yes, surely, t-that’s it.” He’s an old-fashioned, traditional bot. It unnerves him a little bit, and he tries to justify it through some logical, vaguely scientific means. He never tells Sole to stop, or really passes judgement on their powers. He’s just happy he doesn’t have a mind for Sole to read.

Curie: The concept of “ESP” was highly theorized about Pre-War. Experiments were even done to try and make such powers manifest. Curie’s impressed by Sole’s feats, sure, but she’s more concerned with figuring out the how and why of Sole’s abilities. She won’t do anything without Sole’s consent, of course, but… she’s certainly eager for a chance to grab her clipboard and test tubes.

Danse: “I…” He blinks, lacking a logical explanation. “I do not believe that is scientifically possible,” he says firmly. “You must be imagining things.” When Sole proves that, no, their powers are very real, he’s unsure what to think. “There must be a reasonable explanation,” he states. “You should return to the Prdywen and offer records of your experiences. For research.”

Deacon: “Very funny,” he chuckles, wagging a finger at them. “You almost got me that time.” He changes his tune when he sees a more obvious demonstration of Sole’s abilities. “Well, shucks, partner,” he says, toying with his wig. “Powers like that could be very useful in our business. Ever consider putting that big brain of yours to good use? We have 401k packages.”

Dogmeat: Sole can give him treats with their mind. This is literally the best thing to ever happen to him.

Hancock: “You know, I heard about that once. Rare as hell, but…” Hancock nods sagely. The ghoul’s been around too long and seen too much to really argue whether or not somebody’s got magic powers. Instead, he leans forward, a strange, unnerving grin spreading across his lips. “What say you and I have some fun with those abilities of yours, huh?”

Nick Valentine: “Seems like it’d be the kind of thing you’d read about in a low-budget comic book, but…” He watches Sole float a typewriter across the room. “I’m never one to deny evidence. Just another day in the Commonwealth, I s’pose.” He gestured to the coffeepot on the other side of the room. “Can you bring me that mug? Without spilling it?”

MacCready: Sadly, he and Sole might be the best of friends, but once Sole starts exhibiting supernatural powers, MacCready stands a big change of packing up and running for the hills. Even if Sole assures him that they’d never use those powers on him, or even around him, MacCready would still shake in his boots and try to slither away as fast as he could.

Piper: Don’t make me laugh. What do you think Piper would do? “How does it work? How does it feel? Like flexing a muscle? Or just lifting your hand, like a normal movement? How heavy can the items be if you pick them up with your mind? Can you write with your mind? How far can you see into the future? Can you see what I’m thinking?” And so on, and so on. Never-ending.

Preston: “So, like Mama Murphy.” The Minuteman nods thoughtfully. “Y’know, not everybody gave credit to her, but I always did think there was somethin’ to those visions of hers. Folks tend to be scared of things they don’t understand, but I think it’s good, havin’ someone like that on your side. Better with us than against us. Just don’t go abusing your powers, please.”

Strong: “HUMAN SPECIAL.” If nothing else, Sole’s powers assure Strong that he is with the best human. “STRONG HAS STRONGEST HUMAN,” the mutant declares. “HUMAN IS GOOD LEADER. CAN FIGHT BETTER THAN OTHER HUMANS.”

X6-88: “Fascinating.” He doesn’t blink. “The Institute has some records on similar instances of psychic ability, from two hundred years ago. I am sure they would be interested to collect data from a modern source.” It’s nigh impossible to faze the Courser, though he does twitch when Sole reads his thoughts back to him. “Please don’t do that.”

Things Fallout 4 Did Right

So, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been ragging on the game a little bit too much as of late, so I thought i’d make a little list of things that I thoroughly enjoyed from FO4.

  • The aesthetic of the game- As everybody knows, the Fallouts are notorious for favoring a single color palette. I think FO4 did a nice job of making the colors more realistic without favoring a specific point of color. Also, the whole aesthetic of: stuck in the 50′s but they’re very technologically advanced. While it’s been present in all the games, I think FO4 did a nice job making it more cohesive, and prominent in both pre-war and post-war society
  • The new looting interface- Love it. Can’t stand going back to games now where I have to open every single thing to see what’s inside. A quick look and grab and I’m on my way. 
  • Enemy classes- Something unique to this game, I think it adds a level of understanding to gameplay. If you’re up against a Glowing Mirelurk, it’ll take a little bit longer to defeat than a Softshell. I really like this implementation, and hope they keep it in future games
  • A key specifically for throwables- Pretty much says it all.
  • New VATS- People have complained about the new VATS, but I much prefer it. I think it makes more sense for it to slow down time rather than stop it. I also like that you can run VATS for as long as you want, meaning that the enemy can come into a better view while you’re still not actively fighting.
  • Companions and Companion Quests- They did a great job with companions. Instead of doing a single quest, and suddenly this person is your best friend, they gave depth to characters, and allowed the player to be invested in them. While not all the companions are as fleshed out as others (Nick vs. Curie, for example), I still think they did a great job in allowing players to have an investment in who they choose

I think Bethesda did a great job in creating a new interface for the Fallouts in FO4. While the story may not have been the best, or most interesting, they did do a few right things with the game. 

The Sole Survivor gets along better with Pre-War Ghouls then they get along with humans. That is because they both come from “The Good Old Days”, or the pre-war world. The Sole Survivor shares stories of growing up before the Great War and trades them with pre-war Ghouls who have their own stories.

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"You are very endearing when you are half-asleep.” with Tony? (any ship is good)

(This became Winteriron because it’s been forever since I wrote any. Although like nearly all my winteriron for some reason, it’s pre slash).

Tony walks into the living room, rubbing a hand over his tired face and probably get oil on it but hardly caring. He’s been up for two days solid and just needs some actual food before he hits the hay for an extended nap.

“Boss, I should warn you–”

Tony stops short, missing the last bit of FRIDAY’s warning but relatively sure he gets the gist when he sees Bucky Barnes asleep on the communal couch.

“Huh,” Tony says, checking his watch. It’s definitely the absolute middle of the night.

Well, he still needs food. He wasn’t exactly planning to be loud, anyways. It should be fine.

One step into the room, and Barnes wakes up. Tony freezes, but Barnes just blinks at him and rolls over, now lying flat on his back.

Somehow Tony gets the image of a dog exposing its belly for petting and stifles a snort. “Sorry,” he murmurs.

Barnes shrugs. “Your compound.”

Tony doesn’t like to lord that fact over people’s heads or anything, but a little acknowledgement that it’s true goes a long way for him.

He studies Barnes, who looks absolutely exhausted. “You want something to eat?” He asks. “I was gonna throw together something.”

Barnes rolls to his feet, as graceful as ever, immediately counteracted by the fact that he nearly trips over the boots he’d left strewn on the floor. He frowns at them, and this time Tony can’t help but laugh.

“You’re really endearing when you’re half asleep,” Tony says, and gets a confused black from Barnes in response. “Eggs?” Tony offers.

“If you don’t mind,” Barnes says quietly. “I can…I can help.”

They stumble their way into the kitchen and Tony mans the stove, calling for ingredients until he has large heaps of loaded scrambled eggs and toast ready to serve.

“C'mon, take what you want,” Tony encourages, picking out a reasonable portion for himself. Barnes hesitates at first, but does end up eating the rest of it, exactly as anticipated.

Tony puts his plate in the sink when he’s done. “I’m gonna catch a nap,” he announces. “You headed back to bed too, or…?”

There’s hesitance in Barnes’ eyes and Tony gets it. “Or, if you’re up…we could put in a movie or something,” Tony offers. “I’ll probably pass out, fair warning, but it’ll be entertaining until then.”

“You…want me to join you?” Barnes asks, hesitant, clearly checking to make sure Tony actually wants him around.

Something Tony didn’t even know was still hard softens inside of him. “Yeah,” he says. “I think it’d be good.”

So they clean up their dishes and Tony throws on a film. He falls asleep first, but when he wakes up when dawn light is filling the room, Barnes is down for the count too, lying sideways across the couch, head towards Tony.

How imaginative is this kid? I’m sensing future world leader, just saying 😊


Reasons why Yakumo is not Shinnosuke's Father

Ok so looking through the tag I can see that I’m not the only one angry about this which is a good thing, but also others are really into it which I just don’t get. Honestly, a potential plot point has never irked me this much, so here’s an overlong rant about all the reasons why I hate this theory so much. And I hate it a lot.

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LAMS is one of the most popular ships in Hamilton yet honestly…I don’t ship it as much as everyone else. I mean I do ship it but usually as past or one sided and I have a reason why.

I ship pre-war Hamilton with Laurens but not post war, and the reason is, Hamilton before the war is a very different person from Hamilton after the war.

Let me explain.

Before the war started Hamilton was up beat, hopeful, and though he had a big mouth that didn’t shut up he was still all and all a good person. A good person that John Laurens would fall for. He was smart, kind, a bit of a flirt, and he believed in a bright futur. Even during the war Alexander stated a smart honorable man. But in act two, Alexander became a different person.

You can tell me that Alexander became the man he was in act two because Laurens died but I don’t think that was it. I think it was just one of many many things that happend, he was in war, he probably suffers some ptsd, he became cynical, he lost hope and became more determined to force things to happen. He became obsessed with his work to the point he didn’t even spend time with his children, he cheated on his wife with an abused girl and constantly got in to fights every chance he got.

John Laurens could never love who Alexander had become over time. John Laurens was already a man with a short fuse and so was Alex so when they changed in the end they would have come to fight constantly the way Alexander had with James Madison who was once his friend. And you really think John would be OK with Alexander not wanting to support Lafayette when France went to war? He would be devistated.

This is why I ship past Lams or one sided lams. I don’t believe John Laurens could love Alexander when he changed because it’s not HIS Alexander. It’s a shell of the man he once loved.

But that’s just my oppinion. Lams is a good ship and I don’t criticize it, I just wanted people to understand why I don’t really talk about lams on this blog.
And I do NOT hate this ship or hate people who ship it. I’m not trying to stop others from shipping it. I’m just explaining.

Please have a wonderful day, and I love you all!

Naruto’s perception of love

You know, I wonder why people are so confused about why and how Naruto confused romantic love with platonic or superficial forms of love. It makes sense to me, and it’s not out of character for him, either. 

Though dense enough to meet the criteria of Shounen Protaganist, Naruto’s not being uncharacteristically dense in Shippuden and the beginning of The Last. He just hasn’t experienced love like most people. He liked Sakura as a kid because she was pretty, just like he likes ramen because it’s tasty. So what he considered to be romantic love, was, essentially, based on a form of superficial attraction, similar to how one likes their favorite food for its taste or favorite color for its aesthetic appeal. It’s based entirely on our external senses. 

He later learns the platonic, brotherly love he shares with his comrades, as well as the strength of parental love. So when his platonic, sibling-like love for Sakura began to outweigh his superficial attraction to her, especially when he realized the extent of her feelings for Sasuke, he gave up on his crush and began to support her. But because of all the fighting and conflict, he never had the time to contemplate about the actual nature of romantic love.
So it’s not uncharacteristic for Naruto to just assume that romantic love is similar to the other forms of “love” that he’s experienced and shared. 

The novels revealed that post-war and Pre-The Last, Naruto and Hinata spent a LOT of time together, as noted by characters like Sakura and Shikamaru.
So it’s within the realm of reason for us to believe that as Naruto discovered the true nature of Hinata’s “love” for him, he also realized the true nature of his feelings for Hinata that was cultivated from their interactions in the manga and their time spent together during the time-skip.


Here’s a youtube playlist of all the songs (except Need To Know), sorry I couldn’t provide you with an 8tracks link but I haven’t figured that website out really! All of the songs are available on Spotify, so if you wanna make a playlist there, feel free! C:

This is my own personal drarry playlist that I thought I could share! It starts out with pretty angsty songs, and in the end there’s a bit more fluff! I divided them all into different parts, as you can see (pre war, during war and post war). I’m referring to the war that happened in canon ofc. This playlist kinda suggests how their relationship could’ve developed if it had been canon.

Tbh I want to explain every song in more detail, why I chose it and my favorite lyrics etc. BUT I WON’T, otherwise this post would be annoyingly lengthy!

I hope you’ll find at least ONE song you like in here! There’s a lot of songs to pick from hahah ;v; Happy birthday (in advance) Harry!! <3


Time for FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today’s topic is a bit more conceptual than the Facts I’ve done in the past, but I think it is very important to recognize the over-arching factors that influence fashion in order to fully understand how fashion has developed. This is a bit difficult to explain in such a small space, so bear with me, and remember that this is all much more complex than I lay it out to be.

Throughout history, the biggest influence on fashion has clearly been technology. The next biggest influence, though, has been war. War causes huge divisions between people. It drains resources. It pits agenda versus agenda, ideology versus ideology. It has the ability to effect every aspect of life. It can change the world, so it should come as no surprise that it changes fashion.

In several of my past posts, I have mentioned specific wars being an influence on fashion- most commonly the French Revolution, World War I, and World War II. While most wars have an impact on fashion, these three have had a significantly bigger impact that the rest. The reason for the World War’s having such a large impact is obvious- it’s right there in the name. These wars spanned the globe, and wider geography means wider impact.

The French Revolution, however, theoretically seems as though it would effect only France. Yet the effect of war is rarely contained only to the country in which the war takes place. In terms of fashion, during the era of the French Revolution, France was the epicenter of fashion. There are still many people who would debate that France is still the fashion capitol of the world, but in the 18th and 19th centuries, there was no debate. France reigned supreme on the style front. If the French wore a style, the rest of the western world quickly followed suit.

So why do wars have such a strong impact on fashion? Well, every war is different, so it varies from war to war. Overall, though, is due to two factors. One is because war tends to be a huge strain on resources, with vast amounts of funds and materials donated to the military effort. Secondly, war pits (at least) two groups against each other, groups with different values and goals. A person’s value system, lifestyle, etc. is often reflected in their clothing. The values of the prevailing side often seeps into the fashion of the people. Between these two factors, war often means a dramatic lifestyle change not only for the soldiers off fighting, but for those they leave at home. A change in lifestyle results in a change of dress. This is why changes in fashion that may take decades or more during peaceful times can occur over the course of just a few years during wartime.

An important thing to keep in mind, though, is that fashion does not change overnight, just like the wars that influence it do not happen overnight. As the world starts to shift, conflict rises, and war is imminent, fashion reflects the changing world. People often think that women went straight from wearing elaborate rococo gowns, complete with wide panniers, to simple cylindrical muslin dresses. Or they seem to ignore the era between structured Edwardian dresses and the untailored flapper look (though to be fair, Downton Abby has had a huge impact in changing that.) The reality is that aspects of the new styles are evident in fashion in the years leading up to the wars.

Of course, there are countless factors which have contributed to the development of fashion throughout the centuries (and don’t worry, I will cover as many as possible in upcoming Facts! Plus I’ll be sure to go into more detail about the wars I talked about in this post.) Just remember, the next time you’re looking at historical fashion and see a dramatic shift, take a look at what was happening in the world at that time!

Want to learn more about war and fashion? Check out these books:

Costume and Fashion: A Concise History, by Laver, de la Haye, and Tucker

History of World Costume and Fashion, by Daniel Delis Hill

Have a question about fashion history that you want answered in the next FRIDAY FASHION FACT? Just click the ASK button at the top of the page!

Just A Bunch Of Movies That People Should See One Day

Alright so I went way overboard but when I set out to make a list of films people should check out I’m gonna take it a little to seriously.  That being said here’s a shit ton of films that I think everyone should check out if they can. I’m definitely missing a lot but every single one of these is in order by year of release. So here it goes.

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