Dating Tom Holland Would Include...

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(A/N: This is my first Headcanon, so let’s see how this goes.)

~He’d be the sweetest boyfriend

~He’d feature you on most of his Instagram stories

~For every red carpet event, he’d invite you (and you would go when you could)

~There would be lots of PDA: his arm always around you or his hand always in yours

~Lots of cuddling between the two of you

   - Cuddle sessions would also include Tessa

~Movie marathons, specifically Harry Potter marathons

  - “You are not a Gryffindor. You’re a Hufflepuff.”

  - “I can’t be a Hufflepuff! That’s the lamest house.”

  - “Hush. You’re a Hufflepuff.”

~Going with him to the gym, even if you aren’t working out

  - “Not that I’m complaining about your presence, but what’s the point of coming if you’re not going to work out?”

  - “The view.”

~Wearing Spider-man merchandise, even merch from the older movies

~Him “accidentally” spoiling his movies to you

  - “Tom! You just spoiled the whole movie.”

  - “You’ll watch it soon enough.”

  - “It comes out in a month!”

~Him introducing you to your favorite celebrities (and becoming jealous when you fangirl over them)

  - “Oh, wow, that’s Chris Evans. He’s real and he looks so good with that beard.”

  - “Okay, let’s go meet Elizabeth instead.”

~Him trying to impress you while playing basketball against Harrison

  - “Love, I can easily beat Harrison, right?”

  - “My money’s on Harrison. You’re horrendous at basketball, Tom.”

  - “Thanks, Y/N.” Harrison would say

~When Tom flies home after filming or doing promo in other countries, you’d greet him at the airport with a massive a hug and kiss

  - “Oh, how I’ve missed you”

~Introducing him to Nelly (Pre-Lip Sync Battle)

  - “What is this?”

  - “You’ve never heard Ride Wit Me?”

  - “…No.”

~Never letting his Lip Sync Battle die

  - “Please stop blasting Rihanna.”

  - “Do the dance and I will.”

  - “Noooooo”

  - “Then Umbrella will continue to be blasted.”

~Facetiming him while he is away

~Traveling the world with him (when you can) and going to touristy places

~Him making you watch horror movies and you cuddling into him to hide

  - “Tom, this is terrifying and disgusting.”

  - “This is awesome.”

~Him teaching you how to make tea “properly”

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Be More Chill Michael’s Not Here Anymore AU

-the SQUIP knew Michael would come back to his locker eventually, an 86% chance before school got out so it had Jenna leave a little “Apology Gift” from Jeremy

-a SQUIPed Mountain Dew bottle too help him better connect with his friend again

-Michael did not stop at his locker before the play and was not SQUIPed but the CPU knew on the off have chance he didn’t Michael would still find it

-it was his back up plan, having already connected to the pill before hand

-when they come back from the weekend, Jeremy fresh out of the hospital when Michael goes to his locker and sees the Mountain Dew with a little note that says I’m Sorry

-figuring it’s a joke gift from Jeremy he takes a drink of it

-Weird. It tastes a little…minty

-Michael wakes up with a SQUIP that looks like Jeremy and still synced with his friend’s former SQUIP it tries to find away to “help” Jeremy again

-there are no more SQUIPs, the guy who used to sell them has ditched town and Michael dropped his drink

-so the CPU starts yo try to improve both Michael and Jeremy from Michael’s body

-the easiest way to do this is by forcing the two to date so they’re always closer together

-Jeremy’s actually happy to be just friends with Christine now but the pre synced SQUIP does not know that

-so when it has Michael use gentle nudges to try and get the two together and Jeremy begins to protest saying he just wants to be with Michael the CPU is confused

-reluctantly it agrees to let Michael and Jeremy continue to date but eaten Jeremy starts returning to his bad habits

-the only way to get Jeremy to stop is by using Michael

-“Ow, Michael what the fuck? Why did you hit me?”

“You shouldn’t slouch Jeremy.”


-it’s simple stuff like “accidentally” hitting Jeremy when he slouches, grabbing his hands when he goes to put them in his pockets, helping him with makeup to cover up his zits

-then the passive aggressive remarks about how Jeremy looks and acts start when Jeremy questions how Michael’s been acting different lately

-“Michael, you haven’t when your hoodie since last week. What’s going on?”

“You wanna borrow it to cover up your ugly arms?”

“Michael what the hell?”

-Michael doesn’t mean to say or do this to Jeremy, but he can’t control himself and has to watch as Jeremy starts to get worse and worse

-eventually it gets to the point SQUIPed Michael is constantly threatening to hurt himself to get Jeremy to do that he wants

-the drama club start to notice after a few weeks of being almost straight out ignored by the now popular couple

-when they see the two acting strangely Rich tells them that he’s pretty sure Jeremy still has a SQUIP


Tom and Z pre-show interviews -LIP SYNC BATTLE

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whats ur opinion on the new taylor swift album

okay. i have waited almost two months to give my official review of this album and since it’s taken me so long to reply to this i will go through song by song.

…Ready For It?: probably my favourite of the pre releases???? i lip sync to it a lot in my bathroom mirror and i go hard to it in the car. i’m not a huge fan of the bouncing bass line but “he can be my jailor/burton to this taylor” is an i c o n i c line so i forgive it.

End Game: i was really really hype for this one bc it was with ed sheeran, so i was a little let down??? that being said, i still really like the song (even tho idk why future is on it????? what was the point????) but taylors verse at the end???? lyrically amazing!!!!! “i hit you like bang/we tried to forget it but we just didn’t/and i bury hatchets but i keep maps of where i put them” like!!!!!!! bitch!!!!!!

I Did Something Bad: brilliant. amazing. iconic. fantastic. never been done before. if a man talks shit i truly owe him nothing!!!!!!!!! i don’t regret it one bit bc he had it coming!!!!!!! they said i did something bad!!!!!!! then why’s it feel so good!!!!!!!!!! god all these lyrics are amazing like “they’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one/so light me up” binch did that!!!!!!

Don’t Blame Me: home girl scalped me from the first note like. this song gets me going hard!!!!!!!! i don’t even know what to say like all i want is to star in some sort of heist/action movie and have a heavy makeout scene (preferably with tom) while this song plays in the background. also this song is the epitome of like. mafia tom???? shits got me hyped.

Delicate: we love and respect delicate in this house!!!!!! the harmonies in the beginning???? the echoing of “isn’t it”???? just all the vibes are amazing fuck i love this song!!!!!!! like it perfectly captures the nervousness of a new relationship and not knowing if what you’re saying is okay “is it cool that i said all that/is it chill that you’re in my head/bc i know that it’s delicate” “is it too soon to do this yet?” fuck!!!!!!!!!

Look What You Made Me Do: probably my least fave from the entire album (except maybe gorgeous) like. i bop when it comes on and that music video scalped me 100% but i don’t really like the production of the actual song that much????? like the lyrics are decent but. yeah. the whole “the old taylor can’t come to the phone” thing low key made me cringe.

So It Goes…: honestly wasn’t my fave at first but now it gives me such mafia tom and drug lord harri vibes so like. it’s grown on me!!!!! i can’t even type out my fave lyrics bc everything hits me hard like. it’s such a goddamn bop!!!!! also low key a sex song and yall know im into that!!!!

Gorgeous: this song is. yeah. like relatable bc being around a guy so hot that it makes you mad???? that’s a mood!!!!! but. the lyrics aren’t that great and neither is the production like. i bop in my car while driving but. yeah it’s probably the least fave.

Getaway Car: 9/10. everything is beautiful and amazing except the fact that taylor swift is so rich that she does not know that motels don’t have bars so i deduct a point for inaccuracy. but the fact that this is about dating tom hiddleston to get away from calvin harris and then ditching him is iconic!!!!! she did that!!!!!

King of My Heart: this song wasn’t really my fave but i love the pre chorus and the bridge so that saved it also!!!!! it makes me think of tom!!!!!!! so that bumped up its place in my heart.

Dancing With Our Hands Tied: okay in all honesty i skipped this one every time it popped up but i’ve been listening to it a lot more recently and i really like the pre chorus!!!!! so it’s been growing on me and i definitely like it a lot more than gorgeous so it’s not my least fave!!! the lyrics are really good like p r a i s e

Dress: homegirl really. did that. she only bought that dress so he could take it off!!!!! and the breathy moans!!!!!!! my jaw dropped i was gagging but i love it. 10/10 would fuck to this song.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: good. gracious. lord. the first time i listened to this song i was convinced it was a fever dream like????? it’s also v v relatable so thank you for my life taylor. “i took an axe to a mended fence” yes girl!!!!! cut that bitch down!!!!!!

Call It What You Want: this song is v v cute and although i don’t like the bridge that much i like the rest of it!!!! especially the second pre chorus. v soft. v cuddly. her baby is fit like a day dream and you can call it what you want to!!!!!!!!!

New Year’s Day: the softest song. the absolute softest. it’s so so so beautiful???? the piano and the vocals and the harmonies and the lyrics like!!!!! when will i find this????? fuck i love this song!!!!!!


I asked for this about a month ago, but I didn’t really take it seriously enough and forgot about it, so I’m gonna ask again cuz I wanna do this.

I need someone who knows how to lip sync pre-existing footage with new audio. Before you ask, yes I’m thinking about dubbing over an anime because I’m fucking disgusting. I apologize in advance to anyone who has lost any respect of me because of this.

Also, I’m fuckin poor, and as much as I would love to compensate you for your work (it legitimately kills me to ask for free work), I cannot.

SO, if you’re a groovy individual who knows how, or knows someone who knows how, and is willing to work for nothing but my admiration, please send me a submission with some examples of your work. Thanks a ton!

“britney performance is pre recorded!!”

“britney lip syncs!1!!”” 

like ok ur stiff fav just stands there with a mediocre voice while britney does choreo and performs seven hundred times better | don’t @ me