I just want to clarify

Yes I ship ryden
No I don’t think its okay to harass them about it
In fact its really NOT okay to harass them about it. Its not okay to harass any IRL people who you ship. It’s an invasion of privacy and probably makes them feel awful.

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How would UT OT and UF grillby feel about having a green soul SO who couldn't handle being yelled at but if anyone hurt their friends they can verbally DESTROY them

Whoops, I misread that a few times. I got it covered now. - Mod Sync

Undertale Grillby

The first time it happens, he’s understandably shocked. You were so sweet and kind, and you were bad with customers yelling at you. And yet, here you are, absolutely roasting (Sans, stop punning) some asshole in his bar because they said something bad about someone you knew. He doesn’t know what to do. If a fight breaks out, he’s jumping in immediately, but when it’s just words, he’s just fretting around behind the bar and Sans stop recording this and help him!

Underfell Grillby

He’s shocked, for all of two seconds. Then he’s laughing his ass off. You were bad at being yelled at, which happened frequently, how were you even still here? But then some jerk says something about a friend of yours and off you go. He’s got recordings of your bests roasts on his phone, and even joined you in a few. However, if a fight breaks out, you might wanna call an ambulance for the real third degree burns the asshole will get.

Outertale Grillby

Like UT!Grillby, he’s pretty dumbfounded, but he’s more slack jawed and staring, because he’s finding out all of those things at once. It’s rarer for people to get angry enough to yell in his bar. So once some asshole starts yelling at you for something, he’s terrified for you, you look like you’re about to burst into tears. He’s about to step in, but then the guy goes and says something about someone else, and suddenly you’re the one with all of the control in the argument. He’s quick to snap out of his stupor should things get physical, but he might need a minute to process everything that just happened.

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