Kari-Lise Alexander is fascinated by the landscape and mythology of her Scandinavian roots. We recently featured her ethereal oil and acrylic paintings on our blog, mostly portraits of girls that resemble the nymphs of Nordic folklore. Living and working in Seattle, with its cool and wet winters, also provides Alexander with inspiration, and we often find her subjects bathing in or near water. She portrays mythical swan-maidens in her upcoming solo exhibition at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, “A Lovelorn Theft”.

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Commonly asked questions

BEFORE YOU ASK ANY MEDBLR A QUESTION PLEASE ASK YOURSELF THIS: can I find the answer on my own using a search engine? Odds are, you are not the first or last person to wonder the thing you are wondering. It has probably already been posted or answered somewhere in the vast series of tubes known as the internet. Check before you ask, because all medblrs are busy students, residents, and physicians and, even though we love you and want to help you, we get asked these things all the time.

Commonly asked questions:

- Tell me literally every step to becoming a doctor. I’m also 15.
This is a very easy google-ble question and one I personally am tired of getting because from my perspective it looks like you are unable/unwilling to think for yourself and want people to just tell you what to do, but I’m really cranky right now. “How to become a doctor in xyz country” is a good place to start. If you want to become a doctor in the USA, the AAMC has lots of resources that I would start exploring (look they even copied my blog name! JK AAMC, we’re cool).

- Help! I have xyz problem most likely my grades! Will I ever be a doctor??
Talk to an academic advisor if you are worried about your GPA or some aspect of your application. It is ok to get multiple B’s and C’s and not have cured cancer while in undergrad. I’m sorry you are in a rough patch right now. If you are really worried about your grades, please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor who knows the pre-med game and can help your individual case. Medblrs are not professional academic advisors.

- What should I major in to be a doctor?

- I’m in high school and…
No high school classes will ‘prepare you’ to be a surgeon or radiologist or whatever. Sorry. High school is theoretically supposed to prepare you for undergrad and for being an adult. Seriously chill out and have some fun while you can. The relatively carefree days of youth are numbered and will be gone before you know it. Take advantage of the time you have now! You will spent plenty of time sitting on your butt studying medicine, trust me.

- I didn’t get in to med school. I am so devastated. What should I do?
I’m really sorry to hear that, I really am. Med school in the US is extremely hard to get in to. You have tons of options though. There are loads of other healthcare fields you can try for, you can re-assess your application and try to improve any weak areas like MCAT (retake), grades (go to a post-bacc or master’s), extracurriculars (do more volunteering or research), etc etc. This is a something you will want to sit down with an academic advisor and have a heart to heart. And there is no shame in applying again if it’s your dream.

- Is pre-med/med school hard?

- Will I have to give up everything I love for med school??
No. You will have to adjust your priorities, but you can still have friends and partners and hobbies and fitness in med school. I’m no ENT candidate, but I have a very cute husband, two cats, a dog, friends and family that I see as often as possible, and I even exercise sometimes. It’s possible.

- Is Grey’s Anatomy/any medical TV drama what it’s really like?
NO. NO. NO. STOP. It’s a TV drama, meaning there has to be drama to keep viewers. Yes some of it is based on real life, but for the most part all medical TV shows are grossly over dramatized. Also I hate “House” because he would have been fired for ethics board violations in the first two episodes and that’s not how specialties work.

- I went on SDN and they were mean to me.
Yeah, that is what they do. I’m sorry they were mean to you. They suck. Here, have some pie and hang out with us, ok? It’ll be ok.

- Is it ok to have tattoos/piercings in medicine?
Medicine is still a pretty standard business type field as far as expectations of dress go. Lots of people have tattoos and piercings, but many people cover theirs or have them in nonvisible places. The rules depend on the hospital- some more more lenient and others are more strict.

- Insert specific medical question here.
Asking people on the internet for medical advice is not a good plan. If you are really concerned about that knee pain, or rash, or headache, please see a medical professional in person.

- I sent you an ask and you never responded.
I’m sorry I didn’t respond. This blog is not my job, it’s what I do for fun. Sometimes I don’t have a good answer. Sometimes I’m busy. Sometimes I just don’t want to because it’s been asked/answered a bajillion times already. It’s nothing personal, I promise. Also please don’t ask multiple medblrs the exact same question. That gets under my skin for some reason.

- I have questions about research/shadowing/volunteer activities in undergrad.
Check out my tagged posts for research, shadowing, and volunteer activities.

- Can you help me with my personal statement?
No. But the writing center at your school can!

- I’m new here, what are good blogs to follow?
Welcome young cricket! Check out WayfaringMD’s ever-growing Medblr Spotlight. Also you can send us pizza gift cards if an email address is included!

Any other medblr, please feel free to add more commonly asked questions!

PENTATONIX - Tracklisting (Pre-Orders September 4th)

1. Na Na Na

2. Can’t Sleep Love

3. Sing

4. Misbehavin’

5. Ref

6. First Things First

7. Rose Gold

8. If I Ever Fall In Love (Feat JASON DERULO)

9. Cracked 

10. Water

11. Take Me Home

12. New Years Day

13. Light In the Hallway


14. Where Are U Now (OPB: Jack U ft Justin Bieber)

15. Cheerleader (OPB: OMI)

16. Lean On (OPB: Major Lazer ft MO and DJ Snake)

17. Can’t Sleep Love (Ft. Tink)



We are a little over a month away from the official release of my second book, All The Words Are Yours, and pre-orders are still going strong! It’s such a surreal thing to look on these samplers and see “Author of…” at the bottom. It’s something I have dreamed about since I was a kid. Life is crazy.

At any rate, there are still signed copies available through independent book sellers, so head to to learn more how to snag one. AND, we are still donating $1 from every pre-sale to our friends at @twloha which I am thrilled about.

Thank you all so much for your support. I cannot wait for you to get your hands on this guy. It’s been a long time coming.