Today I visited Pre’s Rock on a beautiful, sunny morning.
People leave him little bits of their lives–a training log, scribbled on worn-out paper; many pairs of worn-out shoes, mostly Nikes; race bibs from road races to Nationals; even a Cool Mint Clif bar–at this little shrine. You can feel his spirit there.

For robbowmans , thanks for the prompt!

Takes place some time in season 3 and I”m conveniently going to forget Josh and Gina both exist. Thanks!

if it kills me

It’s the burning agony traveling through her body that wakes her up.

Her eyes are stinging, crusty around the edges as she blinks and she struggles to remember why the hell she’s in so much pain. She’s on her back, her legs trapped under something heavy and her arms - oh her right shoulder is caught around the seatbelt-


Oh god.

Accident. She’s been in an accident, she’s … she’s not in her car, this is definitely not her car. The interior of the Crown Vic doesn’t have the fancy, albeit broken dashboard currently digging into her calves, doesn’t have the leather seats she’s staring at-

Staring at? Oh, she’s upside down. And she’s upside down in Castle’s car.

“Shit, Castle!” Her voice sounds alien to her ears, hoarse and scratchy, her throat itching as she calls out his name again. “Answer me, damn it!”

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Watercolors and acrylics (30x40cm)
A long time ago I want to do a standing up horse. And it need to be an special PRE/Andalusian horse. I am absolutely in love with the Spanish horses . I’m from Spain and I am very proud that in my country is the cradle of the “Horse of the Kings” e
Especially I wanted to make a great horse , the kind of distinctive and noble neck and of course bay.

The original paint is ON SALE in Etsy -> HERE