Draco! ... Snape?

Warnings: No

Word Count: 1300

Pairing: Draco x reader 

Summary: Draco and Y/n are togather, but snape, who’s like a father figure to Y/N find out. 

Requested: HELL YEAS

Edited with little care because yall already know I’m the best writer around😂 jk I just got lazy 

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“Severus?” You singsonged as you walked into the empty potions classroom. It was just to the beginning of the year, and you wanted to see  Snape before class. You walked throughout his classroom looking at the neat room that would soon be a mess in 30 minutes. “Severus! Where are you!” You heard footsteps coming from his office and began to smile.
A man with black hair, no longer greasy peered over the corner. Severus was usually kind to you, but instead of being the kind man, his face looked eerily similar to the looks he gave Mr. Potter.
“What did I say Y/L/N, about using my first name?” His wand was pointed at you and his same mean face was painted on. You huffed and began to walk out of his class. But his voice stopped you. “Are you going to leave without giving me a hug Y/N?” You turned around excitedly and gave your favorite professor a hug. You laughed as you hugged him.
Snape was quite misunderstood, and you usually found yourself trying to keep him in line when it came to Harry Potter.  He found out your parents died when you were in year one and naturally, pitied you, and gave you love like any father would. With that came tremendous protection. You could never date anyone that didn’t pass acceptable in his class, and no Malfoy, Weasleys or Potter. But just like any daughter, you were one to go behind their back and date someone he did not want you too.
Draco Malfoy was your boyfriend, and you both kept it very secret. He didn’t want his parents knowing he was dating a half-blood, and Snape would not be happy finding you dating Malfoy. He always told you that he was bad, but he never said why.
“Oh dear god, Y/N! I must get ready for class. Get out of here,” He beckoned at the door, walking quickly toward his office.
During free period you walked into the library. You were still in denial. You had never lied to him, especially about something he forbid you to do. But you were a teenage girl, you were too tempted not to.
You were in the library, running your hands over the broken bonds of the stories. Dust collected everywhere while spiders and cobwebs collected on books that nobody read. Nearly broken lights hung by a wire from the cracked ceiling. The ground was a landfill of torn pages, glass and, books. Dust floated lazily in the air causing a difficulty breathing, and every step put more of it into the air. By now you realized you have wondered in the Restricted section of the library.
“Miss me?” You looked up cautiously to the voice. Draco. You smiled at him and brought him into a hug.
“What do you think?” You laughed at him quietly. You pulled away, and reached for his hand, pulling him down the shelves, weaving deeper and deeper into the restricted section.
“I think,” He stopped you abruptly “We need a proper hello.” He leaned you up against the bookshelf and brushed his lips against yours. He did it in one swift movement, but so slow and calm. And when he kissed you, it wasn’t innocent. It was a tease, a hot—passionate tease. You were both so seduced by each other’s touch you couldn’t think straight. He pressed his tongue to the join of your lips and didn’t ask for any grant of access. He pushed his tongue down your mouth. You haven’t seen each other in ages, and this was a perfect hello. Your arms reached up around his neck and held him closer to you. His hands held your waist, keeping you stable. You could feel his tongue roll off yours and seep down your throat with every push of your own.
Your lips felt so gentle so warm. Your hands begin to slide up his chest and encircle his neck, as the kiss began to grow heavy. You continued kissing him hungrily wanting more. And as Draco’s kiss continued down your neck a wave of pure pleasure ran through his entire being. Your perfume was intoxicating, and your body was just as addicting.  He kissed your earlobe first. It was soft but hungry. Then he worked down your neck to your collar bone before coming right back up for the lips.
All his and your secrets were laid bare, all that was left was the passion between you two.
He kissed you, and it felt like a January storm.
“We have to get to class,” you tugged on his sleeve. “As much as I love you in that black tux, We have to go.” He groaned at you and pulled you into his chest.
“Why can’t we skip class, head to my room,” He tried to reason with you although he knew he had no chance of winning. You looked up at him and saw a glimmer in his eyes. “I’ll make sure it’s worth your while,” he smirked. You laughed at him and pulled him down to the entrance of the restricted section.
“I bet you would. But you’ll have to wait until classes are over.” You peered over the exit of the section and saw nobody was there, so you quickly hurried out and down towards the library exit.
Before you both left, he leaned in a gave you a quick kiss. But as you pulled away you heard a cough. You both turned slowly and were met with a now pinched face, angery Severus Snape. You couldn’t believe your eyes. You had been caught.
“Malfoy, I see you have managed to get your vomitous, revolting lips on Ms. Y/L/N.” Malfoy wasn’t even going to help, he told you when the cats out of the bag, he would have no trouble showing you off.
“It appears I have,” He smiled devilishly.
“I would like to see both of you in detention tonight. No funny business either.,” He said firmly before walking away. You couldn’t believe that just happened, and you didn’t expect Draco you act like that.
“Look what you did,” You pouted at him. “Now Severus will never speak to me.”
“Nonsense,” He smiled, pulling you into a hug. “You are amazing..” You couldn’t help but smile meekly. “And that Snape knows, and you were the only one really worried about anyone knowing, I can show off what’s mine finally.”
“I guess you’re right.” And that was perhaps the only good thing you got out of this.

In detention, Severus didn’t even glance at you. He was spiteful to no end, that’s one thing you learned about him. If he was unhappy with someone he cared about, he would torture them and make sure they were unhappy as well. That’s what you and Ms. Lily Evans learned. But this time it was worse. You weren’t losing a racist friend, you were losing a father. But before long Snape walked over to Draco’s seat and was ready to give him a piece of his mind.
Grabbing him by the collar, he raised Draco high into the hair.
“If you so as for think of ever hurting my daughter, I will kill you just as fast as you could say mud blood.” He never called you daughter. “And if you think you’re ever going to pursue the task he gave you, and be with her, you will be killed.”
And although you had no idea what was going on, you sat back and watched. “But as you I can see,” Snape trailed off. “You love her.” He paused “You look at her the same way I looked at…”
“Lily,” you mumbled. And with Draco falling to the ground, he sauntered to his office, giving you permission to pursue the one you love most. Draco.