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Who in their right mind honestly believes that indie bands would love to not be able to eat tonight for publicity? You do know most indie bands have to put their own money into these albums and then they don't get paid for THREE MONTHS that money that they did put into. After the three months there's not even a guarantee they could get paid people could decide they don't even want this service. No one deserves to wonder if they're going to get kicked out their home or to not know if they can eat

When was the last time you went on to iTunes, saw an indie band with a new album out, said to yourself “Hey, I think Im gonna give this random band a shot” and then proceeded to prchase the album?

Never? Yeah, that’s what I thought. You should also not that album sales are just a portion of an artist’s salary. Merchandising and concerts make up the majority so this 3 months free you’re bitching about seems pretty insignificant in the grand scheme.

Also you actually think it’s this black and white scenario of food vs publicity? You must be some high class of stupid.

Listen the 3 months when everything is fair game is a period where all artists music will be available and with that comes a degree of publicity. Yes the user doesn’t have to buy in after the 3 months but there will be some that do and then you get what you want. Is that an exploitable scenario? Yes but so is Youtube where I could just search for music and download for free.

You need to get off Taylor Swift’s dick and think for yourself.