You can never force yourself to stop loving a person. Can never force yourself to let go of everything you both shared. Can never force yourself to forget, and can never force this person out of your life. Just because it hurts to see no emotion from them, does Not mean you can force yourself to be content the same way this person is. 

And you most definitely can never allow yourself to have a reason to be upset with God. 

NotetoSelf: You’re only human. You’ve built walls because you’ve been hurt. And you’re still hurting. But you need to find reasons to believe that Love doesn’t just bring pain and disappointments. When you stop expecting, you’ll stop being disappointed. It’s simple. You won’t have any reason to cry your heart out anymore.

One day, when you find reasons to believe and trust in Fate that someone Else out there can treat you like you’re worth Something, it’s up to nobody but YOU to decide if you want to allow this person access to this million-piece heart of yours. By this time, you’ll be Independent. You’ll love only Yourself first. Everything you hoped to be and more. But once you’re ready to allow this person into your life, and allow this person to break down this wall of yours, you’ll be ready for Love again. 

Until then, please try. Pray for patience and strength every single day.This person has only walked into your life to teach you a lesson. and it was this persons decision to walk right out. Please allow yourself to accept and let go. 

A trillion and 7 souls in this world. And people tend to waste time stressing over just 1.

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Queuing to retrieve my old #Social #Security number has been a complete nightmare. I’ve been here since 9:30am it’s already 12:30pm I have yet to have my turn. 😔 Only one person is handling hundreds of queries. 😩 Are there not millions of unemployed and qualified #Filipinos? Clearly they’re understaffed. 😣 #governmentofficenightmare #sssnightmare #itsnotalwaysfuninthephilippines #Cebu #Lapulapu #instapic #tagforlikes #hiremorepeople #prayingforpatience #bringfoodwithyou

So #comcast has been calling me for like two days to come and pick up our old equipment cuz we’re moving… Well usually if u miss the first time a different guy comes. Well this time it was the same guy. He was very adamant about coming to get the equipment. He even apologized for not being able to come yesterday. Well before I closed the door, he asked “can I pray for you?” I said yea.. He blessed my apartment I’m leaving tommorrow, and prayed for me and @cartelcutz @djhustlenomics to have a safe and succesful transition to our new home and for peace and comfort in our new living situation. Mind you, he knows nothing about me or anyone I live with… I’m not religious y'all know that.. But I believe in angels and spirits.. I’ve been very nervous about this move.. But at that moment for some reason all my fears and worry were lifted. #blessed #prayingwithstrangers #prayingforpatience

Truth is...

You’re suppose to be genuinely kind to everyone even though its hard to be kind to someone that is most likely praying she ends up with the same guy you pray you end up with.

Truth is I don’t want to be kind. Truth is before I knew the guy was an issue, I thought you shallow and insincere. Truth is we’re not friends and there’s no reason you should be friending me.

Truth is I have to be kind. Truth is I have to work my way up to meaning the kindness. Truth is I have to accept your friend request.