I know that my followers may not know what is truly going on in Venezuela… And I do not want to force you into being interested (though I do wish it). In more simpler terms… Shit has hit the fan. People are being murdered, robbery is an everyday experience, etc. Please help spread the word on what is going on in my home country, help the innocent people, the students survive this hell they are living.

Post by Keisha Dowdy.
This is a video I made to support my dear friend Ignacio and my bestie best friend Alvaro. It took me about a week to plan it and put it together. I truly feel awful that their country is going through so much chaos at the moment. This is a 2 part video. The first part is to open your eyes and show you what’s going on in their country and the second part is something special that 4 of us singers did. I hope you like it and share it with your friends if you like. Let’s all pray for Venezuela because two of my dear friends live there and they are seeing the awful events up close and personal

It’s been a tough year for my country. I can’t help crying when I watch the news, I can’t help crying when I realize I can’t be there to help my people, my brothers and sisters, my classmates… Everyday, every 30min someone it’s been killed in Venezuela. This is getting out of control people can’t live this way, this is why I’m taking a few minutes to post these pictures, cuz even though I’m not there, I can feel it, and it hurts so much to see my people dying everyday for expressing their point of view, cuz they don’t think government is doing a good job. It’s not fair for anybody to live this way. That’s why I’m posting this, I may not be there, but Venezuela and you guys who are still fighting for our country are still in my thoughts. I can’t wait for things to change and this whole nightmare stops. Venezuela I’m your voice. Distant but not absent.



I am Venezuelan and like me, millions of people hate to see our country every day sinking deeper into poverty.

We need happiness
We need freedom
We need peace

We can not continue to allow so much evil, so much hatred and repression!!!
God will to reward will you if you HELP US WITH A REBLOG!
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It is horrible to think that at any time can snatch your life
Living in this country is a challenge, and we need the help of all of you to get out of this suffering:(.

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