praying hands

Highlights from the School Walkout


- It was a huge swarm around the flag pole

- My friends and I made extra signs in case people wanted them and so many people wanted them

- We literally made the signs the period before the walkout

- We all circled up and held hands and prayed for the victims of Parkland

- People stepped out to talk about how it isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, gun violence needs to stop because we all want to live and want to accomplish our dreams

- After anyone said something like that, people cheered

- People held up black power fists

- Some girl read the sign I made that said “I’m afraid I’ll get shot right now” and said it was so true

- We all had a moment of silence for the victims and it is SO hard to get high schoolers to be quiet but we were all dead silent

- There was a sign with all the victims’ names written on it

- At the end, our administrator told us he was proud of us and that we can’t let this spirit last for only those 17 minutes, we have to continue spreading the message

- Everyone chanted “no more silence, stop gun violence” as we walked back into the school

- So many people chanted that as we walked back in, it was literally a sea of people

- Some guy got onto another kid for not taking it seriously and making jokes because he was not having it

- Not everyone there was from the same party, but we all agreed with each other and supported each other because we have all had enough

- It was just such a sense of togetherness because we were all so different but we came together and it was powerful

-None of what we did there was preplanned but students stepped up and communicated what we would do next so that was cool to see