praying rabbit


pairing: reader x jimin

genre: alice in wonderland au, thriller

word count:1,060

previous read: hatter, rabbit

note: so it’s been a while since I posted a continuation of this, i was inspired recently thanks to some lovely people, I hope this next part is not too unsatisfying. as always feedback is greatly appreciated! tagging @ohsuga

There’s another twisted soul in wonderland, maybe a little more twisted than the hatter man. He often disappeared to reappear, announcing his games. With a goal to drive the so-called Alice insane.

He watched her closely through the days and nights, waiting to appear and give her a fright. He was a bit annoyed when the rabbit freed her and now that the rabbit was gone, it was time for him to meet her.

While she roamed the depths of the rabbit hole, his smile hauntingly followed, feet snapping a branch and causing the girl to turn around. That’s when his voice greeted her without a body to be found.

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The Backwards Name

Drink your name
every night,
your hips on the hotel bed,
sticking in my throat,
the memory throbs,
all our secret places
tumble out
between the sleeps.

Looking back is
dirty business,
kneeling, praying,
rabbit famine
keeping you full
while you starve.

Drink your name
every day,
the sun setting
behind your bare back
at the side of the road
I see that the canyon
slips away
into nothing,
and it took you too
one day.

Looking down is
the essence of falling.
You go face first
and the sand like a shroud
surges up
to tuck you in.

The disnerd prayer

Our uncle Walt, who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy magic kingdom come
Thy will be done
In the Disney parks as well as everyday life
Give us this day our daily dole whip
And forgive those who think Disney is just for kids
As we forgive those who says we are too old to like Disney
And lead us not to universal
But deliver us from evil.
In the name of uncle Walt, Mickey Mouse and the holy Oswald the lucky rabbit we pray!