praying mantis tattoo


Untitled by Daifuku Sensei
Via Flickr:
May. Seen at Queen and Peter St.


I got my tattoo! 
as you can see, I had the time of my life… 

Actually, the dude who did this was very impressive; he didn’t make me shed a single tear, A+. Golden Needle in Phuket Town. The whole tattoo took a grand total of two hours to complete, and the place had a turtle pond full of live turtles that I doted on in the mean time! 8D
All in all, a great experience, and an excellent job on the tattoo!!
Represented here are my two first babies; Riem and Penh <3

seriously though–getting tattooed anywhere near the fuckin’ armpit?? Can’t recommend it; back nor front. Everywhere else was fine (except the bit of branch that bridged overtop of the armpit, jfc).
The tattoo is also black and white, lmao. The red’s just my very angry hemoglobin.