praying for ya

Never try to decide “how” Allah will answer your prayers. He will answer you in His way. Leave the how’s and when’s to Him. Please remember that Allah doesn’t need tips from us on what’s right for our lives, that is why we are suppose to pray “Ya Allah guide me to your right path.”

Our girl went to the doctor and they said she had a bad sprain and severe bruising. Pray for a speedy recovery for Normani! And pray for 5H at the Jingle Ball because without her being able to outperform everyone those performances will be lackluster

“i know you have an illness, but im sure if you would just pray more you’d feel better-”

Im praying yall will shut ya ignorant af mouth cause holy shit thats not how that works


Pray/Confession needs more exposure, ya’ll. Can we please collectively request more YTubers to give it a listen?