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​Sometimes I wonder if our favorite historical figures look at us from the afterlife and say “that’s my person. That’s my person and I will guide them thru the next seventy-five years” and then there’s others that are more “you read my wife and I’s letters one more time and I will end you.”

they tried throwing a surprise party for the dad. TRIED imsorry

alternate universe where laurens didn’t die and the hamilsquad met Jefferson and Madison (where they all failed to throw a party for the general and got drunk instead)

Secrets- Sherlock Holmes (BBC)


Ok please can I make a Sherlock request where reader and Sherlock are being secretive about their relationship but John is starting to notice little things and one day he comes home early and he walks in whilst they’re making out and they have to awkwardly reveal their relationship xx thank you

*Italics are flashbacks*

 “Can I kiss you really quick?” Sherlock whispered, his eyes darting to the door in a subtle lookout for Johns return from shopping.  When he looked back at you and saw you nod, saw the smile on your face and heard the laughter bubbling up your gullet, he leaned his chin forward and pressed his lips to yours.

You had been dating him for around year now and john still hadn’t found out or he was just avoiding the obvious.


Sherlock had never been a bold or open man but you must bring out the worse in him. During dinner one night he made a very bold move and began to place his hand on your thigh under the table as you sat.

Your cheeks flushed bright red almost instantly as you prayed John was too focused on the papers and notes in front of him.

“Are you alright (y/n)?” He asked making you freeze a little. He was leaning over and peering into your face concernedly.

You nodded politely “Yes, sorry. It’s a spicier curry than I’d anticipated.” You lied as Sherlock’s hand continued to caress your thigh softly.


“Is that y/n’s coat?” John said walking into the room.

Sherlock barely looked over at I’m but knew your coat was draped over his chair. “Yes, obviously.” He said slightly bluntly, making John roll his eyes.

“Is she still here?” he tried to encourage the conversation.

Sherlock sighed a little “Yes. She arrived while you were out and now she is in the shower.”

This baffled the shorter man and he stood in the same place for a while but soon brushed it off and shrugged, “Well okay, ill order some food in for us.”


When Sherlock kissed you it was short at first, soft, but it was quick to turn into something entirely different; within seconds the small and innocent gesture became harder.

You felt him let go of your hand in order to run that hand up the side of your shirt, you felt the calluses of his hands rub against your side, up your hip and over your waist and then around to your back, finally resting on the small of your back with what you imagined to be a secret intent of grabbing ass but was patient and stayed on your back.

The click of the door opening made you both jump and Sherlock try to step far away from you but it didn’t work, John had already see too much.

He stood before you tapping his foot with his arms crossed over his chest. “So how long has this been going on?”

“We’ve been dating for Around 6 months” you blushed but Sherlock had a large grin.


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6: Jasmine’s mom knew that Anthony and Jasmine would end up dating from the day Jasmine introduced her to Anthony. Then the day where she introduces him to her as her boyfriend comes and no ones shocked.

This is my first ever fic to post YAY AHHH Thank you @whatisa-legacy for proofreading this!! ILYSM <3

(If you didn’t know, Jasmine’s mom’s name is Kim so don’t get confused okay lmao)

July 2014

Jasmine just got out of her first rehearsal of Hamilton. It was nice, but awkward since most of the people there knew each other from the workshops. As she was headed back home to Brooklyn, she got a call from her mom. “How was the first day? Meet anyone?” greeted her mother. She replied with, “Mom. This is not the first day of high school you don’t have to check up on me,” she heard her mom sigh from the other end of the call. “But there is one guy who is getting on my nerves.” Jasmine continued.

She ended up ranting to her mom about how her co-star, Anthony Ramos, kept looking at her during rehearsals, and how he once stayed behind during a break just so he can ask for her number.” Jasmine kept talking to her mom until she arrived at her apartment.

Inside, Kim knew that this is a special relationship building up. She’s aware of this from the way her daughter would describe him, from the adjectives she used up until the way she talked. Love at first sight is a rare and unique thing, that’s how she knew that this would grow into a different kind of love; one that is ethereal.

April 2015

Today was the day Jasmine was to introduce her boyfriend, Anthony to her parents. They were both nervous. Anthony, of the fear that her parents would not approve of him, and Jasmine, of the fear that her mother would remember their conversation back in July. They took the day off from Hamilton, and drove to the farther part of Brooklyn where her family lives.  Jasmine rang the doorbell. They were quickly greeted by her mother, with a smile plastered all over her face. “Come in!” She delightedly greeted them, gesturing them to go inside.

At the end of the day, Anthony’s nervousness was replaced with calmness. As he was welcomed as a part of the family. As the couple was about to leave, Jasmine’s mom said, “We knew you two would be together from the moment I called Jasmine during your first day of rehearsal. Now, go. I have to call your aunt and uncle! They owe me 50 bucks!” She smiled and said goodbye.

“You told them about me?” Anthony teasingly said. she replied with, “Shut it! You were creeping me out!!” They both laughed. Now this was something to talk about on their way home.



pairing: john laurens x reader

word count: 1200

warnings: lots of teasing, john talking about sex, swearing

summary: it’s raining, it’s a saturday, and the power is out. being two adults in love, what is it that you choose to do to pass the time with - playing games, of course!

a/n: enjoy <3

It was raining.

“I hate the rain,” John pouted.

“Me too,” you grumbled, falling back down in bed.

It was a Saturday, which was good, because you really didn’t want to drive to work in this horrendous, almost torrential rain storm. This also meant, however, that you had next to no food and John would refuse to go (‘it’ll make my hair fuzzy’, he always said, and he would defend his locks with his life), and you had to eat whatever scraps you had left in the cupboard. Rainy days were both a blessing and a curse – it gave you an excuse to stay home, but there were so many things that could make it a terrible experience, such as the power going out…

Which is exactly, when you thought about it, what happened next.

“Fuck, babe, the power’s out,” John told you.

“Yes, Johnny dearest, I could tell.”

“Man, what are we going to do?” John groaned.

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What a beautiful angel straight from heaven. I’m not crying, I swear.


“I will happily embrace a Latin night at a gay club at the theme-park capital of the world as the ultimate symbol of what is truly wonderful about America.”

Pray For Others

Praying for others is very important. The Bible says:. We are to pray for all people (1 Timothy 2:1). We are to pray for government leaders (1 Timothy 2:2). We are to pray for the unsaved (1 Timothy 2:3). We are to pray for fellow Christians (Ephesians 6:18). We are to pray for ministers of the gospel (Ephesians 6:19–20). We are to pray for the persecuted church (Hebrews 13:3). When Jesus was praying for others, He prayed for their faith (Luke 22:32), He prayed against temptation in their lives (Luke 22:40), He prayed for their unity (John 17:11), and He prayed for their sanctification (John 17:17). Paul prayed for the salvation of the lost (Romans 10:1); he prayed that the brothers would stay on the right path (2 Corinthians 13:7); he prayed that believers would be strengthened by the Spirit, rooted and grounded in love, able to comprehend God’s love, and filled with the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:14–19).   Praying for others gets our focus off of ourselves and onto the needs around us. As we “carry each other’s burdens,” we “will fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).


(Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16)

(Please feel free to send your prayer request to me.)

and you drive me wild

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PART TEN: Let me inside your heart

Alex and John were lazily walking through the Schuyler’s neighborhood, all urgency gone from their steps as they quizzed each other.

“Age?” Alexander asked

“Sixteen going on seventeen.”

“Did you just…” Alex was doubled over in laughter, unable to finish his question.

Yes.” John laughed, more at Alex’s response than anything else, it seemed. “Hey, The Sound of Music is iconic!”

“Trust me, I know,” Alex said, his laughter subsiding. “Laf makes us watch it like four times a year.”

“Laf is… your…”

“Brother. Adoptive brother. He’s French, obviously, and I’m from Nevis.”

“That’s cool,” John said with a small smile. “I’m from South Carolina. Well, still from there, I guess, since Dad still has a house down there, and we go there every summer, but, uh, yeah we call Virginia home since it’s closer to DC.”

Alex smiled at John. “That’s nice, though. You have a really nice, big family. Do you get along well with your siblings?”

“Oh, yeah, they’re great.” John laughed a little. “I mean, they can be annoying as hell, don’t get me wrong, but I love ‘em, and they usually listen to me since I’m the oldest.”

“You get along with your dad, too?” Alex had met the question to be innocent, to continue the get to know each other before divulging deep dark secrets conversation, but from the way John’s breath hitched he could tell he’d hit something dark, something heavy, and he wished he could take it back, but John spoke before he even had the chance.

“Ha, no. He… he’s kind of the reason I’m in this state.” John sighed, and Alex swore he’d expelled all of the air from his lungs.

“Do… do you want to talk? About it?” Alex hesitantly asked.

“Sure. I mean, I guess we know enough about each other.” John paused, frowning for a moment. “Wait… I still don’t know one very important thing.”

Alex’s heart sped up as his mind went through every possible thing John might want to know about him before telling him something real, something serious.

“Ye-yeah?” Alex stammered.

John dropped his voice to a whisper. “What’s your favorite color?”

Alexander burst out laughing, mostly in relief, but John joined him and it was his beautiful laugh, so it was worth it in Alex’s opinion.

“Mine is green,” John said quickly. “Just in case you feel like it’s one of those questions the asker should answer first.”

Alex chuckled again. “Well, I don’t have just one…” Alex remembered what Peggy had said, about John most certainly being gay. He decided to take a chance with his answer. He took a deep breath. “Mine are pink, purple, and blue. In that order.”

He looked over at John and could see him pondering his reply for a moment before his eyes lit up, quickly followed by his freckled face blushing a deep red.

Alex giggled and elbowed John. That snapped John out of whatever tied his tongue up for a moment and he was laughing his beautiful laugh again, though this time he sobered up much more quickly, and Alexander could tell they were about to talk about the real and dark and gritty things.

About whatever it was that had John Laurens so sad.

“Well, now I can tell you, I guess,” John said with a nervous laugh.

“Only if you want to,” Alex said quickly, praying John would want to.

“I do,” John said, his voice certain. He opened his mouth and the story began.