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Just because your ship didn’t become canon? Get your shit together. Don’t be ridiculous. You are part of the whole Sherlock fandom. Calm your heads. You spread negativity about the show, don’t forget you are the part of it’s fandom. It’ll only let yourself down. Every ship has possibilities. None of the ships are dismissed. You only need another season. Pray for that rather than ridiculing yourself.

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All those added scenes from the latter half of the manga makes me think we have more chance to see Zeke's reveal animated this season. LET'S PRAY !

I hope so too. Another thing to keep in mind is how much the staff were hyping up the Beast Titan in the Season 2 interviews. Although I doubt we would see the exact scene from Chapter 70, considering that happens at the end of the Uprising Arc, I would like to see at least a sneak peek or whatever. The true face reveal IS being saved for 70, however.

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I know we’ve moved on some and we now have the glory that is 109 but… you guys look at his fucking face here! Look at the way he looks at her when she glances in his direction. 

Fucking kills me every time I looks at this. I know they were not in a good place here but he still looks at her with the same hungry expression. Only here there’s this tinge of desperation to it. He knows Ginny is not happy with him and he don’t like it!

Just I’m never gonna be over this moment. I pray we get another red carpet moment with these two next season. A lot of people were talking and saying for the ESPYs and that would be amazing! Could you imagine these two walking a carpet together, happy and just soaking up all the attention. Pictures separate and together, Mike’s hand on Ginny’s lower back as he guides her down the carpet. 

Like I don’t even care if they only go as friends… just give me this!

Give me happy Mike and Ginny working a red carpet together! ❤❤❤

Phantom . Hanyu-- Lifting the curtain on his new FS “The Phantom of the Opera”/ Figure Skating: Hanyu reveals his new programme with a raised level of difficulty

Phantom . Hanyu– Lifting the curtain on his new FS “The Phantom of the Opera”

Men’s figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu who won the gold medal at the Sochi Olympics in February this year revealed his Free Skating programme for the new season at a public practice on 7th August (8th August in Japan) in his training base in Toronto. Set to music from The Phantom of the Opera which has been used by many famous skaters, this programme includes vocals, which are allowed from this season onwards, in several parts. Hanyu, looking ahead at the upcoming season, is aiming for “A different image from the skaters who have skated to this music before, a sense of a Phantom that is reflective of me.”

This is a piece of music that he “really likes”, to the extent of having considered using it last season which was the Olympic season. At the session, there were no full run-throughs of the programme. Saying “My condition is not quite there yet”, he landed two different quadruple jumps to the music and demonstrated his light movement across the ice.  

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honestly to god, i need to talk about 1x08 because this is another major turn in lucifer’s life. he’s finally realizing his feelings for chloe are more than a mix of curiosity, amusement and lust. he’s finally getting the severity of his situation and how depth his feelings run. i mean there were hints of it in the last two episodes, but this episode nailed it. made him aware. actually made linda, chloe and lucifer aware of it.

clearly, while lucifer is falling for her, and chloe is aware of it, she is not there yet. she still has unresolved feelings for detective douche and just now she finally accepted she likes lucifer as a person. man, i’m praying this show gets another season cause i need this slow burn to happen for real.

you don’t understand guys, this show is fucking great i’m so!!!!


Paul was probably the main character who had less participation during the whole season, though he certainly had a big part on the season finale.. If we get another Almost Human season (which I pray for every day) I hope Michael Irby’s character gets the chance to tell his whole story