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Jesus Christ this fandom…“BBMAs Edition”…Part 109/? 🎤🎺🎸💃🏻❓

Hater: So y'all just gon worship Beyonce? I swear that hoe think she’s GOD!

Beyoncé: “God is God. I am not.”

Hater: She look down on everybody like we trash. She wants to be worshiped.

Beyoncé: *Prays to God before every performance*

Hater: The thot thinks she’s a savior or something.

Beyoncé: “I walk on water but I ain’t no Jesus. I walk on water but only when it freez-”



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some more of that lilo time travel verse where liam and louis from 2010 appear in the future and no one knows what to do with them. you might wanna read the other parts before this one if you haven’t.

(big love to spareourworld, liamharryy, and ofstellardust for the beta. love u all xoxo)

They’ve been sitting in silence for nearly a minute when Louis clears his throat and says, “did we ever end up living together?”

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are the members in iKON all Christians? they always pray tgt before every performance right ?

They seem like it but I’m not so sure about Yunhyeong, Chanwoo, Jinhyeong and Hongseok. ^^

In WIN Epilogue DVD, B.I mentioned about going to church with his family. ^^

Bobby attends church diligently. He also comes from a Christian family. You can read some facts about him here.

Jinhwan’s mom is a Christian so he might have grew up in a Christian family as well. Her mom said it in an interview. You can read it here.

Junhwe seems like he grew up in a Christian family as well. When WIN ended, there were fanaccounts of him going to church with his family. :)

Donghyuk’s father was a pastor. He brought the other members of Team B to their church and asked to support them before WIN started.