No one is asking that you choose between #PrayforParis or #PrayforKenya or #BlackLivesMatter

They’re asking that you notice the difference between how media covers each tragedy.

Who gets humanized, demonized, you know the drill.

But I mean if you’re really doing your prayers if you’re really about change you’re past the debate and you’re taking action.

There is a lot of misinformation being spread around right now. The shootings at Garissa University in Kenya took place in April not yesterday or today

The shootings were similar to what happened yesterday in Paris, the death tolls are so far remarkably close. Both were horrific.

The reason the articles seem to be trending today is because people are comparing the two events, as in how they were reported on and what happened during the events. 

Please please please, before you post news articles look at when they were published. History repeats its self, it is important to know which history you are reporting on. 

I know a lot of you missed what happened in Kenya, but we do not need this sort of misinformation spreading around. No one is reporting on it right now not because news sites to not care, but because they have already reported on it. Whether their reports were sufficient or not is another debate.

Why is it....

That we are ignoring to 147 men, women and children who Lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Kenya?

I don’t mean to sound like an asshole, but it’s a little bit ridiculous that we have to pay so much attention to particulate attack in particular parts of the world. Ignoring all these other places that are being attacked in Africa and the Middle East, such as Kenya or Palestine. I know some of you or even a lot of you haven’t heard about the attack in Kenya, but please be sure to keep your eyes and ears open to anything that happened and give your prayers to everyone that has suffered at the hands of these violent attackers.


Happy blackout day to my amazing black people💞Although its black out day, Al-shabaab killed 147 of our beautiful Africans for being Christian’s a day before this, so many humans but where is the humanity? my God help us … PRAYING FOR KENYA🙏🙏🙏

How does one develop the guts to pick up a gun and kill people? It takes me time to decided if i should answer back to my mom but someone just easily kills people and holds them hostage for TWO days. Have we no remorse? What has come down to human beings? Seriously does everything have to be about violence and vengeance and death? Lord help Kenya🙌