Stop sharing Garissa victims’ dead bodies images

I find it utterly disrespectful that people are circulating photos of blood soaked bodies of the Garissa massacre victims. I understand that people are trying to be conscious and raise awareness. However sharing those images to prove a point is wrong and dehumanising. We didn’t need to see the bodies of Charlie Hebdo’s attack for the world to be horrified, or watch the videos of ISIS’ beheadings. The Garissa victims and their families deserve dignity! Don’t you find disturbing that when a tragedy happens in Africa, people feel the need to post images of dead bodies while we hear nothing about the victims? No names, no history, nothing. Very dehumanising indeed.

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The attack in Kenya at the #Garissauniversity is so disturbing and heartbreaking. Our thoughts prayers go out to all the brothers and sisters we lost and their families. We will never understand how one can justify such horrific and evil behaviour. If you have no humanity… Are you even Human? #IamKenya #prayforkenya


Kenya attack: Garissa University

The number of people killed by al-Shabab militants in an attack on a university in north-eastern Kenya has risen to 147, government officials say.

The operation to secure the Garissa University College campus was now over, with all four attackers killed, they added.

Some 587 students escaped, 79 of whom were injured.

The gunmen were wearing suicide vests, according to reports, and were armed with AK-47s.

Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery said the militants exploded “like bombs” as the siege ended, according to the Associated Press. Some officers were wounded by shrapnel.

It is not clear if the attackers deliberately detonated the explosives as police approached, or if they went off automatically after being hit by gunfire.

An overnight curfew is being implemented in parts of the country.

Militants enter the university grounds, two guards are shot dead

1. Militants enter the university grounds, two guards are shot dead

2. Shooting begins within the campus

3. Students attacked in their classrooms while preparing for exams

4. Gunmen believed isolated in the female dormitories

5. Some students make an escape through the fence

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned what he called a “terrorist attack” and said the UN was ready to help Kenya “prevent and counter terrorism and violent extremism”.

The United States said it was offering Nairobi assistance to take on al-Shabab and would continue to work with others in the region to take on the group.

The Kenyan government has named Mohamed Kuno, a high-ranking al-Shabab official, as the mastermind of the attack.

A BBC Somali Service reporter says Mr Kuno was headmaster at an Islamic school in Garissa before he quit in 2007.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta offered his condolences to families of the victims and ordered “urgent steps” to ensure police recruits could begin training immediately. “We have suffered unnecessarily due to shortage of security personnel,” he said.

Earlier, al-Shabab told the BBC its members were holding Christians hostage and freeing Muslims.

The gunmen reportedly ordered students to lie down on the floor, but some of them escaped.

Student Augustine Alanga told the BBC’s Newsday programme: “It was horrible, there was shooting everywhere.”

He said it was “pathetic” that the university was only guarded by two police officers.

Student Collins Wetangula said when the gunmen entered his hostel he could hear them opening doors and asking if the people inside were Muslims or Christians, the AP news agency reports.

“If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot. With each blast of the gun I thought I was going to die,” he said.

Al-Shabab says it attacked the university because it is at war with Kenya, BBC Africa analyst Mary Harper reports.

Kenyan troops entered Somalia in October 2011 in an effort to stop the Islamists from crossing the long, porous border between the two countries and kidnapping people - but their presence achieved the opposite effect, provoking al-Shabab to increase its activity in Kenya, our correspondent adds.

147 fatalities…. Black Souls working hard to secure a Future they were snatched from. Pray for their families because some of them would have been First to graduate in their bloodline, others would be continuing tradition within their family by getting that education. Can you imagine not having your brother, sister, cousin, aunt, or uncle there with you? Some of us know that pain all too well but it must stop at some point. When will it ever be enough?

Good Morning Massive. DAD here again with your daily dose of awareness. Pretty Graphic picture above isn’t it. That bothers me that something this intense can get swept under the rug. 17 ppl died in France from a terrorists act and the world was on pause. In 48hrs suspects were brought to justice. 6 or 7 times as many people were not wounded but KILLED in Kenya and it just got swept right along. Now like I’ve said in my past post I’m not here to point fingers or to be a politician but once again I bring this awareness to you daily because I simply care. I was born in Trinidad and Tobago I have lived in Canada and several parts of America and I KNOW THAT if half as many people lost there lives like that here man it would be hell to reap. Obama himself would riding around with the army looking for these terrorists. I’m just saying tho. These post are for you to understand what’s going on in this world and to realize that just because the government are slow to act on it doesn’t mean that you are not suppose to care. As humans we have a sub conscious duty to one another to care. That’s why when somebody you don’t know drops an item you automatically pick it up, that’s why you hold the door open for older ppl, that’s why you flash your headlights To let someone know that their lights aren’t on. You freaking care. Your God Made you that way. I mean I know mines made me that way. I will say today I’ve made sight progress. I have an radio interview today with a Kenyan radio show at 2pm my time which is about 10am in Kenya. We will be discussing this matter in brief and focusing more on the concert and benefit. Make sure you tune in for that. “HomeBoyz Radio” Nairobi is the name of the station. If any Kenyans know this station make sure you tune in so that you will know that any words I have typed in my past and today’s post were done by me and I really mean this. Asante sana…. #trinidadinKenya #prayforkenya ✊🏿✊🙏🏿 #ThisisNOTaRACEthing #147LivesMatter

Pray for Kenya

Tumblr please pray for my country.

“Kenya’s president says 59 people died and more than 150 were wounded when armed gunmen stormed the upscale mall.
An al Qaeda-linked militant group from Somali, al-Shabab, has claimed responsibility for the attack”

Sans langue de bois: Ils sont noirs et de surcroit ils ont l’ “outrecuidance” de se dire chrétiens ; ils ne sont ni blancs chrétiens, ni juifs, ils ne sont pas caricaturistes, ni artistes…. Alors ca n’ intéresse personne. Rassurez vous… Si parmi les victimes il y avait 1 francais ou européen, on entendrait parler et la mobilisation serait totale. Honte a tt la communauté international … Aux grandes chaines de télévisions qui ne diffusent pas les reportages des journalistes qui au risque de leurs vies sont au plus près des événements car d'autres actualités font monter leurs audiences … Honte a c pays que l'on appelle “pays développés” et qui ignorent ce massacre … La vie est précieuse ou que ce soit ds le monde quelque soit la couleur ou la religion … Nous sommes tous ego … Faut il etre sportif journaliste ou aux mains d'un pilote dépressif pour parler durant des jours de c tragédies et ignorer ce monstrueux massacre ? Oui je suis étudiant à l'université de Garissa.