prayers for andrew

Asking for prayers or whatever it is that you do tonight. This painting was done by a friend of mine a little over two months ago, days before she gave birth to her second son. She may be saying goodbye to her two-month-old baby tomorrow.

It is a long and complicated story of brainwaves and seizures and life support, but the short of it is that they will extubate him tomorrow morning, and spend what precious time they can holding him and loving on him. They have been working with a wonderful team of doctors who have done everything that they possibly can for baby Andrew. She and her husband have had to face some extremely tough decisions in the past week or so. It’s all in God’s hands now. heart is in pain. That last post really has me in tears.

Imagine surviving war as a child soldier, being strong enough to raise a family, moving away from your wife and children to a new country, alone…dealing with mental issues……only to be shot dead by police because they perceived you as a threat.

My prayers go out to Andrew Loku’s family and friends tonight. May God give you all strength.

Black lives matter, globally.

One of Westin’s best friends went in this morning for unexpected open heart surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. His best friend got admitted yesterday and they found out he has an infection in his mitral valve, which spread to his brain. I know he’s a strong guy, but the more positive thoughts that are being sent his way, the better. I texted Westin trying to be the bigger person to let him know that I’m here for him, and thinking about his best friend. Thanks guys. I’m so appreciative, and I know that Andrew and his family and friends are as well.