prayers and condolences

DAY 3209(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai               Jan 10,  2016              Tue 10:22 pm

Birthday today 10th - Hoda, from Egypt Ef .. love and wishes to you my dear ..


We wish Sapna Sandliya a very happy birthday for today .. our love ever ..

I just happened to read my BLOG of the DAY and found it so insipid and mundane and uninteresting .. apologies for that .. its that damn alarm for the morning that hurries me up .. 

But never to hurried to post some art work by the Ef .. thank you 

But before I close some sad news .. our dear Ef Jaishree, lost her Mother-in-law a short while ago .. our prayers and condolences ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Tianjin Explosion Updates (as of August 13th): 

  • 50 people have been confirmed dead, 12 of who are firefighters 
  • 36 firefighters are still unaccounted for 
  • More than 700 people have been hospitalized 
  • At least 71 are in critical condition 
  • There were 2 explosions. Both originated at a warehouse site owned by Tianjin Dongjiang Port Ruihai International Logistics Co. (瑞海国际物流有限公司), a company that stores and transports dangerous chemicals 
  • The first explosion occurred around 11:30pm local time, and had the force of 3 tons of TNT. A group of firefighters quickly arrived at the scene, only to suffer from the second larger explosion, which had the force of 21 tons of TNT.  
  • For now the local authorities have suspended firefighting efforts because of a lack of information about the “dangerous goods” stored at the warehouse. It’s very possible that the hazardous chemicals pose a serious risk to the public. Most concerning are sodium cyanide (NaCN), toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and calcium carbide (CaC2), all of which pose direct threats to human health on contact. NaCN in particular is highly toxic, while Ca(C2) and TDI react violently with water and reactive chemicals, with risk of explosion. What with tomorrow’s weather forecast being rain, it’s a major hazard. 

Why hasn’t Facebook allowed people to change their profile pic to the Turkish flag or Iraqi flag or Saudi flag??

Also why are there not a bunch of politicians and celebrities from all over the world tweeting their “prayers” and “condolences” for those countries??

It’s like we see bombings going off in those countries as completely normal and something to be expected.

Like why is there not a shitload of news covering this? Like 200 people died in Baghdad and it seems as though no one is talking about it

Also the news isn’t covering turkey anymore and continually giving us updates about whether or not those Daesh shitfaces were the ones to blow up Istanbul

Also a friggin AIRPORT was attacked and blown up why isn’t this getting a ton of attention?? Like people talked about Paris for WEEKS afterwards and a couple days later no one is talking about turkey

Like everyone freaked the fuck out when Paris and Brussels and Flordia was attacked but why isn’t Iraq, turkey, and Saudi Arabia getting more attention???

It’s like people in western countries don’t give a shit as much because we have this blind expectation that it’s “common” for bombs and terrorist attacks to go on there. But if God forbid something happens in the U.S. or France people lose their minds

Also all of this is happening during Ramadan and people are still blaming the Muslims and Arabs for this.

Like Daesh isn’t Muslim and they certainly don’t represent Islam

And anyone who claims to be Muslim and has a bomb go off right by one of the holiest places in the world to Muslims clearly is not Muslim.

More people should be giving a shit about this and it pisses me off how the U.S. and other western countries can be so hypocritical about this shit and outright ignorant. They know what’s going on they just don’t wanna talk about it.

I stand with Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and any other country who has been affected by terrorism or Daesh


As you may know, our Godmommy, Ms. Natalie Cole has passed away. You can imagine that this is the toughest thing we’ve been through in years. She was more than our Godmommy, but our second mom, shopping buddy, and favorite sleepover guest. It’s hard to imagine what life is going to be like without her. We will terribly miss her. Thank you ‪#‎Jewelboxes‬ for your prayers and condolences. Continue to pray for her son, Robbie, our mother, us, and the rest of her family.

This is so heart-wrenching to read. It can almost break my heart into pieces. You may consider me a fan of Cyndago, and when I read that “Daniel passed away in peace” I had the urge of crying that my eyed was getting teary. Daniel is a nice guy and he makes Ryan, Matt and Mark happy. We will never know why he attemped suicide but we’ll just let it be. It’s also so sad that Cyndago will no longer carry forward. Mark was looking forward to go work with them and it won’t happen anymore. I will miss the sketches they have made.

I am so sorry to Mark, Matt and Ryan for their loss of a good friend. My condolences, prayers and love goes to them and their family.

To Mark: Please. Just please take your time. Take a month of not making videos or until you have recovered from mourning and grief. I don’t mind if it will take you a year. Just take a break.

DAY 2663

Jalsa, Mumbai                July 27/28,  2015                Mon/Tue  1:17 am

Our former President of India passes away suddenly .. was delivering a lecture at an IIM, in Shillong and collapsed .. sudden end to an iconic figure .. the brain behind the phenomenal presence of India in Science, missile technology and several other achievements connected with Space Research and putting India on the world map in these facilities. A simple man, of childlike demeanour, practical, caring and endearing to all .. my only achievement of contact with him - a telephone conversation just before he was announced to be the next President of India !!

India is grieved .. 

In such moments of grief it becomes difficult to indulge in what we would term as a routine and normal communication through this medium. But, we remember him in prayer and in our condolences to his near and dear ones ..

There is the completion of several years of ‘Abhimaan’ , a most poignant film with some of the most haunting music by the maestro and genius SD Burman, the Father of RD Burman .. and the most delicate handling by Hrishi Da, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, the director with whom I have worked in the maximum films of my career .. and one whom Jaya and I referred to our GodFather in the Industry - he being the first person after our parents that we informed of our decision to get married .. him and KA Abbas, who gave me my first break into the film Industry ..

Abhimaan .. the wonderful moments spent during the making of this everlasting story and film. It was made under the understanding of AMIYA, a production house both Jaya and I set up very early in our career .. a production which we gave over to our respective secretaries to run .. who then took claim over it and which has remained that way till date .. sad .. but that has been the results of many creative inputs of artists never getting any rights for the future, in ventures where they have made the contribution but never been given commercial right ..!

We were young illiterate and not having sufficient knowledge. We were interested in the creative opportunity more than the aspects of commerce and its longevity. We were too naive. But no need for regret. God has been kind. We make mistakes so we can learn never to go the same route again, and prosper by knowing the corrected route .. we would never have known a mistake otherwise …

There are moments in the journey of life of individuals, when one realises that they have spent almost all their time on Earth without certain basic knowledge of where what and how. For those, that it occurs early, may they be blessed, for they are wise and well informed and conscious of facts. For those that do not and have only just realised, be in virtue of blessings, for there is still sufficient time. It is never too late to know, to inquire, to seek, to accept absence of basic fact, to admit ignorance. It used to earlier. Not any more. There is no bravado in the calling of not knowing what the rest of the world would consider known knowledge. There is also no embarrassment in its seeking. The young may consider this so, not one who has passed his or her prime. Others may believe that all is known by a particular individual, but the facts may be different. No harm in its admittance. Truth hurts but never hurts too !

It is good to know when you are faced with your own image the truth that stares back. That early morning face in the mirror is the reality, all else is make belief - at times good but mostly not so good .. 

But despairing .. would never bring about reality. Despair is accommodated well in truthful fact. Indeed it is the only recourse to freedom, a freedom from what one would divulge in multiple non facts, to maintain an untruthful fact !

Lie once and you shall continue to lie a million times in order to save that lie. Say truth once and it is over .. mind body all ..

Good night and in love …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2549

Sopaan, New Delhi               Apr  7, 2015              Tue  10:45 pm 

Rochelle, we are so grieved at the news of the passing of your dear Father .. all our prayers and condolences with you and the family ,.. be brave and strong .. we are with you ..  

I rest and sleep in the room that my father slept in here in Sopaan .. I travel through his library and his work desk where he sat for hours and years writing contemplating, thinking and putting all that he worked on into words .. his room remains and is kept the way he left it .. I rummage through some of the books , the hundreds that adorn the shelves, and then pick up his ‘rachnavali’ his autobiography, a volume of it and run through the pages , and realise in enraged fury that I have not spent anytime with him at all .. with his words with his philosophy of life and beyond, with his literature and his writing .. every word every sentence a mammoth learning .. some of it I put out early in the morning on FB and Twitter … some I shall keep to myself … its a sort of selfishness .. sharing with all what belongs to me and my blood .. but share I must .. his genius must be made vocal and available to all .. I am tempted to give up all that I involve myself in, my work my responsibilities and my insecurities, to just exist in the realm of Father’s words and works …

There is rehearsal for the event tomorrow at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Presidents House, the ex residence of the Viceroy of Great Britain when India was ruled by the British, the largest private residence in the world, I believe .. its an architectural marvel … and the investiture ceremony shall take place in the historic Ashoka Hall, the hall that resounds with history .. the place where Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy handed over the Independent charge to India, the place where the Republic of India was inaugurated and the first Indian President, Dr Rajendra Prasad was appointed …

I have been in this hall on many occasions. The two early Padma Awards for my Father and my Padma Shri were conducted here .. as also my Padma Bhushan.. then we had moved inside to the Grand Hall with its incredible ornate ceiling work, for the other Padma Awards for Jaya and Aishwarya .. this year it is back to the Ashoka Hall ..

So many memories are attached to this residence .. difficult to describe them now, without breaking some personal protocol .. so another day maybe, when it is felt by me to state those moments .. then …

What I have discovered , and to my great relief and joy is that in the pages that I have been through of my Father’s works, there are vast pages devoted to why and where and how each one of his works were written and devised .. the meanings behind the thoughts that kept pouring out ..

Thus is a blessing .. for now I hope to be able to educate myself and in turn others that could be interested in his writings … I am so happy with this .. so happy ..

As I close for the day, it is so heartening to have the family coming together for tomorrow’s investiture .. Abhishek who is shooting in Dubai, shall come in early morning tomorrow … Aishwarya and Aaradhya have just landed from Mumbai .. Navya and Agastya have come home from London school, for their Easter break and all shall be present to witness this moment  … and of course NIkhil and Shweta and Jaya .. all shall be with me in that historic hall for the morrow ..

I shall depart .. and be a part of tomorrow with you ..

My love …

Amitabh Bachchan

!!!PLEASE DON'T SCROLL! Idk if u heard about Romania,

if you care, pray for their souls! And if I’m not asking to much, donate for their surgeries! 145 it’s not just a number, there are 145 souls craving to live,145 families, 145 friends. If you can’t donate, please reblog,IT COSTS NOTHING,maybe someone will help! Just think about it. You are lucky to hug your friends, family or kids,they are not.30 people dead and counting. It’s sad to see how a friend, kid, parent turns into a number or a date! Condolences Romania!BE STRONG

Big Angel Ang!

RIP Angela Raiola! Heaven is lucky to have you! Prayers and thoughts to your beautiful family! you will be so missed! The world will not be the same without you! 

I just had to come out and let their family know that we stand with them, and I’m going to send my prayers and condolences to all the families who are suffering through this tragedy. I don’t feel conflicted because I was never anti-police. Like I said before, I have family that’s in the NYPD that I’ve grown up around, family reunions and everything so my family you know, we’re not anti-police.
Lets Get One Thing Straight

There has been something i’ve been trying to find the words to say without coming off rude or insensitive. Hopefully I can effectively express this thought clearly.

Let me preface this by saying in NO WAY do I condone, approve or agree with the actions of the individual(s) who murdered those cops in Dallas. While I understand their feelings and their anger, they selected the completely wrong choice of action when they decided to take those officer’s lives. My thoughts, prayers and condolences are with the loved ones of the fallen police officers.

With that being said, Cops take an oath to protect and serve at ALL cost. This means when they sign up to join the police academy and become a police officer, they are (or at least should be) fully aware that this DECISION puts them in a FAR greater position to potentially have to make the ultimate chosen sacrifice: the loss of their own life. This SHOULD NOT be the standard and SHOULD NOT happen however, CHOOSING to become a police officer does put you in this jeopardy. It is a CHOICE. An honorable one, but a CHOICE nonetheless.

BEING BLACK HOWEVER IS NOT A CHOICE. Yet and still, we have come to the grave realization based on hundreds of years of savagery and in humane acts against our community that simply the UNCHOSEN color of our skin daily puts us in the same jeopardy police officers have freely CHOSEN to be in. The only difference is we don’t get to take our skin off and fade back into the privilege of whiteness. Police officers KNOWINGLY DECIDE to put their lives in jeopardy as well informed adults. Being born black assigns black babies this unfortunate jeopardy AT BIRTH. We don’t get the option to chose. We don’t get to retire from being black. It’s there forever.

I said all this to say we know those officers in Dallas didn’t deserve to die, however they knew this was a great possibility when making the sacrifice of choosing this honorable yet dangerous job. Just as black people know the unjust taking of our lives is a symptom of being INVOLUNTARILY born black. 

Neither are right but one IS a choice. 

I have not seen any posts that strictly focuse on Baghdad. So here it is. Please everyone take a moment to:

- remember those killed (between 19-22 people) in the suicide bombings that happened November 13th.
- send prayers / thoughts to the 43+ wounded
- send prayers / thoughts / condolences to the families mourning.
- let them know that we care and we see their pain.
- that their pain is just as valid as any other country going through a similar time.