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Can we talk about Pulse?

Can we talk about the Pulse shooting? I mean, today is the 1 year anniversary.
I heard about Pulse when I was out of the country, in India. I was home alone- My aunt had gone to work and our housekeeper had just left, and was looking at the news on CNN when I heard. 

Immediately afterward, I found people taking to Twitter and Tumblr, and Instagram, posting prayers and updates and condolences. I also found people who were angry at the fact that it had been labeled the largest American mass shooting in history, stating that POC were shot in larger numbers in the past. To those people, as a WOC, I have to say, there is a time and place, and that was not the time to start. 

In complete honesty, I started crying, and the more I thought about it, the harder I cried, which at the time, seemed absurd- why would a teenage girl with no family or friends in Florida cry? It didn’t affect me, right?

Well, in the days following it, I began to understand. A community I am a part of was specifically targeted. And despite the fact that 49 people were killed, there were still people who would say that we deserved it, or that we had it coming because of who we are. That made me feel completely and totally alone. It launched me into a pit of self-loathing- how bad were we if people wouldn’t stand with us, even after that many people had died?

It’s been a year, and I’m still learning how to accept myself, but I have learned one thing. As a community, we are strong. We are loving. We will stick together. And we will support each other as much as we can.  

Our hearts may be broken, but our pulse is strong. 

Today was my first Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family and I honestly don’t know what I was expecting so here are some highlights:

- The crazy old lady next door ran outside screaming about pot smoking and one of her guests had to call the police

- My mother tried to solicit a random man off the street to come remove a dead mouse from our basement; My cousin eventually agreed to do it for us out of pity, and this enraged my grandmother who referred to us as “wimps” for the rest of the night.

- My aunt went into detail about the mummified squirrels they’ve been finding in their backyard, offered to go get one to show us.

- A turkey-vulture tried to abduct my six year old cousin

- One cousin showed up in an inflatable T-Rex costume, told us of his plans to go to the Jurassic Park exhibit at the museum while wearing it

- We were all almost too full for dinner because we fucking gorged ourselves on wine and cheese in a pathetic attempt to feel like classy people for once in our damn lives

- One relative decided they were mad at the Eagles and cheered for the Cowboys all night when that game was on; Tensions were high.

- My Grandmom, unprovoked, told us “I was nineteen when I first killed an animal. Baby on my hip, broom in my hand, screaming at the top of my lungs in my apartment. And I was in Georgia!”

- My uncle briefly pulled up his pant leg to scratch his leg, and his wife looked at him in horror and asked “Why are you wearing my pantyhose?” to which he looked equally horrified and said “I have no fucking idea.”

- My uncle accidentally revealed that the two pies he brought were from his drug dealer. He said he got looks when people saw him go into an alley and come out holding desserts.

- My uncle, upset about loosing money from Kanye’s canceled shows, accidentally opened up a debate about Yeezy; Luckily, we at least all agreed that his earlier music is superior to his newer stuff.

- My favorite baby cousin is now a foot and a half taller than me and his voice has changed; Upon realizing this, I literally collapsed out of my chair.

- My aunt told a riveting tale from the 80′s that involved my then teenage uncle in daisy dukes, a wet and soapy car, and the previously mentioned crazy old lady next door checking him out.

- When we were going around saying what we were thankful for, my cousin deadpanned “Our new overlord Trump” and then chugged his wine before saying “God save us”.

- Way too many stories about mice terrorizing our family where exchanged.

- My aunt told the exploding rabbit story for roughly the millionth time.

- Someone checked facebook and noted my cousin Jesse saw Hamilton last night and threw it out there. My mom, across the room, yelled “WHAT THE FUCK THAT BASTARD!” in response. My mom really wants to see Hamilton and feels personally betrayed by everyone she knows who goes without her.

- My 13 year old cousin Jenna communicated with the family solely through eye rolls and scoffs the entire night, before locking herself in her room for three hours under the guise of brushing her teeth.

- My 70 years young uncle has acquired a leather jacket; Please send prayers and condolences.

- My one uncle was very excited to get to carve the turkey; his excitement died when my aunt and grandmother stood behind him the entire time telling him how to do it. At one point I heard him whisper “I’m 43″ in a defeated tone.

- My 11 year old cousin who was wearing shorts threw his leg up onto the table in front of me and said “Wanna feel?”

- We successfully managed to avoid bringing up politics all night, until after dessert when we somehow managed to get in a huge debate about the Hamilton cast’s message to Mike Pence.

- By “huge debate”, I mean my three screaming aunts versus me and my exasperated cousin Abbey. My mom halfheartedly tried to defend us but apparently we don’t know what we’re talking about because we’re “too young” (we’re adults and she has her own business). My cousin Griffin clearly sided with us but decided to make trolling joke comments instead of actually getting involved, which lead to his mother (the Main Screaming Aunt) threatening to not buy him anything for Christmas, to which his only response was “I’m thirty.”

- “I’m gonna make love to this stuffing”

- My one cousin never showed up so we took the opportunity to yell about her awful decisions when it comes to dating.

- We all got bitter upon discovering my great grandmother’s ex-husband literally invented the machine that slices bread but didn’t get a patent so he never got any money for it.

- One cousin started playing the song “Christmas Shoes” on her phone and my mom locked her out of the house.

- An intense debate about whether or not Legally Blonde the musical is better than Legally Blonde the movie. Despite having never seen the musical, my grandmother will not be swayed. Got very mad when I started singing “Bend and Snap”.

- It was discovered that literally every woman in my family wants to hook up with Christian Borle.

- My one aunt kept getting the times wildly wrong- at 4:45 she yelled “Why aren’t we eating! It’s almost 7!” and just kept getting higher and higher from there. Around 6:30 she said it was almost 11 so we told her it was past her bedtime.

- My uncle got upset that the dessert I brought went fast and almost no one touched his drug dealer pies.

- My mom left without me and it took her entirely too long to notice.

Happy Thanksgiving, guys. 😂

We are grieving together over such a senseless tradegy. Hoping all the victims and their loved ones find comfort in our prayers and condolences. We are grieving together but we are also coming together to create change so this does not happen again.

DAY 3501

Jalsa, Mumbai               Oct 25,  2017               Wed 11:22 PM

Birthday - EF Vinod KD Thu, October 26   …. to our Ef Vinod we wish many happy returns of the day to you and wish you the very best always .. 

Departures are never pleasant .. a friend departs after a short stay .. a relative comes over for a vacation and leaves .. children now settled in different parts of the world come and go away .. but ..

When they leave for their permanent abode, in the heavens, the grief of departure is unmeasured ..

Our prayers and our presence in condolence is all we offer, but their - the ones that suffer personally - true pain is never relieved ..  

We return to our active life .. but theirs ..?? what of theirs ..?? 

Each home has the experience of departure .. each individual shall too .. may there be strength of the mind and the body to bear it and continue to live, the life that we live and continue to live  ..

A colleague has lost her Father .. we grieve in their pain and departure .. and somewhere my Father’s immortal words spring out ..

And may the Hindi connoisseurs and the learned of the language on the Blog translate for the benefit of those that do not know it ..

Or may be I should do a bit myself :

“What can I do with the sympathy you give me .. is there one that can give their pain and sorrow to another .. is their one that can take away the pain and sorrow of the other .. why do we have to maintain this delusional trade of promise or mistrust or of a cheat, amongst us .. what can I do with the sympathy that you give me ..”

“Why cannot we believe and settle with this thought, that we are all moving on such a path .. where each one of us is alone, and our pain and sorrow cannot be shared .. the one that expresses sympathy with the others pain .. is but merely hiding the joy of the absence of pain in his or her own life ..”

“What can I do with the sympathy you give me ..”

And life moves on .. the inadequacy expressed yesterday and the honesty with which it gained momentum has been destroyed .. for they, for whom it was intended has refused to accept the inadequacy of mine and sadly, has continued to have belief , despite the desperate appeals in disagreement ..

What can one do but .. attempt to prove yourself right and them wrong .. but if that were to happen the overall picture - and the pun is unintended - shall suffer !! 

So .. 

We walk .. and we walk ahead .. in unison with them that insist on putting me to task and belief .. obeying dutifully the inactive acts that need to be performed .. and done ..

Another day ends .. and thankfully early .. for tomorrow is another and another and another ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

its 7:30pm, i’m not even halfway through my business revision for my exam tomorrow, and i just made a triple shot coffee with 2 sugars in it so feel free to submit ur prayers and condolences to me when u get the chance bc im about to ascend to a different universe

Las Vegas

Given the tragedy that just occurred in Las Vegas, there will be a flurry of posts with heavy political overtones calling for gun control. However I am not going to go on a witch hunt against these posts because I made this blog to get away from that kind of behavior.

However facts must be shared over the lies and mis information that will flow through Tumblr and other social media in the following weeks. The fact is that the shooter was using illegal full-auto AK rifles bought off the black market alongside numerous other weapons and even explosives. No bill or petition will prevent people from getting illegal firearms. If a man is determined enough, anything is possible. Let us say our prayers and condolences and not use the dead as a political soap box.

Big Angel Ang!

RIP Angela Raiola! Heaven is lucky to have you! Prayers and thoughts to your beautiful family! you will be so missed! The world will not be the same without you! 

anonymous asked:

Cami hasn’t posted anything about the events that happened in your hometown. Nothing about sending condolences, prayers, none. I was wondering how that made you feel

well, madelaine didn’t either, kj didn’t. there are a handful of public figures that haven’t posted anything. I won’t lie and say that I’m not surprised because I kind of am, what happened here is now the deadliest mass shooting in the country. 

but just because they didn’t post anything, doesn’t mean they don’t care. just because they didn’t post anything doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling for the victims and their families. 

I’m sure this wasn’t your intention, but I just wanna say it.

please, let’s not turn what should be a period of mourning and grieving into a excuse to throw hate at someone just because you aren’t that fond of them. 

anonymous asked:

I live in the US and following Trump's election there has been a spike in hate crimes. I myself am queer, I have friends who are queer, poc, and Muslim. I want to ask Thor for protection over my loved ones right now

My thoughts, prayers, sympathies, and condolences are with the POC, Muslim, Jewish, and LGBT+ communities of the US; may that monster never find peace…

I assume you would like me to write a protection piece for all the affected people, which i will

until then, please use this (note you can replace “me” “my” and “I” with “us” “our” and “we” to make it apply to everyone you want)

May Thor protect you and your loved ones,

What are the daily, weekly and monthly acts of worship?


The topic of acts of worship and obedience is very broad, and there is not room to discuss it in full here.

The questioner may refer to the following books for details on this matter:

·  At-Targheeb wa’t-Tarheeb by Imam al-Mundhiri, along with Saheeh at-Targheeb wa’t-Tarheeb and Da‘eef at-Targheeb wa’t-Tarheeb by Shaykh al-Albaani, for information on the verdict on the soundness and weakness of the hadiths.  Riyaadh as-Saaliheen by Imam an-Nawawi, especially the section entitled Kitaab al-Fadaa’il.


The daily acts of worship include :

  • The five daily prayers and doing wudoo’ for them; 
  • Using the miswaak when doing wudoo’ and praying; 
  • Praying in congregation (jamaa‘ah); 
  • The regular Sunnah prayers, 
  • Duha prayer, 
  • Qiyaam al-layl (voluntary prayers at night); 
  • Witr prayer; 

The adhkaar for :

  1. Morning and evening; 
  2. Adhkaar to be recited by day and by night (when entering and leaving the home, 
  3. When entering and leaving the Masjid, 
  4. When entering and leaving the washroom, 
  5. When eating and drinking, 
  6. Following the prescribed prayers, and so on); 
  7. Repeating after the mu’adhdhin.

The weekly acts of worship include :

  • Jumu‘ah prayer; 
  • Reading Soorat al-Kahf on the night before Friday and on Friday; 
  • Sending a lot of blessings upon the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) on the night before Friday and on Friday; 
  • Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays.

Monthly acts of worship include :

  • Fasting three days of every month (and it is preferable for that to be on al-ayaam al-beed, i.e., the 13th, 14th and 15th of the Hijri month).

Annual or occasional acts of worship include: 

  • Fasting Ramadan; 
  • Praying Taraweeh in congregation in the mosque; 
  • Offering the Eid prayers;
  • Hajj for those who are able to do so; 
  • Giving zakaah for those for whom the conditions of it being obligatory are fulfilled;
  • Spending the last ten days of Ramadan in i‘tikaaf;
  • Fasting six days of Shawwaal;
  • Fasting ‘Ashoora’ and a day before it or after it;
  • Fasting the day of ‘Arafah; 
  • Doing a lot of good deeds in the first ten days of Dhu’l-Hijjah.

There are also deeds that are not connected to a particular time, so they are prescribed at all times, including deeds of the heart as well as physical actions. 

These include: 

  • Offering voluntary prayers at times other than the times when praying is disallowed; 
  • Observing voluntary fasts; 
  • ‘Umrah; 
  • Remembering Allah (dhikr); 
  • Reading Qur’an; 
  • Sending blessings upon the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam); supplication (du‘aa’); 
  • Praying for forgiveness (istighfaar); 
  • Honouring one’s parents; 
  • Upholding ties of kinship; 
  • Giving charity; 
  • Spreading the greeting of salaam (peace) among the Muslims; 
  • Having a good attitude; 
  • Controlling one’s tongue; 
  • Loving Allah, fearing Him and putting one’s hopes in Him; 
  • Putting one’s trust in Him; 
  • Contentment; 
  • Certainty of faith; 
  • Seeking His help, may He be glorified and exalted.

And there are good deeds that are done for a reason, in which case it is prescribed to do them when that reason is present. 

These include: 

  • Visiting the sick; 
  • Attending funerals; 
  • Offering the funeral prayer; 
  • Offering condolences; 
  • Saying Yarhamuk Allah(may Allah bless you) to one who sneezes; 
  • Returning greetings of salaam; 
  • Accepting invitations; 
  • Praying istikhaarah; 
  • Offering the prayer of repentance (salaat at-tawbah); 
  • The eclipse prayer; 
  • Prayers for rain; 
  • Reconciling between disputing parties; 
  • Lowering the gaze; 
  • Refraining from harming others; 
  • Bearing annoyance and calamity with patience; and so on.

The salaf (early generations) liked to combine four acts of worship on one day, namely: 

  • Fasting, 
  • Feeding the poor (charity), 
  • Attending funerals and visiting the sick. 

The Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said concerning these actions: 

“These qualities are not combined in a man but he will enter Paradise.

”Narrated by Muslim (1028).

And Allah knows best. Islam Q&A


I thank deeply for everyone’s prayers and condolence for my grandma, it’s sad her time was finally took on. Our family will still keep strong as we’ll always remember her with us.

Grieving 2/?

Because I am an emotional mess™ with everything that’s going on right now in my life, I’m going to write it out. That seems to be the only healthy way at the moment because I absolutely hate crying when it comes to serious things and I hate talking about my feelings, so this is a win for me and hopefully a win for you as well. Anyway, rant over.

Word count: 810
Warnings: Death, Sadness, Angst
Pairings: Bucky x Reader
Summary: Things suck. Life sucks. People are dying. But Bucky’s there to help you through it all. 

Part 1

Originally posted by pleasingpics

Bucky’s hand held yours tightly as you sat in the seats in front of your grandmother’s open casket. People had flocked from all over the world to say goodbye to her one last time. You marvelled at how many people loved her.

“She was one hell of a woman.” A French man had laughed when he gave his condolences, squeezing your hand tightly before meeting his friends in the corner of the room. You shook your head, a quiet laugh breaking free, your grandmother must have had an amazing summer with him.

Bucky kissed your temple gently. He scanned your tired face, noting the dark bags under your eyes; his were nothing in comparison to yours. Sleep had been a rarity for you these past few days, which meant Bucky had attempted to stay up and comfort you. You rested your head against his shoulder, eyeing the casket with a mixture of grief and fear; you didn’t want to say goodbye just yet.

Just then, the priest walked in, smiling at the large crowd as they scurried to find seats; many of the men were forced to stand against the walls, boxes of tissues in hand to give to the women that were seated.

“Hi, everyone,” He greeted, clutching his bible to his chest, “Everyone here is grieving, I can see. Even I am! She was an amazing woman; I never saw her without a smile on her face! At bible study, she was the only woman that could speak of Jesus as if he were an old friend, and now… Now she’s with him, meeting him, befriending him.”

You inhaled shakily. Bucky squeezed your hand tighter.

“Death, ladies and gentlemen, is not the end. Death is merely a new beginning. She has started her new life in the Kingdom of Heaven with all of the Saints, angels, and other people that have passed. She was loved here and now she is loved there.”

The priest spoke of his personal experiences with your grandmother, making the crowd laugh at her friendliness. Every time he mentioned a cringe worthy joke she had told, the crowd laughed so loud, it felt as if the sadness was being washed away.

He prayed her favorite prayer, gave his condolences, and then gestured to your family.

“She may be gone, but she won’t be gone forever. You’ll meet her again in heaven. She’ll probably have made some more friends.”

You laughed lightly, leaning into Bucky with a new feeling of peace. Your grandmother wouldn’t have wanted you to mourn her death, she would have wanted you to celebrate! Throw her a party! Dance the night away! And, hell, you wished you could do that, but you were having a difficult time.

As the night came to a closing, and people were saying their goodbyes, you eyed the casket again, feeling ready to say… something. Maybe not goodbye, but you could at least say something.

You squeezed Buck’s arm and told him to wait for you before approaching her slowly. You kneeled, looking down at her with fresh tears.

“Hi, Grams,” You whispered, “This is weird, huh? You’ve never been quiet before.” A dry laugh bubbled past your lips, making Bucky cringe from his spot behind you. He decided to give you some privacy and began speaking with your mother.

You wiped at your eyes, “Grams, I… I’ve never had to go a day without you. Even when you were in some foreign country, I always knew I could call you and you would come running back to help me with my problems.”

A lump formed in your throat as a sob fought its way to your lips, “But now you’re not here. Now you’re somewhere I can’t call you. You won’t come running to help me anymore. I miss you, Grams, I miss you so much it hurts my soul.”

Your chest felt like it was being sat on, everything just felt so heavy. Every limb on your body felt weighed down by the world. You couldn’t believe she was gone.

“Yesterday, I resented you for leaving me, but today…” You sobbed quietly, “Today, I feel broken.”

Your eyes flickered over her face, “I used to be the strong one, Gram. I used to be the one the family would come to when something bad happened, but I can’t do anything lately. I’m so sad. Why’d you do this? Why’d you leave me?”

Bucky watched you silently. You were the last two in the room, your family had left and had told him they would see you tomorrow. They knew you needed time.

He stood up quickly when he saw your shoulders begin to shake with silent sobs.

“Baby,” He murmured, grasping your arms gently. He didn’t know what to say. So for now, he just held you close, whispered soothing things and quiet apologies.

DAY 3209(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai               Jan 10,  2016              Tue 10:22 pm

Birthday today 10th - Hoda, from Egypt Ef .. love and wishes to you my dear ..


We wish Sapna Sandliya a very happy birthday for today .. our love ever ..

I just happened to read my BLOG of the DAY and found it so insipid and mundane and uninteresting .. apologies for that .. its that damn alarm for the morning that hurries me up .. 

But never to hurried to post some art work by the Ef .. thank you 

But before I close some sad news .. our dear Ef Jaishree, lost her Mother-in-law a short while ago .. our prayers and condolences ..

Amitabh Bachchan