i feel the need to point it out-

michio really, really wants to become a cop. he’s set himself up for it. he has the motivation. he (tries) not to break any laws

but. his cop verse isn’t a part of his canon verses
i.e. it never happens

let us all mourn the fact that in his entire lifetime, michio never achieves any one his dreams

rip my dogboy

anonymous asked:

ok i see people sayin trans boy gansey BUT, CONSIDER, trans girl gansey who is Incredibly gay for blue

i shed a tear just now anon… you’re speaking my language, i got a trans girl gansey mood board right here for u… lesbian bluesey is something i feel Strongly about… and trans girl gansey just makes a lot of sense… and… i’m cryin a bit, u feel….. consider:

  • trans girl gansey going by her last name so she doesnt have to be called ‘richard’ – or, worse, ‘dick’
  • this applies to all trans gansey headcanons rly but the extremely canon disconnect between who gansey is on the inside and who gansey is on the outside… the split between how gansey feels and how gansey is perceived… 
  • fighting her feelings for blue not just because of the kiss curse and all the complexities of the group dynamic, but also because internalized homophobia
  • feeling Known by blue, who accepts her gender identity immediately in a way few people do, who is also a wlw living in small-town henrietta
  • loving henrietta so much and feeling so at home there but also knowing that virginia is Full of bigoted republicans
  • and then ofc, like, adorable stuff.. like blue making/altering clothes for gansey so that they fit better and are more comfortable… how gay and precious that would be…..
  • gansey being adopted into 300 fox way, surrounded by women who all accept her, surrounded by magic so extraordinary that she can’t feel out of place
  • trans girl gansey driving the pig.. can i just… lay down for a sec, i feel faint, i love her…. 

let’s talk trans trc !!

indigoecho  asked:

oh man i am beyond late to the trc music party but i come offering the band radical face - the entire discography could probably fit this series t b h, but in particular: 'always gold' is a good solid ronsey song, 'west' for noah (and his tragic decay), and 'holy branches' is perfect for adam, i love them so much

ohhh man… i checked these out and the atmosphere is So real….

always gold: We were tight knit boys / Brothers in more than name / You would kill for me / And knew that I’d do the same. … We were opposites at birth / I was steady as a hammer / No one worried ‘cause they knew just where I’d be / And they said you were the crooked kind / And that you’d never have no worth / But you were always gold to me. 

west: There’s too much time for idle minds / Imagination’s armed with hooks and knives / We count our fears to pass the time / Tired or not, don’t close your eyes

holy branches: When you were young / You’d bite your tongue / Calm, always did what you were told / Never ran your mouth / Lived life on tiptoes. … But everybody’s bones are just holy branches / Cast from trees to cut patterns in the world / And in time we find some shelter, / Spill our leaves, and then sleep in the earth / And when there we’ll belong / ‘Cause the earth don’t give a damn if you’re lost