Prayer Request

I found out today that my 8-year-old second cousin went for a checkup and a scan of his brain showed a lesion/spot of some sort. The doctors aren’t sure what exactly it is, but they will be doing an MRI with contrast to see better what it is.

My aunt (his grandmother) is more like his mother and is incredibly broken up with fear and worry right now. The little boy’s mother (my cousin) causes him a lot of emotional pain because she doesn’t really give him love. His father wants nothing to do with him and cut the scene when he was a toddler. But despite his mother and father’s ways, he’s such a sweet loving little boy who wants nothing more than affection.

Please pray for him and spread this post around if you can so others can pray, as well. Thank you, I truly appreciate it.

Please pray guys.

My pastor’s daughter’s boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident Wednesday. He was going to propose to her tomorrow and the whole church and my town are just in devastation. He was 20 years old. And as you can imagine, my pastor’s daughter is having a really really hard time. Please pray for healing and comfort for her, her family and his family. It’s going to be a long road of healing.


I know there are 1,000 prayer requests floating around already. I’m here to add another one.

Life is insane. There’s no time to explain everything, so I’ll just list what I am begging your prayers for.

-school & feelings of overwhelmingness
-my parents, who still aren’t open to my discernment
-a priest friend of mine, who’s a young pastor & struggling
-for me to figure out what God wants for my future, and the grace to accept it
-for me to move past feelings of fear and feeling paralyzed
-a friendship of mine that once brought much happiness and is now causing much pain
-i understand i don’t have clinical depression, but i do believe I’m going through a bout of it, as some symptoms are apparent
-for my peace of mind
-I’m having a hard time trusting Jesus and trusting that He will make me happy
-I literally cry so much and am so emotional all the time
-for me to deal with anxiety
-I’m struggling with feeling like prayer isn’t changing anything
-that despite everything, I stay faithful

I know that’s a lot. I know the power of your prayers, which is why I come before you, as a sister in Christ. Thank you and God bless you.

Guys I have an urgent prayer request for my little sister.

my amazing little sister, Melodyrose, was born in China to a family who couldn’t take care of her. We adopted her five years ago. When we got her, they said that she had a thyroid problem due to the fact that she was exposed to radiation when she was a baby.

My family, due to financial restraints and job loss, my little sister did not have any medical insurance this past year. We could not get her treated. Now that her adopted father got her insurance, we finally was able to take her to the doctor. The doctor said that her thryoid problem was getting really bad. The levels were getting too high. So high in fact that she is at a dangerous risk for brain damage. her immune system is also extremely low.

We are working right now to make arrangements for the Childrens Hospital here in CA.

If you are the praying type, please pray over my little sister that The Lord will keep her safe.

If you are not the praying type, please send some positive thoughts. Encouraging words to our family would be great, prayer warrior or not..

I am way too attached to this precious ballerina to have her harmed in any way.

Urgent prayers needed

A close friend of mine texted me today telling me her mother has been sick for weeks and just last night she had a stroke. She’s in the ICU and said the doctors aren’t sure if her mother will make it.

Please pray that my friend’s mother is healed and makes it through this health crisis in Jesus’ name. Also, my friend and her family are Muslim, so please pray that Christ’s presence manifests for them in this time of struggle - that perhaps He can use this time of fear and uncertainty to open their eyes and reveal Himself to them. Thank you to everyone who prays and shares this post.

Urgent prayer request

Could y'all please pray for my sister’s friend, Kat? She was in remission with Lymphoma, but the cancer has returned with a vengeance, and is now in her brain and lungs. Her WBC counts are at 0, and now she’s got C. diff. They’ve contacted an infectious disease specialist for an IV cocktail since she can’t take anything by mouth on account of the nausea/vomiting. They said if she can beat the C. diff infection she’s still got a chance at beating the cancer itself with chemo and radiation.

My mom just called to say that she’s getting a platelet transfusion and dialysis because her kidneys are falling.

She’s been written off three times already and made it through each time; please pray for another miracle! And also keep her family in her prayers as well, especially her one year old son who can’t go visit his mama because she’s contagious.

Thank y'all so much and God bless!