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Prayers needed!

Hey all! The other mod of this blog, Quinn, asked me to send out a prayer request for her – she is coming out to her parents tomorrow (Tuesday April 18, some time after 4pm US Eastern time) and moving out of their house. She needs prayers before, during, and after the event.

She knows from past experience with them that they are not going to accept her being bi and being with someone who’s not a guy (I’m not sure whether we’ve clarified it on this blog, but she and I are in a committed relationship). Thus, she’d appreciate prayers that they at least listen to what she has to say and that they can part on somewhat peaceful terms, with hope of their acceptance in the future. 

I’ve written a prayer below that you can use to pray for her, if your own words don’t come easy. And if you aren’t the praying type, good vibes are also appreciated. Thank you so much, from both of us!!

God of Love,
How painful it is when those we love most, and who love us deeply, do not accept and love every aspect of who we are.

In the search to be fully known by her parents, be with Quinn. She is in desperate need of strength and courage, the right words and reception, hope and patience. Hold her close to you, under the protection of your wings and in the warmth of your heart, as she comes out and attempts to hold a conversation with her parents. Open their ears, their minds, their hearts to her words, even if the path to acceptance is slow-going. Thank you for their love for Quinn – direct that love towards understanding; use it to kindle a desire for your Truth, which affirms all your children in all our diversity. And be with her brother too, as he grapples with the same struggle to accept his sister and love her as she is. We pray that one day, she and her family will be reconciled and truly whole. 

As Quinn moves out from her parents’ house and into a new apartment, bless that new space. May it ring richly with joy and laughter, and shelter her from all harm. O Spirit of New Beginnings, the future is cloudy and fearful for Quinn right now – walk with her, be her light. Provide for her needs as they arise, and never leave her devoid of supportive friends.

For your constant presence in the midst of our struggles, we praise you, Yeshua, whose Spirit continues to live among us, transforming pain into healing and small deaths into new, full, and eternal Life.

anonymous asked:

“i don’t want a dyke for a daughter.” my own mother is never going to accept me... do you have any verses from the bible that could maybe comfort me? i’m sorry, i’m just at a low right now...

your mother is missing out. you are a wonderful being created by God, sweet, powerful, and all around fantastic. It might not ease the pain of this rejection, but know that you have family in Christ and we’re here with you in these lows. Pardon me while I spam you with some verses.

Psalm 147:3 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”

Matthew 5:4 “blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted”

Matthew 11:28 “come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”

1 John 3:1 “how great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! and that is what we are! the reason the world does not know us is that it does not know him”

Jeremiah 29:11 “for i know the plans I have for you’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”

Ephesians 1:5 “He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will.”

Revelation 21:4 “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, nor mourning, nor crying, nor pain, anymore for the former things have passed away”

I’ll be praying for you! I love you so so much, and so does God, and I hope you can feel and remember that. 

hey my room mate (who has a history of violence) is extremely angry at me and is convinced I tricked everyone to feel bad for me (I told her that the fact her boyfriend sleeps over every night made me feel uncomfortable and it wasn’t fair). She overdosed on her sleeping meds and said it was because I turned everyone against her. She must have got out of the hospital pretty quickly, though, because she crept into the room while I was almost asleep like 4 times.

anyway I’m scared for my safety so if anyone here could pray for me, that would be baller

Hey all, Avery here! I feel bad requesting prayers when there are so many asks sitting in the inbox that likely won’t be answered for half a week at least, but I’m getting top surgery tomorrow and prayers would be so appreciated!!

The surgery is at 7:30am Eastern Standard Time tomorrow (Tuesday August 8) 

I’m at the airport right now heading to NC for the surgery – and Leah is also heading there; she’s going to be helping me recover! So please pray for our safe travels as well as a safe surgery and good recovery for me.

Please pray just as hard for Leah’s mom, who is still in the hospital with a low platelet count. I know it’s hard for Leah not to be with her mom during this time so here’s praying her platelet count goes up in the next few days, that she gets through this long hospital stay with loved ones around her, that the Holy Spirit sends her understanding that her daughter does love her dearly, and that she recovers as well and quickly as possible. 

Thank you!! And to anyone who reads this and donated back when I had a fundraiser open or by buying my patches on etsy, my most sincere thanks to you especially – I couldn’t have raised enough without you! <3

Prayer Request

Hello friends! The mystery stomach ailment saga continues with a gallbladder removal tomorrow. Everyone tells me I’m very healthy and the perfect candidate for surgery but I am still feeling very anxious. Please pray for my peace, and that I have a safe operation with no life-threatening complications.

Prayer Request

Hey-o friends,

So, my dad’s on leave from work, and, uh, things aren’t as great as they could be (for instance: he’s currently without medical coverage, he’s not got EI at this moment, etc.).

This development has really taken a toll on him and on my mom, so if y’all could pray that this all gets resolved soon, that would be much appreciated.

God Bless! 

Prayer request!!

My girlfriend Leah (aka Quinn) – who used to co-run this blog and continues to run the queerly christian twitter – is in need of prayer.

Leah’s mom has an autoimmune disorder and her platelet count dropped to zero on Friday. Her doctors put her back on meds and she’s been okay this weekend; she is going back to the doctor tomorrow (Monday) morning. 

If you could pray for peace, comfort, and knowledge for Leah’s mom – that she will feel loved and supported during this worrying time and that her doctors will find some answers soon as to how to treat this – that would be greatly appreciated! <3

i’m still in Louisville (where i go to seminary) because i’m helping with my church’s Christmas Eve service this evening – but as soon as it’s over i’m going to drive home to the Cleveland area of Ohio! i had been planning to head out early tomorrow morning, but i think it’ll be fun to surprise my parents by walking downstairs with the rest of the kids in the morning. my little sis promises to let me in when i arrive home around 2am. 

prayers and well-wishes are appreciated, because it may snow as i drive and i’m not the best driver! i’m praying for everyone else who is traveling today and in the next few days.

anonymous asked:

Hi guys, the westboro baptist church apparently has plans to protest a high school in my state today against trans students. Would you guys mind sending up a few prayers for the kids there? Being a teenager and/or lgbtq is hard enough for a lot of kids. And having folks like the wbc outside chanting hateful things doesn't help. So I hope they can walk out of school today knowing that most people accept them just as they are and the wbc are just ridiculous.

I’ve been praying. I hope there were people supporting the trans students in the face of this hate.

Protector God,
May your Spirit of courage and comfort, as well as the love of supportive people, shield trans students at this school and everywhere that Westboro Baptist visits. May they know your love for them and pay no mind to the hatred being spread against them. Keep them safe, and nourish them as they grow into the abundant lives you fashioned them to live. 
Move the hearts and minds of members of WBC, too, that they may learn your true love, and yearn to embrace your true justice.

remaininginnocent  asked:

URGENT - could you please pray for Mexico City? there was a 7.1 earthquake a couple hours ago, and today was also the anniversary of another big earthquake in Mexico City back in 1985

God have mercy. We’ll be praying.

God of the oppressed,
I know you dwell among the vulnerable and the suffering – may the people in Mexico City feel your presence as they grieve and rebuild after this earthquake. Fill them with your courage and comfort, and inspire them to reach out to one another, to act with love and lean upon each other. 
Protect those who are involved in relief efforts. Protect those who have lost homes and loved ones. Guide them through this time of trouble with hope.

anonymous asked:

[Urgent prayer] I'm a girl and I just got caught with my girlfriend. My family yelled at her saying she was going to hell and kicked her out of my house. Then they started lecturing me about how i was sinning and need to repent. I'm honestly so terrified I didn't want her to get hurt and I'm scared that I won't get to see her again. Please I don't know what to do

I am so sorry this happened to you. I wish I could tell you what to do to make this better. Whatever your parents tell you, you are good. You’re not going to hell, you’re not dirty. But for your own safety, it might be necessary to act like you’ve “repented.” I’m worried they might try to put you through conversion therapy or something, and I don’t want you to go through that.

If things do get dangerous for you at home, do you have somewhere else you could go for a while? Such as your girlfriend’s house if her family is not homophobic (or another friend’s house), or a nearby relative’s house if they’re LGBT friendly? It would be good to have a plan just in case things at home get too tense.

I will be praying hard for you. Leah went through something similar when her parents first found out about us, and she’ll be praying for you too. You’re not alone in this. 

Followers, please join us in prayer, and if you have more advice for anon please share. 

God of love,
You never meant for such cruelty to be enacted in your name as what these parents are putting their daughter and her girlfriend through. This girl desperately needs your help and comfort – be with her and protect her from her parents. If possible, soften their hearts to be loving and open to learning. 

Remind this person of your unconditional love – no matter what happens, don’t let her stop feeling it. Hold her close and safe, God. Send her the resources and support she needs to get through this. May your Spirit of courage and hope be upon her.

anonymous asked:

(Urgent) I'm a trans guy who recently came out to a conservative christian (aka ignorant) mom. Today things escalated out of control, and I won't go into great detail, but she ended up egging me on while I was having a panic attack. I may end up living with relatives or in an outpatient psychiatric ward for severe anxiety and depression (caused by gender dysphoria). I could really use prayer, just to be at peace with God in the midst of this storm. Thank you.

cw transphobia, transphobic parent, anxiety

Hey there, dear. My heart goes out to you as you deal with all this. That was extremely cruel of your mother, and you deserve so much better. I’ll be praying hard that you can find a place where you can be safe and you can be yourself. In the meantime, hang in there – things will get better, and I want you to make it to that day so you can experience the joy that is coming!

Protector God,
This person is in desperate need of your protection and your love – please, enfold him in the shadow of your wings, let him feel the safety that is your love in the midst of this suffering. When he falls into panic, hold him close. When it feels like the world is against him, send him support and hope. 
Though it may take years, work upon the heart of this person’s mother. Soften it and open it to understanding and acceptance.  
May this child of yours see better days, just over the horizon – all-bountiful God, send him joy beyond measure, comfort that eases these pains.

life-of-a-cherry-blossom  asked:

My church is considering the possibility of blessing same-sex marriages, and is having a discussion evening in about two weeks. I'm going to be doing a presentation about the LGBTQ+ community, and I could really use some prayers - that I know what to say, that I don't stress too much, and that people will be receptive to what I say

We’ll be praying hard for you and your church. Don’t worry, if your church is open to receiving this message, they’ll hear it whether you’re eloquent or not. Do your best and hope in God!

God who opens when we knock,
Thank you for moving this church community to consider the possibility of blessing same-sex marriages. Work on their hearts, softening and opening them. May they receive the education they need to believe that this is your will.
Send your Spirit of wisdom and courage upon this person as they prepare and give a presentation – may you put the right words in their mouth, and lead them to the resources that will inspire their church. And send your Spirit of understanding and right judgment upon the people who will hear them to recognize your Truth and discern your will.

dogedepan  asked:

I am a Christian cis woman living in Indonesia, which is a pretty homophobic country. Growing up, I have never been able to fall in love with men and felt uncomfortable with the idea of marriage. It's only recently that I've been able to make like a traditional woman and wear makeup, but the two things I mentioned earlier still stands. I don't even have the desire to marry. But I'm afraid, in the near future, I'd have to force myself to marry a man I don't love in order to fit the norm... (1)

I’ve been attending to my church’s services for nearly a year by now, by playing guitar for youth services, but I feel this fear that my deviation from the norm is rebelling against God. I tried to believe that God made me the way He wanted me to be, but I feel like I’m disappointing Him somehow, by turning out to be asexual who prefers women and dresses up in a masculine fashion. I can’t tell this to anyone else of my faith, because tbh I don’t want them to hate me even more than now… (2)
So please, can I ask for a prayer? I’ve felt out of place since a very young age and I’m tired of feeling that kind of loneliness. I feel like I’m too different from everyone around me and I want to know if being that drastically different is okay, because I feel like no one around me will tell me the right answer (3)

Hey there, I’m so sorry for the delay, and that you feel so isolated right now. I live in the United States, which while certainly not being the most progressive country still has a lot of places for an LGBT+ person to find belonging, and some leeway for folks who don’t want to adhere to traditional gender roles. So I’m not sure if my advice will be all that helpful to you – but know that I have been praying for you and will continue to do so.

To start with, God loves you, God is not disappointed in you. And God delights in diversity – God did not make us all to fit neatly into narrow categories. If you were not made to fit the rigid roles assigned to your gender, then be how you are and God will be happy. And if you do have to try to fit in for safety, God is with you then too. And one day, you will have abundance of life, the fullness that Jesus brings. 

Often, to strive towards the fullest vision of the selves God made us to be, we must go against society – we must resist conforming to the world in favor of following God’s call for us. While God will be with us every step of the way, this can be a very lonely, isolating, and even scary path to choose.

I don’t know much about Indonesia, but if there are communities, no matter how small, of LGBT+ folks, find them. If not, finding support online is good too. I don’t know your whole situation, of course – if conforming is what you have to do to survive, God will be with you through that choice, too. I pray that you keep safe and find happiness – and if anyone else has advice or encouragement for this person, please share. <3

Protector God,
This person truly walks through a dark valley; help her to feel that you are there with her, no matter where the path leads. Please, keep her safe. Send your Spirit of comfort and courage, hope and transformation, her way. If there are places she could be safe to be her whole self, reveal them to her. Send people to support and love her, to help her feel less alone. Amen. 

whovianatheart3  asked:

Urgent prayer request. My brother lives on the Texas coast and I'm terrified for him. Please pray for his, his wife's, and the Texas people's safety.

We’ve definitely been praying for everyone in the path of this hurricane. I’ll make sure to pray specifically for your brother and his wife, too. <3

Protector God,
Your world is full of marvels – but horrible dangers, too. Please, keep this couple out of harm’s way as a hurricane hits Texas. May they find somewhere safe to wait it out, and get any supplies they’ll need. 
Be with everyone who is threatened by this hurricane as well as the resulting storms. May they be inspired to lean on one another in this time – to protect and uplift one another.
We praise you who dwell always among the vulnerable: keep them safe and fill them with your courage and hope.

anonymous asked:

URGENT prayer request?? A family friend had an aneurism and only has a 50% chance of survival. she has been in surgery for the past 4 hours and is still there. if you could, please pray for her survival & for her care, as well as support for her family and loved ones? thank you & God bless you

Praying hard.

God of mercy,
Please, protect this person; send your Spirit of healing upon her. Guide her doctors to give her life-saving care. And be with her family and loved ones in this fearful time; may they lean on one another and feel your comforting presence with them. Fill them with courage and hope, no matter what happens.

anonymous asked:

Hey! So I've been struggling with basic self-care, like getting to bed at a normal hour, waking up and actually getting out of bed, eating healthy, heck, even showering. I've just been struggling to get myself to do the most basic things. I would really, truly appreciate some prayer, that God helps me find the motivation to actually take care of myself. Thanks. I really love how caring and loving this blog and the followers are.

Hey there! Mental illness means I struggle with self-care sometimes too, and I know how frustrating it can be to want to do these basic things and just…not be able to.

If it would help you to have someone holding you accountable, feel free to come on or off anon with updates on how you’re doing! Such as letting me know if you’ve managed to shower or eat something healthy that day, and I’ll celebrate with you :)

I’ll be praying that God gives you some motivation, plus outside support if it turns out that’s what you need! <3

Creator God,
You fashioned each of us with love and care, and I know you continue to look after this person now. You have seen how they struggle with basic self-care; fill them with your energy and life to motivate them into movement. Remind them when things get hard that this is not a reflection on their worth or competency, and help them to take things one step at a time. Encourage them on the hard days, and celebrate with them on the good days.
If this person needs outside support to get through this, I pray that you send your Spirit of courage and hope to help them seek it out, whether that be in the form of a therapist or medical assistance or a friend who can hold them accountable. May they have loved ones around them who support and uplift them.

anonymous asked:

1/4 Can you pray for me? I've been struggling for nearly six years with being something other than straight, and just recently I've come out as agender. My mother is the most religious person in my family and when she cornered me into coming out to her as not straight, she told me she could go to my wedding, but she wouldn't be crying happy tears for me. So I decided if that was what God was like, then I didn't want anything to do with him.

2/4 It was empty, but it was better than cutting my soul into little pieces. But recently, I’ve been studying for myself to see if he actually hates me enough to send me to hell in the happiest, freest moment of my life, and thanks to people like you two and other beautiful gay and trans bloggers who share their perspectives online, I finally feel like maybe, maybe he does care.
¾ Maybe he cares enough about me to change my flaws without breaking my body to fit some mold I never fit into in the first place. Maybe he doesn’t care about the gender of the person I marry, or about my own gender.
4/4 But I’m still afraid. Of my mom, of hell, of God, that I’m opening myself up just to believe a lie and burn anyway. That I’ll never really be loved, or find anyone who will love me unconditionally. That I’ll never be happy or get any peace. And I don’t know what to do. I haven’t been to church in more than a year, and even if I went, I don’t think I know any church where they’d want me if they knew, but I can’t handle going and having to pretend again. I’m scared. Can you pray for me? Please

Hey there. So sorry for the delay in responding; I’ve been praying for you but haven’t had the spoons (energy) to formally post.

You’re going through a lot right now, so be patient with yourself and take time for self care! It’s okay to be scared, too, but I hope that part of you at least can realize that God loves you, that the future is a bright one, that you’ll find the support you need. You have plenty of time to figure everything out, okay?

A few posts that might help you out, if you haven’t seen them yet:

  • This post from our rebuttals tag on how LGBT+ Christians are not simply “justifying our sin” when we interpret the Bible as affirming our genders and orientations. 
  • This post deconstructing gender complementarity
  • This post on how God loves you unconditionally, and how your worthiness of God’s love is not tied up in your gender or orientation.  
  • Wander through our hell tag for hope that you will absolutely not end up in hell for being agender or not being straight. That’s not how hell works. You’re okay, I promise. 
  • A post on finding an affirming church in your area, if you’re interested. If you’re not ready for that yet, you may have seen my Worship from Home series, which offers worship material every Sunday for those who can’t physically get to church. 

I’ll also add that it’s normal to worry that you won’t find anyone who loves you for who you are. But you will! I was so scared of that too, but now I have multiple people in my life, included but not limited to my girlfriend, who love me exactly how I am. Be patient, you’ll find them – or they’ll find you. 

Spirit of Comfort,
Envelop this person in your love. Fill them with your hope and calm their soul. They are wrapped in so much fear and worry; help them to see that you do love them unconditionally, that they are safe in your love – and that you have marvelous plans for them, not despite their gender and orientation but that involve their gender and orientation, because you made them this way with purpose and with delight.
Open the mind of their mom to reconsider the diversity of your Creation and how you fashioned humanity, so that she might move towards a fuller acceptance of her child. And please, send support this person’s way – if the time has come for them to find a new church home, help them find one that embraces them completely. Otherwise, I pray that new or old friends and loved ones uplift them and remind you them of your love.